The Russian Twins – a Novel Pt. 02

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He is ready with his plan for abducting Katya and securing her in the newly built house prior to the film that would be made with her as the star. He assumes the Poles will title the film Kurwa Katya to continue the series.

Pytor is ready to abduct Katya, the house is ready. He has to rely on subterfuge and his spycraft. The husband of Katya will not be an issue as he workd away. Pytor procures a small remote device that creates a mini-explosion and fits it to the wheel bearing of Katya’s car. He knows the route and time she takes for the pub being early too helps. On the day his plan works. He activates the device and Katya steers the damaged car safely to a stop. Pytor arrives in his jeep 5 minutes after. It helps that she recognises him. He tells her he will drive her to work but needs to stop by the farm first. He relaxes Katya by telling her about Marie. When she arrives at the new house he aske her to come inside. The trap is set. He has Katya.

”Pytor, I am worried about being late for work.”

Pytor ushers her into the small house. There is a small entrance porch and a door on the left. Pytor opens the door.

“Come in Katya and sit down.” The room is a small bedroom with just a single one-bed mattress and two chairs and a steel bucket.

Katya sits on one chair and Pytor sat on the other and closes the door.

“I have not been entirely honest with you.” Katya immediately stands up.

“SIT!” He barks. Katya slowly sits back in her seat.

“Do you recall the two Polish brothers?” Katya’s brow furrows.

“From months ago yes, but …..”

“They shall we say, express an interest in you.” Pytor interrupts.

”Yes I remember”, Katya shudders.

“Well, it was them that insisted I obtain you.” Pytor misses out on the fact he has offered her to the brothers.

The colour drains from Katya’s face.

”They threaten my family” Pytor lies.

“So I need to give you to them.” He continues. Katya cries.

“If you listen to me this has a chance this works out.”

Katya nods. “I am listening.”

”Of the two I guess you were more afraid of Jacob, the smaller muscular one.’ The fact the names are known causes her weeping to increase.

“But it is the smaller, slimmer Kacper you really need to worry about.”

”I recall him saying he wanted to take you out and ‘show you a good time’, you replied ‘your husband wouldn’t like it, and he said he could watch.”

Pytor has Katya now where he needs her. Being so close to her, feeling her warmth, and smelling her perfume is giving Pytor an erection.

“So I need to give you to them but I can tell you what you need to do to get through it.”

“Please help me.”

“I will Katya, but for now you need to stay here safe.”

Katya nods.

“I need to go now.” Pytor leaves and locks the door.

Pytor on the day of the abduction arranges to meet the brothers to confirm he has successfully secured Katya. Pytor has previously outlined how the day each of them gets to spend with Katya should be played. Kacper is pretty sure he just wants to fuck her as he likes, but Pytor says he will enjoy it if she initiates it and appears willing, to reinforce this approach he reminds Kasper of the ‘good time comment’ and leaves it there. The rest is up to him. With Jacob, he has to be more subtle. He reminds Jacob that he frightens Katya but what it would feel like if Katya was kind to him, what if she wanted him. Jakob smiles and Pytor remind him to listen to her voice. Pytor feels he has done as much as he can to ensure Katya can endure and above all survive the two days first with Kacper, oldest brother first of course then Jakob on the second day. The third day will be for Pytor.

Pytor does want to have his own intimate encounter with Katya but is trying to find a way to avoid the day 4 fate of Katya. Assisted escape of course is the only option but it must appear that Pytor kept his promise to deliver Katya for the film. Pytor hopes his well-constructed plan works as he prefers that Katya should escape. Yes, the birth of his daughter has had a profound effect on Pytor and his values.

“Hi Pytor, are we good?”, asked Kacper. They shake hands and Jakob comed over and claps Pytor’s back. They both have their own reasons to celebrate that Katya is theirs. The other reason was the success of Kurwa Karin which appears to have elevated the brothers in the hierarchy of the black market illegal extreme pornography. The expectations are high for the next film and the brothers have mentioned there may be a significant upgrade in the studio location and particular equipment and quality. The film requires a top quality star and the brothers are convinced Katya fits the bill. They have no plans to secure an alternative.

“She is secured and waiting.”

“What did she say?”

“I told her she has met you before and I was blackmailed to introduce her to you.”

“Blackmailed?” Asks Kacper.

“You don’t have to worry, I have my methods. She is ours.”

“Drinks!” The brothers opened a case of bottled beer.


The Beylikdüzü Escort three drank and chatted.

