The Pop In

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He knocked loudly on the screen door.

“Hello in there,” he called, and when the female form appeared from the bedroom he added, “didn’t catch you naked did I?”

“No, you didn’t,” said Kate. She was surprised at this stranger’s cheek. She didn’t really recognize the guy standing at the front door. Kate had other things on her mind. The heat of this early autumn day had made her a little irritable as well. His voice was familiar, but she couldn’t place it. Kate racked her brain for a scrap of memory as to who he was, and when she might have seen this guy. It clicked. “You’re Paul aren’t you?” asked Kate, I spoke to you Monday night on the phone.”

“Sorry Kate, I didn’t mean to startle you” he said, “yes I am.

Kate had a good long look at the tall dark haired man at the door. She wouldn’t have pictured this image during their previous phone call. He had a confident, air about him, and he was certainly relaxed with Kate, and they had only spoken on the phone once.

“I wanted to see if you had finished those hand written invitations for the party yet,” he said. “I thought I’d do the pop in and see if you were home, and at least look at the drafts anyway. I know we arranged everything on the phone, but I just wanted to check first hand to make sure that they were what I wanted. Is that okay?”

“Sure thing. I’ve been hot and bothered all week Paul, but you can come in to the cool and look at what I have done so far,” said Kate, smiling at the prospect of some company on this really warm evening. It quickly took her mind off the heat, and she was amused within herself to find a new sort of heat suffused her. Kate’s only air conditioning was the slight breeze that blew through the house from end to end. That and the new insulation in the roof kept the house a fair bit cooler than outside. She led Paul through to the kitchen and sat him down at the table. He is really cute, thought Kate and a lustful image sprang to mind causing a half smile to break out on her face as she went into the study to get the invitations he had called about.

Kate returned quickly with a folder and placed it on the table. “Can I get you something cold?” she asked.

“A beer would be nice if you have one,” replied Paul. I’ve been out for a walk at the lake and am a tad thirsty.”

Kate went to the refrigerator and grabbed an ice-cold beer. She walked over very close and gave it to him, breathing in the manly smell of him. The smell of him invaded her senses, a mixture of the odors from the physical exercise and his cologne. It was a fragrance she couldn’t place. The fragrant cocktail was a little intoxicating for her and she found even more sexual images springing to mind as a result of not having such a strong male smell in her house for some time. What’s going on? She asked herself. Kate opened her beer. She took a few steps back toward the kitchen bench, turned away from him, with one hand on her hip, unconsciously posing and showing off her bum.

“Nice butt Kate,” said Paul, shattering her reverie.

Kate felt her face blush with embarrassment; she hadn’t meant to pose for him.

“I’m… sorry Paul… aaah… I… was uummm thinking about whether I had some dry biscuits or not to go with your beer,” said Kate.

“Sure, but it is still a nice butt,” said Paul.

“Oh you think so,” said Kate smiling at the compliment. There is something about this guy, she thought. But I hardly know him. But then again he likes my butt. That’s a good sign.

Kate Çankaya Escort sat down and they started talking about the current heat wave. Paul finished his stubby.

“Like another?” asked Kate.

“Only if you’ve got a spare,” said Paul.

Opening his second beer, he glanced at her. She had a great butt, and her breasts were not big. They were well shaped. He wondered what her nipples would look like. Paul felt a stirring in his loins, and took another mouthful of beer. Kate got herself another one as well and opened the folder on her table with the invitations in it.

Spinning it around so he could see, she said, “Here is the first few drafts I have done. I think I’m and going to settle on this one, but they are yours so what do you think?”

“I can’t quite see from here,” said Paul and he got up and stood behind Kate. Leaning forward he rested his cold stubby near her ear lobe, and against her neck.

