The Nice New Flatmate Pt. 02 – Exposed

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Its was an amazing encounter with Ashley the other day. And I am still so aroused by the thoughts of it. Just a quick recap for those who did not read the first chapter, she caught me in the act of sniffing her underwear in her bedroom and instead of getting angry and throwing me out and worse, telling Julie my girlfriend what I was up to, she finished me off in her own way on her bed. The memories lingered in my mind like the aroma of her apple shampoo.

I didn’t see her for a couple of days but then Julie informed me she had requested a lock and key to her room. I didn’t know about it until Julie mentioned it in passing.

The lock was installed just yesterday. Damn it, I thought, I can’t enter her room any more and do what I was doing for the last few weeks. Her imagined smell lingered in my nostrils as I contemplated what I was going to miss.

The next day I did see her in the other kitchen heating up her usual favorite dish beef lasagna. I wanted to approach her but I feel too nervous now. But she did walk pass me and smiled at me, giving me a small flirty wave with her fingers.

“How are you?” I asked politely.

“I am really good,” she replied with cute smile.

But that was the extent of that conversation. Truthfully I wanted a little more from her. Maybe it’s just a little bit awkward now. But I feel some what bestowed by her. I still wanted to know what she was really like under that elegant exterior. Under her clothing. I feel a growing hardness. And it’s not going away in a hurry.

A few more days pass and I decided to see where she works. She apparently works at some jewellery store. Since it was my day off and she does not drive herself, instead takes an early bus, I followed her via her bus. When the bus stopped at the large shopping mall 20 mins or so away, I see her step out and enter the mall. I parked and enter the mall. I checked out the jewellery stores available and went to visit each one until I found the one she worked at. She is at the counter serving. I sat at a distance with my daily fix of coffee. A lot of men seem to go it for a chat. Whether they bought anything I wasn’t sure. But they appeared to be giving things to her. Interesting. So what’s going on here I thought. Quite frankly I enjoyed observing her. Maybe she has multiple possible suitors.

I came back near closing time. As she left, I followed her from a distance. No I am not stalking her. There is no threat or intimidation, just me thinking with my dick you can say. So I am guilty of that. And I make no apologies for that.

When she left the shop she was met with a man waiting at the entrance. Maybe she does have a boyfriend I assumed. But this guy is different to the others coming in throughout the day chatting her up. Intrigued? Still I followed her with interest. At the car park outside she enters a large SUV belonging to this man. As they drove off I followed at a distance. Wow this is getting interesting I thought to myself. I actually feel my heart race a little. Perhaps a little excited.

They drove some distance to a park, then stopped at the car park. A few moments later she opens the door and moves to the back seat of the car. A few seconds behind the man does the same. I can only guess what they are doing and I will be right. Yes they are probably performing some sexual act. My cock hardens with the excited thought. I wish I was watching them, catching her in the act. After about 20 mins Ashley reappears and sits back in the front seat, followed again by the man. After a few more minutes they drive off. I followed again but they stop at a restaurant for a meal. As they sit down I can see them talking intimately with each other. They were holding hands as they spoke. Then it occurs to me that this must be lucky boyfriend.

After a few of minutes of watching I decided to head home confused. Oh well maybe she is in a relationship after all. But what about all those men seeing her at work? I asked myself.

The next day again I see her heating up her beef lasagna in the kitchen. It appears like as if nothing has really happened and that her life is really pretty routine, if not boring. But oh no, it’s far from that appearance, I know her secret now. I felt hot getting close to her as I walk up to her to say hello.

“Hi Ashley, what have you been up to?” I asked.

She blushes as I surprise her. I can smell her perfume. She appears innocent, elegant. Gosh she is so beautiful as I stare at her. And then I look at her small hands and beautiful slender fingers. Suddenly the thought of her giving me the wild frenzied handjob enters my mind. I feel a rush between my legs as I try to control the obvious swelling. A dirty thought enters my mind, I wanted to go down on her and taste her pussy as I stared at her. A lump appears in my throat as I waited for her answer.

“Not much just boring work,” she manages out, awkwardly.

