The Present

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Retro turned to Siren and handed her a gift wrapped box. “Go and unwrap it in the toilet” he told her as the seatbelt lights pinged off.

Grinning broadly Siren unbuckled her belt and stood up, pausing she bent down and kissed him full on the lips, her tongue slipping into his mouth. Slightly breathless from the kiss she whispered “what is it?”

“Wait and see.”

Retro watched her walk down the aisle swaying her hips slightly more than normal, she had a definite attitude to her walk. He noticed some of the other passengers watching her as well, and grinned to himself. She’d told him she was going to dress up for him and she had. The short miniskirt and high heels showed off her legs beautifully, teamed with a blouse and jacket, she looked dressed to kill.

Siren opened the toilet door and squeezed in, she couldn’t help wondering to herself how the hell anyone managed to join the mile high club in these poky little places. Excited she tore the wrapping off the present. A plain brown box emerged with a note taped to the lid.


You’re to insert this up that gorgeous pussy of yours and arrange the cord in such a way as to be easily accessible to me.

Lust you


“A cord?” she muttered to herself looking suspiciously at the box. “What have you bought me, you naughty man?” Grinning at her reflection in the mirror, her eyes shining with excitement she opened the box. Laughing out loud she took out the egg shaped vibrator, with a wire attached to it with a switch. “Hmmmm” she mused turning the switch on. The egg vibrated in the palm of her hand, it had quite a strong vibration but hardly made a sound. Relieved that it wasn’t a noisy toy, Siren pulled her skirt up and slid her stockings halfway down her thighs. Standing with legs slightly apart she pushed the egg up herself, it felt strange at first, not uncomfortable, just strange. It was quite a large egg and fit snugly inside her. Pulling the cord under her skirt and past the waistband she arranged it so that the switch could be activated easily. Unable to resist she turned it on “Oh my!” she gasped out loud. Realising that she’d been rather a long time in the toilet and some poor passenger might be standing outside wondering what the hell she was doing, she quickly turned the egg off. Smoothing down her skirt she opened the door and promptly bumped into the man standing outside. “Sorry” she muttered too embarrassed to look him in the eye and hurried to sit back down again.

Retro watched her hurry back and grinned when he saw she was blushing. She was also giggling to herself. “I left the box in the toilet” was the first thing she said as she squeezed past him to sit down.


“Well this man came in after me to use the toilet, he’s going to see your note”


“Well he’s going to wonder what the hell I have up me.”

“Do you think I care?” Retro smiled at her “where is it?”

“Up me.” said Siren looking slightly puzzled.

“No blondie, where’s the switch” said Retro shaking his head. Sometimes she could be incredibly dense, amazing really, for such a smart woman.

“Oh” Siren laughed and pushed aside her jacket. There clipped to the waistband of her jacket was the little switch.

“Have you tried it?” Siren nodded about to say something when a stewardess stopped by their seats.

“Anything to drink?”

“I’d love a coke” said Siren closing her jacket hurriedly and trying to look nonchalant.

Retro chuckled to himself and put his arm around Siren’s waist. He slipped a hand under her jacket and felt for the switch. He felt her tense and look at him with wide eyes. “Don’t you dare” she muttered under her breath. He turned the switch on and felt her jump slightly.

All Siren could concentrate on was the buzzing deep inside her. It was the most amazing feeling and she couldn’t help but close her eyes. Retro nudged her and she opened her eyes slightly dazed. “Huh?”

“Your coke, Mam” said the stewardess for the second time, wondering what was wrong with this woman. She thought to herself that she’d better keep her eye on her, she was looking slightly flushed. All she needed on this flight to Durban was some woman getting sick.

“Thank you” said Siren accepting the drink and then realising her tray wasn’t out yet. Looking helplessly at Retro she took a sip of the drink whilst she tried to get her tray down.

“Need some help?”

“No.” said Siren slightly annoyed.

Retro grinned again, she was so independent. Liked to think she didn’t need anyone’s help or assistance. He watched her battle for awhile and then took pity on her and switched the egg off. Accepting his drink he sat back and sipped it.

“You’re wicked, you know that?” hissed Siren in his ear when the stewardess has moved off and she had finally got the tray down and could put her drink on it.

“Does it feel good?”

“Of course it does, but did you have to turn it on just then?” Retro just laughed and continued to sip his drink.

Retro whispered in Siren’s ear “I’m the only one allowed to touch that switch.” To demonstrate Retro once again put his arm around her waist and turned the switch on. Only this time he turned it on its lowest setting. “Does that feel good?”

