The Real Kate Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Kate discovers a hidden desire

About a week later, I was in Mark’s room waiting for him to come back from the computer lab. A soft knock sounded on the door. I opened it to find Lisa outside. I hadn’t seen her since that time I watched her orgasm under Mark, now my boyfriend.

Lisa was pretty. Lean and blonde and taut with muscle from an obvious workout routine. High cheekbones, with a small nose and big, sincere, blue eyes. Maybe almost as pretty as I am, except for being close to flat-chested. Certainly fitter, as I don’t do exercise. A boob job might change her life, I thought.

A surprised look crossed her face when she saw me. She looked me up and down. An expression of recognition followed. “Oh…so you’re the reason Mark stopped sleeping with me. I guess I get it. Wow, you’re beautiful. I have a card. If I leave it will you make sure he receives it?” she asked, her voice quivering just a bit.

“Of course,” I replied. And, I suppose I intended to. But I couldn’t help myself. I opened the card and read her note:

Dear Mark,

I’m sorry you decided to end our arrangement. I can say unequivocally that you are the best friend and sexiest lover I ever had. You let me be 100% me and that’s never happened before.

Consider this card a lifetime free pass. If you ever want me for anything, even if it’s just sex, bring it, and I’m yours.

I hope you don’t mind, but I told my father about your confidential work. He wants to invest. He thinks it could make you very rich. Call him if you’re interested.

I should have said sooner, so sorry I never did: I love you.


Shit. I didn’t know what to think. I certainly couldn’t give the card to Mark after I opened it. I absolutely didn’t want him fucking little Lisa behind my back. She loves him? I don’t have those feelings for him, at least not yet. Is it right for me to get in the way of that? What’s this confidential project? And Mark a millionaire? But what if he needs the investor money to be get started?

I burned the card and flushed the ashes down the toilet. I mean, let’s face it. It was monumentally stupid of her to trust me with it in the first place. How did she ever get in to an Ivy League school? My Mark a millionaire? I liked that idea.

About a half hour later, Mark returned, looking disappointed. He was having trouble with a project and needed to work through the night. So, he cancelled our date. Ever horny though, he wanted a quickie. Without foreplay, he pushed me down on the bed and lifted my skirt. I wasn’t really in the mood, and he would have stopped if I asked, but I didn’t. Didn’t want him looking elsewhere, that’s for sure.

I still hadn’t worn the panties because I felt too naked in them. Mark had ceased commenting on it, although I know he was disappointed. He never pushed my limits at all. He pulled my panties off, exposing my natural bush.

Mark began licking me, teasing me, making me wet, playing with my pussy with his fingers. He had gotten so good at it that he could make me come in five minutes if he wanted. And he did. I gushed all over his face. He quickly stripped off his pants, his cock pointing straight up in the air, as usual. He reached for the box of condoms only to find it empty.

“Shit,” he said. Looking at me, he asked, “Please? I’ll pull out before I come, I promise.” I shook my head no, saying I was too likely to be ovulating, and that ended the conversation. He knew I didn’t like to give oral, so he no longer requested it. And my hand jobs invariably resulted in him going soft.

I told him he could stroke his cock onto my chest, but he didn’t want to masturbate in front of me. Too bad, I was curious, as I’d never seen a guy take care of himself. With a groan, he tucked the erection back into his pants. I couldn’t help wondering if he would have used the free pass, had he known about it.

I dropped Mark off at the lab and returned to my house. I was feeling less comfortable bringing Mark to my place. Mary knew he couldn’t make me come from intercourse and she teased me constantly. Jim had taken to calling him “dicklet” under his breath, and Mark didn’t do anything about it. I wished he would stand up for himself more.

Mary was going clubbing. Hearing that my plans been cancelled, she cajoled me into joining her. I took some time with my hair and makeup, wore a tight fitted designer t-shirt with a matching skirt and, as usual, no bra.

None of my underwear was clean, so I put on a pair of Mark’s “sexy” thong panties for the first time. I chose the red ones. They had a thin strap in the back that disappeared between my ass cheeks. If I lifted my skirt just right, from behind, it looked like I wasn’t wearing anything. Fucking hot.

I looked great and knew it. Mark and I didn’t go out much. What little free time he had he liked to spend in bed with me. Part of me craved male attention. My ass felt bare, but it was a turn on too, knowing that if I twirled fast on the dance floor Ağrı Escort people might see my skin, and think I was naked under my skirt.

