The Roommate Ch. 04

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George’s cock was hard as he awoke with a start. He could vividly remember the dream he was having: Sam, his 18 year old downstairs roommate, was lying next to him, stroking his dick and rubbing his chest. He moaned to himself instinctively as he realized it was not a dream at all. “Hey, Sa-” he started, catching himself as he recognized his wife, Jenny, in the soft glow of the TV. “Umm, hey, sweetie,” George said, trying to recover. The truth was, though, that not only was he surprised he was not laying next to Sam – the girl he fucked only a couple of hours before – but he couldn’t help but be surprised that she was being this forward. When they met in college, she was as hot as anyone he had ever met. He was her math tutor, and the sparks flew. The sex was hot then – every night, usually twice a day on weekends, anywhere and everywhere, they couldn’t get enough. Jenny’s tall, slim body had only gotten better since then as she worked out and toned her perfect ass and flat stomach, but her sex drive had grown cold. George couldn’t remember the last time he had convinced her to have sex with him, and he could count on one hand the number of times she had seduced him since they had been married. He wasn’t about to complain, though, and the look in her eyes looked suspiciously like lust.

“What’s gotten into you tonight?” asked George lightly, not wanting to break the mood but still surprised at his luck.

“Oh nothing,” said Jenny sweetly, “I just had a great day and wanted to curl up and watch a movie with you and…you know, see what comes up…” All the while she was slowly stroking George’s cock and rubbing his chest, her naked body flickering in the light of the TV. “Mmm, you’ve been working out…you feel quite…mmm, yummy.” And licking her lips, Jenny slid down his chest and started to lick George’s hard cock..

“Holy shit, that feels so fucking good, babe,” breathed George as he watched his wife’s head bob up and down on his dick. His eyes glanced up at the TV and he suddenly froze – the image on the screen was unmistakable. He was watching himself fuck Sam on his couch.

“What the hell?!” George yelled, pushing himself up on the bed, his cock making a popping noise as it came out of Jenny’s mouth.

“Oh, you noticed tonight’s entertainment?” she said slyly, crawling her way up so that she was straddling George’s still hard dick. “Did you think you could do something like that and have me not notice?”

George etimesgut escort had no answer to this. He was caught red handed. The silence in the room was broken only by the moans and screams coming from the couple on the screen.

“I have only one question for you,” said Jenny, her eyes still locked on his.

“What’s that?” said George, swallowing hard.

“What took you so long?”

George just stared in dumb silence.

“You have a hot, young, basically perfect sex machine living in the same house and you don’t fuck her for more than a month. Damn you’re dense.” Jenny just smiled wickedly at George’s obvious confusion. “Honey,” she started sweetly, realizing how confused he must be, “I know I have not been as sexual as you want or need me to be. I just can’t keep up. And I know you would never go out and find someone else to fulfill you, and for that I thank you and will love you forever. But I could never forgive myself if I knew you sacrificed your sexual life just to be with me. So I found a compromise.”

Realizing George still couldn’t make heads nor tails of this story, Jenny laughed and continued. :”So I found a friend at school that sympathized with our story. I met Sam last year in class – she was in high school then, taking a class for extra credit – and we clicked right away. I told her all about you, and she said we should find a designated hitter – someone to fill that part of your needs. She was kidding at first, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. So now…” Jenny shrugged. “What do you think?”

George knew that his affair was already discovered, so even if this was a trap he had nothing to lose. “I love the idea, sweetheart,” he said honestly. “Are you okay with it?”

“As long as you always have enough energy to give my pussy a good pounding whenever I want it.” And with that she impaled herself on George’s cock in one motion, her ass coming to rest on George’s balls. “Mmmm, I have been waiting too damn long for this,” Jenny moaned. “I may not want sex everyday, but ever since you started working out again I’ve had to take cold showers and get myself off every other day to stop myself from ripping your clothes off. I needed you to be horny for my plan to work.”

Hearing this, George realized just how much thought had gone into all of this, and he really started to appreciate his wife. Still, she had made him go without sex for so long, she had etlik escort to pay.

