The Truth About Sarah

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The warmth of September’s sun was bathing over the lawn and buildings of the beautiful campus. School was back in session and the campus was busier than usual with everyone moving back in. Tom was excited to be back in school. He had worked all summer as a lifeguard where he met his girlfriend. Sarah was a beautiful girl, she stood at 5’5, had long, straight, dirty blonde hair. She had medium sized breasts which looked perfect on her skinny body, and she had a cute round ass to match. Tom had met Sarah while he was life guarding. He would get bored just supervising people so to kill time he would try to flirt with the hot girls that would walk by.

Tom wasn’t a bad looking guy, but even though the girls found him cute he never really got lucky, besides small talk and unfortunately never got any numbers, until he met Sarah. Before he actually spoke to her he had seen her around multiple times with different guys. He never paid much attention to her but sometimes at a glance he would notice some of these guys would slap or grab her ass, they would pull her onto their laps, and a couple of times he saw her laying on top of guys on the lounge chairs making out with them. He could tell that she liked to get around, he would only see her with the same guy a few times then she would show up one day with a new one and engage in the same playful activities with them too. He really didn’t care, he thought she was one of the hottest girls he’s ever seen and he didn’t mind checking her out and seeing her with other guys wishing it was him in their place. His chance came when she showed up one day in the skimpiest bikini.

Everyone’s heads were turning that day. No matter whom you were, you couldn’t help but to take a second glance at what Sarah was wearing. Husbands checked her out in front of their wives; wives would take seconds looks and be either disgusted or feel jealous of the attention she was getting. Tom was also captivated by how she looked that day. At that moment he didn’t care how many guys he saw her with; he just wanted to fuck her. He got the courage to say something to her and they hit it off great. The sex with her was always great and eventually Tom had forgotten about all the guys he saw her with and asked her to be exclusive. She was hesitant at first but she agreed and Tom decided to transfer to her school so they could be together.

Tom was moving into his new apartment at his new school and was excited to see Sarah. She had to leave to go back to school early because she was taking extra credits, and Tom had to wait a month before his life guarding job was over. They would talk on the phone all the time and to compensate for the lack of sex they would have erotic talks on the phone all the time and they would both masturbate. Since Tom transferred he didn’t know anyone at Sarah’s school, so he was worried about getting put to live with a random but luckily for him Sarah said she knew someone who had an extra room in their apartment so at least he could live with someone Sarah knew. His name was John, and Sarah spoke so highly of him and seemed to really push Tom to live with him. He hadn’t met him yet but he was excited to meet Sarah’s good friend and new roommate. He and Sarah seemed really close, and the idea of taking the extra credit class was John’s idea. He was taking the class and convinced Sarah to take it, to Tom’s disappointment. He knew he was going to be with her all the time in school but he was so in love with her he didn’t want to leave her side for any amount of time.

Sarah said she would be waiting for him in his apartment with John and she insisted he call her at least 20 minutes before coming up so she could clean up. He found it odd that she would need so much time but he didn’t pay it too much mind. Their sex would always be so good. Sarah was a fox, she couldn’t get enough sex. On his days off during the summer she would prefer to stay in and fuck all day. At times he found it hard to keep up with her but she would always assure him that he was amazing at sex. Tom was driving up and he called up Sarah like she asked and put her on speaker while he was driving.

“Hey love, I’m calling you like you asked, I really can’t wait to see you. What are you up to?” Tom said excitingly.

“Hey there, I’m hanging out…mmm…with John lo-uhh-ve.” Sarah said sound flustered and occupied.

“Are you okay?” Tom asked curiously as he heard what sounded like a guy’s deep moan on the other side of the line as Sarah spoke to him.

“Yeah baby, John and I are ohhm, just working out. Were about to wrap up so I’ll see you when you mmm get here, Bye.” Sarah responded as she instantly hung up without waiting to hear what else Tom had to say.

Tom didn’t mind. It wasn’t the first time he would call and Sarah and John would be working out. Every time it happened she sounded flustered and out of breath and would hang up instantly. He just took it as Sarah being really into working out; after all in order for her to keep her sexy body she definitely needed to stay in shape.