Siren smiled and nodded. A little disapointed that he hadn’t turned Afyon Escort it on full. Then again she should have known he wouldn’t. He did love ot tease her and he somehow always managed to make her beg, no matter how hard she tried not to.

Retro finished his drink, put it on Siren’s tray and put his tray up. Moving his seat back he made himself more comfortable. “Wake me up when we get to Durban” Closing his eyes he heard her mutter something under her breath.

“What was that?” he asked without opening his eyes.


Retro slid his hand under Siren’s jacket and turned the switch again. The vibration was stronger now, not enough to cause any major distraction but enough to make Siren want more.

Siren sipped her drink and shifted in her seat. She didn’t know where the egg was positioned, but it was definitely causing the most amazing sensations, and she wondered why she hadn’t got one of these before. She looked at Retro and contemplated tickling him to get a reaction, but thought better of it. There was no knowing what he’d do if the mood struck. It was on of the things that thrilled her so much about him. These games they played were nice because even though he managed to get the better of her most times, he never made an issue of it or gloated. It was mutual enjoyment every time.

Siren noticed the man from the toilet grinning at her as he walked past. She blushed and looked out the window, not that there was much to see, lots of clouds and nothing else.

“Would you like another drink?” the stewardess asked quietly removing the dirty glasses from her tray. She was relieved to that her passenger wasn’t looking quite so flushed, although she did seem to move around a lot in her seat. Probably scared of flying, she thought to herself.

Siren turned aware form the window and smiled at her. “No thanks, I’m fine. Really great actually, I haven’t been to Durban for such a long time that I”m really looking forward to it.”

The stewardess smiled in return and hoped she’d shut up soon, she had a lot of work to do before they landed and she really didn’t have the time for small talk. “Your husband must be very tired to be sleeping at this time of the day.” She looked puzzled when the woman burst out laughing.

Retro, who’d kept his arm under her jacket the whole time, turned the switch on full and surreptitiously removed his hand.

Siren gasped and jumped in her seat.

“Mam, are you alright?”

“I’m fine” Siren managed to say whilst trying to find the switch. She couldn’t concentrate when it was on full and wondered vaguely to herself what type of batteries were in this thing, because it was unbelievably powerful. She found it but turning to look at Retro she thought better of it. She left it buzzing inside her and hoped like hell she wouldn’t leave a mark on the seat. She could tell she was getting very wet and exceedingly turned on.

The stewardess moved off collecting more glasses.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” Siren whispered in Retro’s ear taking the oppurtunity to run her tongue lightly along the inside of his ear. Moving her hand up under his shirt she found his right nippple and gently raked her nails over it. “Hmmm, I love touching your body.”

Retro battled not to react, which was made more difficult by Siren taking his nipple between her two fingers and squeezing it slightly. Giggling quietly she started to kiss his cheek and nibble along his jawline. Retro felt a stirring between his legs and shifted slightly to make himself more comfortable.

“Am I getting to you?”

“You always do.”

Satisfied Siren stopped playing and sat back, she was getting used to the vibrations inside her and could concentrate a little better.

“Though you needed the toilet?”

“Oh yea.”

“You are to go to the toilet, when you are finished I want you to touch your clit” ordered Retro “You may not orgasm, you’re only allowed to rub yourself three times, then you’re to turn the egg off. Understand? Oh and another thing, you may not wash your hands, I want to be able to smell you when you come sit down.”

Siren obediently stood up and moved to get past him. Trapping her between his legs he pulled her down onto his lap “I forgot to mention, you’re to remove your panties as well and put them in your jacket pocket.”


“No buts, just do it.” letting her go he watched her walk down the aisle. He was enjoying this immensely and knew she was too. He’d never been like this with anyone else. He’d had a satsifying sexlife, but this woman brought out a naughty streak in him he’d never known he had. There were so many things he wnated to try with her, just the thought of it hardened him slightly. He wondered how she was doing in the toilet.

Siren cheated slightly, she had no idea how she was going to go to the loo with the egg still buzzing, so she turned it off as soon as she got inside. She was quite relieved to have it stop. It was a great feeling but she was getting to the point where she needed to orgasm desperately and didn’t know quite how she was going to last the rest of the flight. She hoped he didn’t turn it on again soon.

Standing up she flushed the toilet and the noise reminded her of a flight taken with Cassie. She smiled fondly thinking about how scared Afyon Escort Bayan her daughter had been of the noise that the toilet made.

