The Snow Ghost

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Rachael Morrison was in her room, unpacking her clothes and other stuff. She couldn’t believe that she was taking a chance like this, but for once, she really thought that she was doing the right thing. Just about her whole family was against the move that she had made, but Rachael thought that it was something that she had to do.

What lead to this was something that happened when she was fourteen. She had been visiting her grandparents near Buffalo. While exploring the farm, she had gotten lost when a blizzard had hit the area. For almost six hours, she had been lost and she had almost froze to death. She was rescued in time and recovered from her ordeal, but something was changed.

Even since she had been caught in the blizzard, Rachael could never be cold enough. Matter of fact, the colder she was, the better it felt to her. Living in South Carolina, even during the winter, it wasn’t cold enough for her. When other members of her family where wearing long sleeve shirts, sweaters and long pants, Rachael was wearing shorts and a light top and she still felt hot. At night, Rachael would sleep in the nude, with just a sheet over her and she would usually kick that off during the night. About the only thing that Rachael did that her parents really didn’t care for was, when they were home alone, she would only wear underwear or less. Her Dad wasn’t thrilled with her running around in her panties and bra or less, but secretly enjoyed seeing a cute teenage girl really underdressed.

After the near freezing, Rachael’s parents recognized her aversion to warm temperatures. They had taken her to doctors who found her completely normal and healthy, except that her body temperature was about 10º cooler than other people. The doctors couldn’t find any reason for her unique body temperature, but didn’t think that, other than she couldn’t tolerate high temperatures, it wouldn’t do her any harm.

It didn’t take her long to find a job, as she knew from a lot of her friends and fellow students that no one really liked. That was working in the cooler and freezer at the supermarket. While other people hated to work in there, especially in the winter, Rachael loved it. She had to wear a few more clothes, but to her, it felt wonderful. People started to call her the ‘Ice Princess’, but it wasn’t a derogatory nickname, but an affection nickname. Everyone in this small town knew of Rachael’s ability to withstand cold temperatures and were really impressed with it.

One night in late September, Rachael was online, chatting with Joan, an online friend who lived in Maine, when, after they had been chatting for awhile, Joan suggested that she contact the Ghost Mountain Ski Resort. Ghost Mountain was looking for help and Joan thought that this is something that Rachael might be interested in. Rachael had experience in a variety of jobs, which would be helpful.

Rachael thanked Joan for the idea and signed off. Rachael had never thought about working at a ski resort and definitely, not in Maine. She went to the Ghost Mountain Ski Resort website and read the whole website. Looking at the pictures of the resort, she thought that the resort looked wonderful, especially with all that snow and ice.

She sent an e-mail to the resort and a couple days later, she got a reply from them, stating that they were interested in giving her an interview. In order to saving money and having Rachael travel to Maine, they did a webcam interview. A few days later, Rachael got an e-mail from the resort offering her the job, if she could make her way to Maine.

Two weeks later, Rachael was on a plane heading to Maine. Jeff, one of her co-workers picked her up at the airport and took her to the resort. Jeff told her all about the resort on the way to the resort, which took about two hours. When they arrived at the resort, Rachael was surprised at the beauty of the mountain and the resort. Rachael and Jeff got out of the car. Jeff got Rachael’s luggage out of the trunk.

“Wow, Jeff, this is beautiful. I never thought that it would be this beautiful. The pictures on the website don’t even come close to the true beauty of this place,” said Rachael. What she was really enjoying about the resort was that it was cool.

“That is so true,” agreed Jeff. “I’m always in awe of the beauty of this place and our guests feel the same way.”

As they walked toward the main building, Jeff pointed out the different parts of the resort. While Rachael was listening to what Jeff was telling her, she was kind of distracted by the beauty of the resort. Finally, they got to the main building and went into the lobby. Jeff put her luggage down and directed her to the dining room. “It is dinner time. It will be a good time to meet the some of the crew.”

The resort was scheduled to open in six weeks, so all the staff was involved in getting everything ready for the guests. Rachael did all kinds of work, from getting the main building ready to working outside on the trails. Rachael really liked working outside, Alanya Escort because of the mild to cooler temperatures that occurring at the resort.

