The Perfect Weekend

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Big Ass

I looked at the arrival board for the umpteenth time. Deb’s plane was late, nearly an hour late. I had been pacing back and forth, nervous as could anyone could be.

Finally I saw by the board that her plane had landed and a few minutes after that I got a call on my cell phone from Deb. She was following the signs toward baggage claim. My heart began beating a little faster and my nervousness almost overwhelmed me.

At the Northwest terminal in Detroit, the passengers descend an escalator to the baggage claim area. I eagerly scanned each woman riding down the escalator, looking for a woman in a skirt, since Deb had told me what she planned to wear. Almost every woman arriving wore jeans or pants. It was still cold out after all.

Finally I saw a pair of legs, and as the figure came into view, I saw clearly that it was Deb. And she when she saw me she smiled. I moved toward the gate as she came past the security guard and we kissed and hugged for the first time. At that moment all my nervousness disappeared.

I had met Deb on-line some 2 months before and we hit it off right away. She was interested in my stories and that is how our friendship started. She and I were in similar situations, namely, in marriages devoid of sex. The lack of sex wasn’t the only problem that we both had. The other major problem facing us was that our spouses viewed our interest in sex, especially adventuresome sex, as somehow depraved. As Deb and I talked during the first couple of weeks of our friendship, we each discovered that our desire for sex in all of its hues wasn’t depraved, but in fact natural and something to be enjoyed. Our conversations grew more sexual in nature as we explored all the depths of our desires.

With all the talk about sex, it wasn’t long before we expressed those desires through cyber sex. Then phone sex. Then video phone sex. And each escalating step was more wonderful than the last, naturally leading to the next step. It was so nice to have someone with whom to share these intimacies.

Our relationship developed quickly. We were both surprised at how fast we moved from stage to stage, at how deep our relationship had become. After two weeks of hot and steamy conversations, I asked Deb if she’d like to meet, and I wasn’t the least bit surprised when she agreed. It seemed so natural. The only question was when and how we would manage such a meeting.

A few days later my wife provided the opportunity when she announced that she was going to visit her sister back East. Knowing that her sister and I didn’t get along that well, she thought that it was best to make the visit alone. This also made sense since she was planning on going for a week during the public schools Spring Break, and my college’s break didn’t coincide. So it was settled. She would go back East in about a month’s time.

The next month was like foreplay between Deb and me. We chatted on-line and sent hundreds of e-mails all day at work. We talked and we planned. We fantasized about our first kiss, what we would do at the airport, what we would do in the parking structure at the airport, what we would do on the way from the airport to the hotel, what we would do the second we got into the room, and on and on. The interplay between us was almost unbearably sexy. I think we both knew that nobody could have that much sex and live to talk about it, but it was new ground for both of us. We were so starved for intimate contact and the freedom to express our deepest desires was exhilarating.

But the wait was excruciating too. Every week it was “only x weeks to go” and on each Friday it was “in x weeks we will be kissing for the first time”.

I really didn’t think we could keep the excitement, the intensity up for so long, but we did. I began to fear that our expectations were set too high, that no one could live up to the fantasies we were generating between the two of us.

I was wrong.

In the baggage claim, Deb and I stood beaming at each other as we waited for her bag to arrive. My arm pulled her close and we chatted about her flight. It was as if an old friend had arrived for a visit. I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her deeply, and I could tell that she wanted that as well, but the middle of the baggage claim area wasn’t the right place for that.

Finally, her bag arrived and we both hurried to my car, which I had parked in the parking structure as far away from the terminal as I could. Opening the trunk I quickly stowed her bags with mine. After slamming the trunk shut I opened the back passenger side door to shield us a little more from the remote possibility of someone driving by and seeing us. As Deb stood against the car, I folded her into my arms and kissed her deeply. It was a wonderful kiss. My hands instinctively moved to her ass to pull her closer and she kissed back hard as she squeezed me.

We had talked about the possibility of public sex during our torrid conversations as the time for our meeting drew nearer. Both Afyon Escort of us were highly turned on by the prospect of being intimate in a public setting where there was some risk of being seen.

