The Poker Slave

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You came by one evening and after our usual wet and passionate kisses I told you that I had arranged to have some friends over to play poker. You looked disappointed until I told you that I wanted you to serve them beer, snacks, and “anything else” they wanted, and that I wanted you stark naked during the whole time. I said that they would be here in a few minutes and you should get naked now and greet them at the door. We discussed a few other things about the evening and you got ready. The guys arrived right on time.

When you opened the door, 4 guys filed in. Their jaws dropped at your nudity, but then they began to grin, remembering that I had promised them something special to liven up the poker game. I introduced you to Tom, Dick, Harry and John. I explained that you were there to serve us beer and snacks and cater to any other wants we might have. I said that before we started playing , Janice would get them each a beer and then give them a special greeting. While you were opening the beers, I told them that we should take out our cocks and line up side by side. You handed them each a beer, then dropped to your knees in front of Tom, the first in line. You took his cock into your mouth and sucked on it until it was hard, then moved on to Dick. You sucked on all five of us until we had hard-ons, then stood up and told us we should get on with our poker game. I told the guys to just leave their cocks out, as it would be more convenient as the night went on.

I had set up a round card table in front of the couch. We all sat down at the table and started dealing cards. I asked you to çukurambar escort sit on the couch in front of the table and sprawl back with your legs spread to show off your pussy, but to not play with yourself right then. You were to be in this position anytime that you were not waiting on us. You complied and the game started. We did the usual dealing, betting, raising and folding, all with appropriate cussing and moaning. Before long, Harry wanted another beer, which you got up and brought over to the table. As you were setting the beer down in front of Harry, John ran his fingers up your pussy, then held them up for us to see the wetness. He then held them in front of your mouth and you licked your juices off elaborately.

The game continued, but was really just an excuse. Every time someone would fold their hand they would go around to you and stroke your pussy or tweak a nipple. Tom stuck his cock into your mouth, saying he needed a “recharge” and you sucked him until he was hard again. Things kept getting a little wilder and nastier as the evening progressed. Harry went to the bathroom to unload some beer. He came back still holding his cock, walked up to you and told you he had saved you a drop, as you had had nothing to drink. He then let a small stream flow into your mouth and you closed your lips around his cock. We could all see you swallow, then you pulled away. You told him that the next time he needed to “go” you would go with him and “help”. He told you that he would hold you to that promise.

You must have been aroused by all the attention demetevler escort and the erotic sight of 5 guys sitting and walking around with their cocks hanging out, because I noticed your hand creeping down toward your pussy. I told you, sharply, to not do that yet, to let the excitement build, you would not be disappointed.

John said that he was enjoying watching you opened out on the couch, but that maybe we could have a different view for variety. I asked you to turn around and face us backwards, on your knees with your ass in the air. You did, and this sight provoked some more reaction from the guys. At the next “fold”, Dick went over and started licking your pussy and asshole from behind. When you started moaning, I told him to stop, that we did not want you to cum, yet. A little later John folded his hand and said that the sight of your ass in the air had turned him on to something he wanted to do. He went over to you, wet his fingers in his mouth, and slowly started them into your asshole. As he went deeper and faster you started to buck and moan and I had to tell him to stop for now. He pulled his fingers out and you gave a sigh of disappointment.

Harry had been drinking a lot more beer than the rest of us, so when he said he had to “go” again it was no big surprise. He reminded you of your promise and you got up and followed him to the bathroom. He asked you to sit on the floor in front of the commode with your head back and your mouth open and to hold his cock in your hand and point it toward your mouth. As soon as you complied, he let loose a dikmen escort stream of pee into your open mouth. You did not try to swallow it, just let it run through and into the commode. When he had finished and the flow had stopped, you licked the last drops off of his cock. You still had the taste in your mouth, so you swallowed a couple of times to savor that.

By that time we were all so aroused that we gave up the pretense of poker. We stripped off our clothes, picked you up and laid you down on the poker table. Tom licked your pussy, I sucked on one tit, Dick sucked on the other, while Harry had his cock in your mouth. John settled for you jacking on his cock. This lasted for a while, then we lifted you off the table. I laid on the floor on my back and you sat on my cock. You leaned forward and John started his cock in your ass. I could feel it through the membrane, which separated us. Tom stuck his cock in your mouth and started fucking it deeply, while you were stroking Dick and Harry with your hands.

We were all very aroused by now and you were very wet. We finally all pulled out and stood over you while you masturbated furiously. We were jacking off very hard and as you started to cum, so did we. We came on your face, on your tits, in your hair and in your wide-open mouth, you were covered with cum. As we all collapsed from the effort we watched you hold a tit to your mouth and lick the cum from it. You then used your fingers to get more cum from your body and lick them off with your tongue. You were a mess, but looked happy and satisfied.

The guys finally recovered, dressed and left. I held and stroked you for a while, then we had a shower and shampoo together. We dressed and went out to an all night Huddle House, where we ate a huge plate of ham, eggs and the works. Then we went back and cuddled and slept, with big smiles on our faces for the rest of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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