The Shower

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Making my way through the steam, light clouds surround me…following the sounds of falling water, the sounds of the shower. I wonder to myself, who could be here at Syds’ after hours, who else has a key?

As I get closer…in a pale light I can make out a form…a tall…voluptuous form…the goddess. Her back is to me…she is unaware of my presence. I am stopped in my tracks…the moist and hot air clinging to me…but the heat I feel now has no comparison.

Watching the water dance over her body…droplets bouncing…splashing…coating her every inch. Slowly her head turns ever so slightly … looking over her shoulder…seeing me entranced by her…giving me a smile and a little wink.

Letting my clothes fall to the ground, unaware that I had removed them. I close to the vision… feeling the water spray from her body unto mine, turning to me, my hand goes to her… fingertips caressing her face… touching this dream…making sure that it is real. Her face turns to my touch to kiss my palm, letting chills run through me as fire races. Watching her eyes sparkle and glitter… it is magic…. spellbound. I feel the contact of her hands on my chest, rubbing, slick and soapy, building a lather, motionless I stand , unable to utter a sound, possessed by your visage. Your busy hands coat me with a film of bubbles, so warm and pleasing your every touch. Smiling softly at me, looking in to my eyes you whisper ” would you mind washing my back?”

All I can manage is a very slow shaking of my head as you turn again. Slipping my hands across your back, watching the water cascading over your skin, allowing my hands to glide Eryaman Escort around to your chest, as I close to your body, my soap covered chest to your back, pressing myself to you. The soap letting me slide and slither against my temptation, hands snaking over your curves, wrapping my arms tightly, as tightly as the soap allows. Slowly I let my knees bend and I use my body, covered in suds to rub up and down the whole of you, slipping sweetly. the friction reduced, but the heat increased. Hear you moan softly with each pass up and down, feeling you gasp in pleasure. After a dozen or so body strokes, my hands rest upon your bosom, fingers on your hardened nipples, letting them slip between tender and soft fingers, whispering into your delicate ear “your back is done”.

Moans escape us both as we enter the water, letting its tantilizing pulse wash over us still intertwined, enwrapped. My hands guiding you over once we are cleansed of our milky white foam, turning you once more to face me, but that is only for a moment, as I start to descend over your body, kissing softly, your neck, to your collar, to the top of your bosom, only to take the nipple in to my mouth, suckling, licking tenderly, hands drifting down your back , letting you lean against the tiled wall, kissing under your breast, going to the navel, where I take the time to trace it several times, teasing playfully, over the hip resting my head, only to look up at your wide eyes and slightly opened mouth.

Now with me on my knees, hands brought down to your bottom, gripping softly but with intent. Placing my knees Sincan Escort so that they are parallel to one of your legs, sliding closer, letting me straddle a single leg. My legs closing around yours, giving you added support. My hand guides under your curve and sweet bottom to the back of your thigh of your free leg, then to the knee, lifting slightly, raising, parting them, letting me peer closer to your softness, sensing your excitement, feeling it, hearing you gasp at my touches. Your moans that I share with every touch and caress. Bringing your leg to rest upon my shoulder, you lean back feeling safe, knowing that I won’t let anything happen to you.

My cheek resting on your inner thigh, you can feel my breath on your sex. I near, kissing softly, letting my tongue dart out, letting it brush over you. My hands, one on your leg the other cupping your bottom. Feeling the shutter you have at the contact, inspired I continue, taking longer and broader strokes. Covering all of you, lapping up your wetness, wanting more and more. Peering up at you, seeing how your body glistens, to find your eyes, not wanting me to stop. I return to my lover, taking the tip and rolling it over your clit, circling, suckling it while it swells, pulling at it with my lips, feeling you quiver. Bringing myself closer, my hand pulls me in, my hunger for you growing with each taste.

Your hips begin to grind in unison with my rhythm, long strokes with short darting, flicking and fluttering, sending waves through your most intimate of places. Finally , slipping , slow and sensual, between your lips, Etlik Escort savoring every moment, every shutter, every quake of you, slipping deeper and deeper. Sliding to and fro, my head bobbing, rocking side to side, your hips gyrating. Feeling your hands on the top of my head, running through my short hair, gripping tightly. My mouth, now cover the whole of your sex, licking and lapping , drinking you in, wanting you but wanting to please you even more so.

Feeling your leg begin to grow weak, I tighten my support, as I continue. My yearning, now more than ever overwhelming me, my mouth as if a frenzy, hearing the sounds of our passion, the wet sounds, the sounds of our breath, the moans and gasps, knowing you are close. I quicken the pace, but I then start to slowly moan while my mouth is on you, letting it build. Louder and louder the vibrations traveling through you, through your sex, up your spine. You head flailing right and left, the sensation staggering you, the vibrations down your legs to the toes causing them to clench. Hearing you pant my name, again and again, louder each time. You hands gripping tighter with each moment, as I grow louder in you. Then holding as I feel the first wave wash over you as you cry out in ecstasy.

My hands quickly, move to take better hold, knowing what will happen next. As your body shutters and shakes, hips thrusting wildly as your leg begins to give, as wave after wave after wave hits you. Your breathes are labored between cries of bliss.

Slowly, I let your other leg to the tiled floor, as I rise up, only to take you in to my arms. Effortlessly, I, carry you out, your arms wrapped around me, body still quivering with the after shocks . Through heavy eyelids you look at me and smile softly, then rest your head on my chest. I take you to get dried off, before taking you to bed.

As you fall asleep in my arms I place my lips upon your forehead, wishing for you a pleasant night with delightful dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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