The Video Meeting

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Willma had just stepped out of the shower and was getting ready for the day when she heard a knock on the bathroom door. “Yes?” she called out to Bob, a good friend of hers.

From the other side of the bathroom door, Bob said, “Just letting you know, I’ll be in a video conference for an hour or so, and that you are welcome to some coffee and whatever else you like.”

“Thank you!” She replied as she finished drying herself with the soft, over-size towel.

Willma first met Bob and Betty at a swinger’s party and quickly had become good friends with them. They would often go on vacations together, go out to dinner, and, overall, just hang out like any other friends would. Of course, there was a sexual aspect of their relationship, but that wasn’t the main reason they hung out with each other. They just enjoyed being with each other; however, the sex was good and was always on the table.

Since it was spring break, Bob and Betty had invited Willma to come to their place so she could relax and get away from the University and her tiny apartment. Although Willma had the week off, Bob and Betty didn’t, so Betty would work at her downtown office throughout the day. In contrast, Bob worked from home since his company went to a ‘work at home’ policy due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Once Willma had finished with her morning bathroom routine and applied her make-up, she wrapped herself with the large cotton towel, then headed off to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. As she walked down the hallway, she passed the room where Bob had set up a home office space. There, he was sitting behind an open front desk with a button-down dress shirt and a red striped tie. Still, below his waist, he was wearing nothing but a pair of gray cotton workout shorts that didn’t hide his massively thick cock very well.

Willma paused for a minute to admire the outline of his manhood through his shorts and found herself becoming a little aroused by the sight of it. He never looked up at Willma as he spoke to the computer screen, explaining how the numbers matched up to unseen people.

She then headed off to the kitchen, where she got some coffee and thought about Bob’s member. As she stood in the kitchen, she remembered how good his manhood felt when it was buried deep in her body, spreading her insides apart. The more she thought about it, the more she became aroused. Then, she remembered how Bob had expressed one of his fantasies over dinner with Betty and her.

Bob once told both Willma and Betty how hot it would be if someone gave him a wet blowjob while on a video conference with his colleagues. He expressed how he would be so turned on that once he signed out from the meeting, that whoever was blowing him would get bent over his desk and, in his words, “Receive a proper fucking.”

Remembering what Bob had said in the past and liked being “properly fucked”, Willma decided to give him the one thing he wanted. So, she placed the cup of half-drunk coffee down on the kitchen island and quickly moved towards the guest room. Before entering the bedroom, she went into the laundry room and found one of Bob’s dress shirts. It was a light blue cotton shirt with a white collar and cuffs, then she grabbed it up and continued to the room she was staying in, so she could better prepare herself for Bob’s fantasy.

Once there, she donned her black satin bra and matching panties. Then she slipped on Bob’s shirt and only buttoned up three buttons on it so that her ample cleavage could be seen from across the room. Finally, she eased a pair of thigh-high stockings before putting her knee-high black boots over her freshly shaved legs. Once she was dressed, she looked into the full-length mirror in the room and smiled at what she saw. “Damn! I’m hot!” Willma said to herself before continuing with her seductive plan.

Before she went to the room where Bob was working, Willma went back to the kitchen and poured another cup of coffee Kolej Escort into a white mug. Then she walked down the hall, letting the heels of her boots clack against the hard-wooden surface, announcing her arrival to him.

When she got to the doorway, she entered the room and walked towards the desk, before placing the coffee cup in front of Bob, just outside of the camera’s view. She looked at Bob’s face when he looked up at her and gave him a wicked smile. His eyes grew wide, and his jaw went slack. He sat there silently until Willma heard a voice coming from the computer’s speakers, asking if Bob was still there.

Willma watched Bob’s eyes turn back to the computer, and he lied, saying that he heard someone knocking on the front door, then continued with his brief.

While Bob went on about quarterly report this and balanced the budget that, Willma smiled even more as her wicked plan began to unfold. Still maintaining eye contact with Bob, Willma began to let her hands glide over her body, teasing herself before him. She had reached down and let her fingers slip between her skin and the leg holes of her panties, where she pulled upon them, letting the outline of her soft folds be seen through the satin fabric. Then her right index finger danced around her labia through the satin, turning both her and Bob on. Bob sat in his chair the entire time, occasionally peeking over to her as she did a little seductive dance for him.