During her off time, Rachael spent a lot of time, walking the trails of the resort. On one of the trails, she found a small trail that was off the main trail and decided to do some exploring. It took a few minutes to go down the trail, but at the end of the trail, she came across a small pond. Walking over to the water, Rachael knelt down and dipped her hand into the water. The temperature of the water was warm, but at a temperature that felt great to her. She thought that it would be fun to soak in it for awhile, but she would need something to dry off with or she would really get cold. She decided to finish her hike and come back here on her next day off.

A few days later, Rachael was at the pond, but this time she was prepared. She had brought a towel and a blanket, so she could go swimming and be able to dry off properly after she was done. Looking around, Rachael didn’t see anyone within her line of sight. She had never been naked outdoors before, but she decided that being naked would be the best way to enjoy the pond. She took off all her jewelry and put in on the blanket. Her boots, socks, jacket, blouse, pants, bra and panties soon found their way onto the blanket.

After getting naked, Rachael stood by the pond for a few moments, enjoying the cool breeze on her naked body. It was a great feeling. Rachael stepped into the water. She had been in hot tubs before, but never liked them because they were too hot. While it really wasn’t a hot tub, the water was warm enough to be warmer than the air, but not too hot for her.

For the next hour, Rachael alternately was in the water, enjoying the warm water and on the bank, enjoying the cool breeze and the warm sun on her body. While she was enjoying the view, she could see birds and other wildlife in the area around the pond. ‘This is really beautiful,’ thought Rachael. ‘I could really enjoy living here.’

Getting out of the water, Rachael laid back on the blanket and felt completely at peace. Almost by themselves, her fingers made their way down to her crotch. Gently spreading her lips, Rachael started to caress her pussy. With knowledge gained from lots of practice, it didn’t take too long for Rachael to feel an orgasm starting to build. She enjoyed this part of masturbating just about as much as the climax. She continued to play with herself, enjoying the sensual and sexual feeling. She felt her climax approaching and was getting ready to enjoy it, when she heard a snap. ‘Shit,’ she thought, very annoyed at someone interrupting her playtime. She really didn’t want to stop masturbating, but she really didn’t want someone to see her playing with herself.

Before she could really move, Rachael saw the head of a deer at the far end of the pond, then another, another and one more. There was a buck and three does that walked up to the pond. She was able to calm down a little bit as she watched the deer, but it was taking a lot of will power to keep quiet. The deers cautiously walked up to the edge of the pond and took a sip of water. Rachael had never been this close to deer, so it was interesting and fun to watch them. After all of the deer had taken a drink, Rachael decided to finish what she had started.

Rachael continued to caress herself and quickly felt her climax building. She tried to be quiet, as she didn’t want to scare the deer. Most of the time, she was very vocal when she climaxed and since no one, except for the deer, were around, this was one time that she could be as loud as she wanted. At the first, ‘oh…oh…oh’ that came out of her mouth, the deer took off. Rachael was a little disappointed, but she had to continue with the task at hand and soon had a very satisfying and vocal orgasm.

After calming down from her orgasm, Rachael got up and got back into the pond. After being in the cool air, the warm water felt great. Rachael swam around for a little bit and then decided that she should be getting back to the lodge. She reluctantly got out of the water and dried herself with the towel. She got dressed and picked everything up.

As she walked back toward the lodge, she got to thinking about what had just happened. Getting naked and masturbating outdoors was something that she had never thought about doing, but somehow, here in this beautiful place, it seemed right. She had to laugh to herself as she wondered what her parents would think if they had seen her at the pond. After thinking about it for a few seconds, she decided that it probably wouldn’t surprise them at all. After the near freezing incident, it was a struggle for them to keep her in clothes at home. It really was a rare occurrence if Rachael was wearing more than a T-shirt and/or panties. Even when she hit puberty, she didn’t wear much at home. Even while it did make her parents a little uncomfortable, they did allow the behavior. It probably was better Alanya Escort Bayan that she was an only child, as, if she had siblings, their male friends would probably find excuses to come over.

As she talked toward the lodge, she saw Ted walking down another trail. She had a bit of a crush on Ted. He was tall, handsome, funny and probably loved the outdoors and the cold weather about as much as she did. As they meet at the intersection of the trail, she said, “Hi, Ted.”