“I have the first taste of the sweet Katya! Don’t worry I won’t spoil her too much for you brother or you of course Pytor. Skol!” More beer was drunk.

“When Pytor?”

“Your day is tomorrow Kacper.” Kacper grabbed his crotch and thrust!

“She is going to feel the spear of Kacper! Skol!”

“And you brother. Can any female survive the cock of Jakob! You need to go easy with her! Skol” he laughs.

“Where is Katya?” Jakob whispers

“In Pytor’s house brother, I told you.”

Jakob smiles.

“We are shooting the new film in a better Studio Pytor.” There is a pause and awkward silence.

“Sorry, Pytor but we have a new third actor, we’ll actually have several. You will not be needed for the film.”

“And here I was thinking I was going to become a big fucking movie star haha! Skol!”

The laughter died down then Kacper replied seriously.

“After your day with Katya Pytor, you will have to deliver her to this location. They will take over. The film preparations will take a few days. Katya will keep me and my brother very fucking happy until she is ready and prepared to become a famous porn star. Haha. Skol!”

Pytor makes his excuses and drives back as fast as he can to the farm. The situation had just become infinitely more dangerous and complicated than before and Pytor was seriously doubting that he could save Katya after all. Elke and Marie’s life may depend on it.

“Katya, I’m back”. Pytor has driven back as fast as he can.

“No time for questions, kneel on the floor in front of me.”



Katya kneels.

“Kacper will be here first thing tomorrow so you need to know what to expect.

You know he wants sex with you but if you convince him you like it the outcome will be better for you. Surprise him. Now, do you suck your husband’s cock?”

“Pytor please …..”

“Last chance Katya, just listen and answer the questions otherwise I leave you to Kacper and you won’t even have a clue as to how to deal with Jakob.”

“Okay, okay”, she cries.

Pytor takes out his cock.

“Do you suck cock?” Katya nods.


Pytor pushed his cock into Katya’s mouth and starts to make her suck.

“Mmmmmmm that’s good Katya, but deeper and suck harder. Be good with your mouth and Kacper will be happy.”

Pytor knows he was going to enjoy Katya, he is just getting started. He recalls how good Kurwa Karin’s blow jobs were and she was being forced.

He enjoys the blow job and wants to take his time.

“That’s it, Katya, keep sucking. You need to make me cum and you need to swallow.”

Katya’s mouth is excellent. Pytor cums. He doed make her finish him properly.

“Good girl. Now we can talk.”

“Can’t you let me go?” She cries.

“You know I can’t. You know Kacper want to fuck you. So take off your clothes.

“But ….. my husband …”


Crying and snivelling Katya strips.

“Mmmmmmm you have a great body, Katya. Now get on the bed.”

“Kacper likes to fuck girls rough. I can show you what that might be like. I will try not to be as hard as Kacper will. Remember, if you make him believe you are enjoying it, it will make him cum faster. I will show you.”

Pytor now had Katya to fuck as he always wanted. It could have been just him. But that was no longer the case. He begins to enjoy and fucksKatya. She starts screaming. Pytor fucks hard into Katya. Her cunt is nice and tight. He has never got around to trying Kurwa Karin’s as the two brothers had spoiled her first. Pytor fucks Katya hard until he comes again. He slips out of her.

“See, it’s not so bad.” He cuddles her as she cries. He gived her some time. He wantsbKatya’s last hole. He turns her onto her stomach. He kissed her back and stroked her hair. He partsbher ass cheeks. He slowly pushes in.

“This ones for me Kurwa Katya.” He begins to fuck hard into her ass and has her screaming again. It takes a lot longer to have his final climax in her last orifice.

“I can see why all the guys want to have sex with you. You will be fine with Kacper I think. I need to get some water and get you cleaned up.”

Pytor leaves her naked on the bed leaking his cum from two orifices. He returns with a basin of water and soap and a towel.

“Clean yourself now Katya. I will be back later to tell you about Jakob.

He leaves her and locks the room and returns two hours later.

“Do you want to hear about Jacob, Katya?” She hascleaned and washed herself. She has tried to dress. She looks up wearily at Pytor. “Tell me how to survive. I want to escape Pytor.”

“With Jakob it’s easy. He needs a mother. Be kind to him. Let him make love to you but teach him how to be gentle. Don’t use your mouth on him. He will see that is dirty. Tell him you think Kacper is a good brother. Tell him you enjoyed your day with him. Basically show him you love and respect Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan his brother. Teach Jakob how to make love to you gently, that his size does not frighten you. It is better to show kindness to Jakob, try and not to show fear. The last point, your clothes. Better to be naked or bra and pants only for Kacper, remember he will focus on sex and be unforgiving. Oddly Jakob will be tender if you show him. And dress like a lady. Full clothes. Does that help Katya?”

