The Stranger

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The drive is a long one up the mountains curvy roads. You’re still angry at the whole “Boyfriend situation” and you need to cool off. You figure relaxing a bit at the top of South Mountain (Lookout Point) would do you some good. It’s a Tuesday so there’s really no one around. On the way up you see one solitary car pass you on its way down. You can hear the tires rolling over the gravel on the road, the soft popping is soothing and you catch your mind wandering.

Before you know it you’re at the top and you drive to the furthest part of the lot. You turn the car off and get out. The air is warm and there is a cool breeze blowing. You go and sit on a bench and stare into the sky. You can see the moon slowly crawling behind some clouds then disappearing completely. Suddenly a noise startles you. You turn to see someone a few benches away. He’s by himself and from his silhouette he look about 6 feet tall and 190lbs or so. He looks over at you and you quickly look away embarrassed. From the corner of your eye you can see that he is still looking at you.

Feeling at bit uncomfortable you get up and walk to the edge of the mountain to the railing. As you are standing there you look up at the sky once more. Lightning is gently lighting the clouds while it plays within them. Suddenly thunder shakes the air around you and you jump by its force. As you catch you breath you hear a deep voice right next to your ear. “You ok”? Instantly you know it’s the guy who was next to you on the bench. And even though you can feel his body so close behind you, you aren’t scared and don’t attempt to move away. Unable to speak you nod your head in a silent “yes”. He has a sexy accent that gives you goose-bumps. He unbuttons his flannel and puts it around your shoulders as the wind picks up. You can smell his scent as you pull the material close to you. He never removes his hands from your shoulders from when he put the flannel on you. You turn your head and look at his hand. They look strong and comforting and make you feel safe. You make no attempt to turn around. Your eyes close at his touch.

Thunder cracks at the night air once again but you do not flinch. You’re lost in this strangers hold. You start feeling the soft caress of raindrops on your face and you tilt your head towards the sky keeping your eyes shut. You feel him move a little closer and can now feel him solidly against your back, your head resting Alanya Escort on his rising and falling chest. The rain is coming down a little stronger now but not much. Everything is intensified in this moment. It seems like you can feel every single rain drop touching your body. Your heart beat speeds up as you feel a drop touch your neck then slowly start sliding down. Nothing seems as distinct as this one raindrop and as it caresses you it slides down your neck, under the neckline of your shirt and then slowing as it slides down the inside of your right breast. You take a deep breath and hold it as this drop of rain explores your breast.

You find yourself pressing lightly against this stranger, this person who has no name yet who is everything to you at this moment. Then as you press against his body you feel his heartbeat, then you feel his breath on your neck, then his lips as he gently kisses your neck. Your heart races as you feel his lips touch your flesh. You can feel his tongue run across your skin as he kisses you. As his mouth explores your neck and shoulder he wraps his arms around you a bit more. You can see his arms in front of you now. They are well cut and defined. You can see a few tattoos on his arms. You close your eyes once more at his touch. His hands slowly caress your arms and shoulders. You move your hands up to his hands. They are small in comparison to his. You place yours over his and mimic his movements. Over your shoulders… Over your arms… Along your neck… Then you start to lead his hands instead of mimic them. You bring his hands from your neck, then slowly lower…. Squeezing them around your swollen breasts. This is all you have to do before he starts to take things upon himself.

Leaving your hands placed over his to begin mimicking them once again, he gently massages your breasts from over your thin shirt. Your nipples are pressing against the thin material, yearning to be touched and given specific attention. He skips over them and starts once again to move his hands. He goes lower, over your stomach, to the bottom of your shirt. The feel of his skin touching your flesh sends waves of adrenaline through you. It feels like it starts from the end of each and every one of your hairs. It flows up to your scalp and slowly massages it as it continues down your face, eyes and lips. Next the wave flows over your breasts and feel as if it slows Alanya Escort Bayan and lingers at your nipples. Your nipples hardening with the sensation, you feel yourself moistening. Suddenly you awaken from this flow through your body when he places one of his hands upon yours. This time leading your hand with his. Your hand slowly moving from your stomach, to your hip, then to his.

