The Viewing Room

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Ariella Ferrera

My name is Kirsten, and the past five months have been crazy so I have not been writing or posting any new adventures.

For starters, my awesome FWB actually got back together with an old girlfriend. So that was that. Then my couple FWB got pregnant which chilled them out for the time being. Not that any of that would matter really, as in May I moved about half way across the country (actually I just moved 600 miles south) to take a new job. However, the new job doesn’t require me to travel, so that avenue of adventuring was also cut off.

In addition to all that, my email address I had used for this site was getting seriously overrun by trolls, so I shut that down. In my frustration and stupidity, I lost all of my contacts from this site.

Between feeling overwhelmed, and depressed, and trying to get into the swing of a new job, I really didn’t have time for anything but work and self pity.

To remind folks, I just turned 27 years old – which is another whole thing. I’m about 5’2″, and I’m down to 125 lbs due to a lot of working out. My build is even more athletic now. Very toned. Not flat chested, but a respectable 32C. I have reddish hair which I let grow back out so now I can tie it back in a very cute pony tail, or braid it and let it hang down my back which I have to say is also a very hot look! I finally have the confidence to call myself attractive. I’m not a model, but I can turn heads. With the red hair comes freckles. Not a lot, just a splash across my face and weirdly along my right shoulder.

Anyway, that’s not what you want to read, but I wanted to explain my absence to my followers.

After a couple months of being depressed, I began to get bored, and then I began to think about the new opportunities that my new location offered to continue with my sexual explorations. I spent a lot of time just driving around, and on one of my excursions, I came across a good sized adult bookstore: The Adult Super Center.

I have had several adult bookstore experiences, and I started to get wet just thinking about them again. Deciding then and there that this would be my first adventure in my new town, I drove home to think things through and make some plans.

For my first bookstore excursion, I had gone during the day when I thought it wouldn’t be too crowded. I wanted to be able check things out first without getting overwhelmed. I decided to do the same with the new place. I took off the Thursday of the following week, planning to sleep in then hit the store mid morning.

I was nervous, but very excited, and I had a number of great solo sessions thinking about my past adventures. I tired to stay busy for the next several days so the anticipation didn’t kill me; however, by Wednesday night I was just about to burst out of my skin.

I woke up a little bit after nine, and, after taking a long hot shower, I trimmed below into a nice neat triangle. It was a rainy day which was perfect. A little cover, a little cooler. I decided on a pair of form fitting jeans instead of a skirt as I figured it would be hard for anything to get too out of hand too fast in jeans as they were harder to pull off than a skirt or dress. Up top, I settled on a white sleeveless tee shirt with arm holes that sagged and showed off some skin from the side. A black cropped jacket provided some cover until I was ready to show off more. Short ankle boots. I braided my hair in a french braid and checked myself out in a full length mirror. Hot. Not overtly hot, but hot in a girl next door sorta innocent way. I blushed and tugged at my lower lip with my teeth. I was beyond ready for some fun.

I pulled into the parking lot just before 10:45 am. Even at that mid morning hour, I counted at least 5 other cars. Figuring that one belonged to staff, that meant that probably four other patrons were inside. Not a bad number for a first time checking things out.

Upon stepping through the outer door, I jumped when a doorbell rang followed by a buzzer and a guy saying in a loud voice. “Pull on the door!”

I ankara rus escort pulled open the unlocked inner door and stepped into the room. As expected, the room was a large open space with racks and walls of videos, toys, and other accessories with a glass display case and evaluated counter on my right. I smiled at the guy behind the register when he looked up, and I gave him a shy, half wave.

Glancing quickly around, I saw a guy looking at DVDs on a rack in the middle of the room. He was the only patron. In front of me on the far wall was a door with a sign that said “Arcade” over the entrance. I could tell the guy behind the counter was really checking me out as I took a deep breath and walked over to him. My nipples started to get stiff as my initial nervousness was replaced by sexual tension.

I bit my lip as I stepped up to the counter. “Hi.”

He grinned liked a predator. “Good morning. Can I help you?”

Gesturing to the back wall, I blushed as I asked. “What’s the Arcade?”

“Private booths and movie rooms. Showing both gay and straight. $13 flat fee for the day.” His eyes moved from my face to lock in on my stiff nipples now pressing insistently against the thin fabric of my shirt.

Fumbling in my front pocket, I pulled out a twenty. “Ok.”

He looked up surprised as I shrugged and bit at my lip again. Guys are easy. The innocent look combined with the lip thing kills them.

Handing me my change, he managed to croak. “Enjoy.”

I smiled to myself as I turned to head to the Arcade. I was feeling good.

I stepped through the door in a dark room. Standing against the wall just inside the door, I waited until my eyes adjusted to the lowered lighting. On the big screen attached to the wall to my left, a thin young blonde was on her hands and knees moaning while a large black man fucked her from behind. A guy sat on a sofa to my left facing the screen. A coat covered his lap, and I smiled as I detected movement under the fabric. A faux leather love seat to the right across the room facing the screen, another chair to the right of that completed the seating. The wall directly in front of me was semi open with half walls, and a hallway led straight back into a maze of booths, and I assumed other viewing areas.

Once my eyes had accommodated to the darkness, I crossed the room and walked down the hall. About half way down the hall, I stepped stepped through an opening on the right into another viewing room. The wall to my left was a window that looked into another room. In the room I just entered, couch was positioned on the wall facing a screen where a woman was sandwiched between two guys. A smaller sofa was perpendicular to the longer sofa facing out toward me. Through the window to the left I noted a small grouping of chairs and a sofa faced the screen which faced the window. On that screen two woman were 69ing while other people in costume were watching.

