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Chapter 7

By the time a week had passed since we started cutting firewood, we can call ourselves all done. At least that part, because there is still a massive pile of sawdust and bark, because when possible, we tried to remove as much of the bark as possible, since it just creates smoke, is harder on the chimney, and is way better in the gardens.

I”d asked the boys to take care of the cleanup, but warning them on the usage of the chipper, because I really do needta go in and get started on my next project, and really, all four of us don”t need to do that, they”ll have it taken care of themselves in just a couple hours I”m sure.

When I got to my office, I checked my emails, as usual, to find the email from the clients that I”d been waiting for. They”d given me their list of desires, so I”d made a quick sketch of what I thought it would look like, and they finally came back with a list of changes that they”d like, but that it looks nearly perfect. So, I got started on the preliminary plans now. Of course I had other emails to wade through first, including one from Bill, saying he”d received the finalized plans for the house overlooking the ocean, he once again called me crazy, but is looking forward to it. Once more, I worked for about six hours, then went and made lunch, and called everyone in, only Art and Geoff weren”t even home. Oh well, they can either eat when they get home, or while out, that”s up to them. I asked the boys though when they came in.

“Geoff said he and Art both have shipments waiting for them at the shipping store, and that they wanted to get other things as well. I think I should point out something I realized, though, it was as we were working in the yard, that I looked over at the pads for the barn and greenhouse, that I realized, we still haven”t done the forms for the concrete, and they”re scheduled to come the day after tomorrow, aren”t they?” Shelby said.

“Oh fuck. I totally forgot about that. That woulda been horrible had they arrived and it wasn”t done. We gotta get on that like right fucking now. The problem is, we kinda cut all the fir that I was gonna use for that into firewood. That was fucking stupid of me, good thing I have a brain in my head.” I said, nearly smacking myself.

“We”ve all been working a lot, and it wasn”t just you to forget, all six of us did, so we”re all just as equally to blame there. Remember, it”s not just you now, everything is all of us, a team, when one fucks up, we all fuck up, when one succeeds, we all do. We all knew just as well as you what we needed to do, when it needed to be done for, and what we needed for it, so don”t go calling yourself stupid, because we all know for a fact you”re not.” Shelby pointed out softly.

“You, Baby, are most certainly correct, yes, we all forgot. Thanks, you”re right. It”s still hard on me some days, thinking that I”m every bit as stupid as everyone treated me when I was just a kid. I know you all know and understand that, and that”s likely never gonna leave any of us, we just haveta remind each other of that from time to time.” I smiled warmly to him and hugged him.

“No, we”ll all always carry that abuse, but that”s why we all make such a good team. So, as soon as we finish lunch, we needta go drop a tree, and get it milled like RFN, because we”re gonna needta get started, like yesterday.”

“You”re right.”

So, as soon as we finished lunch, Shelby and I geared up in our safety gear, while Toby and Brady got the tractors started and running. We loaded our gear into the buckets, and then we headed out to where the tree line starts. I found a good tall, reasonably straight and true tree, I think it”s a pine tree, actually, but in this case, it simply doesn”t matter. I get set up, make sure that the boys are positioned out of the way, they”re standing by the tractors, so they can use them for protection in case of emergency, and then I start cutting it. I dropped it almost exactly where I wanted it to go, and then Shelby and I take care of getting it all cut up and ready to go. As we get the logs cut, the little baby boys take them to the garage, and then they grabbed all the debris and took it over to the firewood area.

“We don”t need all four of us to mill the logs, so, Brady and I”ll go take care of all the branches and whatnot, keeping what can be burned, and chipping the rest.” Toby said.

“Sounds good Baby, go for it.” I said, because he”s right, there”s already a lot of standing around.

Shelby placed the first log on the mill for me, and then we get it going. We need a whole bunch of fourteen inch slabs at two inches thick, that”s for the main outer form, and then we need exactly the same amount of six inch by two inch boards to make the inner form that creates the curb. The inner form will float on the outer form eight inches away, creating a six inch high by eight inch wide curb wall, and an eight inch thick floor. Yes, it”s overkill, and we certainly don”t need it that thick, but we may as well do it right. We have to make sure that we do lots of bracing to hold the inner curb form in place, wood straps across the tops hold everything where it needs to be, but we also need to make sure that bottoms can”t flex out, so, for this reason, we”re cutting easily twice as much of the two by sixes. We slab the biggest ones first, then cut them down to size, and we”re starting to get a really good pile of lumber. The problem, though, is that the two by fourteens, are four metres long, which is about the maximum length that we can do, and really is longer than we normally need anyway, but they are really fucking heavy, because this is truly green wood We ended up having to use the tractor to do the majority of the actual lifting, but that”s okay, we have it to use, but I”m wondering if a hoist system from the ceiling might not be a bad idea, because some of the logs we get are rather large, and as such, the slabs are equally as large.