My hands darted beneath her skirt and fondled her smooth warm ass as we kissed. I was pleased to feel her hand rubbing up against my crotch as we embraced. Breaking off the kiss I looked into Deb’s eyes as my hands found the elastic of her panties. Her face told me what she wanted and I looped my thumbs inside her panties and quickly pulled them down. Deb lifted one leg then the other until I hand her panties in my hand. Stuffing them quickly into my pocket, I kissed her again, this time my hands fondling her bare butt.

Maneuvering around the open door, I pushed Deb into the back seat and urgently kissed her, my hand quickly unzipping her sweater, a sweater she wore with this exact action in mind. She wore a colorful bra and her cleavage was so inviting. My lips quickly moved to her breasts, kissing them and feeling their exquisite softness.

As Deb fumbled with my zipper, I took my hand and pulled down the cup over her right breast to expose a taut nipple. My mouth hungrily devoured it as her hand slid into my now unzipped pants. As we had planned I wasn’t wearing any underwear so as to give her easier access to me, and the touch of her fingers brought me to an instant erection.

As I kissed her lips and breasts my hand moved beneath her skirt again and I felt her pussy for the first time. My fingers found her clit and I began rubbing it gently, delighted in how wet she was. As I rubbed her pussy, Deb began moaning and writhing. Taking my middle finger I inserted it inside her pussy and began finger-fucking her feverishly. Deb leaned back so that she was almost prone in the back seat as I moved my finger in and out of her. Occasionally a car would drive by, distracting me for a moment but I continued on until Deb’s body stiffened and she came hard for me for the first time. Little did I know how many orgasms were yet to come.

Giggling a little, Deb sat up, her skirt hiked up to expose her dripping pussy and her right breast hung overflowing her bra.

“Now, its my turn,” she said smiling and leaned over to take my hard cock into her mouth.

“Oh my god!” I cried as her warm mouth engulfed me and her hand stroked my shaft. My hand held her head as it bobbed up and down on me. It felt so good and I quickly erupted into Deb’s mouth. She looked up at me and licked her lips, still clutching my cock.

“Mmmm, I’ve wanted to do that for weeks,” she laughed.

The back seat of my G6 was too small for us to really spread out and I wanted to make love to her so badly, so I suggested that we head to the hotel where we could really feel get to know one another.

Quickly I zipped up my pants and Deb adjusted her skirt and zipped up her sweater. Her panties stayed in my pocket, however. We got out of the back seat and into the front seat to leave the parking garage and the airport.

It was a chilly day but the sun was out and the ride to the hotel was a nice one. Deb and I talked and laughed about what we had just done. It was one of our mutual fantasies and we both couldn’t believe that we had already lived it out. As we drove and chatted, I touched Deb’s thigh across the shift console and she placed her hand on top of mine. It was a good start to what would turn out to be a nearly perfect weekend.

I had made a reservation at a nearby hotel, requesting one of their Jacuzzi suites. Arriving at the hotel, I quickly checked in and Deb and I nearly ran to the room. Once inside the door, we hardly looked around the room before we embraced each other, nearly tearing off each other’s clothes. We both wanted the other naked as soon as possible.

Holding each other tightly, our naked bodies pressed hard against each other we kissed, probably one of the most passionate kisses in history! Then, taking her hand, I led her to the bed, kissed her again, and pushed her back onto the bed. As she moved to the center of the bed, I stood at the foot and watched her. Her body was wonderful. She looked more like a 30-year old than a woman of almost 50. As Deb lay there allowing me to look at her, she spread her legs and began petting her pussy lightly in a way that invited me to join her.

Climbing onto the bed, I knelt between her open legs. We had talked about this moment at length during our month of “foreplay” and I took her feet in my hands. Placing one against my chest, I began kissing the other one as I watched Deb’s eyes. I knew she was enjoying it from the look on her face. This was what she wanted and had never experienced before — a man kissing her from toes to pussy.