Kate shivered, not with coolness of the glass against her warm skin, but with excitement. This guy was handsome and he was flirting with her, something that hadn’t happened to her in a while. She leaned back and felt a bulge pressing into her back. Her mind spinning through a myriad of options finally came back to a pressing need that was growing and the heat emanating from between her legs. She was in need a good fuck, and it had been quite a while. Her work in design and craft making, and night courses had kept her busy. She hadn’t been out much, but here was a guy and with any luck, an opportunity. Here she was with a stranger, contemplating sex. Kate could feel that he was obviously attracted to her as well. The bulge in the front of his shorts was a giveaway.

“Do you like them?” she said her voice thickening with the excitement that was building within her.

“I love them,” said Paul, “and the invitations aren’t too bad either.”

Kate, looked at him and then laughed as she realised her nipples had hardened with his attention, and her rising tide of sexual desires and were now pointing out from underneath her top. “Cheeky bastard,” she said, “that’s twice now.”

“I’m sorry,” he said with a smile, and waved his arms in mock surrender.

“It’s too hot for a bra,” said Kate almost apologetically. She arched her back forcing her tight nipples hard up against the rough material of the cheesecloth top she had on. Paul stared, his tongue flicking out and across his lips.

“I agree,” said Paul, “in fact it’s too hot for any clothes. He stepped back and pulled off his t-shirt. Kate watched and bit her lip as his strong muscular chest was revealed with a sparse covering of hair. She reached forward with her hand and touched him and gave a little shudder. What felt like static electricity passed through her and she sighed at the touch. The air seemed to be charged with energy particles, they cracked and whirred around her ears. Here is a real flesh and blood man, undressing in my house. What is happening? The chemistry of spontaneous attraction was at work on them both. Time seemed to flicker to a stand still as they lived for this moment and the rest of the world, suddenly, was no longer important. Their carnal needs took over.

She ran her hands over his chest, playfully flicking his nipples until the little buds were hardened like hers.

“Now yours are pointy too!” she said and laughed.

Paul placed his hands on either side of Kate’s neck and stepped Keçiören Escort closer to her. He lowered his head and tilted hers up softly, gently, drawing her closer and then their lips met. The sparks ignited as they kissed, and then pulled apart. Kate looked into his eyes and saw a reflection of her lust in them. He does want me too. She kissed him back, parting his lips and driving her tongue into his mouth searching for his, flickering around in his mouth. Their tongues dueled in each other’s mouths like fencers, thrusting and parrying. Kate sucked his tongue and felt him moan into her mouth. Paul responded by striving to kiss her harder. He dropped his hands from her neck. He placed one in the small of her back held her to him and the other squeezed her buttocks. This too sending thrills through her body. She pressed herself harder into the line of his body and started working with one hand on the drawstring of his running shorts. The knot came undone quickly, and still kissing him passionately, she slipped her hand inside his shorts, and then underpants and felt the hard warmth of his member. The focus of her desire, she wanted it inside her. He was fully erect, the excitement taking hold of Paul as well. This pleased Kate, she was exciting a man and here in her hand was the hard evidence to prove it. A fleshy, throbbing penis and her hand wrapped around it. She stroked it inside his pants and Paul let out several low moans, and dug his fingers into her buttocks, kneading them and pulling her tighter in towards him.

They parted for air, sucking it in ragged gasps, their eyes glazed over with the passion of the moment. It seemed the air too had changed, getting thicker and heavier. Paul quickly pulled down his shorts and then removed Kate’s top allowing her breasts to spring free. With his hands he grasped them firmly, Kate moaned with the touch of his strong hands on her soft breasts and Paul then squeezed each of her nipples between his thumbs and fore fingers. Kate felt her knees weaken and moaned aloud with the savage pleasure coursing through her, like a fire, emanating from her erect nipples.

Paul put one arm around her waist, and releasing her nipples, lowered her skirt. Kate hooked her hands in her panties and pulled them down to her knees. Then lifting one leg, she put her toe in the crotch, she wasn’t surprised to feel the dampness there, and Kate pushed the wet panties to the floor and stepped out of them, while Paul held her in his strong embrace. She reached forward and kissed him again, and he replied in kind, his tongue flirting with hers.

