The Sunday Morning After…

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I’d like to thank my Australian GC friend for reading this story and giving me some editing tips. It’s not an easy job to find time for and I appreciate his assistance.

Next…this is a story involving an older woman and a younger man, there is some spanking and some reluctance but no force. I didn’t want it to be submitted into Mature as their age has nothing to do with their attraction. It didn’t suit the BDSM genre as it’s not a complete BDSM story and finally her reluctance is more hesitance at the way they meet as opposed to her reluctance to engage sexually with him, hence the Erotic Coupling genre.

If you don’t enjoy those topics please don’t read any further.

If you do enjoy those topics, knock yourselves out.

Happy reading.


Kelly rolled over in bed and groaned, what the fuck was that noise? The high-pitched revving of a chainsaw drilled into the back of her head. She glanced at her phone; it was 9 o’clock Sunday morning. She groaned again and clutched at her throbbing head. The noise stopped for a second and she sighed in relief, only to hear it start up again.

“Who the fuck is working today of all days?” she muttered.

Kelly had stayed up through the night drinking with friends who’d come over to watch the 2015 rugby world cup final between Australia and New Zealand. It was televised live from Twickenham in the UK so the time difference was crushing for everyone Down Under with the pre-match chatter starting at 1.15am and the game not finishing until 4am.

They were a mixed bunch of guests, some from NZ, like herself and some true blue Aussies. To be fair, the New Zealanders all had Australian citizenship but when it came to a clash between the two countries a Kiwi would always be a Kiwi.

The game had been a nail biter, with both teams playing hard and the Aussies calling foul with a couple of dodgy referee decisions. The All Blacks (NZ) had taken the match at the end with a final score of 34-17. The celebratory drinks after the match had flowed easily and it was well after sunrise when Kelly had collapsed drunkenly, into bed. Now though, she was awake with a hangover that could kill a blue whale and a growing rage at the selfish bastard who thought using his chainsaw at 9am on a Sunday was neighbourly.

She staggered to her feet and went to the window to see if she could identify the culprit. She thought the noise was coming from down the street. The properties down there were larger and like her own, had a lot of native bush out the back.

Outrage overruled her hangover and without thinking too much about what she was going to do, she threw on a singlet dress and a pair of sandals and stormed down the street in the direction of the racket.

It was only a couple of houses down that she heard the whine of the two-stroke engine. It was Jake Barker! That bastard, thought Kelly as she stormed down toward the back of the property.

Jake caught a movement out of the corner of his eye and stepped back from the tree trunk he was cutting into. He saw his neighbour, Kelly, marching furiously toward him. Her dark hair was bobbing around her face, her arms swinging wildly. He briefly wondered what she was doing before he was distracted by the rest of her. She was wearing a fitted dress that clung to her attractive curvy body and she was most definitely not wearing a bra because her breasts moved easily within the confines of the tight material. His eyes tracked down lower to where her dress was stretched around her middle and to where her thighs pulled at the fabric. Jake’s thoughts grew more salacious as he wondered what else she wasn’t wearing under it.

He’d met Kelly a few times casually. They both had dogs and routinely walked them early in the morning when it was coolest. He’d not said more than a few words to her but recently there’d been a couple of parties in the street and they’d both found themselves talking easily together. He liked her company. Older than him by a few years he’d found her humour, her common sense and her overtly sexual nature a turn on. He thought she liked him too though she could be a little too reserved when he’d pushed the conversation towards a more intimate note.

Kelly saw Jake at the bottom of the garden and headed in his direction. He’d paused to watch her coming down the hill towards him and she was slightly self-conscious. He made her uncomfortable. The way he looked at her when they talked, it felt as if he knew her and she’d found herself drawn into several intriguing conversations with him recently. His intelligence was very sexy but she was conscious that her status as resident single woman could draw attention that she’d rather avoid with a close neighbour.

Kelly’s initial fury eased to an irritated outrage. Their previous connection made her feel she couldn’t let loose with the tirade of insults she’d originally wanted to hurl at him when he was the unknown bastard making too much noise, that and the unsettling image that was before her.