Your heart beat quickening as you touch his body. His other hand is still sliding up your shirt. Now his hand is massaging your left breast as he pulls up you bra, releasing you to the cool night. With your shirt hiked up over your breasts you are fully exposed to the warm air and gentle pelting of raindrops. Completely lost in the moment, all of your fears of other seeing you are quenched and forgotten. As he pinches and massages you nipple and breast his other hand leads yours to the front of his thigh. Then to his crotch. Your chest tightens and you loose your breath as you feel the massive, pulsing bulge held captive in his jeans. He releases your hand to do as it pleases. He directs his actions back to you. He finds his way back to your exposed breasts and takes then into his hands. His hands massage and slid over your breasts easily with the steady downpour of rain falling on your bodies. He turns you around and leans you against the rails. You try to look at his face but he quickly drops his head. He brings his mouth to you and takes you nipple into his mouth.

You can feel the drops of rain falling from his face to your breast. Both of you bodies are now drenched with rain. After one breast he moves to the other. Giving equal attention to it and your nipple, sucking, licking and gently nibbling. Then he stands up in front of you but with his height and how close he is you still cannot see his face. With his chest in front of you you start rubbing your hands over him and covering him with kisses and attention. His chest muscular and stomach chiseled into a six-pack. You lick and suck at his body with the eagerness of a starving woman. His low moans can be heard under the pelting of the rain on the ground and your bodies. Then he slowly pulls you away and turns you around once again, pushing you to the rail. His hands reach around you once more but do not touch your body. They grab at the waist of your now soaked jeans. Your mind races with thoughts…. Should I stop him? I don’t Escort Alanya even know who he is? Is anyone watching? Thoughts and questions flood your mind once more.

But then you feel something. With his hands on your waist and a single thrust his fills you. The feeling is amazing and you loose all care for anything else besides this feeling deep inside you. Slowly he enters you and withdrawals from you. His size is perfect. It fills you to the fullest without any pain. Just ecstasy. It seems like you can feel every detail, every vein, and every curve of his manhood. His pace quickens as he reaches around cups your breasts as you steady yourself on the rails. You can feel his large balls slapping against your clit with every thrust. You’ve never felt like this before. This sensation of him inside you is like no other you’ve felt before. There is a “spot” that is being touched that’s never been touched before. You can feel yourself working your way to an orgasm already, just by him moving in and out of you. His thrusts harden and go deeper now. You can feel the rain start coming down harder now. The cool drops sliding all over your body. Then once again he quickens his pace. You can hear the sound of his body slapping your ass…. Then thunder shakes the ground as you cum. Lightning fills the sky and more waves of your orgasm blast through your body. As if you started cumming again before the first one finished. With these multiple waves flowing through you, you can feel his dick swell up getting ready to fill you with his cum. You start rocking your body to him as he pounds into you faster and harder. Each thrust sending a new wave through you.

The lightning and thunder sending chills through your body, non-stop. The raindrops feeling like a thousand fingers touching you body everywhere. Suddenly he starts cumming and you cum again with him. It seems like everything happens at once. The rain, the thunder, the lightning, his thrust. You are in heaven. Never having stopped cumming his thrusts slowly start to slow. Things are in slow motion now. The rain seems to have slowed. The lightning is no longer lighting the sky and the thunder is no longer shaking the earth. He pulls out but you can still feel his presence behind you. His breath on your neck, the warmth from his body. Your eyes close and enjoy the bliss of this stranger. Suddenly in the distance the thunder lets out a soft, low grumble. And you are cold again. You quickly turn around but you are alone. There is no stranger, no car. You are still breathing a little heave as you walk back to your car holding a flannel with the scent of a stranger lingering in its cloth. Once again, the thunder grumbles in the distance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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