Reaching down between her legs she touched her clit. It was so sensitive but felt really good. She moistened her finger by running it several times over her pussy and inside herself. She felt the egg and positioned the cord a little bit more comfortably. She was extremely wet and moving her hand back up to her clit rubbed in a circular motion. She wished she could rub herself till she came, she knew it wouldn’t take much to get herself off, but she didn’t. She rubbed herself three times closing her eyes and enjoying the sensations her fingers were giving her. She wished they were Retro’s fingers, he had a way of touching her that sent her to heaven and back. Bringing her fingers up to her face she smelt them.

Adjusting her clothes she turned to open the door and sudently remembered. “Sorry” she muttered to the woman outside as she hastily shut hte door again. Laughing at the expression on the woman’s face, she slipped her stockings off and pulled her panties down. Grimacing at how wet they were she rolled them in a ball and pushed them into her jacket pocket. Smoothing her stockings she opened the door again.

“I’m really sorry”

The woman just glared at Siren ans went into the toilet. She sniffed, strange smell in here she thought to herself and made a mental note to write a letter to the airline to complain.

Siren returned to her seat to find Retro reading the inflight magazine.

“Everything ok?”

“Everythings fine, I’m as horny as all hell, but otherwise great.” Siren grinned cheekily.

“They’re in your pocket?”

“Yep, want to see them?” Siren dared as she reached into her pocket.


“Damn you” muttered Siren knowing he knew full well she’d never take them out of her pocket.

Grinning at her Retro took her hand and brought it to his mouth. Her smell was strong and his body reacted to it. Turning to face her so that he was facing away form everyone else he took her finger in his mouth and slowly sucked on it, tasting her. He was overwhelmed by a desire to lift her skirt and run his tongue slowly over her clit, down to her pussy and bring her to orgasm right there.

Siren was concentrating so much on the feel of his mouth on her finger that she didn’t notice his other hand moving under her skirt.

Siren became aware of Retro’s hand moving up her thigh and she parted her legs slightly, holding her breath wandering just what he was up to now. Retro stopped sucking on her finger and taking her hand lowered it to his lap.

“Turn the egg back on” he ordered, running a finger over her pussy lips.

“Please no more” Siren moaned quietly “I can’t take much more of this”

“Oh yes you can and you will, now turn it on” he smiled at her taking the sting out of his words. His finger slipped between her lips and touched her clit. He heard her intake of breath and felt her hand involuntarily squeeze his thigh. “Does that feel good, my darling?”

“Please touch me harder, please” she begged in his ear… not caring where she was, all she could concentrate on was the feel of his fingers on her pussy.

“Have you turned it on?”

With shaking fingers Siren found the switch and turned it on.

“On full.”

Siren moaned again but obeyed his orders and turned the egg on full. The familiar buzzing started deep inside her and she closed her eyes unable to do anything else but concentrate on the feel of the vibrator and Retro’s fingers teasing her clit. Retro looked around to make sure that they weren’t being observed he had no desire to become the object of some voyeur’s perverted pleasure. Ensuring that no one was taking any notice he moved her hand in his lap till she covered his cock.

Siren rubbed her hand over his cock, loving the feel of his hardness through the trousers, she wished she could take it out and feel his skin on hers but she was powerless to do anything but whimper quietly as his fingers took her to places she hadn’t known possible. The combination of the vibrator and his fingers were too much and she knew that she would orgasm soon. All the internal stimulation she’d already had, coupled with the situation was just too much.

Retro watched her bite her lip as she always she was trying to control herself. He moved his fingers faster over her clit and knew that she was going to climax, he contemplated taking his fingers away but then he thought better of it. She’d been a really great sport up until now and deserved a reward. Moistening his finger with her juices he moved his finger once more over her clit and felt her whole body tense.

Siren couldn’t hold off any longer, she clamped a hand over her mouth and felt her orgasm, for the first time she orgasmed by someone else’s touch alone, and it felt amazing. She could feel herself contract against the egg, a feeling which she only ever got when she played with her clit vibrator. Slowly her senses returned and she realised that she’d gripped Retro rather hard.

“Oh sorry,” she blushed as she let go.

“Was that nice?” he asked removing his hand and smoothing her skirt down just as a passenger walked past up the aisle.

Siren just nodded unable to say Escort Afyon anything yet. Her whole body tingled and a sense of wellbeing had spread over her body. She rested her head on Retro’s shoulder and gave him a hug.

