The Trio

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(I have to thank my editor Tinkz for her work on this story… Please enjoy your read and I do hope you like it, it was an odd topic for me to write about and had to have several conversations with a dear friend of mine her only condition in helping me was to remain nameless. Both she and her partner have read this and with a knowing smile have figured out which one is which in this story.)

Joe had told Misha one day they were blessed. That remark had been greeted with some disdain on her part. He understood now of course; but when they were younger and growing up together, Joe didn’t know then there was actually a difference between them. Other than Misha was a girl of course, and in his eyes, a stunning one at that. It was as they grew, they discovered that geography counted. To them, where they lived meant little, if anything. It was just a route taken, to get to each other on the weekends and school breaks.

But as the years past and their friendship grew into a strong bond, they were both brave enough to admit it to each other… love. It was about that time the words “trailer trash” came into use around them. Both of them were born at a time when they were told all men were created equal, just as long as they lived in a house with a picket fence rather than a trailer park. To Misha it was home, a community. Amongst dear friends that looked out for each other and where you could walk at night and never be afraid of the shadows.

Misha was proud of the label trailer trash. They had more going for them than house dwellers ever had. It was halfway through the semester term, when a new girl came to their school. Becky Marshal. Misha took one look at her as they passed each other in the hall and mumbled the words ‘Barbie doll’. It was the bloodiest fight between two girls in the schools history, yet that day there were also two winners. Out of that cat fight, there was a form of mutual respect between them. Once the bruising and swelling had gone down of course.

Not once in the rest of the time at school were the words trailer trash ever mentioned again around Misha, and both girls actually became good friends. Now, Joe had two women to look out for. Well, it was more a part time job if anything. Both girls had tried out for the cheerleader team. Becky got in, Misha didn’t. On hearing the news, Becky refused the invitation and stuck by Misha and the bond between them grew. With the coming of summer all three were now inseparable.

Becky and Misha teased Joe terribly, and he loved looking out for them both. An odd trio indeed, with the passing of the years it was at Becky’s parents insistence that she went to a college six hundred miles away. Misha and Joe stayed local. The communications network between them all became very ingenious and six hundred miles just seemed up the road to them, with college and summer breaks, Becky refused her parents wishes and continued to be part of the trio.

Misha’s nineteenth birthday was looming. Becky had called Joe and told him what she wanted to give Becky for her birthday. There was a silence on the phone. At one point, she asked if he was still there. Joe asked her if going to a college that far away had done something to her head. It took her two days of phone calls to get him to agree to help with her present. Threatening at one stage to leave college and come to see Joe in person.

It was Misha’s wish that her birthday was just a family barbeque. The families agreed, and left it at that. Everyone expected to see Becky at the party. She called and let Misha know that she was held up in college, so couldn’t make it. Misha put a brave face on it and both families rallied around; the sun had even made a guest appearance. Joe could tell she missed Becky not being there, and felt guilty that he had such a secret from her. Deceiving her was new ground for him and he didn’t like it.

Joe let both parents know that he was taking Misha for a drive and would be back late. She quizzed him at length about where they were going. Joe stuck to his promise to Becky and kept tight lipped. After a half hour drive, they pulled into a motel outside town. He opened the car door for her and walked to room twenty seven, knocked once and opened the door. Misha looked at him shrugged her shoulders and entered the room.

As soon as the door was closed a light came on by the bedside, Becky was laying on the bed naked as the day she was born. Both girls looked at each other smiled and nodded.

Then Becky said, “There has been a change of plan Joe,”

Joe looked at Becky. Seeing her naked was nothing new to him, all three had spent all their summers’ skinny dipping up at Anders creek. They had grown up seeing the transformation puberty had done to their bodies. All three of them were comfortable around each other naked. He wasn’t sure why she was naked now though. Then he noticed Misha getting undressed and then lay next to Becky.

Misha answered Joe’s questioning look “I’m pleased you can keep such a secret Joe. You see I talked ulus escort to Becky and it turns out we both want the same thing for our birthday, so your going to help us. We’re all virgins here Joe, we want this night to be ours and we want all three of us to lose our virginity to each other.”