The little baby boys finished up their work long before Shelby and I did, though, but came and helped us, and only minutes after they arrived, almost two hours after we started, Geoff and Art came home.

“Hi Babies.” We all called out together.

“What are you babies upta?” Geoff asked.

When I told him, he swore at himself as well for forgetting that too, and said that their packages can wait, so, they added their strength to the mix, and we continued milling.

By the time a slightly late dinner is called, we”re done. Toby and Brady had offered to go in and make dinner almost an hour before, because we”re all getting hungry and tired, but it was only two minutes after we were told dinner is ready, that we shut down the mill, saying we”re done. We do have a really good stack of good usable lumber now, so that”s good.

We all desperately need the hot tub again, so, as soon as we”re finished eating and cleaning, we head out to the pool house, stripping off the diapers, that”d started to leak already, on our way. We nearly ran through the showers, and bypassed the pool, and went straight for the hot tub. We spent easily forty five to sixty minutes in there, then did easily fifteen minutes in each steam room and sauna, before diving into the pool to cool down and relax, and we swam lazily for probably twenty minutes. Finally we head in and get cleaned, dried, diapered, and ready for bed. It”s still a little early to go to bed, so, we head to the living room to watch TV, but, none of us made it an entire hour, before we all said we”re done.

The next morning, we are all out at the barn pad after dropping all the lumber and screws that we need, trying to figure out how to do this. I can draw what we needta do, and I can build all sorts of cool woodworking, but this I”ve never actually done before. It was at this point that I realized, we desperately need re-bar for pinning everything to the ground, but we have none. Geoff said he”d take the truck and head to town and get it right away, and before I could say anything, he was gone.

I decided we can still get started anyway, by standing everything up and screwing the corners together, and when we have to join two lengths together, we scab on a piece and screw them together like that as well. Minutes before we”re done this chore, Geoff pulls right up to the area we”re working, and opens the tailgate of the truck.

“They had four foot long re-bar pieces, he only had two hundred, I hope it”ll be enough. Also thinking that we probably didn”t have any, I grabbed six sledge hammers, and shit loads of clips and screws to secure the re-bar to the lumber.”

“That”s great thinking, because no, I never thought of clips either.”

“Thankfully the guy asked me what the hell I need that much re-bar for, so, when I told him, he asked if we had the clips and hammers we”d need, and I admitted that no, we probably don”t, so he happily set us all up. I coulda gotten the long lengths, but then I woulda needed the trailer and a way to cut them. This was probably twice as expensive, but, really, it”ll likely save us that much in time and effort anyway.”

“That”s great.”

We finished off the last of what we needed to do for the outer form, and then started pinning it in place, starting with one re-bar every meter, and driving it down as deep as we can, and then screwing it in place. Toby and Brady had already gone and grabbed every last drill and driver we have, as well as extra driver bits and all the rest of the batteries we have. With all six of us doing this, we managed to get all the re-bar installed in just a couple hours, so, now we needta start on the inner form, and then all the bracing for that. Brady and Toby once again escaped a little early to go make lunch, and when it was done, they brought it all out for us, and we ate out there picnic style, it was nice.

It took another couple hours to do the basic install of the inner form, but by the time we”re eating dinner, outside once again, we”re only half way through doing all the bracing that I felt we”d need. We ended up pushing hard right through to bedtime in order to get it done. Well, I sure hope it”s strong enough. I guess we”ll find out.

Knowing that we”re gonna have several people milling about today, we all only double diaper in our more regular diapers, and get dressed in clothes that disguise that, and then head out after breakfast, knowing that they”re likely going to show up very soon, and I was right, because only twenty minutes later, they were there.

The owner looked over the forms, and told us that we”d actually done shockingly well, thank goodness for that, and then I explained to him that I”m an architect, and do understand about pressure and all that, so I know I had to make it strong enough to withstand a lot of weight. He had his guys start right away on getting all the re-bar and wire mesh installed, because the concrete trucks are due to start rolling in in only two hours, so that”s not a lot of time. He has six guys, and they clearly know what they”re doing, because they got it done in under the two hours, and it looks way better than what I coulda done, that”s for sure. Then the concrete started getting poured, and here again, they did it way faster and better than we coulda possibly hoped for. We”re doing a brushed finish, because we don”t want it ultra smooth, and so, once it”s set up enough to do so, they get that done as well. It only took them six hours to get it all done, so, that”s amazing.

As soon as they all left, we went in, stripped down to just our diapers, made and ate lunch, making a large batch of tea as we were making lunch of course, went and got changed, because we all need to, and then met back in the kitchen.

“So, have you had any word yet on when they”re coming to build the barn and greenhouse for you, and when”s it all supposed to be delivered?” I asked.

“Delivery is scheduled Erzurum Escort for Monday now, and at last I heard, two crews are coming Thursday and Friday to get it all done. The owner of that company said, though, that if they get done the job they”re on, on Tuesday, like he”s hoping, that they might just come Wednesday instead, and take a long weekend, which they all need. I”d kinda like that as well, actually.”

