The “Untouched” Mansion

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I select a pair of tight black jeans, a white tank top and a second cream lace camisole for the top layer. A black G-string and fuck the bra, ah yes, simple black sandals, hair thrown up messily, knowing it will soon be down. Why?

“House party?” my ass, as if you know how to throw a let-loose no holds-barred house party. But play the music and I will use you and your oversized house to meet my selfish desires. As the other women at the party with their Chanel scarves and LV heels and bags and Tahari pant suits or short skirt suits, blouses accentuating their mounds of silicone, and skinny-fat shapeless legs, the result of (fad cookie diets, juicing, kale smoothies and cayenne pepper “cleanses”)…botox-laden, sagging skin, get on a fucking treadmill, spend husband
‘s life insurance at Nieman Marcus, pull up in your C or E-class, GLK, SLK, 3 series, X series, A4s (chic mobiles, cum on) while Big Daddy takes up two spots with his CLS/AMG package or S-class or SL (nice, particularly the classics) (granted, the back seats in the S-series are great for fucking and sucking…I have heard), maybe an AMG package to make up for what’s missing in his own package, Bentleys and fucking Rolls that scream out

“I’m retired and my wife is a frigid bitch who spends all my money at the mall, but she’s 20-30 years younger than I, so she must really want me”

…granted the new Audi R8, gotta love the Shelby GT500 and classic Supercars (Ferraris, Maseratis, Lotuses? Loti? (like you would know your Latin anyway), Lamborghinis, Fiskers, McLarens…ah, arachnid models rock, some Porsches, damn, I’m getting wet even thinking about them) are hot as hell… to look at… more spent on a fucking mode of transportation, new boobs and an ass for your sagging wife, than putting 3 kids through college. I’m gonna park my fucking dinged up Toyota Highlander (yeah I can parallel park in the ice and snow) up your ass and stroll into this party, drink your best liquor and I guarantee I’ll have a more meaningful conversation with your sugar daddy in 5 minutes than you’ve ever had in your lifetime, and he’ll want to fuck me, cuz I’m all real, and I won’t take my fox-like stare from him (for a few minutes to tease), but he will not have me, despite his lechery.

While these “women” and I may be quite similar in age, perhaps they all have a quite few years on me…can’t tell from the heavily-laden green eye-shadow, dyed hair, collagen-puffed bright red lips. I will always love a burger and fries, and I will always look a decade younger than you, you empty-headed, superficial cunts, and I will take my rock hard abs and smooth tight pussy and fuck in every room in your house tonight, as I do not know you, nor do I care to, and you will have cum stains and pussy excretions in unimaginable places for your maids to find.

And I have wanted YOU without respite from the minute I strolled into your hotel room tonight, and I have brought my bag full of toys and we will use each one and everything you desire of me and from me tonight will be yours, and I want nothing more than to feel your carnal urges rise up and take you anywhere you want to go, as long as I am there for the ride. You will take me with you because you want as I do. No one and nothing else exists…

My fingers Anadolu Yakası Escort looped in your loose-fitting jeans, I follow you down the long empty marbled floor and up the gilded swirling staircase; if I let go (which I certainly do not wish to do), my Bombay Sapphire-flooded blood will surely leave me staggering, and you cling to the banister to support us both as JD has now infiltrated your body, and you have places to find and things to do.

Floor 3, room 1:

The music is distant as you push open the last door on the left with a single side thrust of your hip. I have done nothing but tightened my grip on you, so as you lose your balance, I am helpless against my fall for you and on you. It might be a bedroom, it might be an exercise room, but the rug will be fine for now. You quickly peel off my top layers and your black T-shirt as I (and you) simultaneously wriggle from the constraints of our pants’ hold. I just lie on top of you and grind my body into yours and kiss you fully on the mouth, sucking your lips and wandering my tongue as I have yearned to do for so very long….as your strong hands peel the black lace G-string from me and I spread my legs wide to leave a trail of sweet juices from my wet cunt along your body and lingering upon your face. And though I begin to ride you, thrusting my pussy into your groin and feeling your hard shaft within me I utter,

“Oh God”

and grunt with each deepening pulse, yet you have other plans for me right now…and you throw me over onto all fours and ride me bareback until you can feel me clenching you with every fiber of my pelvic floor muscles,

“Don’t Stop, Fuck me Harder,”

I cry out, but you indeed stop and the quaking runs up and down my legs and you watch me for a moment as my body continues to work you, through you are not there. And you smile to yourself and grab my ass in both hands and as you spread me wide, my hips open further and I release as you bury your tongue deep within me; you will hear my ecstatic groans as my loins writhe in rhythm with your motion. And you hand me “purple” and say,

“cum hard for me,”

as you lube up (water-based this time) the light blue rod of increasing-sized balls and slowly allow the first two, then three to float inside my ass. Now you watch as you stroke your also well-lubed cock, admiring the view of my inversely curved body, and occasionally moving the rod from one to two to three and back again as you feel my asshole tighten and release, I am delirious with the sensation and have had to remove the vibrator from my clit to my cunt twice now to prevent the full orgasm to cum yet, though with each motion.

