The Thunder Rolls

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It was the thunder that woke us up. It was pretty loud. Shook the whole room. I could tell you were awake from your breathing. It startled me a little when you started to move. I thought you would just go back to sleep. I looked over as you sat up, swinging your legs out from the covers and putting your feet on the floor. Your beautiful hair was a mess from the pillow. You reached down and picked up your robe. You put it on, and reached around to your neck to get your hair out from under it. I don’t get why you even bother with that robe. It’s so shear that it can’t keep any heat in, or stop the cold from coming in, but I know you like it, and you know I think you look damn sexy in it. You stand up, and walk over to the window. You push the curtains open, and pull the blinds up. You lean over putting your hands on the window sill. The rain is pounding against the window. The thunder is almost continuous. Every time the lighting flashes, I can see your outline through your robe. God, you are gorgeous. Just your silhouette is turning me on.

I get up and walk up behind you. You must have known I was awake cause I didn’t startle you at all when I put my hands on your hips.

“Hell of a storm, huh?” I say.

“Mmmm hmmm”, is your only reply. I slowly run my hands up your back to your shoulders, and start to rub a little. The lightning flashes again, and I can see your reflection in the window. Your eyes are closed, and there’s a slight grin on your face. I know you love it when I rub your back. I move down to your shoulder blades, and add a little more force. Your robe is so thin, it might as well not even be there. A moan escapes your lips, and you push back against me. You start to rub your ass against me. This time it’s me that lets out a moan. I don’t have anything Alanya Escort on, and the fabric from your robe and panties feels quite nice rubbing against my cock. You can feel me getting hard. I bring my hands back down to your hips, and lean back a little, pushing against you just as hard as you push against me. I’m hard as a rock now, and your movements are causing me to slide over the thin fabric that’s separating us. I reach up to your neck and slowly pull the robe down. Your stand up straight and let it fall to the floor. You put your hands on the window. It suddenly crosses your mind that if anyone else is looking out of their windows, they’ll be able to see you every time the lighting flashes. It’s a pretty remote chance, but the thought excites you a little more. My hands are rubbing up and down your back. You feel so damn good. I reach around you and cup your breasts. Your nipples are like hard diamonds. I pinch them a little and you moan again. I slide one hand down over your panties and find you soaking wet and very warm. I push them to the side and place my hand over your pussy, sliding my middle finger between your lips. I rub your clit a little and then slide down. As my finder slides inside you, the lightning flashes brightly, and your head flies back.

“Oh yesssssss,” you say as I continue to rub you. When I take my hand out, you look at me over your shoulder. I smile as I bring my finger to my lips. I lick your essence from my finger, and it’s intoxicating. You know I love the way you taste, and all I want right now is to throw you on that bed, and bury my face in your pussy, but as I open my eyes and remove my finger, I see there’s a different need written on your face. I slide my fingers under the band of your panties and push them down your Alanya Escort Bayan legs and to the floor. You hang your head down as you spread your legs a little. You push your stomach to the floor and raise your ass, presenting yourself to me. I don’t need any more encouragement.

I slide my cock along your crevice getting it nice, wet, and warm. Apparently you get impatient, cause you reach down between us and grab me, pointing me right where you want me to go. I start to slide inside you, and just as the head slips in, I slam myself against your ass. You have to put your hand back on the window so your head doesn’t slam against it.

“Oh, fuck yeah, do it, FUCK ME!” you scream. I grab a hold of your hips and start to pull you towards me as I slam into you over and over again. You look so damn hot every time the lightning flashes, pushing against the window. There’s a loud smack every time my body slaps against yours. One time I stop, and get on my toes so I can get deeper into you. I slowly grind myself deeper and deeper until my legs hurt from straining so hard. I slide out and back away from you.

“Wh, what?” you say as I grab your shoulders and spin you around. I kiss you hard and deep as we back up towards the bed. I step out from in front of you, and push you towards the bed. You get the idea, and crawl up on it staying on your knees. The room lights up from a bolt again, and I get a glimpse of you in front of me on your knees. So fuckin’ sexy. You wiggle your ass a little bit, and I smile. You put your head down on the sheets as I step up behind you. I slide into you again. This time it’s much easier to go deep inside you. You’re so fuckin hot inside. I slide almost all the way out and slam back inside. Again and again and again. You’re Escort Alanya screaming something but I can’t make it out cause of the sheets. My legs are still hurting, so I push you forward a little as I crawl on the bed behind you. I enter you again, but this time I sit back on my feet and lean back a little. You realize I’ve given you control, and you rise up and bit and slam yourself back down on me. You start to bounce on me, up and down, up and down. I love the view I have of your ass bouncing up and down. I start to feel the end approaching, but I can tell that you’re almost there to. Your rhythm is starting to falter a little, and you’re grinding down on me more and more with every down stroke. I reach in front of me and grab your ass. I spread you open, stretching you wide. Your head flies back and you moan loudly as you start to bounce on me harder now. Harder and harder. I can’t take it any more and I yell as I cum deep inside you. Shot after shot explodes from my cock. The heat of my cum must have been the last straw for you. You tense up hold your breath, and stop moving. As if on cue, a crash of thunder erupts, and the lighting is brighter than ever.

“Oh my god,” you say as you start to move again. Little squeaks escape your lips every time you hit bottom. Finally you sit up with me still inside you. You reach behind you and grab your hair wishing you had a hair tie. I reach around you and grab your tits again, but you slap my hands away. Your nipples are VERY sensitive after you cum, and I love trying to mess with them. Finally you rise up off of me. I fall over on my side, and you crawl up next to me. We kiss, slowly, passionately.

“I think the storms over,” I say.

“It wouldn’t wake me up anyway now,” you reply smiling at me. You roll over and back up against me. I bring the blanket up over us and put my arm over you. You back your ass up a little until my cock in resting between your legs, and then you sigh, and close your eyes. I kiss the back of your neck as one more bolt of lighting lights up the room again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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