The Steamy Chase Ch. 10

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Dean Broody vs. Kayla Cooper

Dedicated to MabelCinnamon


Kayla stared at the woman approaching her seat, in surprise. Though Kayla was still supposed to be on leave, she was only in the office to pick up some files which she wanted to work on from home. Kayla wasn’t even dressed for the office. She looked her usual hot self in jeans and a sexy cowl-neck top. Her head had been bent low whilst she rummaged through her drawer so she hadn’t seen who had come out of the elevator when she heard the ping. But when she looked up and saw Lucy Broody, strutting confidently towards her, she froze. What did Dean’s mother want in her office, Kayla thought with dread. Was she also coming to show her exactly how disgusted she was with her behaviour like her sons had done? Kayla swallowed nervously and stared at the elegantly dressed woman as she approached.

But for her face, which clearly showed she was elderly, one would think Lucy Broody was a model. Not only was she tall, but she was extremely elegant. Talk about ageing with style, Kayla thought with inner pride. When Lucy got to Kayla, she simply placed her lovely and obviously expensive Chanel bag on Kayla’s desk and opened her arms to Kayla. Kayla didn’t hesitate for even a second, she quickly went around her desk and stepped into Lucy’s motherly embrace and held on tight. God, she needed that, Kayla thought with a deep sigh as she buried her face against the older woman’s neck.

“Are you okay?” Lucy whispered, rocking a trembling Kayla as though she were a child. At Kayla’s nod, Lucy pressed a kiss to her hair and informed Kayla softly but firmly. “We’re going out for lunch. Get your bag. Now where the hell is Cole?”

Kayla was so surprised at Lucy’s orders, she started laughing softly. “Cole is in his office, Dr. Bro… Lucy.” Kayla quickly corrected herself when Lucy wagged a finger at her.

“Good. I’m going to talk to him to give you the rest of the day off so…”

“Oh you don’t have to do that, Lucy. I’m on leave. I’m only here to pick up a file.” Kayla said with a smile.

“Good. I’ll still talk to him anyway.”

Kayla laughed at that and pointed at Cole’s door. “Walk right in, Ma’am.”

Kayla couldn’t tear her eyes off the door Lucy had gone through. She was still in shock. With a shake of her head, she pushed the file into her bag and locked up her drawer. Then she sat down and waited for Lucy. She didn’t have to wait for long. Lucy came out with a laughing Cole, who had his arms around the older woman’s shoulder.

“I promise, Lucy. I’ll come by with her on Sunday.” Cole was saying.

“I can’t wait to finally meet her. When’s the wedding by the way?” Lucy asked, looking up at Cole.

“We’ve decided to hold on till she’s done with college. Her dad says she can’t get pregnant till she’s done with college. And my plan is to put a baby in her stomach immediately we step out of that church. So…” Cole drawled, making Lucy laugh loudly and Kayla, flush with embarrassment. She hadn’t even waited for church at all, she thought with shame.

“That’s how it’s supposed to be done. But sometimes, nature pushes stubborn people, to make a faster trip to the church.” Lucy drawled, turning her head to wink at Kayla.

Oh no, please don’t say anything, Kayla thought frantically. Cole didn’t know about her pregnancy. Neither did he know about her deferring her law course. She wanted to be the one to tell him. She just wasn’t ready yet.

“At this particular point, I’d love it if nature gives me that push.” Cole chuckled. “So I can blame it on nature.”

“You can push nature, you know…” Lucy retorted making Cole burst into laughter. And this time, Kayla couldn’t help but laugh too. “So I’ll be expecting you on Sunday.” Lucy said and turned to Kayla with a brilliant smile that looked so much like her son’s. “Ready?”

“Sure.” Kayla got up and fell into step beside Cole and Lucy.

“How’s the learning going, Sexy?” Cole asked Kayla.

“I’m on it.” Kayla answered evenly, feeling guilty for lying to her boss and best friend. “I’ll give you a call this evening okay?”

“I’ll be expecting it.” Cole grinned.

After giving Lucy Broody kisses on both cheeks, Cole left the two ladies alone to go enjoy their lunch, and went back to his office to call Dean. He thought he should inform his friend that the two women in his life were out for lunch. Cole smiled to himself, imagining Lucy and Kayla’s obvious topic for lunch…Dean. He just had to tease his friend. Little did he know…


“Fuck, Dean!” Cole swore, clutching the phone as if it were Dean’s neck. “You shouldn’t have broken up with her.”

“I know.” Dean muttered. “But I was angry. Hell, I’m still angry.” It had been two weeks since Kayla walked out of his home and he still didn’t know how to approach her. “I wish I could take back what I said, Cole. But…how could she do that to me?” Dean’s frustration could be clearly felt through the phone. “We are in a relationship for goodness sake. Ataşehir Escort She should be able to tell me anything. That’s what people in love do, right?”