They had often spoken about this, but they had done so as the trio. Joe sat on the end of the bed, not sure what to say, both girls came across the bed and sat with him; Becky leaned in and kissed his cheek.

Then said, “The thing is Joe, we know we said there was no rush to lose our virginity. Misha agrees with me, but we want the one person who matters to both of us to be involved. You see we both love you dearly and we both know you feel the same way about us as well. Make love to us Joe, make us women and we will make you a man.”

He looked at Misha, she nodded and said, “Were both on the pill Joe, and have been for some months. We want and need you. We’re the trio. Everything together.”


Joe was nervous, he had dreamed of this day of course but now that it was here, his mind was a complete blank. He had in front of him every man’s dream. Two women that wanted sex with him and his penis gave him away. Both the girls noticed and had smiles on their faces, as they pulled Joe onto the bed and stripped him. Becky had already decided that since it was Misha’s birthday. She was going first, so she pushed her onto her back. As she fell giggling onto the bed, it seemed to break any tension that was left in the room. Becky took up position by Misha’s head and held her best friends hand.

The longer she looked into the deep blue of Misha’s eyes, the warmer her pussy became. Her skin started to tingle; she heard her heart beat loud in her ears. Becky was feeling a little giddy. She again looked into Misha’s eyes. There was something there, a lust of the moment, a need perhaps. Becky had never thought herself a lesbian, in fact she steered clear of that scene in her college. But she suddenly had this overwhelming urge to kiss her. Becky leaned down. Misha’s eyes had never left Becky’s face. Both girls were now seeing the true and undeniable lust that now fed off the moments to come. Misha’s other hand now moved behind Becky’s head pulling her towards her waiting lips.

Joe watched for a few seconds at what the girls were doing, his penis now rock solid. He had now positioned himself between Misha’s legs and was gently kissing his way down her stomach, and stopped momentarily at her pubic bone. Even her distraction with Becky, Misha noticed the pause and was having none of it. All three had come this far. Tonight was the night when those unanswered questions, the half glimpses, and the longer than needed touches between them were all finally going to be answered. Gently she lifted her hips so her pubic bone again connected with Joe’s lips.

He got the message and continued to kiss her. She felt so warm and smelled so sexy. He thought it impossible, but could his cock have gotten any harder? This woman he had loved from the age of ten was finally his. He tried so hard to be patient and not spoil things for them all. Slowly, he parted her labia, and a small trickle of clear liquid freely ran past his fingers. He gently blew into the space. Misha tensed and softly moaned. Joe needed to taste her. He ran his tongue into the gap he had formed with his fingers; again she went rigid and moaned. Suddenly, he felt her hand on his head. Misha now had a hand full of his hair and was pulling his head up.

“I’ve waited years for this; I need you in me now. We can enjoy each other later. Just give it to me, please Joe, please.” The hoarseness of her voice just added more to her beauty.

Her words touched Joe deeply. He placed both her legs onto his shoulders and raised himself to his knees. Holding her hips, he pushed his cock up against her pussy lips and rubbed, up and down in a gyrating rhythm for a few seconds, causing Misha to growl “Pleeasee” Finally, Joe slightly pushed against her lips. They parted causing more of her juices to ooze from her as Misha tried to push herself down on him. She was getting impatient and frustrated. Misha could feel him, her pussy lips sending shock waves up her body as they parted ever so slightly and stayed open. The head of his cock was now soaked with her juices ready for that journey into her womanhood. Slowly he pushed into her tight vagina, going all the way into her hot, deep channel.

Misha broke their kiss with Becky again, looked into her eyes and said. “Oh fuck, this was worth the wait. You need this, we both need this, everything together Becky.”

Becky felt her chest go warm, then her neck and finally her face. The warmth between her legs was increasing now. Becky felt a slight tickling sensation run down her inner thigh. She placed her hand there and felt its dampness. Becky held her hand out towards Misha so she could also see. Her hand was wet and glistened in yenimahalle escort the rooms light. She could smell her sweet musk, and her cheeks burned her face as Misha then ran the tip of her tongue along one part of her hand. Becky felt her insides do a tumble. When she looked down, she began to watch silently what Misha was doing, her body moving with Joe’s thrusts into her. Lovingly, she held her hand over Misha’s mouth and watched as she then licked it clean.