“Yes, Pytor. Thank you.”

“I leave some of my farm clothes you can wear to sleep in. Remember to put your good clothes in a bag to wear for Jakob. Good luck.” Pytor pulls the door on the silent weeping of Katya. He locks the door. It is late nearly 11 pm. Pytor will go to the main house and spend time with Elke and Marie. Then rise early to be sure that he is there for Kacper who he needs to meet to show him where Katya is being held. He dares not to tell him any earlier. Now he is sure that Elke and Marie are safe and he already has what he wanted from Katya sexually already. Pytor is good at using people for what he needs.

Katya Bērziņš tried to understand what had happened to her over the past day. She can recall the accident and feels lucky not to be seriously injured. She remembers the relief of another car finding her so soon after given the early hours. She recognises the driver Pytor who used to visit the bar regularly but then stopped visiting. She is used to that. She remembers being relieved she would get a lift to work at least. Pytor drove her to a small farmhouse. She opens her eyes. She is still here. Her mouth is dry, and that taste is salty. It came back to her in a rush. The cock sucking, the brutal rape and then the brothers. Oh god. Pytor had abducted her because why? Something about a threat to his family. Didn’t he say he had a baby? Her body is tired and sore. Her cunt is a little sore and her ass. God Pytor fucked her in the ass. He called her a name. Kurwa Katya. She didn’t understand the meaning but guessed whore. She certainly felt like one. Dirty. Pytor told her other stuff about the brothers. Things that were important to know and remember. She tried hard to think. Something about being good with her mouth. She heard the sound of the door being unlocked. The first brother, Kacper think it was is here.

Pytor drives his jeep to the rendezvous with Kacper. It is early morning around 5 am. Kacper wants as much of the day with Katya but he is busy today with other things too, people to meet, money to change hands, all connected with the new film. Kacper needs to see Katya in the flesh, not that he does not trust Pytor. He sees Pytor’s car and flashes his lights. He follows Pytor’s jeep to the farmhouse and both men get out of the vehicle.

“She is in there Kacper.” Both men walk to the house and Pytor unlocks it. They enter.

“First door on the left.”

Kacper unlocks the door and walks in and sees Katya lying on the bed dressed in the farm clothes Pytor provided.

“Good morning Kurwa Katya. Do you remember me?”

“Yes, and your brother.”

“You will see him tomorrow but you spend today with me. You don’t look as sexy in those farm clothes as you do when in the bar, but undress and you will look sexier for me.”

Katya strips to her underwear.

“Are you ready to have some games now Kurwa Katya?”

Remembering what Pytor told her Katya replies.

“Yes, Kacper.”

“What changed your mind?”

“My husband is away. I feel neglected. A girl can change her mind.”

“Good answer Katya. Come here.” Katya walks to Kacper. Kacper feels up Katya touching her breasts. He kisses her and she kisses him back. “We are going to have a ‘Time’ Katya.”

“You can leave us Pytor. This is a private show.” Pytor leaves.

“So Katya. You have a great body. Do you know how to please a man?”

“Let me show you Kacper.”

Katya kneels and unbuttons Kacper’s trousers and takes out his cock and takes him in her mouth and starts a slow blow job. Kacper makes fists in her long curly red hair as she sucks. Wearing just the white panties and bra Katya brings Kacper to climax and swallows as she did for Pytor.

“Mmmm you have good technique with your mouth Katya. Have you ever considered a career in films?”

She finishes and stands. She sits on the bed.

“Films? No why? Do you think I would be good enough? Pretty enough?”

“Oh yes, Katya. I am a filmmaker you know.”

“No really? Anything I would have seen?”

“No. They are quite specialised films. But yes you could be a star.”

“That’s interesting.”

“They are porn films. But you need to like sex.”

“I love sex. What girl my age doesn’t.”

“Well, this can be your casting couch session. Do you enjoy rough porn, Katya?”

“Well not very rough but it can be exciting.”

“Let’s try you out, Katya. Take off your knickers and get on the bed and spread your legs.”

So far, thinks Katya, and Pytor’s advice is paying off. I have to bide my time but it is probably with the Escort Beylikdüzü brother Jakob that I might have a chance to try and escape.

Kacper fucked Katya roughly as he mentioned. She cried out but tried to make it sound like cries of passion to get Kacper to cum and finish the rape.