I stand there awkwardly feeling horny being so close to her, that I can almost touch her. I can smell her presence, her warmth. Afyon Escort But here she is, my nice innocent flatmate. And yet, you would not know that she is so hot in bed. Real hot. I stand there like an idiot as I imagine taking her right now, right here in the kitchen, lifting her petite figure onto the kitchen bench and ripping off her panties, forcing her creamy white thighs apart and going down on her hairy bush like a possessed animal. Then smelling her pussy and tasting it right now as it is. But I remain sane and walk away out the sliding door.

“Do you like other meats? You seem to like lasagna a lot,” I mumbled out nervously.

“No not really. This is my favorite and it’s simple,” she replied with a smile.

“OK then, have good day,” I mumbled out, while walking away.

“See you,” she smiled back.

Later that day, l did think, damn it, I wish I was more bold with her. I want to see what’s she really like. Maybe I will keep an eye on her and one day I will be able to see “more of her”. But I did “kick myself” for not asking her directly for favors or about the other day. Her perfume just lingers and images of her keeps playing in my mind.

When I had my next day off I followed her after work, curious what else she does and with who. I felt like a private investigator as I trailed her from a distance. This time I was right, as her bus drops her off near a high class brothel. She walks a distance to the large flash looking premises. Its now starting to get dark and the lights have just come on.

She enters and the door closes behind her. I knew it, now I know she has 2 jobs, her regular day and then night work perhaps at this brothel. My heart races with excitement at the thought of her pleasing her clients one after another with whatever request.

I enter the building and walk to the reception. A sexy looking lady at the counter appears to be the first contact for would be clients. I approach her nervously and ask her a question.

“Has Ashley started work yet,” I asked sheepishly.

“Who?” came the reply.

“Oh the brunette, slim petite, she was wearing a skirt and blouse. I think?”

“That’s Kylie you mean?”

“She walked in just a minute ago.”

“Yes that’s Kylie. She starts in 30 mins. But you have to make a appointment cause she’s poplar here.”

“OK when is the next available time?” I asked nervously.

“She booked until 9 pm its now 5.30 pm,” came the reply.

“Ok that’s too late. But can I asked what she charges?”

“Sorry can’t tell anything like that. But we charge $200 to meet the girls. Whatever happens after that is between you and the girl.”

“Can I leave a number and she can call to make an appointment with me. Just tell her I am a regular client.”

“Sure,” smiled the receptionist.

As I was leaving the receptionist yelled out that “Kylie” is doing a live show tonight at 10pm. Cover charge was 10 dollars and I should better turn up early as its gets pretty busy. She’s really popular here she reminds me.

“OK which show?” I enquired with sudden interest.

“You have to turn up to see, she’s pretty good,” she replied with a wicked smile.

I thought, I am sure I can spare an extra hour tonight. This could be fun, and interesting. I just got to come up with a good reason for Julie.

I head home. My mind hot with the thought of tonight’s likely show. After dinner and coming up with an excuse I was going out again, I head back to the venue which sits beside the up market brothel.

At the entrance a few people mingled waiting to enter. I join the group, a mix of men and women. There was little chatter and I did wonder why women were here, not that I am sexist or anything.

After entering the club, I head to the bar and order my favourite beer. It’s was now 9.50pm. In a few minutes a man goes on stage with a microphone. He speaks loudly into the microphone soliciting for an audience member to come on stage. The main lights go out and a single light goes on. It lights up the couch in the centre of the stage.

The man continues soliciting. There is no takers in tonight’s group of around 30 people. But the show must go on. The man announces “Kylie” onto the stage. The crowd whistles and claps as she enters the stage from the back. My god she is so beautiful. She seems to be still be wearing her sexy uniform from work. But its doesn’t make her look any less sexy. The man welcomes her and reminds some in the audience that some of you here know Kylie well. Please step forward and meet this beautiful young lady one more time. This time you will not be a alone as he announces amongst a few cheers. There will be plenty of witnesses to your performance tonight, he jokes. No one steps forward. Everyone is happy glued to the comfort of their chairs. I think there were a few nervous patrons out there and I was no exception. I just hope she doesn’t see me.