“I bet.” I said.

“So, what”s next on you boys” agenda then?” Geoff asked.

“Well, we have all the siding milled and dried for the pole barn, so maybe get started on that. Actually, now that I think about it, we”re likely gonna need a fair bit of framing lumber as well, so, we”ll re-purpose all the wood from the forms, and just mill up whatever else we”re gonna need, which, since it”s still pretty early in the day, we could probably just go and do that, since we only used two of the logs we got from that tree. We probably should dry it, mind you, but, again, that takes hardly any real time anyway.”

“Then let”s get to it Babies.” Geoff said.

By dinner time, we have the kiln stuffed nearly full, but I”d decided that we didn”t need six inch lumber for all that, so we did this batch at two by four, which gives us more yield of course, yet will still be more than strong enough. All the fourteen inch material will get cut down to three four inch pieces, and I think that all the six inch material will probably get used to make the sliding door headers, so, hopefully very little goes to waste, but then, what we don”t use can be stored and/or burned, at least the small bits can be burned.

This time Art and Geoff had headed in early to get dinner started, and the boys and I joined them once we were done, still ten minutes before dinner was ready, so that”s good.

We all want to go swimming after dinner again, and since we”re all very soggy, once again, it”s perfect timing. We swam and relaxed like we usually do, and the boys are now getting quite confident in their swimming, and are now even diving from the diving board, so that”s great. After getting cleaned, dried, diapered, and ready for bed, we made another batch of the chamomile tea, and then kicked back and watched a movie.

When bedtime came, so did I, repeatedly I might add. Shelby made me cum six times while finger, then fist fucking me good and deep, and honestly, I remember nothing but pure bliss after my second massive orgasm, and I must”ve passed out, because the next thing I know, it”s nice and bright in our bedroom, saying that it”s very clearly morning time.

Shelby giggled beside me when I groaned, I feel stuffed very full still, and though it”s no longer vibrating inside me, I just know Shelby has me plugged full of the largest plug I have. I also do very much feel as if I were run over by a very large freight train, and then sucked dry by the worlds largest vacuum.

“Morning Baby, how do you feel?” He asked, still giggling.

“I”m not sure what you did to me, but I feel both horrible and amazing, all at the same time.”

“I only made you cum six times, but your last two were dry, and you weren”t even fully hard by half way through, and were completely soft for your last two baby boygasms too I might add. Man, the sound you made on your last cum, I damn near thought I”d killed you, except you were still breathing super hard.”

“It feels like you killed me, and then they brought me back to life with an adrenaline shot or something like that.”

“Good.” He said way too happily for that given statement.

“You have my largest plug inside me too, don”t you?”

“Oh yeah.”

“You understand, I hope, that I fully plan to pay you back tonight, all emphasis on fully, by the way.”

“Fucking awesome, all emphasis on fucking.” He giggled.

“Yeah, speaking of which, tomorrow I think it”s time I lose my virginity, so, tomorrow night I want you to make sweet gay baby diaper love to me. I”d say tonight, but you definitely deserve to be paid back in full for what you did to me last night.”

“Oh yeah. Then the next night I getta lose my virginity then.” He said excitedly.

“For sure.”

Not gonna lie, walking was uncomfortable at best, and I need to remove the plug something fierce, so, I go and do so, while sitting on the toilet of course, and as soon as I have it out, Shelby takes the plug and cleans it off for me. As soon as I was out of the way, Shelby took my place, and removed his plug, saying that he”d inserted it while he was fisting me. We had a quick shower, because for some reason we need it, and then got each other nice and thickly baby diapered like we deserve.

By the time we make it to the kitchen, the other four are already easily half way through eating, there is a pot of oatmeal steaming lightly on the stove, waiting for us, as are two large mugs of tea each. We thanked them, then dug in, having to explain why we”re so late this morning. They all laughed at me.

“Well Babies, we may as well get the concrete forms taken off right away this morning, then get all that milled and in the kiln once it”s ready to go. Once we have that taken care of, I should get some work done, and you guys can do whatever “til I”m done.” I said after we finished eating, Shelby and I of course the last to do so.

“Okay.” We all said, and then we grabbed drills, pry bars, hammers, and both tractors.

Fortunately it wasn”t really even all that hard to remove the forms, we just unscrewed everything that we possibly could first, and then started taking all the wooden pieces apart. It still took a little better than two hours for us to take it all apart, but the concrete looks good. We then took all that lumber and milled the larger pieces until we have nothing left. The kiln still says it has a bit better than eight hours left before it”s done, so, hopefully by the time we”re done dinner, it”ll be ready to reload.