Jake was a very fit looking guy. He was wearing Alanya Escort shorts and work boots, his shirt lying discarded across the tree he’d just felled. Sweat gleamed off his hair-covered chest; his belly was slim with the same scattering of dark hair across his torso, which she would’ve found very sexy if she didn’t consider him to be a selfish prick. For a split second Kelly wanted to bury her face into the hair that lay across his body, inhale the manly scent of him. She shivered and caught her thoughts before they plunged too far into depravity.

Jake tipped his Akrubra hat back off his face and frowned, turning off the idling chainsaw, laying it on the ground next to him.

“Jake. Good morning.”

Kelly felt herself wobble a little. Lack of sleep, the cloying heat of the morning and her excessive drinking left her feeling dizzy.

Jake nodded in her direction. His face was unreadable as he narrowed his eyes. Kelly thought he was checking her out and it re-fuelled her slightly diminished rage.

“Morning Kelly. It’s good to see you,” he replied.

Kelly felt her belly tighten a little as he lazily greeted her. Fuck his voice was sexy. In fact if he’d been a few years closer in age to her she’d have given him more time. He was undoubtedly good looking but it was more than that for her. The times they’d spoken he’d been funny and smart, keeping her amused and that was enough to dampen her knickers. Today, she reminded herself again, he was an infuriating arsehole and she was going to tell him so.

“Yeah, is it? Can’t say I feel the same about you,” she retorted harshly. She saw Jake wince and she felt a little thrill that she’d caught him off guard.

“What the fuck are you doing? It’s too early for this! Some of us were up late watching the game. You did know it was the World Cup this morning? Obviously you didn’t feel it necessary stay up or you would know better. Could you be more inconsiderate?”

Kelly stood with her hands on her ample hips, her chest puffed out self-righteously, her face flush with anger.

Jake took up his shirt and wiped the sweat from his face, neck, chest and belly. His movements were slow and deliberate as he considered what to do next. His first thought was to laugh out loud. This pompous princess had come onto his property to give him a talking to about some inane rugby game! She was a Kiwi of course and their ridiculous obsession with the game was laughable. His next thought was one of annoyance. He didn’t want to be out here on a Sunday morning, he wanted to be in bed wanking, enjoying the feeling of his stiff cock in his hand. He reckoned he’d probably imagine fucking the receptionist at work. She was incredibly bland but her arse was tight enough to bounce a coin off and more than once he’d had a hard-on when he’d caught her bending over the filing cabinet.

As he considered his next move, Jake saw her grow ever more uncomfortable in the lengthening silence.

“Well? Are you going to say something?” Kelly demanded, her voice cracking just a little, giving away her uncertainty.

Jake looked her up and down. He was infuriated by her entitled, spoiled-brat behaviour and he would’ve usually found that a turn-off but he saw her teeth pressing into her full bottom lip, a high flush staining her cheeks, her breasts rising and falling in time with her shallow breathing and he realised, with a start, that he wanted to be inside her. He scowled. He hated pretentious bitches so why was his cock twitching the more he watched her?

He knew it was because she wasn’t a pretentious bitch. He’d been caught out by her aggression and looking at her he could see the weariness on her face, her sleep tousled hair. He knew her to be fascinating, funny, sexy and sometimes very shy. A thought came to him and he wondered if he could pull it off. His cock throbbed encouragingly.

Jake caught her looking him up and down. He put his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts, pulling them down just a little in the front, exposing his lower belly and the trail of dark hair that directed her eye to his groin. Jake saw a small change in her body language. She looked unsure and she shifted her feet nervously. Her nipples peaked through the front of her dress betraying her true thoughts. She crossed her arms over the front of her as she realised he’d noticed the hard buds.

“Now then Kelly…” he murmured, his voice dangerously low.

Jake made a move toward her and she realised something had happened in the couple of minutes she’d been in the cool glade. She felt a rising sense of panic that her earlier decision to come down here and confront him, was a poor one. She was sure Jake could sense the shift between them too.

Kelly tried to regain her composure but she wasn’t doing very well. She was flustered and she again put her hands on her hips defensively, trying to give the impression she wasn’t afraid as he kept moving toward her. Uncertainty flooded her body and she took a couple of steps back but he was quicker than Alanya Escort Bayan her and he closed the distance easily.