I thrust forward, my pussy dripping at this point, and when I return to my clitoris once more to allow myself to give in to ecstasy, you remove the rod, turn me over again, stick your finger in my ass and put my shaking hand and vibrator to the movement you have watched so many times now, and when you feel I have steadied my trembling hand enough, you drive yourself into me, plumbing for gold, which you soon find as you roar up and spray your load inside my cavernous ocean, purging yourself for now, gratified by the foaming mixture of your cum and my own nectar pulsing from me as you listen to my Bostancı Escort emphatic groans as my heaving hips continue their search for you…

2nd Basement level:

And it emerges…heavily scented by chlorine, we have found our own “cleanse”….throwing our clothes aside and diving in, we find each other surrounded in warm fluid but aroused to the point of no return. In the darkness I cling to you and hold your cock betwixt my legs as close to my cunt as possible, knowing that the chlorinated waters will do nothing but increase unwanted pressures and wash away gliding natural lubricants.

And so for a moment, I linger on your naked body, caressing your neck and head and torso, and intermittently reaching down further to let your cock and scrotum know that I am fully yours. I just melt into you and sink into the watery bath, running your hands on every inch of me, (God i want you)…preparing us for what is still to cum, but knowing that for some reason, you are my insatiable desire, and I will venerate any opportunity to hold you close to me…I know not why, but you have kindled a fire beyond belief, and I will not rest until I am the judge of my own libidinal desires.

I am not often incorrect. And in this fluidity, I clasp my legs around you, wanting you to charge again with raucous cause, in silence it is ours to hold as desire intensifies and cleanliness and arousal is truly undeniable. We find a small shower behind the indoor pool and let the cool fluids pour upon us, washing all important parts intricately, as we know the basics of hygiene etc. cum on… we will be touching everything, thus despite our yearnings, we are cognizant! The pool seems to magnify into a great artistic piece with grand floating silver swans peering at the door which leads to the outside pool…the swans can wait;

we cannot.

Finding the switch to the outside door you release our naked selves into the dark waters that surround us with silver blown-glass. To ourselves we find ourselves interlocked once more….hard cock, and you cannot tell the natural lubricant escaping from me, yet I refuse to let go as my arms tightens round your neck and my loins press against your cock. You cannot leave. Where would you possibly go, and why? And so you thoroughly cleanse my ass and cunt as you spot a marvelous bench hidden between two willow trees. Yes, that is your next destination, and as you pull a bottle of Courvoisier VSOP from your pants pockets, I am most satisfied…

Going down beneath the Weeping Willows:

We walk together through the vast expanse of the “lawns” of the Mansion. Unto the willows we wander and all of a sudden an urge of poetic freedom cums to me; your ubiquity is overwhelming, yet I am putty in your hands to mold. I still know not what brings you pure hedonistic fulfillment, but I am determined to find it. Underneath the weeping willow (ironically appropriate), there is a statue of Buddha and a marble (could be granite?) bench with thick fabric meditation mats below. I find myself yearning to give all I have, without taking far too much.

“Tell me what you want” (I know what I want), as my arching back speaks glorious volumes against the cool smooth stone and I could stay there selfishly forever until you tell Erenköy Escort me (or give me) what you want…beneath the willow, on the bench, asking you to please tell me your desires… as I quickly find myself again with my hands and yours and my hips soaring skyward and my nipples rising to your erotic touch, my tawdry cravings crash hard against feathered fantasy.

“I will give you one more fuck (at least) before you go…and you think carefully about what you crave.”

You, pour the liquid fire into my mouth and then your own.

“Fuck them all,” you utter, as you down the cognac deep into your soul.

You know, I am there beckoning to you, and only you, as my head spins and all I can focus on is what should cum my way, should I be fortunate enough. I tell you to run back to “the party” as you are most certainly the man to be desired, but even you know few at this event, and thus your “absence” is far from notable.

As I begin to shiver from my naked, moist body against the cool hard stone, you generously wrap me in the meditation fabric. And one look in your eyes tells me that you will leave your scent upon this bench and upon this mat and upon me. And one look in my eyes tells you that I will join you with impassioned fury. With another gulp from the smooth crystal bottle, I have found warmth throughout me. And I push you down onto the bench and kneel before you. Your naked body is magnificent and your cock tantalizes me and to it my mouth is drawn. I take all of you and work your glistening shaft with slow and deliberate progress, allowing myself to watch the veins of your dick swell in the traces of my saliva.

When I add my hands and lay you down upon a mat upon the bench, I straddle you backwards so to feel your hands upon my ass, but continue to reach down you with my mouth and hands, occasionally swirling my tongue over your balls and trailing to your asshole, never once leaving your cock without my touch. I can sense that wanton force racing through you and your fight against it is a useless one.

You grab me by the hips and place me (strangely tenderly for you) on the ground again kneeling before you. You kneel in front of me now, dwarfing me with your potency and you allow me the bliss of watching you stroke your stiff cock faster and harder and this view against the moonlit branches and my kneeling on my haunches likely hid the small puddle of my secretions, but you would soon feel them as you trembling say,

“Turn around, I will cum on your ass now.”

And I follow your orders graciously and though still on my knees, sink deeper and wider and lower into the earth below, so you may have full access to me. As you rub your unyielding rod against, but not inside my pussy, you feel the wetness and you slap my ass with your dick and fuck my ass, spreading my cheeks wide, and giving yourself permission to glide between me as you work yourself…and then I hear the guttural moan and I push my ass further to you so that you may cum all over my ass and back, which you do.

You marvel momentarily at the amount and distance of your load before you grab the meditation mat and do your best to “wipe me” clean. You roll up the mat and place it in its original position beneath the bench, beneath the willows. We each help ourselves to one more taste of the hearty complex grapes and you mutter “meditate on this, bitch,” as we stroll off together to our next destination with our clothes in our hands. And then we spot the “guest house” and we are most certainly “guests” tonight…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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