“Listen to me Dean. We both know Kayla is most comfortable with me when she has problems. But even me, she hasn’t said anything to. She was obviously scared and you must try to understand her. She’s not as strong or resilient as she lets people think, you know. Besides, she didn’t go through with it. Shouldn’t that count for something?” Cole was almost shouting at that point.

“I was hurt and angry, Cole.” Dean’s voice raised in anger too. “I felt betrayed okay? I’m only human.” Then he gave a deep sigh and swore. “Fuck! I don’t know what to do. I told mum just last night that she’s pregnant and we’ve broken up but I didn’t go into detail. Now she’s going to listen to her side first.”

“And that’s what you’re worried about?” Cole asked incredulously.

“Dude, you know my mother. She’s going to kill me.”

“You have to fix this, Dean. She’s pregnant. This is not the time for her to feel alone and depressed. If you really love her as much as you claim, fix this.” Cole said quietly, his heart heavy.

Contrary to what everyone thought, Kayla was a very soft-hearted person. All that toughness was for appearance…to shield herself from people’s cruelty. Moving from one foster home to another could do that to people. Cole could imagine the tears Kayla had probably shed alone in her house. His heart went out to her.

“Please, Dean.” Cole pleaded quietly.

Under normal circumstances, Cole would have given Dean hell, but he understood his friend’s anger. No responsible man would be happy if the woman they loved did what Kayla had done. But it was pardonable, Cole thought grimly. So he rather curbed his anger and pleaded with his friend to forget about the past and move forward. That was what Kayla needed right then. Not Dean’s anger.

“I know I was harsh but… fuck! You know Kayla, Dean. She’s not going to allow me back into her life. We both know that. And it’s killing me. I said some really nasty things to her.” Dean groaned.

“She said she was going to call me this evening but I’m not going to wait for that call. I’ll go to her and have a talk with her. I’ll try and see her mindset, know how she feels and see how best you can proceed. You better say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed, asshole.”

“I will. Thanks Cole.” Dean sighed.

“Talk to you later.”


“Oh God, you poor, poor child.” Lucy Broody whispered, covering Kayla’s hand with hers.

They had finished eating at the posh Raby Restaurant. After making sure Kayla was full, Lucy had asked her what exactly was going on between her and Dean. Kayla had told the older woman everything. She had left nothing out…well except the cruel words Dean had thrown at her. Though Kayla knew Dean had meant every word, she also knew he’d been angry. It wasn’t her place to get Lucy angry at her son.

“Has your doctor checked you out?” Lucy asked with a frown.

“Yes.” Kayla nodded. “The baby’s fine. I’m fine.” She shrugged. “He doesn’t expect any problems.”

“Good.” Lucy murmured, taking Kayla’s hand into hers. “Would you do me a favour, Kayla?” Lucy asked, looking into Kayla’s eyes with so much…anxiety.

“Anything for you, Lucy.” Kayla said with a smile and immediately kicked herself mentally. What if…”

“I’m sure your own doctor is a good one and more than capable of seeing to you, but would you please allow me to…take that role? You will make me the happiest grandmother alive if you allow me to be your doctor…at least for the duration of the pregnancy. Please.” The look on Lucy’s face was eagerness, hope and pure excitement.

“Ow Lucy.” Kayla looked at Lucy with surprise and…some joy. She hadn’t expected that from Lucy. Kayla thought Lucy’s request was going to be in connection with her and Dean’s breakup. But it looked like the woman was more concerned about the baby than its parents’ problems. Looking at the excitement in the older woman’s eyes, Kayla just knew she couldn’t say no. “I’ll be honoured.” She said with a tremulous smile.

“Oh honey…” Lucy immediately stood up and went around the table to draw Kayla into her arms for a tight hug. “Thank you so much. You have no idea how much that means to me, my dear.” Lucy beamed and went back to her chair. “Now, can I see you this Friday?” Lucy gushed, looking all excited.

“Why not?” Kayla laughed. “What time should I get there? I have nothing doing till I resume work next week so…”

“Good. Eleven a.m. will be perfect.” Lucy said, signaling the waiter for their bill.

And for the first time since walking out of Dean’s house two weeks earlier, Kayla felt some lightness within. Kayla couldn’t stop smiling. She felt happy.


“Cole, I know you mean well but I’m fine.” Kayla insisted. “I don’t need Dean to survive…”

“You need him in your life, Kayla.” Cole cut in.

