The Travel West

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I rode into Independence Mo. in the very early Spring of 1868 knowing wagon trains would be forming to make the trip west. I was looking to guide and hunt for one. Cap Watson was making one up as I rode in and he saw me and came right over and shook hands with me. Watson was a man I didn’t care for personally. He has some tendencies with women I had seen I didn’t care for. I had been over the trail many more times than he had and he knew he wanted me on this trip with him.

Now Captain Watson didn’t care much more for me than I did him. But we had been over the trail together twice and I had saved his ass both times. I hate to say it but as always some men should not go west and they usually take wife and or family when they go. On both trips I had been on with him men had died and left a wife. Watson had taken charge of the young wife in both cases. In a few days the young helpless wife felt the obligation to him and he took advantage of them on the trip. I had heard in both cases the young women had ended up in saloons working in the brothels.

Watson was a crass heavy set man broad shouldered and barrel chested. Very important and over baring. I didn’t approve of his treatment of either of the women as I felt he had taken advantage of them both. Within a few days of each of their husbands deaths he had moved into each woman’s bed. His was the only train forming at this early date so I finally agreed to sign on.

We left out as early that spring as he felt we dared. As I rode the first few weeks with the train I began to learn the people with it. Several young husbands and wives some with children and some not. I tried to introduce myself when I could. I was pleased there were only two single ladies on the train.

Sometimes they could cause many more problems that they were worth. The first was an 18 year old , but with her mother and father and 4 younger siblings. The young lady was estranged from her husband. It was said he was a drinker and was mean to her. The second was a widow woman of maybe thirty. She had her own wagon with a driver and a colored servant.

We were out nearly six weeks when it happened. A couple of the men from the train didn’t come back from hunting. I had crossed a trail of a few Indians while I was out and they were in line with the direction of the men hunting. Both were married men with families. I trailed them out and was as careful as a young doe in rut.

They went farther than the should have and were not in the wild long enough to have been alone. I found them staked out on a side hill. They caught them and staked them alive. They were stripped naked and both were castrated. They had died hard. I covered one with my slicer and the other with my bed roll. I went back and we brought a wagon out to fetch the bodies back to camp.

The wives and friends cleaned their bodies up and we serviced them and planted them beside the trail. We moved on the next morning. I saw Watson at both wagons the next night talking to the widows.

The widow Calhoon was maybe 24 with three little kids. A slim blonde woman on the thin side but pretty. She looked scared. The Grady Widow was a beautiful woman. Maybe 27 and with two preteen or early teen daughters. Full red hair and a body. I had tried not to pay much attention to Eileen Grady from the start. She did things to a man.

I was trying to stay very busy the next few days. The fourth night I rode Alanya Escort in and put my horse up, It was getting late but I wanted to slip by both of the widows wagons before I turned in. As I rounded the widow Calhoon’s wagon I could heard Watson talking to her.

“You are going to need more and more help and I am the one to help you. But you need to help me back.”

I could see the young woman in the fire light.

“Mr. Watson do you mean the help I think you mean?”

“Yes, Mrs. Calhoon that is exactly what I mean.”

“We need to be quiet if we can.”

With that the young woman reached down and took the bottom of her dress and pulled it up over her head. She was completely naked and stood proudly before him. He quickly stripped his clothes off and reached for her. He took her to the grass beside the fire and as she spread herself for him he entered her. I heard her breath intake as he pushed himself deeper. She moaned and her legs came up around him.

I slipped off and left him to his enjoying her and from her actions her of him. The next night about the same time I saw her welcome him to her bed on the grass next to her wagon. She was nude when he got there waiting for him. And the next three nights following he joined her as she waited.

I rode in a bit later the next night and found her standing nude beside her wagon but she turned and pulled her dress back over her head and got into her wagon. I slipped around to the outside of Mrs. Grady’s wagon and I could her them talking. I leaned around so I could see them past her wagon. They sat on a log near the fire. Both fully dressed.

“You are going to need my help Mrs. Grady, and as we move farther west you’ll need it more and more. I am not asking much from you my Dear. Some simple understanding is all.”

“The same understanding that Jenny Calhoon is giving you Mr. Watson is that what you are wanting from me?”

“Yes, my Dear, I think we understand each other.”

“So with this simple understanding you’ll help me get to where we are going? But Mr. Watson this simple understanding might get me help from any number of men on this train couldn’t it?”

“Oh please call me Chester. There are not many unmarried men on the wagon train my Dear and we could not let any married men help you under these conditions. It could cause trouble we can’t chance.”

“There are a few men who are single men Chester. Who might be of help?”

“I can think of no one who can help you the way I can Eileen.”

“You don’t think Borden Higher would help me?”

“The man is simply our hunter and scout for this trip Mam.”

“So you are saying I could not hire him to take me on from here.”

“Nope I won’t allow it.”

“Do you really think you could prevent it?”

“Just think about doing it my way Eileen it will be much easier.”

“Give me a couple days to think it over Chester?”

The next night he was back at Jenny Calhoon’s wagon and she was naked for him. I saw young Jim Hall the next morning as I saddled up.

“Mr. Higher could I ride out with you this morning?”

“Sure Jim are you ready?”

We rode on up the trail to see if we could find game. We crossed the trail of three unshod ponies a few miles west and I stopped to study them. One horse was track I had seen near where they had killed the two men from our wagon train. I told Jim this pony has been at the place Alanya Escort Bayan where the two husbands had been killed. I told him of the castration of the men. I then ask if he had given any thoughts to the widow Calhoon?

“What do you mean Sir?”

“Well Jim do you find Jenny Calhoon of interest?”

“Well Sir, she wouldn’t be interested in me.”

