The Siren Sisters Pt. 05

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Week 3 Saturday

Jade woke early and made sure she got a good taste of her man’s cock. She did her morning yoga routine and then started wrangling the troops. Shelly, Alex and Ray were flying out about the same time as she was but on different a flight. Being the big sister she was, she wanted to walk Shelly through customs and then had arranged for a car service to get the small group to the airport. Jade was travelling light taking only a change of clothes and some personal items.

Everything went smoothly. She did get a blanket for her lap and discreetly sampled some creampie leftovers and fantasized most of the flight home to make the time go faster. She got a few quizzical looks and then realized that she was moaning softly as she touched herself. She decided to answer the unspoken questions by sticking her tongue out as sexily as she knew how.

She relived her evening with Larry, adding a few embellishments she wished she had thought of at the time, when they were ready for anal. She repositioned so she could suck him back to life. While he stuck two fingers in her back door. “I really need something longer and thicker in there. Maybe we should rest a bit before you do me again. Jade melted into him with his cock in her mouth and his fingers in her ass. “That’s it, wiggle them around in there. Do you think you can rub my clit too?” Jade let out a low moan of pleasure as her lover’s other fingers gently tickled her bloated love bud. “More. I want to come again before you blow in my ass.” It didn’t take long for another orgasm to wash over her, “Oh Fuck, cumming!” I am so easy. I love being a wonton slut. I love it so much.

They reluctantly broke for a minute to rehydrate, a sip of bourbon followed by gulps of cool water. When their thirst was slaked, Larry went down on her again gently licking and massaging the sensitive valley nerves between her outer and inner lips and her taint spot. When he was ready, he lifted her legs once again, dainty feet to her ears. In this position her ass cheeks were spread wide, and her anus was almost gaping at him demanding attention. Jade reached through her legs and pressed them back with her triceps against her calves. He slid into her dripping pussy to lube up with their combined juices. Larry groaned, “Babe, that is so fucking sexy. I am going to slide into your ass and rub your clit until you cum and cum again.”

Jade had her eyes closed and was so wrapped up in her fantasy that she moaned, “Ohhh, Fugg!!!” loud enough to be heard clearly above the engine noise. She opened her eyes and was unhappy to see the woman across the aisle glaring at her. She turned her head away to look out the window when she noticed the bulge in the pants of the good-looking businessman sitting next to her. They had hardly spoken during boarding not because she found him unattractive, but she had a lot on her mind and only drifted off to fantasy land as a way to sink into a pleasant nap. Being the horny little nymph she was, she ended up pleasuring herself under her blanket and embarrassing herself. At least the flight attendants hadn’t been called to warn her about her behavior. She made eye contact with the guy and leaned over toward him and said, “Sorry about that. I have an overactive libido.”

He reassured her in a deep baritone, “No apology necessary, I enjoyed the show. My name is Jim. Are you going home or connecting to another flight?”

At the mention of his name Jade’s heart went into her throat and skipped a beat. “I am going home, for a bit, then moving this week to my friend’s condo.”

“Hmmm, Male or female friend? Maybe we can get a drink or have dinner.”

“I can’t. I just can’t.” Jade felt she needed to explain. “My husband Jim died 6 months ago. When you mentioned your name, a cold hand gripped my heart. No offense, but my Jim was the love of my life, I don’t think it would be fair to anyone named Jim to ask them to compete with a ghost. My new roommate is my oldest girlfriend, and we are very close.”

“I understand. I would be willing to risk disappointment for such a beautiful lady with an overactive libido. Let me give you my card in case you have a change of heart.”

Jade accepted his card and tried to let him down easily, “I really don’t think I will change my mind. I have a very busy week ahead and then immediately leaving town again for another 3 weeks. Plus, I will be in no biological condition to entertain any gentlemen callers this week. TMI?”

“Not at all. A very ladylike refusal.” Jade looked at the business card. James Manning worked for one of the biggest internet companies in the country. As they hit the concourse, she watched him strike up a laughing conversation with a blond who must have been on the plane with them. Another player, I dodged another bullet she thought as she watched the card flutter into the trash bin as she passed it. Having only a carry-on she beat the crowd to the cab line and in 20 minutes was on Çankaya Escort her way home. Home but for how long.