Becky’s other hand had now roamed Misha’s body, stopping at her pubic bone, and her fingers finding Misha’s clit and gently rubbing it. Misha’s body continued to move with Joe’s gentle thrust, her small breast seemed to catch Becky’s attention now, her nipples the size of the tip of her little finger and incredibly hard. Becky lowered her head to Misha’s breast and clamped her teeth onto one of her nipples. Becky heard Misha suck in air, and lightly whimper at the stabs of pain and pleasure coursing through her when Becky gently bit then sucked hard on her nipple.

The whole scene in front of Joe was so erotic. Now, holding Misha’s hips and with one final thrust as deep into her as he could go, he came. Hard. Misha followed with such a screaming orgasm that Becky had to clamp her hand over her mouth so the noise didn’t get them all thrown out of the motel. Joe tried so hard to force as much of himself into Misha that night, he had given her everything of himself, he just wished there was more to give.

Reluctantly Joe slipped out of Misha’s panting body. Becky knew she had to act quickly. Misha in her state was of little use at the moment, so she pushed Joe onto the bed, sat across him and with a smile on her face lowered her breast to his lips. Joe sucked greedily on her hard, sensitive nipple and let his hand roam to the other one running it between finger and thumb. Lights played across her eyes at that moment, her breathing became erratic. Becky’s pussy felt so warm now.

So many sensations were coursing through her entire body. Part of her wanted to put her hand between her legs, to help relieve her state of arousal. Suddenly Joe groaned. Becky looked behind her. Misha had Joe in her mouth and was bringing his cock back to life again. She winked at Becky who wanted so much to close her eyes now and let her mind take in all that was going on, but she was transfixed on Misha. Misha had raised her arm and in a slow arc had now slapped Becky’s ass, the tingle from that sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body, her hand didn’t stop there, and it slowly worked its way down the crack of her ass.

Stopping momentarily at her hole, Misha pushed a finger into it. Becky’s body shocked her as it instinctively tried to lower itself onto Misha finger. Becky had difficulty breathing now. She knew her own orgasm was close. She raised herself away from Joe and lowered herself down his body. Misha lifted her head from Joe’s now hard penis and guided it into Becky’s pussy. Misha released his manhood at the last second. Before Becky devoured all of him in one go. Becky stood no chance now, she had to close her eyes.

She finally had Joe inside her and it felt so wonderful. Her vaginal walls were clamping tightly on his manhood, the warmth of him inside her felt so good. Becky felt her orgasm build inside of her and she felt cheated. She wanted this feeling to last so much longer. The heat of his body was nestled so tightly against her moist pussy lips, and then radiated through her body, her nipples felt so much harder than before. She wanted Joe to bite them again, to feel his teeth pull them; tease them, to hurt them.

Becky tried to speak, to make Joe understand and help relieve her need. But there was no voice in her, just the pounding in her ears, and the feeling of her heart wanting to explode out of her chest. Her breathing quickened as she tried so desperately to fend off her own orgasm. If anyone in that room was capable of reading her mind that night it must have been Misha. Becky was on the verge of surrendering to her orgasm now, when she felt another stinging slap on her ass.

That distraction made Becky open her eyes and caused her mind to grab back some semblance of control over her body. A mini orgasm took her for a second, before she could keep her control. Again, her new found lubrication was adding yet more pleasure as she would raise herself up from Joe and then slowly, tenderly lower herself back down on him. That glorious feeling as Joe’s manhood pushed into her, parting her vaginal walls, prying them apart, reaching those places that she knew were finally his, that friction adding to Becky’s immense joy.

A moan escaped her lips. “If this is heaven I want a one way ticket.” she managed to say.

Joe held her shoulders and twisted on the bed, Becky was now on her back her legs instinctively locked around Joe as he pounded into her as hard as he could. Becky’s body screamed with pleasure, yet her mind wanted her, needed her to do something else, she was distracted now. At a moment when her orgasm should be hers, it was denied because her mind refused to process what was going on in front of her. Then she noticed what her mind had been telling her for so long now, yet she had chosen to ignore.