Ted smiled as he saw Rachael. “Hi, Rachael. It doesn’t surprise me to see you out on a beautiful day like this.” Ted knew about how much she loved the cold. It didn’t take long for people to figure that out.

Rachael returned the smile and said, “Hi, Ted. Having a nice hike?”

“Sure am. I like the trails around here, especially the High Wind Trail.”

“I haven’t done that one yet. I was just on the River Trail.” She also said something about the pond, but if no one else knew about pond, she wanted it to keep it her secret.

“I haven’t done the High Wind Trail,” said Rachael.

Ted replied, “High Wind Trail is a trail for the more experienced hiker. It is really steep, tough and kind of dangerous, but if you can make it to the top, the view is awe-inspiring.”

“I’m not that great a hiker, but I think that I would like to try that trail,” said Rachael. “I guess it would be better if I had someone to act as a guide and a hiking companion.”

Ted thought that Rachael was a great girl, so the hint was not wasted on him. “We have another day off on Sunday. If the weather is nice, do you want to do it then?”

“Yes, I would love to,” replied Rachael.

“It’s a date then,” said Ted, looking at the sky. It was close to getting dark, so he said, “We better get back to the lodge.”

It took about a half-hour to get back to the lodge. Rachael and Ted just made small talk on the way back, but Rachael was excited about going on the hike with Ted.

Ted was almost as excited about going on the hike with Rachael as she was. From the first time that he saw her, he thought that there was something special about Rachael and he really wanted to get to know her better.

When they got back to the lodge, Ted asked Rachael if she would have dinner with him. Rachael said she would, but she wanted to take a shower first. Ted thought that was a good idea. After they took their showers, they meet in the dinning room and had a very pleasant dinner. When Rachael got back to her room, she thought that this could be the start of a good relationship.

For the next week, Rachael and Ted were always together. Ted was able to get her assigned to his work crew and they always ate together, played together and did just about everything else together. Both of them really enjoyed each other’s company and enjoyed working with each other.

Finally, it was Saturday and they were ready for their hike. First, they stopped at the lodge kitchen and picked up food and drinks for the hike. The High Wind Trail started at the top of the ski lift, so they got the ski lift operator to give them a ride to the top, under the pretext of a test. This was Rachael’s first time on the ski lift and she was really enjoying the view.

“Wow, this is an incredible view,” said Rachael as they reached the halfway point of the lift. “I still can’t believe how beautiful this place is.”

This was Ted’s second season at the resort and one of the reasons that he decided to come back was the beauty of the place. “I agree. This place is incredibly beautiful.” Ted looked at his friend and thought, ‘This is pretty beautiful, too.’

Finally, the lift reached the top got off. After getting off the lift and before they headed toward the trail, Rachael and Ted made a pit stop at the mountain lodge. Soon, they were on the trail. It didn’t take long for Rachael realized that this was a difficult trail, but she was sure that she wouldn’t have any problems. There wasn’t much time for conversation as they climbed, but there were plenty of opportunities to admire the scenery.

Ted didn’t know for sure how experienced a hiker Rachael was, so he didn’t push her. He knew that he could hike faster than she could, but he maintained a slower pace. He was also impressed that Rachael was tolerating the cold so well. He knew the story of Rachael’s near freezing, but it still was amazing. While they were going up the trail, Rachael and Ted saw birds and small animals. Not many larger animals were at this elevation on the mountain. Finally, they reached the end of the trail, where there was a scenic overlook.

Rachael went to the edge of the overlook and took in the beauty of the scenery. She knew that Ghost Mountain was beautiful place, but every time she saw a new part of the resort, it was more beautiful than the last place she saw. Looking over the valley, Rachael could see some large bird, lazily floating on the air currents. After watching them for awhile, she turned to Ted and said, “Oh, Escort Alanya Ted, thank you for bringing me up here. This is so beautiful.”

Ted had gotten his camera out and was taking pictures. “You’re welcome, Rachael. It really is beautiful up here, but it is more beautiful when you can share it with some one.” Ted went back to taking pictures, but kept thinking about something else that was pretty beautiful up here and something worth photographing.