Now that that”s all taken care of, I head in to continue on the project I”m actually being paid to do, while everyone else took off to do whatever it is that they want to do. I did see the boys head down to the shop though. Shelby brought me lunch when it was time, and sat and talked with me as I ate, and then took my dishes when I was done. I told him I only need another hour to complete what I”m doing.

When I was done, so was my diaper, so I went and found my baby boyfriend in the shop and told him I need a soggy baby bum change, which caused all three of them to check theirs as well, and they all said they do as well, so, we all head to our bedrooms. Possibly for the first time since we started playing, I didn”t allow Shelby to cum, and I changed him first. Oh, he was painfully hard, and complained quite a bit, and then when it was time for him to change me, he edged me three times, before taping me up, grinning evilly to me the entire time. I grinned back to him, it was amazing, and will make tonight that much better.

We decided to head back down to the shop and continue playing, but as I passed the kiln, I looked, and the timer now says only thirty minutes, so, we head downstairs and start playing, but a little more than half an hour later, when I checked, the kiln is now open, so it”s done. I called down and asked the boys to come help unload and reload, so they do, and in under an hour, we”re done, and it”s ready to go once more. With that now taken care of, we head back down and continue playing. I”m currently making a really large batch of jewellery boxes using a lot of that figured wood we”d bought from the wood vendor, I”m making twenty all at the same time, since it”s really just as easy to make that many as one, and since I now have space to be able to do this, it makes more sense too, and this way I can sell and donate even more. Shelby is wood turning some really nice looking bowls, but then I”d seen him gluing up the blanks for a dozen segmented bowls, and he”s doing some cool patterns. Toby is working on the bandsaw, making bandsaw boxes, which are generally used for keepsake and jewellery as well, and he”s using some nice pieces, so they”re gonna turn out nice too I think. Brady is on the other bandsaw, making three dimensional animals, and he has a few already cut, and they look great.

When we were called up for dinner, we went and ate and enjoyed both it and the tea that Geoff and Art had made, and after cleaning that up, we went and watched a couple movies together, since all our diapers are too fresh to want to remove yet, so swimming was vetoed pretty much right away. Then came bedtime, and it”s now my turn to repay Shelby for his evil actions, both last night and at our earlier diaper change.

I told Shelby to lay back, and enjoy, though I tried for the most evil grin I could muster, and from the giggle he made, I think I managed it. Oh, I paid him back in full. I also made him cum nine times, and he too was almost totally flaccid for his last two orgasms. He fed me two and a half nice loads of cum, and a shockingly large load of sweet gay baby boy pee, but then, as we were watching the movie, I”d often reach over and pet his baby diapered dinky to make sure that he was kept very hard, and I”d made certain that we”d drank lots and lots, to ensure that he”d be nearly bursting, and from the way he exploded his piss into my mouth during his second orgasm, I”m gonna guess that he was, and the sound he made then was definitely pain and pleasure all at once.

Finally, when Shelby is fully and properly taken care of, a nice large plug filling him fully as well, I”m nearly going cross eyed trying to hold back my orgasm. I have Shelby”s fresh diaper in place, we”re going triple, I get up on my knees in between his spread legs, push down my diaper so violently, that I very clearly hear it tear off, but I don”t actually care at the moment, and stroke myself to three back to back orgasms, painting Shelby”s entire groin like I threw a bucket of paint on him instead. Then, with his special baby diaper cream now coating him, I diaper him up. Then I diaper myself up, and because I desperately need to go pee now, I let it all go. This is the reason I went triple, because I knew I was going to need it, and boy do I.

Finally I turned off the light, crawled in beside my baby, pulled up the blankets, and curled up to him, and held my baby tight. I passed out in bliss, and had an amazing sleep.

“Fuuuuuuck meeeeee.” Shelby groaned deeply when he finally came too the next morning.

I”ve already been awake for easily half an hour, tickling Shelby”s shapely young chest and stomach gently, waiting for him to come to. When he groaned out like that, I laughed.

“Feel good, huh.”

“Fuck, that was damn near horrible. No wonder you made the sound you did the night before.” He giggled and groaned, all at the same time, it was hot.

“Yeah, now you know how I felt. Come on Baby, we both have rather large plugs stuffed into our gay baby bums, and I”m sure you needta take yours out every bit as much as I do.”

“Oh yeah, it”s definitely getting very uncomfortable.”


I let Shelby go first, and then once he”s all done, we trade places. We each clean the others plugs as we wait. Then we hop in the shower to clean off, because I”m rather certain we both need to once again.

When we got to our bedroom, there was a stack of cloth diapers on our bed with a note from Geoff on top.

“We totally forgot the care packages we picked up the other day, so, we went out and unloaded the car this morning, and even though I know you don”t care for cloth as much Lex, I thought you wouldn”t mind trying a mega thick one, and the boys have never tried them so, give these a shot, I bet you like them.” He wrote.