The man then announces that this lovely lady will do the rounds and find a willing participant. Ashley then Afyon Escort Bayan steps down to floor and moves amongst some familiar faces. She grabs a few hands but so far no one hangs on. I try to lie low as she walks around. My heart races. I just hope she finds someone before she comes my way. Then she finds one guy who then follows her back on stage holding her hand. She gets him to sit down on the couch. The audience goes strangely quiet except the odd whistling which then stops.

The man then announces, “Ladies and gentlemen our beautiful “Kylie” will now demonstrate why she is one of the best.”

“She will demonstrate tonight her ultimate technique of pleasuring a man!”

“She will demonstrate her masturbatory skills tonight. You will witness how she will masturbates this young man!”

Oh my god, hmmm, this is going to be interesting. I getting rather hot now. This is my flatmate he is talking about, someone who gave me “punishment” a while ago after she caught me in her room. But here she is about to demonstrate her “technique” in front of a bunch of strangers.

A very large TV screen divided into 4 sections turns on. There appears to be four separate video cameras aimed at the couch. The main one shows the front view, the next shows the view from the right, the next a view from the left and the last camera shows a closer view of whoever is sitting on the couch.

I am beginning to get nervous. My god this is going to be rather hot to watch. The people in the large room quieten down as Ashley begins a slow strip. She stands in front of the man sitting and begins to remove her top. The light not overly bright shines onto her and the couch. For those unable to see the action unfolding, they can see and hear everything on the large screen. A large microphone sits behind the couch ready to capture every sound as it happens.

I feel the large bulge in my pant throb with excitement. Ashley removes her top and does the sexy stripper moves as she swings the top around. She is wearing her sexy pink bra. Then she proceeds to remove the skirt. Now exposing her pink panties. They look familiar I smirked as I watched her on screen standing there in her underwear.

The guy on the couch had this look of stunned excitement. His eyes glued to Ashley’s stunning figure. But she doesn’t remove anything else. She does a few sexy moves to turn on her victim. Then she sits down next to him on the couch and proceeds to run her hand lightly over his front through his shirt. And then down his pants running lightly across the large lump beneath the surface. He licks his lips in anticipation as he stares at her.

“Oh god yes, you are so pretty,” he nervously whispers.

“Oh yeah, you like me,” she whispers back whilst biting her lower lip.

She than begins to kiss him full on, passionately in front of the audience. She starts to moan quietly stunning the audience at her open display of intimacy. She makes out with guy for a few minutes. I can tell the audience are well and truly worked up as I was. I look at the small group of 3 women to my right. I can see their tongues literally hanging out their mouths. One was even licking her lips. I feel the large venue becoming sexually charged. The atmosphere hot and bothered. Nevertheless everyone was aroused by the scene unfolding live before their eyes.

Then we all hear her speak quietly. Still her words were clearly audible to every person.

“Oh yeah, you really like this. You are so hard. So stiff.”

As she lightly runs her slender fingers over the front of his pants.

Ashley’s intimacy with her “victim” has clearly got everyone’s attention. A large LED light runs across the large screen asking for quietness from the audience as “Kylie” continues massaging the man while kissing him. She continues to moan in excitement. After a few more minutes of making out, both looked rather flustered. And I feel so horny like everyone else after watching.

The bulge in his pants clearly outstanding as her right hand ends up resting over the hard lump. His shirt buttons now undone and his chest exposed. She begins to lick his nipples whilst massaging and sometimes gripping his hardness through the material of his pant. Then the camera zooms in close to her face as she begins to kiss him again. The other camera zooms close to her right hand gripping and rubbing his pants front. We can hear her moaning in excitement as the action steps up a level. The show was getting even hotter. The atmosphere more erotic. He opens his legs further, inviting her more access. She responses by firmly pushing her right knee against his balls. Then we hear the sound of a zipper being pulled down. “Kylie” was now unzipping him. Her hand dives inside and pulls out the stiff shaft.

“Oh yeahhh, ohhh yeahhh, you’re so hard, so stiff, do you like the feel of my hand?.

She whispers to him with a smirk.

“Oh yeahhh, I love jerking guys of, I’m really going to make you feel real good.”

She continues staring into Escort Afyon his eyes while biting her lips. Her dirty talk clearly turning him on.

“Oh yeahhh, you like handjobs?, ohhh yeahhh I know you like it!” she continues.