The house smelled musty and lonely when she walked in. She went around opening windows. Then she made a tour and inventoried the contents and jotted down a list of everything she wanted to keep to possibly move to Kat’s or put in storage. Next order of business was to pack a spare suitcase with some favorite outfits left behind in her closet after leaving 3 weeks ago. Then she drove over to the condo to see what she had agreed too.

She pulled into the building lot and found the guest parking space next to Kat’s small bimmer. Security knew who she was without even asking and she used her fob to access the condo’s floor. When she stayed with Kat they had played and slept in Kat’s room, so she had never seen the ‘guest’ bedroom. Her ‘room’ was as lovely as Kat’s master bedroom. It had a balcony and floor to ceiling sliding glass doors that faced West. The view of the city was spectacular from this high up.

The closet was bigger than her bedroom closet at home, so she unpacked, took a bath and then sat in bed in a robe catching up on her messages. But first I should have a little fun before my tummy starts to hurt and things get messy. She thought. She snuck into Kat’s room to borrow a toy she had always coveted. She relived her plane fantasy about Larry and came three times, she felt no need to restrain her vocalizations and finally realized how much her groans of ‘Cumminggg and fuck Me!!” enhanced her overall enjoyment. It was a sin to keep her joy at her pleasure to herself. She had texted Larry when she landed and got an immediate reply of ‘I Love you’. Kat was slower to respond, and Jade didn’t get her reply until after she was done playing.

“I hope you are settling in and comfortable. Enjoy.”

“I already am. I christened my new bed just now.”


“No silly, I just used that monster vibrator of yours. Ha Ha.”

“Ewww. I hope you wash it.”

“Nope. I thought I would leave it as is so it will remind you of me next time you use it.”


“Would you listen to us? Last time I checked we were two grown women.”

“Ha ha. Lars likes me this way. So does his family.”

“That is great news. Fill me in when we see each other. Gotta go. More messages to check.”

Jade sent Larry a rather long message detailing her fantasy of face to face anal and how she had 3 great orgasms thinking about his cock in her ass and thumb on her swollen clit. She very diplomatically left out her other experience on the plane.

She texted Shelly, “Is everything OK?”

She almost immediately got a reply. “Alex’s town is so nice. His condo is cute too. I am meeting his parents tomorrow.”

Jade replied, “I have a business meeting with my cousins tomorrow, don’t worry if I take some time to reply.”

Jade decided to spend the night at the condo since she didn’t want to sleep alone in her house filled with so many memories. Particularly after rarely ever sleeping alone these past 3 weeks. She was such a spoiled brat! She ordered in Thai for dinner, since she decided she needed a break from sushi, and a little variety in her diet. After enjoying her dinner she sat on her balcony with a drink and watched the sun set, before assembling wardrobe boxes and tackling Kat’s closet. Due to her busy social schedule, she had gotten out of the habit of watching TV. She put the news on for company and background noise but turned it off after 30 minutes because it was too depressing.

She did see a commercial for the cruise line but while it looked marvelous it made no mention of the carnal delights that could be enjoyed. That thought made her chuckle to herself, at one point she would have panicked at the thought of anyone knowing what she had chosen for a career, but now she didn’t much care what people thought, she was just so happy and at peace with her decision. As it turned out, only about half of Kat’s wardrobe would be suitable for forwarding on to the ship. All the cool weather attire would remain here in case Kat returned at some point and decided what to keep and what to donate.

Home Sunday

Jade woke early and made coffee. She worked through some self-defense movements like someone practicing tai-chi and then did her yoga before showering and driving back to the house. She called her brother and asked him to join her and their cousins for a family meeting at 1:00. “Can I bring Becky?”

Becky was his wife. “Of course, you can.” Jade spent the rest of the morning creating a detailed list of her home’s contents. Trying to decide what could stay, what could fit in the condo, and what she would need to put in storage. For a wonder everybody arrived on time.

Looking more nervous than her family was used to seeing her, Jade took a deep breath and said, “I asked you here to talk about Keçiören Escort this house and what I have decided to do, but first I am going to tell you something that is going to shock all of you.”