Kacper did end up having his ‘time’ with Katya as he put it fucking her multiple times and in multiple ways, doggy, her on top, more oral, a 69. He asked her at one point if she had ever had anal sex. Katya lied about her one time with Pytor the previous day hoping that this number was not going to double. The humiliation of the act was almost too much to admit to or bear. Fortunately, Kacper was not looking to screen test an anal slut it appeared. After finishing ‘his time with her he did spend quite a bit of time talking about his brother and how he wanted her to handle the meeting. It was not that different from the advice Pytor gave bar the clothes and mother figure references. When Kacper finally left Katya felt relieved she had dodged a bullet. When did he ask her if she wanted him to make her a star what answer other than yes was she going to give? The thought of being filmed having sex disgusted her. Bad enough to be raped but to have otters view and watch it, she shudders.

Pytor comed and gives her food and allows her to wash and afrer she washed returns her underwear. Katya is left locked in again for the second night awaiting the visit from Jakob with a bit of hope that her absence would have alerted her husband and the police and a search would surely find her.

Kacper drives away from the farm very satisfied if a little suspicious that Katya was so reasonable. How could she possibly know the right way to react?. Kacper’s father told him though never to look a gift horse in the mouth. Katya was better than he hoped, sexier than he remembered and tight for fucking. Did she really want to be a porn star? She certainly fucked and sucked like one. No matter she was perfect for the new film. He had to go and confirm the arrangements and get everybody excited about his new star. He felt a little bad for Pytor, cutting him out, but he had a baby now and would get a good payoff. Kacper felt on top of the world. He was king and would make a better film than Kurwa Karin with the beautiful Kaya. He just needed to think of a better title for the film.

Pytor checked in on Katya in the early morning before starting work on the main farm. He took in some fresh fruit for breakfast.

“How did it go with Kacper yesterday?”

“Bearable. I still think he is a pig!”

“Did you listen to my advice?”

“Yes. It was good advice Pytor. Thank you. He asked me to be in his film. A porn film? Can you imagine?”

“He mentioned the film?” Pytor had to tread carefully. There is no way she knows exactly what type of film. Sneaky Kacper.

“Of course, I said yes. Keep him happy you said. He fucked me so many times. I stank of the pig. I had to scrub myself raw. The water is filthy. I need fresh water.”

“I will get you some. Here is breakfast. Remember to dress in the nice clothes for Jakob.”

“I remember. You can still let me go. My husband, the police will be looking. You will get into trouble Pytor. I don’t want that for you and your family.”

“No one will find you, Katya. Where would they look?” Eat breakfast. I will bring water for you to clean. I brought a hairbrush from Elke. Some perfume too. Be nice for Jakob. If they want you in their film, maybe you get a chance to escape.” There is no escape for you Katya, maybe once I thought possible. Not now. Only the film. You do not deserve it. But what can we do?

“Thank you Pytor, you have been kind.” I know you raped me, but still. You tried to help.

Pytor returns with fresh water. Katya bathes and dries then dresses. She brushes her hair out. She applies some perfume.

“How do I look?”

“Beautiful Katya. Jakob will blush. He is shy. Good luck with him. I think I can hear the car.”

Pytor takes away the water and hairbrush and perfume. He must replace them and soon before Elke notices they are missing.

“Goodbye Pytor.” Katya wipes away a tear. The door opens and in walks Jakob.

“Good morning Jakob. I have been looking forward to meeting you.” Katya lied.

Jakob looks behind him. Kacper is there.

“Go in brother. Look how pretty she looks for you. For Kacper she only wore farm clothes. Katya has promised Kacper she will be nice to you” he says with a menacing voice.

“Won’t you!”

“Of course Kacper.” She says sweetly. She pats the bed.

“Come and sit beside me Jakob, I don’t bite.”

Satisfied Kacper leaves but before he does he says

“Remember what I said about the pretty lady Jakob. We don’t want to spoil her.” The door closes.

Katya does not like the sound of that but tries to ignore it.

Katya takes one of the huge hands in hers.

“Is this okay Jakob?” He nods.

“Do you like my clothes?”

“Yes.” For such a large man he has a quiet voice.

“Katya thinks Jakob is handsome.” Jakob grins.

“Do you like the perfume I am wearing? Here smell. She lifts her hair to the side.”

Jakob brings his face to her neck and sniffs. Katya squeezes his hand. She feels oddly like a courting girl again though her tummy is in turmoil with anxiety, rather than butterflies, at least not fear.

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