“I don’t.” Kayla replied stubbornly. They were sitting Kadıköy Escort in her kitchen, waiting for the cake in the oven to bake.

“I don’t care what you say, Kay. You both need each other. This is the time to stick together. If not for yourselves, then for your baby. Be sensible here, darling. ‘Cause if you act stubborn and cause any misery to that innocent baby, so help me God, I’ll…”

“Nothing will happen, Cole. Chillax. He said he doesn’t want me anymore. I’m not the kind of person to go begging him to take me back. I did say I was sorry but he wouldn’t accept my apology. He’s entitled to his opinion and feelings. And I did hurt him, Cole. Now I have to concentrate on my baby and do what is right by it. What can I say? Shit happens!”

“You’re not fooling me with all this hard talk, you know.” Cole said softly.

“What else can I do?” Kayla’s voice cracked as she looked down at her entwined fingers on the Kitchen Island. “What can I do?” She whispered.

The two of them sat quietly for a while each lost in thought, till the oven beeped, signaling that the cake was done. Cole stood and went to take the cake out and placed it in front of a now beaming Kayla.

“At this rate, you’re going to be a size twenty by next week, lady.” Cole drawled.

“Fuck off, asshole.” Kayla laughed as she cut a slice of cake and popped it into her mouth. She gave a loud moan, making Cole laugh.

Cole opened the fridge and took out a bottle of Shandy for himself and poured a glass of pineapple juice for Kayla.

“Come on.” He said to Kayla, who picked up the hot cake and followed Cole into the living room.

The two friends settled on the couch and ate the delicious hot cake with their drinks whilst they watched the season finale of ‘Suites’.

Cole saw Kayla yawn at a point and stood up to clear the table. By the time he got back from the kitchen, Kayla’s eyes were already shut.

“Hey, go to bed.” Cole said softly. “I’ll call to check up on you in the morning, okay?”

At Kayla’s nod, Cole hugged her and told her to take good care of herself and to remember that he loved her very much.

“Don’t make me cry, you jerk.” Kayla murmured and wiped at her eyes. “Tell Briana that I said she has to get ready for a shopping spree. I need to change my wardrobe.” Kayla purred, making Cole chuckle.

“Women!” He muttered and ducked out before Kayla’s hand could connect with his shoulder. “Lock the door.” He shouted from outside, making Kayla laugh.

As if she wasn’t sensible enough to lock her door, Kayla thought with a shake of her head. Cole was nuts, but she loved him like the brother she never had.


“That’s the heart beating.” Lucy said watching the monitor with Kayla. “Still too early to tell the sex. As if we care.” Lucy laughed, making Kayla smile.

“Dr. Hawk told we should be able to tell when I’m sixteen weeks.” Kayla said.

She was already twelve weeks gone. Kayla did a quick calculation in her head. When she had gotten to know of her pregnancy, two weeks before Dean’s confrontation, the doctor had said she was already two months gone and that was eight week. Meaning at the time of the confrontation, she was ten weeks pregnant. Currently, it had been two weeks since the breakup with Dean…meaning she was twelve weeks already. Therefore she had four more weeks to go, to know the sex of her baby. Kayla couldn’t wait. Though she was curious, she didn’t really care about the sex. Her baby was going to be smothered with love no matter what sex it was.

“It can even be earlier than sixteen weeks.” Lucy laughed.

She’d conducted a thorough check on Kayla and told her everything she needed to know. Lucy was happy with all the results and had assured Kayla that, she and the baby were as fit as fiddles. Of course she already knew that, Kayla thought, amused at the excitement in Lucy’s eyes. One would think Dr. Lucy Broody had never seen a baby before, Kayla almost laughed out loud. The woman was simply adorable…just like her son, Kayla thought with a pang of sadness. She couldn’t help but wish Dean were by her side that very moment, watching their baby’s heart beat on the monitor, with her.

“Dr. Broody?” A nurse stuck her head in the door. “Jean and Dean are here. They’re waiting in your office.”

And just like that, the part of the monitor that was reading the heartbeat of Kayla herself, went haywire. Her heartbeat increased so fast, Kayla begun to breathe harshly.

“Oh my God, Kayla calm down.” Lucy shouted, signaling the nurse to bring her a shot. “What is wrong, honey?” Lucy sounded desperate as she took the prepared syringe from the nurse and gave Kayla a quick shot in the arm. “Kayla?”

“I’m sorry.” Kayla gasped. “I’m okay.” But even as he assured Lucy, Kayla’s eyes looked frantically towards the door.