“I have made a radical shift in career paths. I decided that going back too teaching would be too much work and too lonely so… I have become a courtesan, a whore on a swanky cruise liner.”

Her brother Rex and her cousin, Cons, Constantine, looked shocked and concerned and both said simultaneously, “Ha Ha, good joke.”

Her sister-in-law Becky smiled and asked, “Is it fun? Fulfilling? If you pardon the pun.”

Cons’ wife Pam looked a little envious. After swearing them all to secrecy she told them how she had thought her life had ended with Jim’s death and how Kat had pulled her back from the brink with her first week on board. How she had recently realized that she had a real talent for the life of a courtesan and was a great people person. They ordered pizza and the guys went to pick up alcohol and the pizza while her sisters-in-law grilled her for as much detail as she would provide.

“Women too?”

“That is the best part, sex with women was a revelation for me, Kat was my first, but I am making up for lost time. Society and the patriarchy have put up so many barriers to woman’s pleasure. I feel so free now in my new life. I could never go back. I would never go back. I might be a sex slave now to my appetites. But…”

“Most housewives are just slaves.” Becky finished for her. “I am so happy for you. We were so worried about you. Your first week sounds like a perfect vacation for any board wife. How do I apply as your protégé?”

“Becky! What about my brother? I am not in the habit of breaking up marriages. Let me tell you about a couple that I had a threesome with a couple weeks ago.” Jade explained her work with Bert and Meredith and then she and Larry swinging with Bill and Doris.

“Nothing better happen to Rex.” Jade joked.

“Will we ever get to meet any of your new ‘Family’?”

“I hope so. Kat was my maid of honor at my wedding, so you already know her. Maybe there will be an opportunity to meet the others someday. I can’t say. It is a complicated suggestion.”

The boys got back and handed out bottles of regional microbrew beer. Jade explained her plan as they drank and ate. Basically, now that she was moving into Kat’s condo, she had a house and 2 cars she didn’t need. Cons and Pam had always liked her house and were living in a rental but looking to start a family. The real estate agent had said they could list it for $750,000 but fair market value would have been about $600K before the housing market went crazy. Would they entertain $500k rent to buy and or finance when they could? Also, so her brother wouldn’t feel slighted she had a niece and a nephew, and the cars were in good condition. If they could agree on a fair price, she would turn over the keys now as long as the kids would pay insurance and upkeep until they could afford to pay her what Rex and Becky thought was fair. The mini cooper would be great for their daughter and their son would love the CR-V.

“Done!” And they all shook hands on the deals in principle.

Kat had told Jade that she could use the bimmer any time she wanted and had already added her to the insurance. So, Becky could drive the mini home and Rex could drive her home to the condo. Rex and Becky were responsible people so stopped the beers and switched to water. Pam didn’t drink so Cons continued a one-man party.

They chatted about her new life and worked out other details until well after dark.

On the way to the condo Rex got all serious and asked, “Sis? Are you sure this is what you really want? No one is coercing you in any way?”

“Absolutely sure. I never expected to be happy again, but I am. The hardest part is getting over the puritanical morals pounded into my head by society and the church. Larry is a great guy, if I weren’t doing this we never would have met. I am sure you two will get along great. You seem to be taking this well. Better than I expected.”

“I know my little sister. When her mind is made up there is no changing it. Ever. Just take care of yourself.” To himself Rex mused, Interesting, after our discussions about swinging, I am sure Becky was fascinated by this news. I am certain she pumped Jade for all kinds of information. I will have to get all the dirt when I get home. I will have to feel out Mom. Find out if there are any skeletons in our family closet. I think I remember that her favorite aunt met her first husband as a bar girl in Manila.

After Rex dropped her at the front door of her new building Jade mused, the walk up to the condo from the lobby is longer than the walk to the door of my empty house. Then there always is the concern for any woman living alone. Is the house really empty. Did someone break in at the kitchen door. Etimesgut Escort Do I have my pepper spray ready. The walk was longer but worth the peace of mind of knowing no one had snuck in and was waiting to pounce. Jade did her breathing exercises and slept soundly in her new bed.