Shelby and I read it together, Erzurum Escort Bayan we shrugged to the other, and got each other very thickly diapered in the cloth diapers. They sure are thick, and they are wicked soft, so that”s nice, and of course we had to grab our waterproof pants to put over top of them, so, we did so, choosing our most cute and babyish printed ones, which definitely looks amazing. Then we headed out to the kitchen to get some very much needed breakfast and tea.

“Thanks for the new diapers Geoff, they”re pretty comfortable, and very soft.” I said when we made it.

“You”re welcome. We added all the new diapers we bought to the diaper closet, including the cloth, so, when you wanna wear one or the other, you can choose. The bloody closet”s very nearly stuffed full, though, with what both Art and I bought, it looks fucking amazing, actually, and it”s not a small closet by any stretch of the imagination.” Geoff grinned.

“That”s great.”

“Now, you two baby boys have almost entirely missed breakfast, but it”s already cooked and waiting, so, dish up. There”s lotsa tea as well, we figured you”d want lots, so to test out your new baby diapers.”

“Food sounds good, but tea sounds better.” Shelby said happily, as he”s heading right there to dish up.

I followed of course, and grabbed all that was for me, and we sat and ate, as we chatted with the other four baby boys.

“Well Babies, wanna go get started on strapping the pole barn, to get it ready for siding?” I ask when we”re done.

“Okay.” They all said, even Geoff and Art.

“You two don”t haveta help.” I said.

“Of course we do, and besides, it”s good for us. Even Geoff was saying all this good work has taken off a few pounds that being an old man has gotten him. Of course, like I told him, he”s neither old nor fat, but, he is getting trimmer, and so am I, and we”ve both put on some more good muscle since moving here, I”ve actually managed to gain several kilos already, yet the little bit of fat that I had seems to have disappeared, which is only good, so of course we”ll help around here too, we haveta contribute to living here just the same.” Art said.

“Well, thanks.” I said.

We load up all the lumber that we can on the two tractors, and then come back and get all the tools that I think we”ll need, but we”re not far away if we need something else. By the time we”re done for the day, at dinner time, we have most of the barn strapped and ready to receive siding, so that”s great. We know that we”ll get the rest strapped tomorrow, and then we”ll probably start our siding the next day, since we”re not in a mad panic or anything. We had had only one real break at lunch time, at which time we changed our soggy diapers, and the cloth had held up pretty well, but not as well as our disposable ones would”ve, but they”re still almost as comfortable, so that”s great. Shelby and I changed each other to our nice thick disposable baby diapers, because of what we both desperately want tonight. As we were walking in, Toby brought up a good point.

“You said you were gonna paint the siding, right?”

“Yeah.” I answered.

“Wouldn”t it make way more sense to paint it prior to installing it, so that it”s covered better, and will probably be way easier to do as well. And this way we can even get both sides, to help protect it even better!”

“Yes, yes it would. Good thinking. We don”t have any of that, though, so, tomorrow, after we finish the strapping, why don”t we head into town and pick the colour or colours we want, and we may as well get the sliding door hardware we”re gonna need at the same time.”

“Thanks.” He smiled brightly.

We made and ate dinner, of course making a nice large batch of tea to go with it, this time we went with double mint, so peppermint and spearmint again, which we all love as well. After cleaning up, we went and watched a movie, but, honesty, I have a date to finally lose my virginity tonight, and I damn near said to hell with a movie, and dragged my baby boyfriend to bed instead. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on which head you ask, better sense prevails, and we went and watched a movie first. After that movie, however, though it”s still easily two hours before bedtime, I can no longer hold off, and stand, grasp my baby”s hand in mine, and lead him to our bedroom to take care of my virginity very nicely.

Once our bedroom door is closed, I pull my baby to me, press our lips together, and kiss him as deeply and lovingly as I”m capable of doing, and it had to have been at least fifteen minutes just to complete. As soon as I pull away from the kiss, I go and lay on the bed, waiting for what”s about to happen. I”ve been dreaming of this day, anticipating it for too long, I need it more than I”ve needed anything in my life, possibly even food, water, and oxygen. Shelby climbs on the bed to join me, and presses his face right into my wondrously wet diaper, and is sniffing and nuzzling me, and though it is very nearly torturing me, I do know and understand what he needs, and I do need it too.

Shelby grabbed the lube, poked a hole in the back of my soggy baby diaper, leading to my baby bum hole, and as he starts slipping his fingers inside me, he pulls down my diaper to expose me enough for what he needs, and as soon as I am, he sucks me in as fully as he can in this position. Three seconds, maybe, is all I could last for, I”ve been nearly limping hard since our diaper change at lunch, and it didn”t help that more than a few times Shelby looked over, grinned, and patted the front of my diaper, nearly causing me to cum at least a dozen times today, maybe even a hundred, who”s to say.