There was a drip, drop on her forehead. She opened her eyes, and to her surprise, Misha had straddled her face and had a mischievous smile. Misha and Joe’s cum were leaking from her pussy. Becky’s mind had totally short circuited now and she leaned her head back and opened her mouth wide, as Misha held her pussy lips open and the shared cum now dribbled into Becky’s mouth. That was it for Joe, no way was he able to hold back any longer after seeing what the girls were doing and for the second time that night, came deep into someone he loved, sending Becky bucking and screaming into her own orgasm.


For the next hour all three either sat or lay naked on the bed. This was new ground for them and some frank talking was heard then. Joe wanted to know why neither of the girls bled. He was relieved of course, but shocked when Becky told him that both had lost there hymen at school through so much track and field. It was Misha who pointed out that the vibrators they both used had played a part in that as well. It was then Becky and Misha noticed a strange look on Joe’s face, one of confusion and perhaps hurt.

“Oh come on Joe, I dare you to tell us both that you don’t masturbate, and when you do who do you think about when you do it? Replied Becky, as matter of factually.

Joe knew he had cornered himself and shyly said. “Yes I do and I can only think of you two when I do it.”

It was Misha’s who said. “Well now you know who both of us think about when we use our vibrators, but since we have the real thing now, I think we can put them away for awhile. This isn’t over for us, if anything it’s the beginning. We’re the trio, everything together. Plus, we have yet to tell our parents.”

Misha was right, everything together. They all knew now what this bond was between them. Without realizing it, they had moved from being great friends. All three of them genuinely loved each other a great deal. Not divided, but on equal terms all three loved each other so very deeply now, and this night together just reaffirmed it to each of them. Both Joe and Misha left Becky at the motel to rest before she went back to college.

Joe took Misha back home they kissed goodnight. This was now going to be the difficult time for them. Becky returned to college and although Joe and Misha continued to see each other, not once did they have sex again. Both made their promise to Becky that their next time was going to be when she returned on another break. All three maintained a degree of normalcy. In the summer, they continued to skinny dip at Anders creek. What made it more fun now was the getting out and drying each other off.

Becky’s college graduated a day later than Joe and Misha’s own. With their parents’ permission, they took the car and drove straight from their graduation to Becky’s college. Becky made them a reservation in one of the motels and just managed to get to her own graduation the next morning. Some of her classmates noticed she spent a lot of time yawning through the speeches. +++++++

They had lain naked most of the evening on the couch. On occasions Joe would cup a breast, even feel her nipple swell in the palm of his hand; or Misha would hold his penis. There was nothing sexual about it; they just enjoyed the touch of each other’s skin. The warmth of their bodies as they laid there talking about everything and nothing. Joe got up and held out his hand. Misha smiled and he could see the warmth in her eyes as she took it, they walked to the bedroom.

Joe sat on the bed and Misha told him to move onto the middle. She stood on the bed towering over him, her hairless pussy inches from his face; he could smell her musk as he placed his hand between her legs and felt the warmth. Running the tips of his fingers along her now moistening lips, he could hear her give out a small moan as he continued running his fingers along her slit. She placed her hands on his shoulders as support. He could tell she was losing herself in the moment and couldn’t trust her legs to keep her upright.

In one movement he stopped and buried two fingers deep into her, she let out a squeal as her legs started to buckle. Joe half withdrew his fingers and did it again. From somewhere, she found renewed strength and supported herself with his shoulders and managed to stay upright. She wanted more and wouldn’t move from there until she got it. He felt it was will power and will power alone that was keeping her upright. He added another finger into her vagina, using the tips again he felt along the inside of her vaginal wall.

It was smooth, warm and wet to the touch as they continued. Joe felt deep inside her and felt Misha lower herself onto his fingers trying to make him go deeper. His fingers traveled to the back of her vagina and he twisted his fingers slightly, so that he could explore her. Joe looked up and saw that Misha had her eyes closed and she was biting her bottom lip. The sweat was noticeable on her forehead, he knew she was lost in the moment.

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