The Silent Stranger

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I step out of the shower and after drying myself I begin my nightly ritual of moisturizing my body with baby oil and getting ready for bed. I get as far as putting on my knickers when I hear a knock at the front door. I wrap my towel around me and go downstairs, it’s late and I’m not expecting anyone but I open the door anyway.

It’s you, a man I know but don’t know, we have spoken but never met. You walk in and shut the door without saying a word. I open my mouth to speak but you stop me by pressing your lips hard against mine, your tongue exploring my lips & mouth. Still kissing me, you push me gently against the wall. Part of me is scared not knowing what you are going to do to me. But the other part of me knows you’re not here to hurt me so I relax.

One of your hands is entwined in my hair pulling me in deeper towards you the other is running gently down my cheek, my neck, my chest and with one swift movement you undo my towel and it falls to the floor. Your hand continues to explore my body past my stomach to my pussy. You begin to stroke my clit gently through my knickers. You turn me around, my nipples graze the cold wall and instantly become erect. I can feel your hot breath on my neck, your hands stroke my arse and thighs and slowly they make their way to my now wet pussy. You pull my knickers to one side and feel the wetness you have created, this pleases you greatly Alanya Escort and after a few strokes your fingers find my entrance and you slide them in, slowly dipping in and out of my juices.

You begin to thrust harder now with two fingers deep inside me. Your other hand finds my clit, you apply just the right amount of pressure and circle it slowly. My breathing has become heavy and you can tell I am on the brink of cumming, you stop, you don’t want me to cum yet. You push me down on the sofa and kneel between my open thighs. I open my mouth to say something but you stop me by kissing me again, you replace your lips with a finger indicating that I shouldn’t speak. You pull my knickers down and run your fingers over my pussy, you put one finger inside and use your thumb to slowly circle my clit, you put another finger in. I can feel your warm breath on my pussy, your mouth is so close. I move myself closer to you, I’m aching for your tongue to taste me.

You hold back, showing me who is in control. You slowly kiss my thighs, teasing me because you know what I want. Then you inhale me deeply, taking in my scent. With two fingers still deep inside me you start to run your tongue over my clit, licking it gently and slowly at first then harder and faster, sucking and licking as well as finger fucking me. I’m breathing heavy again, moaning with every thrust Alanya Escort Bayan of your fingers, I feel myself about to cum and I hold your head to me and cum hard. You continue to lick me gently until my breathing goes back to normal, you bring your head up to mine and kiss me so I can taste myself.

You pull your fingers out and runs them the length of my pussy from my clit right the way to my arse, you circle a wet finger around the hole then slowly apply enough pressure to push it gently in.

With your finger deep inside my arse, you starts to lick and suck my rock hard nipples, taking them in your mouth and rolling them around your tongue, sucking and biting them. You slip another finger inside me and your mouth moves down to my pussy again. You lick, and suck, and rub every inch of my pussy, using not just your mouth and tongue, but you nose and chin as well and you finger fuck my arse with hard determined thrusts. My hips are thrashing up to meet your eager mouth and fingers, I am screaming uncontrollably and I cum all over your face, again.

You look at me and smile. You stand up and unzip your pants revealing a rock hard cock ready to burst, I lick my lips, I want to return the pleasure you have given me. You take my head in his hands and part my lips with your cock, it’s hot and hard in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the head Escort Alanya and lick up and down the shaft making it nice and wet, a small groan passes your lips. You close your eyes and enjoy the sensation of my hot wet tongue and mouth on your throbbing cock. You open your eyes and look down at me, you smile, I look so beautiful with your cock stuffed deep in my mouth. You watch as my tongue darts across the head, I look up at you, our eyes meet. It’s time. With both hands you grab hold of my hair and start to fuck my mouth, thrusting hard and deep, hitting the back of my throat, making my gag. It doesn’t take long for you to get that familiar feeling, you are about to explode. You thrust one more time deep into my mouth, you hold my head there for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling of the tip of your cock touching the back of my throat. You pull my head back with one hand and with one stroke of the other you cum all over my lips, chin, neck and tits.

You take a second to compose yourself and you look at me. You run a finger across my lips, which are still dripping with your cum, you motion for me to open my mouth, as I open up you put you finger in for me taste you. You pull you finger out and I continue to lick your juices off my lips. You don’t take your eyes of me as you zip your pants up. When I look up at you, you wink at me and turn around to leave all without saying a word

As the door slams behind you I am left stunned. I’m sitting on the sofa, legs wide open and your hot cum all over me. I can hear my phone vibrate somewhere in the distance, I find it, I have a text message, it’s from you, all it says is ‘Next time, I’m going to fuck you’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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