“And why would you think she would not find you of interest Jim?”

“Well what would a beautiful young woman see in me?”

“She needs help Jim, And she needs it badly. Bad enough she is fucking that worthless bastard Chester Watson.”

“You are Kidding?”

“Now she needs a good man Jim, not a jack leg son a bitch like him. He will dump her off in a saloon at the end of the trail.”

“No sir I would care for her and her three kids like they’s my own if she’d have me.”

“I’ll speak to her for you Jim if you’d like? That Cap Watson will raise some hell Jim so you watch him. He is not going to give her pussy up easily and remember he has a very sharp Bowie in his boot.”

We saw no more sign of the Indians trail as we rode on. Later I shot two deer down by a creek we would camp at that night so we cleaned the deer and waited for the wagon train to come to us. Young Jim quietly talked about Jenny Calhoon and how pretty he thought she was. Jim was 19 and Jenny 24. they would make a very nice couple.

As we passed out the meat I was sure to ride by Jenny Calhoon’s wagon. As I handed her a bundle of the meat for her and the kids i said something to her.

“Mrs. Calhoon young Jim Hall hunted with me today and I want to tell you he had mighty nice things to say about you. He is quite taken.”

“Why would a handsome young man like him be interested in a woman with three little kids?”

“Why not Mam you are a fine looking woman too fine to end up in a saloon down the trail.”

“Oh my God has Mr. Watson talked of me?”

“No Jenny but I know of two women he has taken advantage of who have ended up there. And I am sure he has told you that is what you should do too.”

“You have seen me naked for him?”

“Yes, I have.”

“So you believe young Jim will want me?”

“Yes, and he won’t ask for sex to help you.”

“Oh, it will be such a wonderful change to enjoy a man like Jim compared to him.”

“Would you like for me to send young Jim over now?”

Jenny Calhoon swiftly pull her dress off over her head and stood nude

before me.

“Borden could I work in a saloon?”

“Jenny, you would be perfect in a saloon.”

“Would you buy me there, Borden?”

“You know I would Jenny.”

“I want it , to be men’s pleasure. But my children need a father, no a whore mother.”

“Jenny I believe you can have both. Jim ask if I had seen Chester fuck you. I told him I have. He said he would like to watch you doing him. Let him watch you and Chester? If he likes it? You could see if he will let you do it?”

I sent Jim over to her wagon. I move quietly over to the outside of Eileen Grady’s wagon. I could hear her and Watson talking. I moved around so I could see them standing by her fire.

“So have you decided to let me help you move on west with us?”

“Yes, Chester I want your help as we go on.”

As I watched she calmly untied the robe she wore opened it and slid it back off her shoulders and let it drop to the ground. She stood there Escort Alanya in the fire light in all of her beauty. Big round high set breasts with hard high points and round full hips that curved into the valley that held promises of joy for him that he hadn’t found any where as fine yet.

His mouth came down over one of her high set nipples and she threw her head back in passion as her sucked on her breast. She welcomed him completely as he took her. As I started to slip away I heard her whisper to him.

“Yes, Chester make me your whore.”

As I moved away from their love making I had to smile slightly. I suspected Chester was going to try to keep this one for his self for a while.

I rode out early the next morning before daylight to scout our best route and looking for fresh meat for the train. I brought three deer to our next camp and dressed them out. They were hanging there for them when the came in to camp. I came in much later. After I had taken care of my horse I slipped by Jenny’s wagon and found Jim there with her, and I crossed to Eileen’s and found Chester fucking her on the ground near her wagon.

The next few days were the same thing Young Jim was with Jenny and Chester with Eileen. And I and my horse. The two couples actually were very nearly perfect together. Jim and Jenny made a very nice couple. Even though Jenny had the desire to work in a brothel. And Chester was working hard to make Eileen into a whore for his brothel at trails end and she knew it.

A few days later I came in to find Chester fucking Jenny and Young Jim watching them. I walked over to the Grady wagon to find Eileen sitting on a log beside the fire in her robe. She greeted me as I walked up.

“So Mr. Higher I find myself alone tonight.”

“Yes, I see you are.”

“Did you come by to stand in for him Borden?”

“No Eileen I would never stand in for that tub of shit. If you desire the life he will give you I would let you work for him as I am on the trail a lot. But I will make an honest woman out of you if you choose to be mine?”

“And what would Chester think of that, he thinks he wants me.”

“I don’t really give a shit what he thinks about it you will make your own choices.”

“I never expected you to offer to make me your wife, is that your offer?”

“It is woman, you are a very beautiful woman and one easily fallen in love with.”

“And will we fall in love?”

“Well I hope to.”

She opened her robe and let it fall and we began to see. She lay in my arms and we talked.

“So am I now yours Borden?”

“Is that what you want Eileen?”

“I am flattered at your offer of marriage and I accept it. But I would be interested in keeping up my situation with Chester if I could?”

“Honey I have no problem with you doing that.”

“You really don’t mind if I continue to fuck Chester?”

“Well his cock isn’t as nice as your but he still has a nice cock and I enjoy him.”

“So do you have lots of cocks to compare us to?”

“Chester was only your second lover?”

“Yes, and you are my third. I will marry you. But I think I want Chester to make me a prostitute are you ok with that?”

“Yes if you want that?”

“So are you ok to let him have me for now?”

“Yes Dear I am fine with that.”

When he came in from hunting the next night he checked on the women. He found young Jim with Jenny and when he went to the Grady wagon Chester was very busy fucking Eileen.

Over the next two months that is pretty much the routine that went on. Both women had decide they were comfortable working in Chester’s saloon once they reached California. But wanted to marry Jim and I for back up.

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