I also know for a fact that I”ve just been too hard to pee, and almost all day long I”ve actually hadta force myself to peepee my baby diaper. However, since we started the movie, which included a full batch of tea to go with it, that I drank completely in that little less than two hours, I”ve not allowed myself to pee, and as such, I very much have to go now, my bladder has been absolutely screaming at me for well over an hour already. Well, the only thing holding my pee in, had been my almost impossibly hard erection, and with that first orgasm out of the way, I lost just enough hardness I guess to pee, because boy did I, and I could actually hear Shelby gulping it all down. Fuck, I hope he hasta go pee every bit as much as I did, it should make our first time rather enjoyable, at least I hope it will be, I”ve been dreaming of it for so long.

Now that Shelby”s clearly gotten what he needs from me, at least for this moment, he gets up on his knees, moves into position, pokes a hole in the front of his diaper, and fishes out his stunning preteen baby bone. No, he”s not large, yet, though he is for his age and size, but he definitely has more than enough to give me through both our diapers, and seeing him like this, knowing exactly where said erection is about to be, has made me even hotter than I was only a minute or so ago.

Shelby starts moving into position, using one hand to guide himself, while his other supports his weight, and once inside my diaper, he presses against my hole, and that alone feels amazing. Then he starts slipping into me, and bliss like I never knew existed is flowing through me like the Amazon river. Just feeling Shelby slip as far inside me as he can, until our diapers are pressed together every bit as intimately as our lips now are once again, has caused me to feel peace and contentment like I never knew existed before. Staying perfectly still, moving only his lips as we kiss, Shelby leaves himself buried inside me for as long as he possibly can, and though I have no idea how he has the power to do so, it feels better than I dreamed.

Then the urge to make love to me took over, but then, his orgasm slammed into him before he even pulled half way out, I guess it was just too much, and as he started cumming, he slammed right back into me, causing me to cum again. Well, I just about died, I”m pretty sure I didn”t breathe the entire time that orgasm ripped through me, and it lasted longer than any orgasm ever has before. By the time I came down, Shelby is just doing so as well.

Then he started peeing in me, I have no idea if it was intentional, or if his bladder finally won the fight, but I feel him filling me up like I”ve dreamed of since I was at least eight, possibly earlier, and it was better than I”d hoped and dreamed it would be. Shelby shuddered as his flow stopped, and as soon as it did, he started pulling back out, and wasn”t satisfied “til he pulled clean out, but then reversed direction instantly, and slipped all back in again. Still our lips are attached, and Shelby is kissing me as deeply as he”s making sweet gay baby cum and piss love to me. He”s utterly amazing.

For easily an hour more, Shelby makes impossibly slow and tender love to me, never once did he alter his technique, he pulls all the way out, then slips all the way back in, and I lost count after five orgasms, but I think we both hit eight. However, it simply didn”t matter, the only thing that did was sharing our love in this most intimate way.

I just knew that we”d be making a mess of the bed tonight, but I”d been planning on putting a couple towels down to protect the sheets somewhat, that never happened, but then, in the end, it really didn”t matter anyway, because it seems we both passed out after our last orgasms.

The light”s still on, neither of us are covered, we both have rather large holes in our diapers, and I”d been pumped way too full to contain any of it. When I finally woke up, Shelby is still laying on top of me, and he”s yet to come to either. The morning sun is shining in so much that I didn”t realize right away that the bedroom light”s still on and everything. I groaned from deep within, which was enough to start waking Shelby up, because only a minute later, he too groaned, and then pressed his lips to mine.

“Wow, Baby, you were amazing. I had no idea that being made love to was gonna feel like that.” I whispered when we broke our kiss.

“Thanks Baby, I did it for you, because I love you more than anyone on this entire planet. I”d happily and willingly sacrifice any person to save you.”

“And I love you that much as well Baby. I guess we both passed out, we”re a right mess, and so”s our bed, so, we better get up and get cleaned up.”

“Yeah, we better.”

We removed our diapers before getting out of bed, to try and contain at least some of the mess to just the one area, then looked at the carnage, and we both laughed. As carefully as we could, we gathered up our diapers and threw them in the garbage, then removed our sheets, mattress protector, and blankets and took them to the laundry room, but there”s already bedding in there, and then headed back to our bedroom to clean ourselves up now, and had a shockingly long hot shower.

When we went to our bedroom to get diapered for the day, we debated it for only maybe one second at best. We both want to be triple diapered, but we also need to go into town to get supplies, so, on one hand, we want to be diapered as thick as we deserve, but on the other, we”re needing to leave the house, and others who shouldn”t see us as we are, may just notice that. However, after last night, once again, I feel different, and I say to hell with it, and Shelby grins and says same for him, and so, we triple diaper each other like we deserve. We would”ve went quadruple, but we wanna change our super soggy baby diapers right around dinner time again, so that when it”s time for me to make sweet gay baby diaper love to my baby, since it”s my turn tonight, we can make love through just one nice soggy baby diaper. We decided that tomorrow we”ll quadruple diaper each other like we deserve, and Escort Erzurum use our thickest diapers and largest doublers, and so we will.