I drove us to the club. We shared a joint on the way over, and Mary told me that she would probably find someone else to go home with. Being Mary, she shared her criteria with me. There was only one: a big dick. She finally directly asked how big Mark was, and I told her 5.5 inches.

“How thick?” she wanted to know. I made a circle by touching my thumb to my forefinger. Mary laughed and patted me on the arm. “Ya poor thang.” She honestly meant it.

I guess it was the pot and the nature of our conversation. I ended up sharing more with her than I intended. I told her that I didn’t like to give head, and that I fantasized about Mark having a bigger cock, and that Peter had called me a cold fish. Of course, I didn’t tell her that I liked to come to images of Big Jim.

Mary didn’t have a lot to reciprocate with. Not too bright. Sex was the bright shiny object that kept her attention fully occupied.

I know why Mary wanted me to accompany her. When I’m in a club, guys buy drinks. My friends and I don’t have to pay for anything. Tonight was no different. A tray of drinks arrived soon after we sat down, and then another, and we started dancing. It was loud and dark, and I was enjoying myself. I didn’t have to worry about sounding smart, and I could just let loose. Plus, I was getting the male attention I craved.

A guy named Dirk attached himself to me. He was tall and dark and muscular, with carefully coiffed hair. Very good looking. Physically my type. We danced. As the night progressed it got sexier and sexier. He had great moves and I’m sure he liked the twirling view of my naked ass. Who wouldn’t?

Ok, Dirk was fucking hot. He had his hands on me. The thong underwear left me feeling a little flirty. It was, as my thong said, sexy. When I turned my back to him he rubbed up against me and I could feel his erection through my skirt. He felt HUGE. Way bigger than Mark.

I pushed back against him to rub that big dick against my ass. Dirk put his hands on my sides and ran them up my body as we danced. He cupped my braless breasts from the side and my nipples got hard. He brushed them through my t-shirt. I might have moaned.

Even though I had been licked to orgasm a few hours earlier, I was getting very turned on. Yes, the sexy panties got wet. That big cock had pushed Mark from my mind.

I spun to face him and glanced down. I saw the head of his penis sticking out above the top of his pants. That’s how large he was. I know I’d never seen anything remotely that big before. He caught me looking and leered. Dirk took my hand and brushed it over the top of his cock, and then slipped his hand to my thigh and across the front of my thong.

His cock felt silky smooth and hard. As I touched him, a few drops of slippery pre-cum leaked from the dark hole on the tip.

It was sexy. I flexed my hips and pushed my pussy against his hand. I’m sure he could feel the wetness and the sequins, but, of course, he didn’t know what they spelled. His finger pressed my clit through the fabric. I looked up and he kissed me, hard, with his tongue. I kissed him back.

While we kissed, I gyrated my hips against his finger seductively and used his seeping lubrication to tease the head of his monster with my fingertips. I guess I was sensory overload for him. He ejaculated, right there on the dance floor, into my hand. Strings of his hot jism spurting into my palm and over my fingers, dripping onto my skirt.

It thrilled me that I turned him on that much. I brought my hand up to my mouth, looked Dirk in the eye, and let my tongue touch his juice on my finger. And then, I glanced to the side. Jim was standing there, staring right at me. How much had he seen? Mark re-entered my brain.

Feeling mortified, I pushed Dirk away and went back to the table. The waitress came by and told me that my friend had said to leave without her. Apparently, Mary had latched onto her big dick. I got my coat and purse from the check room, practically ran to my car, and drove home.

My feelings were a mess. I’d smoked dope and drank. But that big cock had turned me on so much. And, let’s face it, I’d cheated on Mark. I mean, I jerked Dirk off on the dance floor and tasted his cum. I wouldn’t even give head to Mark, but I’d done that for a stranger…all because he was tall and sexy and had a big hard cock.

I withdrew to my room, closed the door and stepped into the bathroom for a hot shower. I let the water run over my body and I washed myself thoroughly. My breasts were sensitive and when I soaped my pussy I could feel myself get wet. Honestly, I’d been excited ever since Dirk’s hot cum spurted into my hand. But I didn’t masturbate.

Shutting off the water, I toweled myself dry, slipped the panties back on, and put on a sheer nightgown. I teased myself a little as I progressed, keeping my pussy slick Ağrı Escort Bayan for later. I’d learned the art of the slow tease from Mark. It made my orgasms so much better.