20 Alanya Escort minutes later Tom finally pulled up to a parking spot and grabbed his suite case and went up to his apartment. When he unlocked the door Sarah jumped up and gave him the biggest hug. He instantly got hard feeling her big boobs press against his chest, he couldn’t wait to tear her clothes off and fuck her.

“Baby I’m so happy to see you, before we do anything, this is John.” Sarah said as introduced her boyfriend to the muscular guy sitting on the couch.

“Sarah has told me so much about you, were really close so I’m glad I’m finally meeting her boyfriend.” John said in a deep tone as he gripped Toms hand for a handshake. As he shook his hand Tom noticed that the veins in his forearm were popping from how big his muscles were.

Tom couldn’t help to notice that his new roommate had quite the body. He was only wearing a tank top and his arms were noticeably big and his pecs were pretty defined through the shirt too. He took his eyes off him and turned to Sarah. She looked so hot; she was wearing tight jean shorts exposing her long toned and tan legs, a purple low cut tank top that showed her perfect creamy cleavage. He could see her black bra straps too and was so excited to see what under wear she was wearing.

“I’m so exhausted; I really want to just lie down for a while before I start unpacking.” Tom said to Sarah.

“I’m going to go off to the gym, so I’ll catch you guys later. Nice meeting you Tom, hope you two behave.” John giggled and as he walked out he gave Sarah a quick slap on the ass. Tom paid no mind, he knew the two were close and thought it was just a friendly gesture.

“Hahaha he’s so funny, you two will get along great.” Sarah said to Tom. “Let’s go lay down babe.” She said as she led him to his room.

They put the sheets on the bed and both laid down. Tom was so horny, it had been a month since he last fucked his girlfriend and he didn’t want to waste time. He got on top of her and tried to make out with her but she pushed him off to his surprise.

“Baby I’m tired from my work out, let’s wait we have all semester to have sex.” She said.

Tom was surprised because she was always so horny, he still tried to make out with her and she actually went along with it this time. They started to kiss faster and hotter and he moved his hands up her thighs towards her pussy that he missed so much. She pushed his hand away but he insisted and got his fingers into her pussy through the leg opening of her jean shorts, he noticed that she was unusually wet. He knew she would get really wet when horny but this time the wetness in her pussy was too thick and she felt a little too loose. He pulled his fingers out and looked at his fingers and noticed something strangely familiar about the substance. He had fingered her enough times to know it wasn’t just pussy juice and he had fingered her after Cumming in her enough times to know that it was definitely cum that was mixed around with her juices around his fingers. He felt his heart sink and couldn’t believe that his girlfriend had cum in her, some one else’s cum inside the girl he was so in love with. Sarah noticed the look in his eyes as he was staring at his hands, and she knew he had figured it out.

“Tom…” Sarah said, not know what else to say she was caught with another mans seed inside of her pussy and it was all over her boyfriend’s hands.

“WHAT THE FUCK SARAH….OH MY GOD!!!.” Tom finally put the pieces together in his head. Every time he called and Sarah claimed she was working out with John she was probably getting fucked by him.

“Have you and John….” Tom said but he couldn’t bring himself to finish the sentence. He couldn’t bear the thought of his beautiful girlfriend getting railed by his muscular roommate.

“Yes, Tom, I’m so sorry, I’m so in love with you but I was just so horny without you, I still love you so much.” Sarah said to him as he got up and stormed out.

“I’m going to a hotel tonight, I need to think about what just happened, I love you but this is too much for me.” Tom said as he ran out his new apartment slamming the door.

Tom walked off and got into his car to think about what just happened. He couldn’t get the image out of his perfect girlfriend fucking John. He imagined it so vividly. He imagined someone as muscular and big as John must have a huge dick, and he pictured his girlfriend on her knees sucking him off and John grabbing her blonde hair and fucking her face. He also imagined John squeezing her huge tits with the same firm grip he shook his hand with. But the worst image was of John pounding his cock into his girlfriend and cumming deep inside of her. The more he thought about it the more he realized that it was actually getting him hard. He started to imagine his girlfriend moaning loudly, getting picked up by John and getting soaking wet. He loved seeing her wet and hearing her moan and he also pictured her riding her friend’s dick and her perfect tits bouncing Alanya Escort Bayan up and down. He was instantly hard as a rock and he couldn’t help but to start slowly jerking off and eventually he was masturbating so hard thinking about his girlfriend’s infidelity. He came so hard all over his hands; he couldn’t believe how good it felt jerking off imagining his girlfriend getting stretched out by some stud.