I transferred the position of her feet and began kissing her other foot. As my kisses moved up Deb’s legs, from one to the other and back again, she began responding, twitching a little on the bed and moaning deeply. Pressing her thighs open Afyon Escort Bayan more fully, I ran my tongue along her inner thighs and I thought she might explode before I ever got to her pussy, such was her rapture. Soon my mouth was poised at her glistening pussy and I extended my tongue to touch it for the first time. Deb’s hands immediately reached for my head and she nearly growled with pleasure as my hot tongue slid between her wet lips, running deep inside and gliding upwards toward her swollen clit. When my mouth surrounded her clit, Deb erupted in hard spasms. I kept licking and sucking her pussy, causing her to cry out my name. My fingers found her pussy and I slide them inside as I continued to devour her pussy. I felt her bare feet on my back as she came a second time, her pussy literally gushing its juices into my mouth.

Looking up from between her legs, my eyes caught hers. She had such a look of satisfaction on face. I knew that I had just made her happy. If that was all we had done on our weekend, it would have been worth the trip. But we were only just beginning.

My cock was stiff with excitement. Moving up between Deb’s open legs, I kissed her sweetly, letting her taste her cum on my lips. I felt her breasts on my chest and her arms around me. My cock was poking at her pussy and she moved slightly to align the swollen head with her pussy entrance. As Deb slid her hands down my back, she pulled me slightly and my hard cock slid into her. The feeling of that first penetration was so wonderfully sweet. Her pussy was so warm and still soaking wet from her recent orgasms.

I began pumping into her, carefully watching her face. Deb’s eyes were locked on mine and I knew that it felt as good to her as it did for me. Within a few strokes, Deb was cumming again, her ass lifting off the bed to take me more deeply into her. Her arms pulled me down so she could kiss me and it was a kiss of exquisite passion.

Suddenly, Deb pushed me back with an unexpected strength. I rolled off her and onto my back. Deb then literally pounced on my and lowered herself down onto my throbbing hard-on. Keeping her eyes on me, she began fucking me hard, slamming her wet pussy down on me again and again. I felt the pressuring building inside me as I watched this wild woman having her way with me. Throwing her head back, Deb came again and that sent me over the edge. My hard cock stiffened further and I came hard and deep into her.

Collapsing onto top of me and breathing hard, Deb kissed me before rolling off me to lay in my arms. “Oh my god!” she panted, “I’ve never cum so hard in my life! And you made me cum, umm, how many times? Was it 4 times? How did you do that?”

I laughed and told her that it was simply a matter of pent up lust and a month of talking about it. We had talked so frequently and in such great detail about what we each wanted that we knew instinctively what to do with each other.

Secretly, though, I was surprised at the intensity of Deb’s orgasms, but very happy that we really did seem so in tune with one another.

Again, this was just the beginning.

The rest of our afternoon was spent in bed, exploring each other’s bodies, constantly touching and kissing, and talking. This afterplay soon turned into foreplay for the next round of love-making. Deb was insatiable. She responded to every touch and caress. As we talked in between making love, her had would gravitate toward my flaccid cock.

“Oh my god, Deb! You want more already?”

Deb would giggle and kiss me on the lips before she moved down to take my cock in her mouth in order to get me hard, which she managed to do very quickly.

During the 3 hours we spent in bed that afternoon, I think we probably made love 3 or 4 times, and each time Deb would cum 2 or 3 times. And this doesn’t even count the times she came from me licking her and rubbing her. It was an amazing thing to experience. I had never had a woman respond to me in such a way.

After an afternoon of love-making we both realized that we were famished. Deb had brought a couple of sexy dresses that she had purchased at Victoria’s Secret especially for her visit and she asked me to pick one out for her to wear. One had a front that was cut very low so that her breasts were displayed to maximum effect. The other had the unique feature of fasteners down the left side of the front that “allowed for easy access” as she explained to me giggling.

I asked her to put on the deep cleavage dress and she looked stunning in it. Giving her a kiss before we left for the restaurant, I pulled her close and felt her breasts crushed against my shirt. Looking down I saw the magnificent sight of her full breasts pushed together and almost falling out of her dress. Thank god for the designers at Victoria’s Secret!

During our month of “foreplay” on the internet, we had talked about the possibility of touching each other under the table while at dinner. This, in fact, did not happen. Escort Afyon Our waitress did mention something about playing “footsie” under the table as we sat down opposite each other. Deb and I looked at each other knowingly and laughed. Did we look like a couple that wanted to play footsie? Was it that obvious? But our dinner was just a typical “date” dinner. We talked about many things — our lives, our work, our likes and dislikes. We had touched on all of these during our conversations on the internet, but not in the detail we did over that dinner. Deb and I were now lovers, but that dinner cemented our friendship.

