The Tow-Truck Driver

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I’m on the way to visit my mom, and I’m driving on a somewhat deserted stretch of road. All of a sudden, I feel a big bump, and then a tha-thump, tha-thump noise. I’ve got a flat tire! I pull over safely, and get out to inspect it. I apparently ran over a rock, and I have no idea how to change the tire.

I look at the sky, which is overcast and gray. It’ll be dark in about an hour, and will likely rain. The forest around me that was so pretty — almost ethereal in the fog, now seems dark and foreboding.

Dammed! Fortunately I have a cell phone with me, & I call AAA. Finally, I get through to an operator who pleasantly tells me that it will be at least an hour before a tow-truck driver can get to me. I explain my situation to her, but she tells me that it can’t be any faster. I angrily hang up the phone, and settle in to wait, locking all my doors.

Maybe 15 minutes go by. I’ve turned on the radio, and I have just begun to relax, when through the fog, I see a yellow tow-truck driving up behind me. He parks in front of my car, and I watch as a big, handsome, black man steps out of the truck. He must be at least 6’2″, and he’s got the widest shoulders I’ve ever seen.

He knocks on my window, and smiles pleasantly at me. When I roll my window down, he Eryaman Escort says, “Hi, my name is Fergus, and it looks like you could use a hand.” I explain the situation to him, and he says that he would love to help. He takes off his black leather jacket. Despite the cold, all he has on under it, is a white tank top. The tight shirt accents his rippling chest to perfection. I sit back and watch his bulging shoulder muscles ripple as he quickly and efficiently changes the tire. When he’s done, I follow him to the truck to sign the paperwork. His tight jeans mold his butt perfectly.

He hands me the clip board to sign, and when I look up, I catch him looking down my sweater. I ask him how much it will cost, and he says “It’s no charge.” I start to protest, saying that I have to pay him something for all his help, and he says, “Well, if you feel like you have to give me something, I would take a kiss.”

I’m a little surprised by this, but it seems like a reasonable request. So I wrap my arms around his neck, and he leans down and gives me a quick kiss on the lips. When I don’t pull away right-away, he kisses me again, this time longer. His lips are warm & soft, and soon he slides his velvety tongue between Sincan Escort my lips. I can’t seem to pull myself away, he feels so good.

It’s been so long since I’ve been kissed like this! I’m conscious only of how his body feels pressed against me, his strong arms around my waist, the musky scent of his cologne, and the fog swirling around us. When he does pull away, he gives me a questioning look, and I just smile back at him. I melt when he starts kissing my neck hungrily, his hands gripping my butt. I’m only mildly surprised to feel a growing bulge against my stomach.

His lips find mine again, and he’s running his hands all over me now -my back, arms, down to my thighs. Somehow my sweater gets removed during all of this, and he is delighted to find that I’m not wearing a bra. His hands encompass my large, creamy white breasts, and he starts suckling my nipples. I groan in ecstasy.

It begins to drizzle, and it’s freezing out, so he leads me inside the truck. I lay down on the leather seat, and he leans over me. I unzip my jeans, which he pulls down, as he continues kissing my whole body. My face, my neck, my breasts & down to my stomach. Finally he reaches my pussy, and starts flicking his tongue Etlik Escort against my clit, and then pushes his whole tongue inside me. Oh God, that feels incredible! It doesn’t take long for me to cum, as I moan in ecstasy.

I hear him chuckling at my pleasure – it’s a deep, rich laugh, and I smile up at him. I turn my attention to him now, slipping off his t-shirt, and running my hands along his shoulders and biceps. I manage to undo his belt-buckle and jeans while he begins kissing me again, our tongues exploring each other. His cock finally springs free of his boxers – it must be 8″ long… 🙂

I start running my hand up and down the shaft, and he moans his approval. He’s hard as a rock, and I know that he can’t last much longer. I slide down, and start licking the head. He starts groaning, and begs me to take all of him, which I do. I manage to suck all of him as I use my tongue to lick up & down… Suddenly, he pulls away from me, turns me back over onto my back, and with one thrust, slides his whole cock inside my dripping pussy.

God, his cock feels good. My arms are wrapped around his strong shoulders, and we buck wildly against each other for what seems like forever. His hard cock is pounding against my G-spot, and I’m surprised that he hasn’t cum yet. I’m cumming almost continuously now, and I’m beginning to squirt. He cums with me finally, his creamy load squirting deep inside me.

He collapses on top of me, and we cling to each other, totally spent.

“So,” he finally says after we catch our breath, “Do you live around here?” I look into his eyes, and just smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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