Part of him wished he could actually see it instead of imagining it. He decided he would talk to Sarah about it and ease into everything, he loved her too much to leave her but besides getting turned on he also felt slightly betrayed. He decided to drive around for a while to make sure he wanted to bring it up to Sarah that her cheating kind of turned him on so he didn’t return to his apartment for another 2 hours. When he went back to his apartment, the TV was turned on loud in the living room and he saw his girlfriend’s shorts and tank top that she was wearing earlier on the floor by the door as well as Johns workout clothes. He couldn’t believe it; she actually fucked him again after he left because she was cheating on him. No one came out so they must have not heard him come in. He suddenly heard her familiar moans coming from John’s room, he walked down the hall and saw that his door was slightly open. Here was his chance to actually see his girlfriend get fucked. He couldn’t believe how soon this chance came and as hurt as he was, he instantly got hard from the thought that he was about to witness his girlfriend getting screwed by this muscle jock. He slowly crept over to the room, and witnessed something that would change his sexual life from here on out.

From the small opening he got a perfect view of what was going on, the bed was also positioned so that he got a side view of the bed and a perfect look at his girlfriend and her friend going at it. The view was so erotic, John was completely naked sitting on the edge of the bed, and his girlfriend was on her knees in front of him bobbing her head back and forth making lewd slurping sounds. All he could see was her perfect round ass and her blonde hair moving back and forth with her head as she was giving John head.

“Oh fuck yeah, you always suck the best dick bitch.” John moaned as the perfect blonde was moving her mouth up and down his long shaft. He then grabbed the back of her head and started to push it lower down pushing his whole entire dick down her throat.

Tom’s jaw dropped as he saw his girlfriend’s head was pushed down this guy’s dick and how she wasn’t even gagging or pulling away. As far as he knew she hated giving head, he would only get it on special occasions like when he took her out to dinner or if he bought her gifts but here she was sucking this stud’s dick like a pro. He couldn’t take his eyes off his girlfriend, he wasn’t sure how big the dick in her mouth was because her head was in the way but he was sure it must have been big by how crazy she was sucking on it.

“Mmmm….slurp slurp ssslurp…mmmmm.” Was all Sarah could say, with her lips wrapped around Johns cock. She loved how aggressive he was and how he pushed her head down and made her deep throat. When she first started sucking his dick she would always gag but from sucking on it every night she got better and now she would take the whole thing down her throat with no problem. She had been with many guys but until John she had never had a dick as big as his in her mouth. She was moving her lips back and forth, moving her tongue around the tip and then taking it deep in her mouth again and then she would move her lips back up and down, feeling the whole entire thing fuck her mouth.

Tom hadn’t noticed at first but his dick was getting harder than he had ever been. He was in shock that seeing his girlfriend on her knees getting her mouth fucked would turn him on so much. He was so hard it was actually starting to hurt, so he pulled down his pants and started jerking off. He was going harder than he had earlier when he was in the car and he couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen with his girlfriend. So many thoughts raced into his head while he was watching the girl he was in love with suck off his future roommate. He wondered if he would cum in her mouth or face. He was curious if they would fuck right there, and how many times they would fuck. He wanted to know what positions they fucked in and how loud he would make her moan. He couldn’t take his eyes off and he knew he was about to cum as her worked himself even faster. He also felt that John was close too because of the way he was arching back and closing his eyes.

“Oh yeah, I’m about to cum bitch, tell me where you want it?” John groaned as he started pushing his cock deeper and faster into Sarah’s mouth.

Tom loved how this stud was degrading his girlfriend by calling her these names. It turned him on even more thinking that the love of his life was someone else’s sex bitch, and that John probably had his way with her all the time. Tom would talk dirty Escort Alanya to her but he never had the same level of dominance as this guy had on his girlfriend right now. He was so close to busting his own nut too and he was hoping for things to get better.