“You’re going to get what you deserve,” said George, and he raised Jenny’s hips up so that his cock was resting on the outside of her glistening pussy lips. “Ohhh, come on you fucker,” moaned Jenny, “give it to me…” George pulled down Jenny’s hips hard and fast, impaling her, loving the sound of her ass slapping his thighs. “I’m going to fuck you like the sneaky bitch you are.” And with that George picked up Jenny and spun her around on his cock so she was facing away from him. “On your knees, bitch.” This was a move they had loved in college, and Jenny eagerly spread her legs and put her face down on the bed, her ass sticking obscenely in the air as George’s cock was still holding her up. “Mmm, that’s quite a fucking sight for sore eyes,” growled George as he slapped Jenny’s tight ass. She squealed in painful lust as he then started to fuck her. Slamming in and out of her pussy, George reached around and grabbed a handful of tit. He had been so used to making slow, sensual love to his wife that fucking her now was like fucking another woman. His balls slapping against her ass, George’s long, smooth strokes quickly pushed Jenny over the edge. “Ahhhhh, goddammit…” exhaled Jenny as her pussy spasmed around George’s cock. Nowhere near cumming – his fuck with Sam took plenty out of him – George continued to stroke deeply in his wife’s hot pussy.

George heard a loud moan, and looking up realized the video was still going. It was coming to the point at where George and Sam came together, and he heard another of her moans. This one, though, did not come from the video. Without breaking his rhythm, George looked to his right and saw Sam, naked and spread eagle on an arm chair with two fingers in her pussy.

“I…uhhhh…couldn’t help…mmmm…overhearing you two…” breathed Sam as the rhythm of her fingers matched George’s strokes. “Enjoying yourself, big boy?”

“Damn right,” grunted George as he felt his wife cum again, her pussy gripping his cock harder as she moaned. Jenny pulled herself off his dick and sat up, catching her breath. Looking at Sam, she started to smile. “I did good, didn’t I, Georgie.” Jenny got up and walked toward Sam, her knees wobbly. “I couldn’t let her have you without trying her out first.” George thought that nothing could shock him at this point, but the sight of his wife dropping to her knees and plunging eve gelen escort her tongue into a shaved pussy definitely was a shock. “Mmmm, I’ve got to say you’re wife’s got you beat at eating pussy, stud,” said Sam with a contented smile, locking eyes with George. “But you’ve got more to offer…” She trailed off as her eyes fell to his hard cock.

George walked over to the two women, still mesmerized by the sight: his wife’s perfect ass high in the air, her hands wrapped around Sam’s round perky butt and pulling her pussy closer to her tongue. Sam reached out and pulled George to her by his cock. Reaching around and pinching his ass, Sam sunk George’s cock into her mouth in one motion. This made Jenny stop her tonguing and look up in admiration.

“Gawd, little girl, I couldn’t do that on my best day. You’re going to teach me some things.”

“Yeah,” said Sam with a slurp as she popped George’s dick from her mouth, “and the first rule is this: concentrate on the job at hand, slut, and keep your tongue in my pussy till I say you’re done.” Jenny obeyed with a lusty smile, her tongue snaking out to flick Sam’s clit. This made Sam break her own rule as she momentarily lost it – moaning loudly, Sam was in ecstasy as Jenny plunged two fingers into Sam’s pussy and licked her clit with a flat tongue. Replacing her tongue with her thumb, Jenny started to rub Sam’s clit as she placed her whole mouth over Sam’s pussy lips. Jenny pushed her long tongue past Sam’s pussy lips, licking the inside of her pussy as Sam writhed, grabbing Jenny’s hair and screaming.

As Sam’s mouth opened, George took the opportunity to fill it with his dick. Sam immediately resumed sucking, this time with increased intensity. With every plunge of Jenny’s tongue into Sam’s drenched pussy, Sam would slam her nose into George’s hard stomach, deep throating his cock and filling her face. As Sam’s orgasm built up, George took the initiative to fuck her face harder and faster. Grabbing Sam by the hair, George treated her mouth like his wife’s pussy, slamming in hard and fast, his balls slapping up against Sam’s chin. Jenny, meanwhile, had spread Sam’s asscheeks wide and pushed a finger past her tight asshole. This was too much for Sam, and with a muffled shriek she started to cum all over Jenny’s tongue. Seeing and hearing this, George was pushed over the edge. Pushing his cock all the way down Sam’s throat, George’s dick exploded into Sam’s mouth, shooting cum straight into her throat.

After a few seconds, George stepped back and sat on the bed. Jenny wiped her face with her hand and sat back on the floor. And Sam, knowing that she just might get fucked as much as she wanted to in this house, sank down into her chair with a wicked smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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