“You’re right I didn’t get up to watch the game. Not because I’m un-Australian or whatever bullshit you’re accusing me of. I didn’t get up because I work hard all week and I spend my free time doing chores I’d rather not do but no one else is going to do them for me. I don’t get to sleep in and probably won’t be able to anytime soon. I will tell you what I’m not. I’m not a pretentious tart who believes she has the right to tell her neighbours what to do because she got up in the middle of the night, had too many fancy cocktails and watched some over-paid, over-muscled, blokes run around a European patch of grass.”

Jake was surprised by the anger that rose up in his chest. He could feel the heat in his cheeks and his lips thinned as he ranted at this insanely annoying, yet fucking sexy woman. He’d walked her back towards a tree and she was now pressed up against the trunk. He was quietly pleased to see her blushing like crazy.

Kelly heard everything he said and to her shame, and far too late, she understood she was the one being an arsehole. He was right. Kelly could barely breathe. He was standing too close and the scent of him was arousing her. Musky maleness overlaid with fresh cut wood, the dark, fecund soil underfoot, the bark of the eucalyptus tree behind her; it was filling her senses and to her surprise, was more than a little sexy.

Jake’s scrutiny was making her squirm and Kelly was very conscious that she should’ve chosen her attire with more thought. His gaze was on her still hard nipples and the rapid rise and fall of her breasts. She wished she’d never left the house.

Kelly felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment and she wanted to get as far away from him. Yet even humiliated by her over-reaction, she couldn’t quite bring herself to back down. She tried to salvage some of her earlier annoyance to boost her flagging spirit. She couldn’t help but react to his derisive snarl, even though she knew he was right.

“I’m not a pretentious tart thank you very much! I work hard and play hard too. You don’t have a monopoly on that.”

Kelly paused, it felt a little better to have a go at him but she also knew that the situation was going pear-shaped really quickly and she’d have to change tack in order to get out.

She slowed her breathing and moved her hands away from her hips, putting them behind her back, the bark of the tree trunk was strangely reassuring. Kelly looked him in the eye.

“Look, I’m sorry. This was a huge mistake and I’ve over-reacted. You’re right of course. I shouldn’t have said anything. I’ll just go—”

Kelly yelped. He’d taken one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and was squeezing it hard, really hard. She yelped again as he twisted it slowly.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she squealed.

She put both hands around his wrist to pull his hand away but he didn’t let go and was now tugging obscenely on her nipple, dragging it away from her body. The pain was shocking and Kelly cried out, her arms falling back to her sides.

“Now why would you do that?” Jake asked quietly.

“Let go.” Kelly demanded hoarsely, choking back a sob.

“Hmm. I’d like to,” Jake replied, ” I really would but you’ve interrupted my chores with your petty whining and now you’re here I think you need to be taught a lesson in how to be a considerate neighbour.”

Kelly was astonished. “You what? What the fuck are you talking about? This is ridiculous. Just let me go. I’ve said I’m sorry.”

Jake felt a surge of desire rise up through his body. He longed to fuck her, to taste her, to fill her with his now, hard and aching cock. He wondered if he could convince her to let him. He wouldn’t hold her here against her will but he’d love to fuck her right here. He took a breath and was filled with the aroma of her body. Slightly tangy and fresh, his mouth watered.

Jake feigned a look of rueful denial and shook his head.

“No that’s not good enough I’m afraid. Your lesson needs to be more than just your word.”

To her horror, Kelly felt her pussy swelling and oozing as the pressure he was exerting on her nipple ran in waves down her belly, stabbing into the depths of her cunt. Her thighs were damp and while she didn’t want to feel anything but hatred for her youthful neighbour, she couldn’t deny that his manipulation of her body was turning her on in ways she’d have not believed possible a few minutes ago.

Jake let her nipple go and the intense burning at the release of her bruised flesh made Kelly cry out again. Her knees buckled as her cunt clutched uncontrollably, releasing wet warmth that flowed from within her. She cupped her mauled breast protectively and swallowed a whimper that threatened to escape.

Jake’s nostrils flared as smelled her arousal. He grinned knowingly at her, jerking his head toward the house.

“That’s for coming onto my property uninvited,” he said, Escort Alanya stepping aside.

Kelly felt a sense of relief and disappointment at being freed. She backed away from him, hurrying toward the safety of the street. Kelly looked away and murmured her apologies again. She was unnerved to see he was following closely behind her.