“Mmm, ssssslurp, ahh, cum all over my face , I need it.” Sarah said as she finally took her mouth off his dick and started jerking him off. She positioned herself lower and started jerking him off just as fast and hard as Tom was doing to himself right outside the door. She had completely forgotten about her incident with Tom earlier. When Johns dick was out that’s all she could think of. She loved how John was so tough and dominant, with Tom she would be the one in charge during sex but with John all she had to do was take the dick and she loved it. She felt John’s dick twitch and positioned her face right under his cock and that moment she felt his dick explode and streams of thick cum fall all over her face. She continued to jerk him off as she felt a thick glob cover her left eye, and she moved the dick all over her face. She knew that John’s favorite thing was cumming all over her face and she wanted to get it all over herself. She continued to feel more pump out on her nose now, then her lips and cheeks, and fore head.

“Uhhh yeah that’s right you little slut, take my load all over your pretty face, FUCK I can’t believe how hot you look with my cum all over you, open your mouth like a good whore, I still have a lot left bitch.” John then grabbed his dick as it was still pumping out his seed and put it into Sarah’s mouth and pushed it down her throat. She now felt his warm sticky sperm all over her face and now it was dripping all the way down her throat. It was so thick she felt each big drop get to her stomach and she sucked on his dick even more to get every last drop out. John pulled out of her mouth slapped his dick around her tongue making sure the last few drops got on her tongue. Sarah took his dick in her mouth again slurping it up to make sure it was clean and no cum was wasted. She then swallowed what was left in her mouth and took some off her face and rubbed it all over her tits and took some more into her mouth.

Tom was in disbelief at what he had just witnessed. His girlfriend had just taken this guy’s entire load down her throat and all over her face and by the looks of it her face was completely covered even after she took some off to rub on her tits. She had never swallowed with him let alone take it on her face. His girlfriend looked like the ultimate slut on her knees letting this muscular guy dump his seed all over her face. She had such beautiful features, he loved her perfect eyes, round lips and perfect dimples but seeing her covered in cum from chin to forehead was the prettiest he had ever seen her. The sight was too much to handle and he was so lost in how hard he was cumming he accidentally let out a load groan. Sarah and John both heard it and John quickly went to the door before Tom could move or pull his pants up and as John opened the door he was embarrassed at the position he was caught in.

The whole room was silent for a few seconds but it felt like an eternity. There was Tom standing at the door with his pants down, his dick soft now, and cum all over his hands. Sarah was on her knees completely naked with her hair all messed up, face and tits covered in Johns cum, who stood there naked, with his dick still hard as a rock. None of them could believe what was happening.

“TOM WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!”Sarah exclaimed as she quickly stood up and tried covering her tits, and crossing her legs. She was embarrassed that her boyfriend was catching her in such an indecent position. She was dripping cum from her chin to the floor and her tits were shining from all of John’s spunk. John remained silent, he knew he shouldn’t get involved between the two of them and just stood back. Tom was the most embarrassed out of all of them and he couldn’t say anything, he had no idea what to say and even if he did he was in such a shock he wouldn’t be able to say it anyways.

“OH MY GOD WERE YOU WATCHING US…..AND JERKING OFF?” Sarah yelled surprised as she noticed that Tom’s pants were down and that his hand was still on his semi-erect penis with cum all over it. She couldn’t believe that her boyfriend was actually standing in the door way looking like he had enjoyed the previous scene. She didn’t know how to feel about it and just stood there in shock waiting for an answer.

“Yes…” Tom finally said something and he realized there was no turning back, he could both run off and never see Sarah again or he could tell her how he felt, and what he fantasized about earlier in his car. “I’m sorry for spying but Sarah, I couldn’t help it, and you just looked so beautiful, on your knees completely naked, taking Johns cum all over your face. I thought about it earlier when I left and I realized that this whole situation is extremely hot, I’ve never been as hard as I was when I was watching you a few moments ago. I really love you, and I’ve never been more turned on by you then I am now seeing you covered in his cum.” Tom knew that he had no choice but to admit to his new fantasy, he wasn’t sure how she would react but he was hoping that she wouldn’t be disgusted and throw him out.

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