Lucy Broody didn’t need to be Einstein to figure out what had caused Kayla’s panic. The twins! Lucy was furious. Thank God for modern equipment, that had picked up on Kayla’s stress quickly enough. Anything Ümraniye Escort could have happened. What the fuck had those boys done to Kayla, Lucy fumed? Kayla had mentioned the two of them not being happy with her when they came for her from the hospital. Lucy knew she couldn’t possibly ask Kayla what her silly sons had done to her in her current state. But if those boys knew what was coming to them…

Lucy turned to see that Kayla’s eyes were fluttering, her breath coming out softly. She was going to sleep because of that shot she’d given her. Lucy removed the sensors attached to Kayla and covered her with the covers. She was already fast asleep. Lucy tenderly ran her fingers through Kayla’s short hair and bent to drop a kiss on her forehead. She really didn’t know why but she adored Kayla as though she were her own child.

With a sigh, Lucy turned on her heels and headed for the door. Time to confront those silly sons of hers.


“What the hell did you boys do to her?” Lucy Broody asked without preamble immediately she entered her office.

Jean and Dean were in her office to take her out for lunch like they usually did on her birthday. The whole family would go for dinner the following day which was a Saturday. But according to the Broody tradition, her babies got to take her out to lunch whenever her birthday fell on a weekday.

“Did to who?” Both men asked at the same time, looking up at their mother with identical faces. If Lucy hadn’t been so angry, she would have smiled because she never ceased to find that adorable. She loved her babies to bits.

“Kayla. She’s terrified of you.” Lucy went to stand in front of her sons with her hands on her hips.

“Did she say we did something?” Dean asked.

“She didn’t have to. I have eyes. I can see terror when I see it. And I know my boys. Now I’ll ask one more time… What did you do to the poor girl?”

“We did nothing…” Dean mumbled.

“Well, I might have…given her the look.” Jean said sheepishly.

“The look?” Lucy screeched just as Dean turned to his brother with a bellow…

“You did what?”

Jean had a way of looking at people that made them feel like they were the very scum of the earth. The family called it the ‘vermin look’. The brothers actually went out of their way to sic Jean and his look on people they abhorred.

“Why would you give Kayla the vermin look?” Lucy looked shocked.

Jean flushed guiltily. “I thought she had… It was at the hospital. I…I didn’t know she hadn’t gone through with it then.”

“Jean Esau Broody, I’ve very disappointed in you. How could you?” Lucy gasped, staring at her son.

“Mum, my name is not Esau and you know…”

“Your name is whatever I say it is young man so shut your beak and listen to me. I…”

“I might have also said a few things to her.” Dean mumbled beside his brother, drawing his mother’s furious gaze from Jean to him.

“And what exactly did you say besides not wanting to be with her again?” Lucy demanded tightly. “Oh yes, she told me.” Lucy hissed when Dean’s eyes widened in surprise. “That vague ‘we broke up’ was actually you, telling her you didn’t want to be with her again, I hear. Now spill…what other nasty stuff did you tell her?”

“I…I might have used the words, wicked and cruel and monster at a point.” It had been giving Dean nightmares ever since.

“What?” Lucy whispered.

“No, I didn’t use monster.” Dean quickly added. “She did. She said she wasn’t a monster.” Dean actually had the nerve to look relieved.

Lucy Broody looked incredulous. “Oh and you think it’s okay because you didn’t actually use the word? How about the others? You implied perfectly that she was a monster. That’s why she told you she wasn’t. Jesus. Haven’t I taught you idiots anything? That’s not how to treat women. Definitely not a pregnant one.” Lucy paused and took a deep breath. She was livid. “I really wish I could take both of you over my knees and tan that hind of yours…”

“Mum…” Dean groaned whilst Jean burst into laughter.

“Oh you think this is funny?” Lucy turned her angry gave onto Jean. “Now this is how it’s going to be. You are going to go to Kayla and apologize.” She addressed Jean. “This is between Kayla and Dean and you had no right making her feel like filth. I don’t care how or where you do it, but you have to do it today. Got that?”

“Yes mum.” Jean muttered, looking down at his shoes. Their mother had a way of making them feel like kids again. The boys knew that would never change.

“And as for you,” Lucy turned her attention on Dean, “we need to have a serious talk. Come by the house this evening.”

And with a final angry look at her sons, she flounced off, leaving her sons to wonder whether lunch was cancelled.


Kayla sat on the couch with a big jug of strawberry flavoured iced-tea, chocolate chip cookies, and a big bowl of popcorn mixed with roasted nuts. Even as she curled her legs beneath her, she grimaced at the junk spread on the center-table before her. Was this how it was going to be till the baby dropped, Kayla wondered with dread. Her cravings were getting out of hand. She needed help, she thought miserably. What she was doing was only going to get her bloated up for sure but she just couldn’t control it.

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