“I think that my folks would get a kick out of seeing me in all this snow,” said Rachael.

“Would you like me to take some pictures of you?” asked Ted.

“Do you have enough film?”

“This is a digital SLR camera. It doesn’t use film and I have plenty of space on the memory sticks,” said Ted.

For the next twenty minutes, Ted took pictures of Rachael. Some were serious, some silly, but he thought that Rachael was doing a pretty good job as a model. After he was done, he showed the pictures to Rachael, who really liked them.

“You sure are a good photographer, Ted.”

“Thank you, Rachael, but it is easy to be a good photographer when you have a great and pretty model.”

Rachael blushed a little and said, “You think that I’m a good model?”

“Sure, do. You seem to have a natural grace and you followed directions pretty well. You probably could be a professional model, if you wanted to be.”

“No, that is not going to happen,” said Rachael. “I couldn’t stand to be in hot weather or under hot lights. If modeling was in these type of conditions, I would do it.”

“Well, I still think that you could be a good model.” Ted started to put his camera away, but Rachael stopped him.

Ted couldn’t understand why Rachael was having difficulty talking when she asked him, “Do you…um…still have…room for more pictures in your camera.”

“Sure, I got plenty of pictures left. Why?”

“Just get ready to take some pictures.” Rachael looked around and found a good spot and said, “Okay, I’m ready.”

Ted raised the camera and took a couple of shots. He wondered what Rachael was doing when he noticed that she was unzipping her jacket. He didn’t think much of that and continued taking pictures of her. Rachael took off her jacket and put down on a bench that was next to her. Ted continued to take photographs of Rachael as she continued to pose. Ted stopped when Rachael started to unzip her pants, but continued to take some pictures as she tried to get her pants off. As he took the pictures, Ted thought that it was kind of funny, comedic and erotic, all at the same time, as Rachael struggled to get her pants off over her boots.

Finally, she got the pants off. Ted thought that she looked pretty good, standing there only in a T-shirt and panties. While he knew the story, he thought that it was pretty amazing that she could stand the cold weather. It wasn’t too bad, temperature-wise, but it still was cold, but it didn’t seem to bother Rachael. Ted continued to take pictures of Rachael. It didn’t take long for her T-shirt, bra and panties to land on her jacket.

Ted looked at the naked girl in front of him. From the first time that he had seen her, he thought that Rachael was a very pretty girl. Seeing her naked just confirmed that opinion. Looking at her, he saw a blonde girl, about 5’6″, a 115 pounds, B-cup, slim waist and a bald pussy.

It really didn’t take Ted long to fill up the rest of the memory stick of his camera. Rachael was a great model and seeing her against the white of the snow was really erotic. Ted didn’t even had to compose the shot, as it was like he was taking the picture in an auto mode. He had never taken nudes of a girl before, but as he took pictures of Rachael, it seemed like he had been doing it all his life.

Finally, the memory stick was full. “I’m sorry, Rachael, but I can’t take any more pictures. The memory card is full.”

“Darn, I was really enjoying it,” said Rachael, as she walked over to where Ted was standing. “Can I take a look at the pictures?”

Ted looked at the camera display and said, “I’m sorry, but the batteries are almost exhausted. When we get back to the lodge, I will get my laptop and I can show them to you then.”

“It is probably for the best. We should be getting back,” said Rachael.

“That probably is a good idea,” said Ted, as he packed up his camera. Ted watched as Rachael walked over to the bench and picked up her clothes. He waited for her to put them on, but she just folded them up, so she could carry them easily. “Aren’t you going to get dressed?”

“No, it isn’t that cold out and to tell the truth, this is the most comfortable I have felt in a long time,” explained Rachael. “I just love the cold.”

Ted shook his head and said, “I think that it is pretty amazing that you can tolerate the cold so well.”

“Ever since the near freezing, I never seem to be cold enough. That is why when I heard about this job, I applied for it. South Carolina is just too warm for me.”

“That must have been a terrible experience, Rach.”

“It was, but thank goodness, my grandfather found me in time.”

The two friends walked down the trail for awhile without talking. Finally, Ted asked a question that he had been curious about. “Rach, can I ask you a personal question?”

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