Any guilty feelings receded as my pussy got wet. My plan was to lie in bed and masturbate, imagining Dirk inside me. I knew it would make me cum, as big cock fantasies had been dominating my sex life ever since I put that glass to the wall in Miriam’s room.

I stepped out of the bathroom into my bedroom to find Jim standing there. He was wearing a robe, but it was open in the front. His cock was shiny and erect, he’d obviously been stoking himself with lube. And, it was HUGE. Way bigger than Mary’s dildo. Clearly bigger than Dirk. Hard enough to stand straight up, it was way above his belly button. I couldn’t help staring. It really was Big Jim.

“My eyes are up here,” he said. “But I know you like what you see, because in your heart you are a little slut for big cock.”

“How did you get in here? Fuck, I don’t’ care. Get out, you asshole. You repulse me.”

“Not so fast,” Jim responded. “I’m the lease holder. I have a legal obligation to have keys to all the rooms. And I’m pretty sure dicklet wouldn’t be very happy to know about your little episode with Dirk.”

Wait — Jim knows Dirk? What’s going on, I wondered?

“Dirk goes to my gym. I suggested he hit on you because I wanted to see how you would respond to a good looking guy with a big one. And I got my answer. You fucking loved it. He told me how wet it made you. You practically creamed rubbing that hot little cunt of yours on his hand after you saw the head. Does his spunk taste good?”

Jim stroked his cock while he talked to me and, I swear, it grew in his hand. He squeezed and a pearl of pre-cum appeared on the tip. “Remind you of earlier?”

Wow, he had seen everything? “Get the fuck out before I call the police,” I coldly told him. Accustomed to compliant Mark, I was surprised when Jim didn’t move. One hand continued to slowly stimulate Big Jim.

‘OK, here’s the deal. I’m going to check you to see if you’re wet. If you’re dry, I’ll leave and dicklet will never know about Dirk. If you’re as slick and slippery as I think, well then, I’m staying right here. If you want me to leave, I will…but I have dicklet on speed dial. 30 seconds to choose, or I make the phone call.”

My mind was racing. I didn’t want to hurt Mark. And, maybe more importantly, I didn’t want to lose him. He could be a millionaire, and I could be one with him. And he’d just go right back to Lisa, and I’d be alone again in a strange part of the country with a shitty job I detested and too many bills and no boyfriend.

“Wh-wh-what do you mean, check if I’m wet?” I stammered, fully aware that I’d been playing with myself for the last twenty minutes, intentionally keeping my pussy aroused.

“Last chance Kate. Say the word, and I’ll leave.” I answered with silence.

With that, Jim knew that he’d won. I’d never contemplated how strong he was. I mean I’d seen his body and understood he was a personal trainer, but I guess I hadn’t put two and two together.

He grabbed me and bent me over the bed like I was nothing. I was covered by the sheer nightgown and I had my thong on, but my ass was prominently displayed. I put my legs together, intent on holding them tightly that way.

“What are you doing? I hissed, trying to keep the quaking out of my voice. “You could have just stuck your hand in my panties.” Finding some confidence, I added “I’m dry anyway. You disgust me.”

Jim laughed. “Why do you think I’m going to check with my fingers when I have this nice hard cock ready for the task.”

Check me with his cock? What could be possible mean? “No, no, you can’t put that in me. I’m not on birth control. It’s too big. It won’t fit.”

“Oh don’t worry. I won’t put it in until you beg me to. Which won’t be long from now, I suspect,” Jim replied confidently. “And it will fit. It’s been in tighter holes than yours, I guarantee. I won’t come inside you. I’m not ready for fatherhood just yet.”

“Look at this cock,” he added. “Have you ever seen one this big?” Holding me down with one hand, he placed his erect meat on the bed beside my head. It was huge, as long as my face, I’m sure. It looked thick and veiny and excited, and the tip glistened with pre-cum.

I looked, and I shook my head ‘no.’ And felt a resounding sting on my ass as Jim slapped me hard. “Answer with words when I ask you a question. Have you ever seen a cock this big?”

As the pain of the slap dissipated, it left a curious warmth on my ass, which spread down to the inside of my thighs. “No” I softly whispered.

Smack — another hard spank to the other cheek. “No, what? Little slut. You’re going to have to learn how to properly answer to me. And speak up. I want to hear you.”

“No, I’ve never seen a cock that big before.” And the curious warmth from the strike spread down into my other thigh.

“Bigger Escort Ağrı than dicklet?” He wanted to know.

“Yes, it’s bigger than Mark.”