We did get our our clothes out, so that they”re ready to go, but we don”t dress each other yet, because why get dressed before you have to is our philosophy here. When we made it to the kitchen, the other two couples are already there, their bowls are empty, and it appears as if they”re already on their second mugs of tea even. We go and dish up, grab our tea, and then go and join them at the table.

“Long night?” Geoff grins brightly.

“Oh yeah, and beyond spectacular as well. Not sure what comes after that, but we passed it by a long shot. I finally lost my virginity last night, and I”m finally who and what I”ve known I was my whole life. Tonight”s Shelby”s turn. We kinda passed out completely though, and made a hell of a mess of our bed, but considering there”s bedding in the wash already, I”m guessing a pair of you may”ve also done the same, but that”s great.”

“Both couples.” Art smiled brightly.

“Awesome.” I said.

“I lost my virginity last night as well, and tonight”s Brady”s turn.” Toby smiled widely.

“That”s awesome Baby Boys. I see you decided to go triple diapered as well, even though we all know we”re going out this morning.”

“Mmmhmm.” All four of them said.

“Yeah, I feel different again after last night. I was already very nearly beyond care what others thought of me, now I just don”t give a fuck, I”ve experienced something that none of them could possibly understand.”

“Mmmhmm.” All the others say together.

“Art and I just had a really good night as well, and even though we didn”t pass out, apparently we shoulda added a second diaper or a third doubler, because we”re both certain we both leaked, so, while the little baby boys” bedding was way worse than ours was, it was still pretty wet. Oh well, I say, it was so totally worth it, and for some strange reason, Toby and Brady agreed with me and Art.”

“Oh yeah.” They said.

“Then it was an amazing night all around by the sound of it. That”s great.”

“Oh yeah.” They all said.

Shelby and I ate our fill, finished up one mug of tea while we did so and chatted, and then, since it”s already getting late enough to do so, we all decide to head to town to go shopping. Since the truck can seat all six of us, we could all take that, but Geoff and Art also want to make other stops as well, and we have a few places to stop too, so, we decide to take both vehicles anyway, but we”re all going to the grocery store together, so that we all get what we want and need.

The grocery store was our first stop, and we spend a bit better than an hour getting all this, and Art said he has this one, so, even though I told him it”s unnecessary he ignored me and paid it anyway. After loading it in the truck, we headed to another couple grocery type stores to get the rest of what we want and need. After that, we went our separate ways. Art did say they”re heading into Vancouver in a bit as well to go talk to the curator of the art gallery and arrange some things, so they”re going to be a few hours at least, and I was perfectly okay with that.

The boys and I head to the ranch store, knowing that they likely have what we want and need, and they do, so we pick out the one that has the highest capacity, but knowing that the doors we build will never reach the thousand kilograms that the track and roller system says it”s capable of accepting. I”d be shocked if what we build totals three hundred kilos in fact. We grabbed more than a few other things from there at the same time, and then headed to the building centre to buy all the screws and plywood that we need. The exterior of the doors will be finished the same way as the exterior of the barn, so with the siding that we”d made, but the inside will be skinned in plywood, glued and screwed down, so that it helps the rigidity of the whole thing. We also grabbed several other things from there, since we”re already there anyway, and we found several things that we all either want or need.

Next we head to a paint store, and grab five at twenty litre pails of their best siding paint in the colours that we chose. There”s only two, the main colour for all the siding, and then an accent colour for all the trim work, it should look nice. Of course we also grabbed all the painting gear that we need at the same time, enough for all of us to work together.

And of course, what would a trip into town be without going to the tool store to look around and possibly find lots of things that we probably don”t really need. Yeah, I think we spent nearly as much as we did at the grocery store, again. Oh well, it”s only money, and we all use all this, so that”s great.

Finally we head back home to our safe space, and as soon as we get in and are able to do so, we strip down to our soggy baby diapers before even starting to offload the truck, which is what we do next, taking care of the groceries first, because we know ourselves well enough to know if we do the tools first, we”ll have groceries go bad on us.

We checked the kiln on our way down to the shop to put everything away, and it says it still has a few hours left, but that”s perfectly fine. We get all the tools put away where we want them, then grab all the saw horses we have, and we”d grabbed another four sets just for painting the siding, and headed out to where we”re gonna work.

It”s not hard work, but it is a tedious job. We”d each grab a piece, put it on the pair saw horses we”re working at with the back side facing up, paint it really well, then flip it and do the front and all the edges. Then repeat one billion times.

It actually went pretty fast, because by the time Geoff and Art made it home almost five hours after we”d started, we”re done all of the painting, including the trim boards. We did have to use the stands for cutting firewood as well, but that”s perfectly okay.

“I like the colours you chose babies.” Geoff said in way of greeting.

“Thanks, we hope it”ll look nice once all installed.” Shelby answered.