Once Willma thought Bob had been turned on by her enough, she dropped onto all fours and crawled underneath the desk, heading towards his groin. As she crawled towards him, she could see the outline of Bob’s erection through the thin cotton material of his shorts. Willma adored Bob’s cock greatly. Even through the fabric, she could see just how big and thick he really was. Many times in the past, Willma had felt every inch of his massive girth inside her body, stuffing her insides fully, and that thought only excited her even more.

When she was close enough to touch him, Willma placed her hands on his knees and slowly spread them apart. She could feel Bob’s body react with a soft shiver before he slid down a little in his chair. As she drugged her nails along his inner thighs, she could hear him moan softly, followed by someone on the other side of the computer asking him if he was okay.

Willma almost busted out laughing when she heard him lie and say that he was sore from the morning’s workout, but other than that, he was fine. Willma knew that he was more than okay, then she placed her hand on his manhood and slowly stroked him through his shorts, causing him to squirm a little in his seat.

She bit her lip to keep from moaning herself as she felt the heat and thickness of Bob’s cock against her hand, then she felt him lean back a little more as he continued to explain to his coworkers the importance of staying on top of some number, which Willma didn’t understand nor care about. The only thing she cared about was Bob’s hardness and how good it would feel in her mouth.

For several minutes, Willma stroked Bob’s manhood and looked up at him from underneath the desk. She saw Bob looking back down at her with the ‘You bitch’ look in his eyes, mixed with a look of eagerness. Still looking up at Bob, Willma reached up and wrapped her fingers around the waistband of his shorts and began to pull them off his hips. Bob shifted in his seat so she could slip his shorts off, letting his thick erection to be freed from its cotton prison. Willma let out a gasp as she saw the monster cock flop out and almost slap her in the face. Even though she had been with him many times before, Willma still got surprised when Bob’s member came out and became exposed to her.

Again, Willma heard someone through the computer ask if everything was okay. Again, Bob lied and complained about being stiff from working out. Then she heard someone crack a joke Rus Escort about him getting old, and it wouldn’t be long until he would have to start taking meds to help him get an erection. From Willma’s point of view, Bob didn’t need any help in that department.

As the video meeting continued, Willma slowly began to kiss her way up to his legs, working towards his thick erection. While she got closer to Bob’s cock, Willma enjoyed the smell of his body. The mixture of his body wash, and the natural muskiness of his flesh filled her nostrils, making her own excitement rise inside her.

When her painted lips reached his groin, Willma opened her mouth and extended her tongue, letting the tip of her slithering tongue dance around his smooth heavy balls, and felt him tighten up as his balls contracted slightly from her exploring tongue. She could hear him moan softly before telling another person to brief their side of the budget, then heard the click of his mouse, putting the machine on mute.

While Willma licked her way up to Bob’s shaft, she could hear him moan ever so softly and felt his body sink back even further into his chair.

Her soft hands reached up and pulled his cock down, so the tip was aimed directly at her face. She opened her mouth and let the soft fleshy skin of her inner mouth engulf his shaft, milking Bob and filling his body with lustful pleasure.

As she took Bob’s hardness, she could hear him whimper softly. For her, feeling him squirming was a major turn on. Not only did she love having the power to make him sweat it out, but she also loved how his cock felt in her mouth. Willma could feel every inch of his vein covered cock grind past her ‘O’-shaped lips and the heat of it rubbing against the flesh of her inner cheeks. She also liked the intense pressure behind her eyes as the tip of his manhood plunged deeply into her throat, stealing the ability for her to breathe. By the way, his body reacted, she could tell that Bob loved it as well.

While Willma impaled her wet throat onto Bob’s thick cock, she could taste his gooey precum spilling onto her tongue. For her, the creamy liquid was thick and sweet, as if she were drinking the nectar from a wild bee. She could also feel the velvety fluids coating her mouth before trickling down her throat while the entire time he squirmed before her.

As Willma sucked hard on Bob’s thick member, wet slurping sounds filled the room with her lewd noises, then she heard over the computer speaker that the meeting was adjourned. She knew that something else besides her mouth was going to get stuffed soon.

“Okay, guys, we will meet in two days. I…I hope you all h… have a good day…” Bob said into his mic, then signed off from the video conference.

Willma felt Bob push back from the desk, pulling his cock out of her mouth and leaving her to feel a little empty. She looked up and saw him looking down at her with an intense look in his eyes.

“Get up here!” He said in a primal growl.

She knew what was going to happen next, so she smiled back up at him and whispered, “Mmmm, yes, Sir!”