“Yes, you’re bigger than dicklet.” As I uttered the words I knew Jim wanted to hear, my pussy began to tingle. Somehow, humiliating Mark with Jim was turning me on. In truth, part of me had already started to think of him as dicklet, something I attributed to hearing it so much in the house.

“Now, lift your nightgown for me.” Jim stroked himself idly as we interacted, keeping his cock stiff and fat.

“What?” I said, confused about what was happening. I was already vulnerable. Why couldn’t he just do it himself?

Smack! This one really hurt. And the peculiar warmth was spreading further, its edge just touching my crotch.

I used my hands to lift the gown, feeling the air of the room on my spanked ass, exposing the string of the thong riding between my cheeks.

“Spread your legs,” Jim demanded. “I can’t check anything with your legs together like that, can I?’

I did as he said, moving my legs a few inches apart.

Smack again, this one stinging the inside of my thigh. “I asked you a question. You always answer all my questions Kate. Do you understand?”

I struggled to remember the question. This was some game he was playing with me, and I know I’m smarter than he is. And then I got it. “No, you can’t check anything when I have my legs together. Yes, I understand,” I responded as the heat from his last blow spread to my pussy.

“Now remember why we are here — we’re here to check if your little cunt is wet. Isn’t that right?”

I didn’t want to get hit any more. “Yes, we’re here to check if my little cunt is wet.”

“And, if you’re a good girl, I’ll check if it’s tight too. Do you have a tight little cunt, Kate?”

“Yes, I have a tight little cunt.”

“And how will I check to see if you really have a tight little cunt Kate?”

“Your big cock will tell you if I have a tight little cunt” I responded, telling him what he wanted to hear, knowing that it was likely true. The talk was turning me on, making my cunt ache to be touched.

Very good Kate, you’re a fast learner. Mary said you were smart. What? What was he saying? He’s been talking to Mary about me? I remembered the conversation in the car, where I over-shared. How much had she told him about me in the club?

Jim put his very hard cock on the inside of my right thigh just above my knee and used it to force my leg further to the side. It felt like a billy club pushing on me. He did the same on the other side. And there I was, bent over the bed, spanked, legs spread. And yes, soaking wet. I was sure he could smell my musk.

I felt him slip his cock between the bed and my panties, pushing it underneath me. “I have a very sensitive cock,” he said. “I can feel you have a hairy bush. That’s going to have to go. And I can feel sequins on the front of those panties. What’s that they spell? “Sexy” is it? You’ve never worn them before, have you?”

What? Had Mary told him about Mark’s present? Had he been in my panty drawer tracking my use? Either way, two questions had been asked.

“Yes, my panties say ‘sexy’ and this is the first time I’ve worn them,” I responded. He pushed his cock further under me. It reached past my belly button. I could feel it on my stomach. God, it was big. I wondered what it would feel like inside me.

As if he were reading my mind, Jim said “That would stretch you out, wouldn’t it?”

Another question. I didn’t want to be spanked again. “Yes, your cock would stretch me out.”

“You’ve never been fucked to orgasm, have your Kate?”

“No, I’ve never been fucked to orgasm.”

“Are you a cold fish, Kate?”

Jesus. Mary had told him everything. Embarrassment mixed with my excitement. “No, I’m not a cold fish.” And I came up with a plan to show him.

With his cock under my belly I started to move a little. Maybe I could get him to come like that, and he’d be done. I rubbed him with my bare belly and my wet panties. It felt good for me, so I knew it felt good for him and that the visual of my ass rotating on him would be intense. Any of my previous boyfriends would have already shot their hot seed under my stomach.

Jim moaned, and his cock got bigger. I sensed something warm and sticky on the bottom of my ribcage, but I hadn’t felt his cock spasm. Pre-cum. He was lubricating. Maybe this was going to work.

Jim leaned over me as I moved on him. He whispered in my ear: “Ohh, that’s good Kate. You like the feeling of my big cock against belly and your cunt don’t you? It excites you sexually, doesn’t it?” And he arched up, pressing his cock harder against me.

We both heard the undeniable squish of my wetness as my pussy lips parted around the narrow fabric of my thong. I felt his cock directly touch the edges of my cunt for the first time.

I panted. And didn’t say anything.

Smack! Smack! One hard slap on the outside of each thigh stung me and made my pussy jump and land hard on his turgid member. Questions. Fuck. Jim had asked me two questions. “Yes, I like the feeling of your big cock against my belly and my cunt.” And, more quietly, “It excites me sexually.”

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