“I”m sure it will.” Art said.

“So, what”d the curator say?” I asked.

“Not really much, he just wanted me to come in and see the section he set up for me, and see what I think about it, then he told me some information.”

“And, how”s it look?”

“Really amazing, seeing all my works in a gallery like that, pretty much every piece with the letter beneath or beside it that I”d written for each one. He said the one I refuse to sell has had the single largest amount of raw emotion shown, and says that he”s been told easily a hundred times or more why they understand how and why I couldn”t possibly sell it, but that are happy to display it. Obviously he asked me when he might expect to see some new works, so I told him I”ve got nearly a dozen paintings that are nearly complete already, which means soon. He was happy. He also mentioned that he”s had hundreds of offers on all the rest of the paintings, but that he”s not taking any holds, and has told everyone that they”re going to auction in a month or so, then taking their names to be added to the mailing list to be informed as to when it”s gonna be. He tried to make me promise to be there when the auction happened, but I point blank refused to do so, he just laughed. So, yeah, it was a really good meeting.”

“That”s amazing Art. I bet you make nearly a million at the auction.” Shelby said happily.

“I doubt it.” He said.

“I don”t.” The rest of us said together.

“Thanks guys.” Art said bashfully.

“So, what”s on the agenda for the rest of the day Babies?” Geoff asked.

“We”re finished painting, so, we may as well start the actual construction work, and I”m betting the kiln”s done, so that means all the lumber we should need is also done.”

“If you were waiting for it to open, it is now, so, it should be.” Art said.

“We were.”

“Then you babies go ahead and start, we needta go put some things away, get stripped down to just our soggy baby diapers, then we”ll come and help as well.” Geoff said.


They”re back not even half an hour later to help. Me and the little baby boys had gotten all the lumber and tools brought over, so that we have everything necessary ready to go and easy to get. We probably should have stopped for lunch when Geoff and Art made it home, but we just never thought of it, and now at dinner time, which Art and Geoff went in to make an hour before, because now we”re all very nearly starving. We”re all also very leaky baby boys, and you know, the funny thing is, none of us care in the least. Oddly enough, for some reason, we”re all in just single regular thickness diapers when we exit our bedrooms, Geoff and Art had clearly changed already as well, because they”re the same.

After eating and cleaning up, enjoying a large batch of tea as we did so of course, we all went and kicked back in the rec room and watched another movie together. Even though it”s early, even for us, when the movie ended, we all nearly jumped up to head to our bedrooms. Shelby very nearly dragged me. Gee, if I didn”t know any better, I”d swear that Shelby”s just a wee bit excited to lose his virginity.


As soon as we make it to our bedroom, I start the loving off by just kissing my baby as deeply and tenderly, and as loving and sensual as I possibly can. Then I very nearly carry him to the bed, lay him down, and then prepare him while sucking him.

After nearly draining Shelby of all the cum and piss that he could possibly feed to me, and getting him nice and loose and sloppy in the baby bum, I prepare my diaper, then pull out my erection, and slip all inside my baby, hardly having to push at all, it”s almost as if he sucked me in, instead of me pushing inside him.

I admit, I damn near exploded the second I bottomed out, and I honestly have no idea how I didn”t. All that matters, I suppose, is that I didn”t. But, I”m holding my position as far inside Shelby as I can, not moving in the least, and it”s just the pulsing of both me and him together that”s doing anything at all, and just that”s damn near enough to set me off.

Then I start making long slow, sweet, tender, gay baby diaper love to my gorgeous baby boyfriend, and we both exploded, I”m not sure who did so first, but I do know I damn near blacked out from the sheer the power of it. My piss also exploded at much the same time, and yeah, cumming and peeing at the same time kinda hurts, but, in this case, it”s a hurts so good situation that I”ll forever crave it from now on.

I managed to only last for four more orgasms, though, before I”m completely and totally spent, and flaccid of course. Considering that Shelby came every time I did, but that I”d also made him cum five times before I even started making love to him, he too passed out on his last orgasm, his tenth.

On shaky legs, I manage to stumble out of bed to gather our supplies, how I”m actually still awake is honestly a miracle of some sort, but that”s absolutely okay. I”d said we”d quadruple diaper in the morning, well, when I planned that, I figured that we were both gonna pass out tonight again, and that we”d totally haveta clean up once more, at which time we”d do so. As it just so happens, though, I can and will do so tonight instead.

But, instead of grabbing doublers, like I”d planned on, I grabbed four diapers each, wondering if and how that”d work. I got everything prepared, and started taping Shelby up how he deserves, and then taped it on him extra well. I then worked onto him his favourite colour of baby pants over top, still just see through enough to see the babyish designs of the diaper, and just large enough to cover the insanely thick baby diaper that he”s wearing. I then diapered myself up in exactly the same way, and wow, not even I”ve ever done this before, and it”s kinda amazing.

Then I passed the fuck out.

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