Home Monday

Jade woke around 7:00 AM as usual, had coffee and yoga and then measured her new space to see what if anything from the house would fit. There was room for a favorite dresser and end table, some artwork and some patio furniture for the balcony.

She went to a self-storage facility to rent a unit and find out what normal moving cost might be and then went to the house to tag and measure to make sure she had gotten the correct sized unit. Once she had done all she could she called Becky to put her in touch with her niece and nephew, both kids were off school for finals and between semester break. Rebby, short for Rebecca, named after her Mom, was offered a job helping Jade pack for $25 an Hour. Brandon was offered a different deal. The storage company said it would probably cost her $1000 to move, that included a truck rental, bodies to move the furniture and up to 2 trips. If Brandon had friends he could pay to help and would also help her move a few small pieces to the condo, she would rent the truck and pay him the grand. Over the phone she could hear him thinking.

“Auntie Jade. I think I can make that work. It’s a deal if we can get it done in the next two weeks.”

“The only problem is that I am leaving town to return to my new job next Saturday morning. I don’t know if you heard but I am selling the house to my cousins. I can offer you and Rebby your pick of any furniture that Cons and Pam don’t want. Once I am away, they will have keys and can direct activities if need be. Everything is labeled.”

Jade started feeling cranky and crampy mid-day Monday. By evening she was ready for a very hot shower and started her flow. Some ibuprofen early in the day blunted the worst of the pain. And a double bourbon after a lite dinner of leftover Thai food made her feel human again. Kat had arranged a video call at 9:00 to catch up. As she came online, Kat opened with.

“We need to get one thing out of the way first. Jade grew apprehensive. Uh oh, I am in trouble over the way I handled Shelly’s situation. Kat placed her hands on the table, left hand over right in such a position that light glittered off a pair of beautiful rings on her finger.

Jade jumped up, threw her arms in the air and screamed “Oh My God! Oh My God!” It took her a minute to control her breathing before she could get out “I am sooo happy for you both tell me everything!”

Lars proposed on the plane. Getting on one knee in the aisle in first class. Kat had asked, ‘Can I meet your family before I say yes?’ This was anticlimactic and a big disappointment to the other passengers, one woman even gave her a business card with a note on the back, ‘if you reject him let me know and I would love to console him.’ Kat found this both amusing and incredibly crass.

When they reached the family estate, Kat realized that her fears had been groundless. A beautiful tall, refined woman took Kat into her arms and said. ‘I have waited so long to finally meet the woman who would capture my son’s heart. I never thought I would live to see this day. Kat, you are lovely. And you make Lars very happy. Did you say yes?’ Kat slipped out of Juliana’s arms and kissed Lars after saying, ‘Yes, I will marry you.’

They had a big dinner attended by many family members. Everyone was incredibly welcoming to Kat. Late in the evening Juliana invited Kat to her husband’s study. Kat was nervous because she didn’t know what Juliana knew about her history and about how she and Lars had met. Juliana got right to the point. ‘I want my Lars to have children, I want to spoil his children before I leave this life. If you go off the pill you will have to abandon your career or always use condoms.’ Kat burst into tears. I want to be a mother and will never make love to another man again. I have been hoping for this day since the day I met your son.’ Juliana smiled and hugging Kat whispered. ‘I am glad that is settled.’

They had a family only ceremony and a huge party with most of Lars’ friends and business associates in attendance. Juliana must have known Lars was going to ask her and planned ahead.

“Lars must have died when you didn’t say yes, what with all his Mother’s planning at stake.” Jade commented.

“Not so, he was certain of me and knew all would be well.”

Jade then changed subjects, “Am I in trouble for how I dealt with Shelly?”

“Sweetie, not at all! Shelly is a sweet woman and deserves whatever happiness fate cares to send her. The least her friends can do is give her a chance. The turn of events with Gloria was a stroke of genius. Gloria is a perfect fit and delicious.”

“Did you really? What about your promise to Juliana?”

“I did and I never said anything about women, did I?”

“Kat, that’s a relief.” Jade then told Kat of confiding in her brother, his wife and her cousins. Mentioning that her sister-in-law planted the seed of the idea of taking on bored married women for protégés for a week to let them sow their wild oats in a safe environment.

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