Jake grabbed Kelly’s elbow and said gruffly, “In here. You’ll get your punishment in here.”

Kelly stumbled as he yanked her toward a large shed that stood away from the house.

“What? What are you doing?” She cried out in surprise.

Jake shook his head at her. “It’s not nearly enough. Not only do you need to be punished for being rude and selfish, you also need to pay me for the interruption to my day. I’m fucking annoyed now.”

Jake guided her into the cool depths of the shed and as Kelly’s eyes adjusted to the dimness Jake gently pushed her toward the workbench that ran the full length of the spacious room.

“Two hands on the bench and keep them there.” He demanded softly.

Kelly took a moment for her breath to settle, to allow her mind a chance to wonder what the hell was going on. She’d been fast asleep in her bed, safe in her home, now she was in a darkened shed with her neighbour and, while she had some idea of what was going to happen, she also wondered what he’d do if she just said no. Did she even want to say no?

Jake tipped his head to the side and watched her. He could almost hear her thoughts. Hear her debating whether to leave or not, wondering what he’d do if she pushed him to let her leave. His rage had all but dissipated and he knew that if she demanded he let her leave, he would do so. At this point he really hoped she’d stay. To convince her he decided to push his luck one more time.

Impatiently he sighed and said, “Now! The longer this takes, the harder it’ll be for you. I’m losing my temper again and you don’t want that.”

Kelly felt a thrill run the length of her body. There was nothing to stop her from leaving and she didn’t believe he’d do anything to prevent her from walking out the door, so why wasn’t she leaving? Why did she allow him to direct her into the shed? Why were her feet rooted to the spot? The answer came to her as she trembled in delight at his rough command. She realised she was happy enough to acquiesce, to see this to the end. The excitement of his demands, his youth, and his confidence as he controlled her, stirred her belly and she was keen to discover just how far this would go.

Kelly looked at the workbench and then looked back at him, holding his gaze, she put both hands on the bench.

Jake contained his surprise and relief as she did as he asked. He pulled her hips back and pushed her shoulders down so she was looking at the wooden floor. He wanted to savour the moment, take his time. He still wasn’t too sure she wouldn’t leave, wouldn’t push him away.

Kelly felt her heart beating very fast and she took several deep, slow breaths to calm herself. The straps of her dress had fallen forward off her shoulders and her breasts hung unsupported beneath her. She could see their pale fullness and her dark areolas. Her nipple still burned from its earlier abuse and she wondered if he’d do it again. She hoped he would.

Jake was standing behind her with both of his hands on her lower back, the heat of him, warming her skin. Kelly snuck a look over her shoulder and saw him taking in the curve of her waist and the slope of her back to her neck and hair. His eyes caught hers and Kelly saw his face flushed with desire.

Kelly, feeling slightly braver, moved her bottom slowly from side to side and said, “Is this what you wanted?”

Jake frowned and said, “No. This is.”

In one movement he lifted the hem of Kelly’s dress exposing her round pale bottom. Kelly squealed and attempted to stand up. Jake moved quicker than she did and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her tight into his hip as he delivered a firm slap to her bottom. The noise of it reverberated around the cavernous room and Kelly cried out again. The slap stung and she felt the beginnings of tears prick at her eyes. This wasn’t what she expected, wasn’t what she thought he’d do. She struggled but couldn’t get out of his grip.

“What are you doing?” She gasped.

“I said both hands on the work bench Kelly. This will be easier for you if you do as I say,” Jake growled.

Kelly quickly put both hands on the bench and flinched and whimpered as he delivered two more hard slaps to her bare bottom. She couldn’t believe she was allowing him to spank her like they were in some crass porn video. She also knew she’d never felt so dominated and so turned on. She was too confused to make much sense of the moment.

Two more slaps on her now warm and sensitive arse and she was trying to move out of the way of his hand.

“Please. I’m sorry,” she whimpered.

“This is your punishment. It will be over sooner than you expect.”

Kelly’s breath was ragged, adrenaline coursed through her veins and she started trembling. She stopped struggling as the sixth, seventh and eighth spanking seared her pale skin. She bit her lip, swallowing her moans as she came to realise she was beginning to want them. Her cunt was dripping now, her swollen pussy lips aching to be spread wide open and plundered.

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