Before she could start to move, Willma felt Bob’s strong hands grab her and pull her out from beneath the desk. She was surprised by the speed she found herself on her feet and even more surprised by just how hard Bob kissed her.

In an instant, she felt his strong hands wrap around her waist and pull her close to him while his tongue slithered into her mouth, letting Willma know just how turned on he was. Then he broke from the kiss, shoved some papers to the floor that were on top of his desk before pulling apart the button-down shirt she had on, exposing her satin bra to him. Then Willma felt Bob pull the cup of her bra down, so her erect nipple was exposed to him. Before Willma could say anything, she watched Bob lower his head so he could sink his teeth into the little nubs of her breasts.

Delightful Yenimahalle Escort pain flooded Willma’s body from his hard bite, and it coursed throughout her body. The sensation of it and the animal-like ways he attacked her only made Willma wetter and more excited.

As Bob kissed and licked Willma’s body, she let out deep primal moans, then she felt him turn her around, so she faced the desk. Willma then felt his strong hand push her down onto the cleared surface, causing her body to hit it hard enough to push the air in her lungs out, then her legs being spread apart. She felt her satin panties being slid to the side and Bob’s strong hands grasping her hips.

“I’m going to fuck the naughtiness out of you!” He said in a growling voice.

As she felt the tip of his cock slide along the wet gash between her legs, Willma growled back, “Do it! Fuck my naughty cunt!”

Because of Bob’s spit covered cock and Willma’s wet swollen folds, he easily slid inside of her as he pushed his hips forward and filled her completely.

“Oh, fuck!” Willma squealed as she felt him enter her, spreading her labia apart and filling her insides, while she heard Bob let out a lusty grunt.

Once Bob’s cock was completely engulfed by Willma, she felt his strong hands begin to move her body in a back and forth motion, filling the office with the sounds of hot passionate sex. While Bob drove his erection into her body, Willma grabbed onto the other side of the desk and held onto the edge, stabilizing herself against the harsh pounding she was getting.

At first, the thrust that Willma was receiving was long, deep, and gentle, but quickly changed. Within minutes of first penetration, those thrusts became hard and intense.

Willma heard Bob grunt out between each of his hard lunges. “Oh, fuck you dirty slut! You’re going to get what you deserve!”

Willma turned her head and looked over her shoulders and growled back, “Give it to me! Fuck me! Fuck my slutty cunt!”

Within mere moments, the office was filled with the sounds of their bodies colliding together, and the cries of passion. The way Willma was bent over the desk and the angle Bob was against her, she felt his thick veiny cock grinding against her swollen G-spot.

The constant and hard pounding she got from Bob made her knees tremble as her gooey fluids ran out of her, coating her shaking inner thighs. Then, Willma felt an intense ball of heat build in her belly before radiating throughout her body. “Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck…” She chanted as she felt her orgasm begin, deep inside of her.

As Willma’s orgasm build, she could hear Bob’s breathing change. His rhythmic pattern transformed into hard primal grunts, with an occasional curse word escaping from his mouth.

“Oh shit! I’m cumming!” Willma heard Bob scream out, then felt his massive member begin to convulse inside of her.

“Aah! FUCK!” Willma screamed with Bob as she felt his hot seed gush into her vaginal canal, coating her convulsing inner walls.

While Bob painted her insides, Willma felt that hot energy in her belly come crashing into the gap between her thighs, which cause her inner walls to convulse, orgasming with her friend.

For several minutes, the two cursed and screamed, and violently shook against each other, enjoying the sinful release. Then Willma felt him slide out of her, and some of his cum seep out of her and run down her still quivering thighs.

“Oh, Jesus Willma…” Bob panted. “You’re such a naughty girl!”

“Are you complaining?” Willma asked as she turned around and sat on the edge of Bob’s desk.

“Oh, God, no!” Bob replied, then sat back in his chair. “Mmmm, wait until Betty comes home and I tell her what you did!”

Willma asked with a soft smile. “Oh? What do you think she will say?”

“If I know her, she will put you over her knee and punish you!” Bob replied.

“Mmmm, then I would suggest you call her right now and tell her, so I have time to clean up for her!” Willma said with a smile, then headed off to the bathroom.

As she turned on the shower, a soft smile grew across her face, knowing that the punishment would be sweet and sensual. Then she stepped inside and cleaned herself, preparing for a night of lustful desire.

The End.

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