Grabbing hold of her buttocks he lifted her up onto the dining table. Kate was too overcome with lust and desire to suggest a bed. She wanted this man and wanted him now. The solid hardwood table would take the punishment dished up by their spontaneous copulation — she hoped.

Their breathing was coming in rapid gasps now as Paul held her sitting on the table. He moved his hands forward and spread her legs. He lent forward and kissed Kate again. Kate felt a hand brush across her inner thigh and then moaned as Paul cupped her sex, massaging it with his palm and fingers. His thumb gently began pressing down on the small mound of her clitoris. Kate bit his lip with the pleasure to stop from crying out with the heat of her arousal. His massaging made her natural juices flow even more. His finger traced a path across her outer lips and then pressed Etimesgut Escort inside her, emerging slick and shiny with her juices.

“I think you are ready,” breathed Paul into her mouth. Kate lent back, her arms around his neck.

“I want you badly” she said, “don’t make me beg for it.”

She reached down with one hand and clasped his member. Her dainty hand wrapped around his shaft and guided him to her moist opening.

Looking into his eyes she guided him into her. He paused. They kissed and then without warning he thrust his full length into her. Their backs arched at the sudden jolt of pleasure to their nerve endings. Kate cried out. Paul withdrew all the way, and Kate moaned, “No… Paul.”

Paul was only teasing and he rammed his member into her again and she cried out aloud this time giving strong voice to her passion, to the overwhelming pleasure he was generating inside her very core. Then after teasing her some more his own will power weakened and he thrust in to her again, becoming more and more frantic. His hands held her buttocks tighter, his fingers digging in to them. Kate loved it, the fingers seeming to meet at her core as well as his throbbing penis, now fully lubricated and rapidly entering her, filling her completely. Her inner muscles grasping it now, milking it, extracting load moans of excitement from Paul. Kate felt her pleasure mounting inexorably towards a climax. Paul kept thrusting, his strong hands pulling Kate even further in towards him. Deeper and deeper, thrusting his member right in to the hilt, grinding their pubic bones together. Kate was getting this fantastic, unplanned, spontaneous ride on his shaft feeling his strength and hardness, her nerve endings alive with the fire of the sexual contact. Kate was overwhelmed, the excitement was too much and she felt it happening, her orgasm was building, starting in her toes. She continued crying out loud with the pleasure. The sounds indiscriminate, coming between gasps of breath.

“Yes, Yes Yes, Yeeesss…” She cried and the orgasm washed over her and kept coming in waves searching out every centimetre of her body, sending the waves of pleasure right through her being.

Paul was still thrusting as she came but now his control was gone, his wild penetration into her was more erratic as the pleasure took complete control of his actions and he to came in a shuddering climax that made him instantly weak at the knees. He cried out as his orgasm hit home, his seed erupting from his penis into Kate. She felt his semen spurting deep within her and even this sent a thrill through her as she felt fulfilled and satisfied, and pleased she had helped him come as well. He fell forward, his head resting on Kate’s breasts. Panting.

“Whew,” he said, “you were fantastic.”

“So were you,” responded Kate, “I was hot before but now I’m really sweaty. Oh but look what we have done to your invitations.”

After a few moments they disentangled and cleaned themselves up.

“Shower Paul?” asked Kate. She was unsure if she wanted this moment to end.

“No I have to get going,” said Paul, “But I promise I will call you later tonight.”

“Okay,” said Kate, “I’ll look forward to it.

She was also keen to see this stunning lover again soon. As soon as possible would suit her to the ground if it were going to be like this. He dressed and she showed him to the door. He kissed her and left quickly, waving as he drove off. Kate went back into the house. Still perspiring, she put on her skirt and top and started to clean up. Putting the messed up invitations back in the folder. A few moments later there was another knock at the front door.

A loud male voice called out, “Hi Kate, it’s me Jeff! I’ve been to see my grandparents around the corner and I thought I’d just do the pop in to see how you are going!”

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