And we ate. Both of us were so hungry from our hours of love-making that we devoured our food as if we would never have another meal! Plus, we knew that we would need our strength for the evening’s activities.

One of the things that both Deb and I did in secret in our regular lives was to watch porn videos. It was something that both of us enjoyed, yet we both felt we had to hide this pleasure from our respective spouses since they thought the activity was “depraved”. Deb and I both longed to enjoy a sexy movie with someone. To this end, I brought my laptop and a particularly high-quality porn movie called “Pirates”, a kind of sexually explicit “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

As I set the movie up, Deb got undressed and propped up the pillows against the headboard. After I started the movie, I got in bed beside Deb, my arm around her. The pleasure I felt as we watched the movie was so wonderful. Pulling her closer to me, I let my hands gently brush her breasts, causing her nipples to stiffen. In the first sex scene, a man and a woman, traveling by ship, made love in their cabin. Deb and I made it nearly halfway through this scene before we began to kiss each other and touch each other. My hand was drawn to Deb’s pussy and her hand to my cock. As I began to rub her, Deb opened her legs to me and my finger slid between her pussy lips, feeling how wet she had become. And with her hand on my cock, I was soon hard and squirming.

As I watched the woman on the screen sucking her lover’s cock, Deb moved down and took me into her mouth. I had never done this before and found it to be terribly sexy.

When the man on the screen began fucking the woman, Deb climbed on top of me and guided my hardness into her wet pussy. As my cock slid inside her, I pulled Deb down to kiss her. Soon the movie was forgotten as Deb and I made love.

And that is how our evening passed – hugging, kissing, making love. Deb was insatiable. As we lay together my hands constantly roamed her body, fondling her. Inevitably my fingers found her pussy and I would start to rub her. Instantly, I would feel her wetness grow. Deb would open her legs wider to give me access and my finger would slip into her, into the hot wetness. Alternating between rubbing her hard clit and sliding my fingers into her pussy, Deb would cum for me. Not just once, but 2 or 3 times. It was amazing.

Tired from our long day of love-making, we fell asleep, Deb curled against me in the spoon position. It was wonderful.

I woke up in the morning at about 7 am and made my way to the bathroom to pee. When I came back to bed, Deb moved against me. I pulled her close to me, wrapping her in my arms. Her body responded. She turned to me and said “Good morning!”

We began kissing and fondling and it wasn’t long before Deb was cumming under my touch. Again, not once, but twice. Pulling back the covers she got on her knees and took my soft cock in her mouth and began sucking on me. I loved how it felt as she brought me to another erection, her hot mouth moving on me expertly. When I was hard, Deb climbed on top of me and eased herself down on my cock, taking it deeply into her. As she rode me, I touched her breasts, feeling how hard her nipples were.

We were so good together. Our bodies meshed perfectly. After only a few strokes, Deb was cumming again. Oh my god! I thought to myself. This woman has cum 3 times already and its not even 8 o’clock!

Deb and I spent the whole morning in bed. Chatting, touching, kissing, sucking, fucking. We couldn’t get enough of each other I don’t cum that easily but she managed to give me a couple of sweet orgasms. My main pleasure came from pleasing her. I hadn’t had many women in my life, but I never had one that could cum so easily and so frequently.

When I asked Deb about this, she said that she was as surprised as I was. She had never had multiple orgasms before and had hardly ever cum from penetration. “It’s the magic between us, hun. Don’t question our good fortune!”

At about 11 o’clock we got dressed and went out to brunch. Stopping at a breakfast buffet, we ate like we were starving, so ravenous were we from our morning of love-making.

After brunch I took Deb on a driving tour of Detroit. It was so nice having her with me in the car, chatting and laughing.

At about 2 pm, we arrived back at the hotel, quickly undressing and falling back into bed. I was amazed at how much Deb wanted me, maybe even more than I wanted her. Our love-making was nice and slow as we enjoyed each other’s body again. Deb came 3 more times before we both fell asleep, her body pressed against mine.

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