I can hear gasps from audience as they hung onto her arousing words of intimacy.

His uncircumcised head glistening in the low light. We can clearly see it oozing. He moans as she pulls the foreskin firmly down and lightly stroke the shaft up and down. She stares at him and then she puts her hand to her mouth like a real lady and slowly licks her palm, then returning it to his penis massaging her saliva, slowing twisting it on his swollen head and shaft. He moans with pleasure. She continues doing this for a few minutes getting him nice and wet.

I stare back at the ladies to my right. I was getting off on their reaction. Their mouths still open. Some people had their hands over their mouths in shock, but their eyes remain intensely focussed on Ashley’s masturbatory skills.

Ashley continues applying her saliva this way whilst staring at him, which would only have served to arouse him even more. She moans with excitement. Her head rotates slowly and her tongue licks her lips, a clear sign she was very turned on and really enjoying it. And she continues moaning. From the speakers you can hear clearly her excitement by the sound of her breathing and moaning. I can hear the guy say something.

“Oh my god, oh my god.”

As he watched Ashley’s excitement.

“Ohhhh yeahhhh, ohhh yeahhh, you like it!” she repeats.

My god, I am so turned on now, so hot. I am sure everyone here was the same. My breathing was getting deep and heavy, my mind exploding with pleasure just from watching and listening.

Ashley then bends over his penis and spits twice at the head. Her saliva runs down the shaft like a scene from a old porn movie and then she proceeds to twist the head and shaft firmly. Oh my god she is so hot, surprisingly very hot. He moans louder from the amazing sensation. She then alternates her twisting with a few fast pumps of his shaft. The pace picks up as does her moaning and she begins to talk dirty again.

Oh god yes as I listen to her dirty whispers. I can’t believe this is coming from my cute flatmate. It was real hot listening to her whispering words as she encourages him. It was extremely intimate in detail, as she tells him how much she loves masturbating guys. How she loves seeing them lose control as they cum. How she loves seeing them squirt. She quietly spoke those words slowly and deliberately enhancing the arousal factor as she moaned excitedly.

I turn to the females in the audience. They are gasping at rawness of her words. Some cover their mouths. But their eyes still intensely watching the show. The sound of her pumping becomes more audible over the speakers as Ashley strokes a little faster.

She stares at him as she continues alternating between pumping and twisting. And her nastiness when she spits at his swollen head every so often. It was clearly getting to him his body heaves up and down in sync with her hand motion. She continues talking dirty. The camera zooms in to observe her excitement. She licks her lips as her head rotates in pleasure. The words of lust leaves her mouth as she moans.

Her stroking becomes steadily faster between each twisting. She returns to kissing him passionately as she continues using the same technique of spitting twice at the head followed by a few fast short burst of stroking while twisting firmly the head. Her handjob technique now public knowledge.

She then takes her bra off and exposes her breast, giving the man another reason to be aroused. His eyes literally popping out from all the visuals. Oh yes I see her breast for the first time as well. They were perky as expected. Nice stiff nipples. I imagine them in my mouth, sucking on them. I wake up from that trance upon hearing the sound of her stroking and moans.

Again I look at the ladies to my right. I can see their excitement, as they watched another woman’s handjob technique. I can see their tongues licking their lips. I can see one holding her mobile recording the scene now. Another appears to be playing with herself, her hand between her legs, rubbing slowly.

Ashley then bends over the swollen head again. This time she spits hard twice. The thick saliva runs down the head and shaft like a scene from an old porn movie. My god, she is surprisingly real hot, not what I expected from this pretty young lady. This was extremely erotic to see. I can hear the reaction from the audience as they gasp. She then twists firmly the saliva around the shaft. He moans louder from that sensation. His hips heaving more quickly and steadily. Her stroking becomes more fast and steady. She stares at him moaning in excitement and still talking dirty. You can tell him is ready to loose it. Ashley watches for the signals of the inevitable. But she does not slow and continues stroking faster and twisting.

“Ohhhh yeahhh, ohh yeahhh, ohhhhh, Feels so good, oh yeahh, feels so good.” she moans.

He starts to roll his head slowly, as he moans in approval. His legs flex from the pleasure, while his torso heaves up and down with her stroking. But she continues staring at him, moaning.

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