“Hmmmm, I want that again sometime”

The plane touched down at Durban International Airport, and Retro stood up to get their bags from the overhead compartment. Siren smiled at him as she stood up too and spontaneously hugged him, and kissed him deeply. Knowing that she wasn’t one for open displays of public affection, Retro was taken aback alittle but enjoyed the kiss immensely, their tongues entwined and he couldn’t help his hand travelling down to squeeze her arse pulling her tightly against him. His cock responded to the feel of her body against his and he knew she could feel how hard he was. The events of the plane trip had turned him on enormously and he was in dire need of gratification.

Siren pulled back from the embrace and laughed “we’re going to be the last ones on this plane if we don’t make a move.”

Retro looked around and noticed that most of the passengers were already off. Grinning he grabbed their bags and followed her down the aisle, enjoying the view of her legs and backside as she walked ahead of him.

The stewardess smiled at the two of them and thought wistfully to herself how nice it would be to go away with someone whose company you enjoyed, as much as these two obviously did.

The taxi pulled into the hotel forecourt and Siren excitedly got out forgetting to wait for her door to be opened for her. “Oh what a beautful hotel” she exclaimed looking at the building. The hotel had an old world charm about it, and was renowned for its good food and hospitality. “I remember my brother stayed here once, he raved about the place” she carried on.. turning around to face Retro, who’d helped the driver retrieve their suitcases from the boot.

Retro couldn’t help but be amused by her enthusiasm, sometimes she could sound just like a young child at Xmas time when greeted by a tree with dozens of presents lying beneath it. Her enthusiasm was catching and he felt ten years younger. “Come on darling, lets go check in and unpack.”

“Oh I have no intention of unpacking” purred Siren in Retro’s ear as they walked in the hotel to the reception area “but I do have every intention of thanking you personally for this wonderful holiday” as she said it her warm breath tickled his ear and sent goosebumps all down his body. His body reacted to her tone and he felt a stirring in his pants. She always had this affect on him, it didn’t matter where they were or what they were doing, she just had to look at him in a certain way, or laugh and he’d get turned on.

“You’re in room 7, that’s just down the hall, to the left. Yusuf here will show you the way”

Thanking the hotel manager, they picked up their shoulder bags and followed Yusuf down the hall. Siren slipped her hand into Retro’s and unable to contain her excitement, giggled and whispered “do you think they do room service, ‘cos I don’t see us making it down to the dining hall.” “Oh what a beautiful room” exclaimed Siren as she stepped into the room. An enormous fourposter bed dominated the room. “Oh I’ve always wanted one of these, with the curtains the whole shebang.” Siren flung herself onto the bed and lay there utterly content. “This place is wonderful, oh thank you for bringing me here”

Retro tipped Yusuf and shut the door. Turning round he gazed at the woman lying on the bed. He wanted to make love to her right then, hard passionate sex. He didn’t think he could hold off for much longer. Moving towards her he started to take his jacket off.

Siren sat up and grinned wickedly “soon honey, very soon but first I want to put on a little show for you. Please sit down over there” She pointed to a chair opposite the bed. Retro sat down and removed his shoes and socks. “That’s right sweetie, make yourself comfortable.”

Siren then knelt on the bed with her legs slightly apart, tossing her jacket aside, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse letting it fall open, revealing a very pretty lacy black vest. Shrugging the blouse off her shoulders, she ran her fingers down her stomach and then up again, this time running her fingernails over her breasts, paying attention to her nipples, that hardened at the touch. Retro was close enough to be able to see them slightly through the lace and the sight of them hardened him instantly. He longed to take one in his mouth and suck on it, while rolling the other one between his fingers. He half rose off the chair but she motioned him to sit down again. “I haven’t finished yet.” Crossing her arms in one fluid movement she removed the vest. Her nipples puckered at the coldness of the air and wetting her fingers she played with them for what seemed like an age. Closing her eyes in pleasure she just knelt there playing with her breasts.. the soft white flesh, and the coral pink of the nipples. Just as he was about to get up and push her roughly down on the bed, Siren stood up and turned around, bending over she pulled her skirt slowly down over her arse and down her legs… revealing a pair of stockings and a smoothly shaven pussy. Staying in that position she ran her hands up between her thighs and then around over her arse. Slowly she ran a finger down the crack of her arse till she came to her pussy lips, sighing out loud she touched her clit, wetting her finger with her juices. So caught up in the feelings her fingers were creating, she didn’t notice that Retro had stood up and was removing his trousers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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