The Rim

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Take my hand and follow me up the stairs and into the bedroom. Notice how my arse cheeks peep underneath the hem of my shirt as I walk up the stairs in front of you. I can almost hear you wondering what I’m wearing beneath it…

Stood at the side of the bed I start to undress you, fingers peeling away the layers of clothing.

Your hands reach for the buttons on my shirt and I stop them.

Reaching up, I whisper, “Later.”

I unbuckle your belt and undo the fastening on your jeans and pause with my palm pressed against your cock. Feeling a gentle swelling I squeeze and sigh, so good to feel your response to me.

Kneeling at your feet I remove your socks, allowing you to place a hand on my shoulder for balance. Through the fabric of the shirt you feel no bra strap, and again wonder what I’m wearing. I’m still kneeling and my face is level with your crotch. My hands pull at your jeans and briefs, exposing a fabulously suckable cock. I press my lips to the tip and tease it with my tongue, one hand holding you at the Ağrı Escort base. Kissing and licking your shaft until I hear you moan, I work my way down to your balls and then back to the head. This time I part my lips around it and suck your cock into my mouth, sliding up and down. I feel your hands in my hair and they tighten as you try to control the pace, your hips thrusting as you fuck my mouth. Placing my hands on your thighs I pull my head away and stand up.

You start to speak, but stop when my fingers undo the buttons on my shirt. The first button displays the top of my breasts and then I move to the bottom button. Undoing this to expose my smooth pussy lips. The middle buttons undone, the shirt is discarded and I stand before you in a black corset, which cups my tits and frames my pussy. I step forwards, pressing myself against you, raising my lips to kiss, lips parting, tongues sparring. Your fingers stroke my pussy and I step away.

“Face down, on the bed,” I say in a soft voice. “That’s how I want you.”

There’s Ağrı Escort Bayan a puzzled look on your face but no argument. I move the pillow so you are more comfortable and taking a wrist I cuff it to the bed, leaning across your shoulders I do the same to the other.

“I can’t have you getting away.”

Stepping back, there you are prone before me, those tight buttocks so inviting.

Slowly, ever so slowly I trail my nails and fingertips down your neck (pausing to lean and kiss), across your shoulders and shoulder blades, down your spine to the crevice between your buttocks. Bending I place a kiss before nipping your arse, followed by my tongue to soothe any hurt. I’m sure you wanted to squeal in surprise, but you contained it well. Sliding my hands over the firm cheeks of your arse to your inner thighs, where they pull your legs apart (and graze your balls as they do).

You feel my pussy brush against the back of your leg as I climb between them on the bed. There’s a pause as I Escort Ağrı admire you laid out before me. Then taking my finger I trace the crevice of your arse from top to bottom and back. More firmly I push the finger between your cheeks and draw it down till I feel the puckering of your arsehole. Here I linger, scratching, stroking, exploring, and gauging which you like best. I remove my finger and part your cheeks with my hands, holding you open for me. As I lean forwards you can feel my breath on your arsehole, followed by my lips and exploring tongue. At first I just use my tongue to tickle against the sensitive flesh, but soon I am bolder and my tongue is probing you. I can hear you moan and I like it, I want you to moan more.

“Feel my tongue as I fuck you baby, lose yourself a little.”

I pull at your hips, raising them from the bed, giving me easier access to you. Slipping a hand beneath you I grasp your cock, so hard and big, begging for attention. Every time my tongue penetrates your arse my hand rubs up and down your cock, wanking you and fucking you. I think you like this, I can feel your balls tighten and your cock twitch.

I wonder, “Are you going to cum for me, lose control for me?”

That’s what I want, for you to spunk all over my hand as I tongue fuck your arse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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