So far, I had not seen anyone else other than the guy in the first room. Stepped back into the the main hallway which led straight back to a room showing a gay film. Around behind that screen was another area and another screen, again showing a gay film. Seating similar to the other rooms was arranged in both spaces. I walked through these areas, noting the doors to private booths that lined some of the walls. In two of the branching hallways, the hall widened out, and sofas were arranged facing the booths opposite.

The place was sleazy and somewhat nasty, but I liked it. I made my way back to the front room, where I found the same guy still stroking himself under the cover of his jacket, then decided on the more out of the way viewing space just down the hall on the right. I figured that maybe jacket guy would follow. But by the time I returned to viewing space, I was pleasantly surprised to see another guy sitting on the sofa on the right wall, turned facing the screen.

I sat on the faux leather couch facing the screen and slipped off my jacket knowing that the guy on the ankara türbanlı escort other sofa would get a good side boob view whenever he turned to look at me.

My heart was pounding, and my pussy was dripping wet as I kept my eyes glued to the big screen in the front of the room. What was once a trio had now evolved into a full fledged gang bang. The woman was on her back, legs pressed up tight up against her chest as she was fucked roughly by a huge cock. She was licking at another cock while stroking a couple others with her hands.

“Lucky bitch.” I muttered underneath my breath as I watched the screen with increasing interest. My nipples were painfully hard, pressing against the rough fabric of my shirt. Moving my jacket out of the way to the back of the couch, I slumped lower on the cushions and reached down to unbuttoned the top of my jeans.

I could feel the guy watching me as I pressed my right hand flat against my lower belly, and slid it slowly under the top of my panties. My breathing was ragged as my middle finger separated the folds of my pussy and dipped into the soft, warm wetness.

It had been such a long time since I had done anything public like this, and the memories of past adventures flooded my mind. My body jerked in a small spasm, and I gasped as I tweaked my stiff, sensitive clitoris.

Catching movement out of the corner of my eye, I saw another guy standing near the entrance to the space, peeking into the room. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw me playing with my pussy. He stepped into the room and stood where he could watch both the show on the screen and the show I was beginning to put on on the couch.

Reaching up under my shirt, I moaned as I pinched my sensitive nipples. I watched the guy not the other sofa reach into his pants, took out his cock, and begin to openly stroke himself as he stared at me. The new arrival followed the first guys lead and freed his cock, stroking himself as he openly leered at me. Making sure I met their stares, I bit at my lower lip and continued to play with myself, moving rapidly toward a much needed orgasm.

It didn’t take long. Almost without warning, the first wave hit, and I arched my hips firmly up into my furiously stroking hand. I flung my head back and moaned loudly enough to be heard over the soundtrack of the video. The looks on the faces of my voyeurs was priceless. Their mouths hung open, practically drooling all over themselves as I rode out the initial wave. They continued to stroke themselves faster as my body twitched and jerked to second and third wave spasms. Finally, I slumped back silently on the couch and grinned at the guys in turn.

I slowly caressed my tits, basking in the afterglow of my orgasm. I locked eyes on the newcomer and bit my lip suggestively as my gaze moved from his eyes to his stiff cock. He got the message.

He stepped over and sat down next to me on my right. Taking my hand in his, he moved it to his cock. I wrapped my fingers around his warm flesh and groaned. It had been a LONG time since I had had a cock, and I really, really needed one.

I slowly stroked the cock in my right hand while I started again to play with my pussy. Little sparks of electricity were shooting through my body, and I laid my head back and closed my eyes in anticipation of another explosion.

Before I could get there again, someone pulled up the bottom of my shirt. Without hesitation, I leaned forward, held my arms up, and let my shirt be pulled over my head. Opening my eyes, I saw the first guy standing in front of me as he tossed my shirt onto the now empty second sofa. Falling back again against the soft cushions, I found the stiff cock again with my right hand and wrapped my other hand around a second stiff cock.

Both guys were pretty well endowed. But the guy on the right was thick. Really thick. Thick enough to cause me to open my eyes and stare. I felt his hands on the back of my head as he pressed me insistently down to his crotch. I licked bahçelievler escort my lips, glancing up at him briefly before leaning over and running my tongue over the tip of his massive cock head. Salty pre-cum glazed my tongue, and I moaned again with pleasure and anticipation.

As the guy in front of me shifted to my left and knelt down on the couch, I looked up to see another guy had entered the space. Letting go of the guy on my right, I shifted my body so that I was kneeling on the couch. Hands were on the bare skin of my waist as I tried to take the thick cock in front of me into my mouth. I nearly panicked when my jeans began to slide over my hips, and I reached back to grab hold of the top of them to prevent the guy from sliding them any further down than my bent knees. He got the message, and I soon felt his hands on my naked ass, and fingers began exploring between my legs.

I focused on the cock in front of me, managing to get a few inches into my mouth, drool running down my chin. Hands gripped the side of my head, and I knew that I was in for a face fuck. I gripped his rock hard cock about half way down the shaft to prevent him from going too deep as he began to piston his cock in and out of my mouth.

Fingers spread my pussy lips causing me to arch my back and groan as I pressed my ass back against the pressure. The third voyeur moved beside me, and he reached around to grope my tits. I jerked as he roughly pinched my rock hard nipples just as the guy behind me crammed a couple fingers deeply into my sopping hole.

I moaned as the guys used my body. I was in heaven. Another orgasm was building rapidly, and I gasped around the stiff cock in my mouth as I came hard. I was still quivering when I realized the fingers in my pussy were gone, and the head of a hard cock was pressing at the entrance. I groaned as I braced myself for the fucking I so desperately wanted.

Before the stiff cock had even made it past the entrance to my pussy, I heard a frustrated “Shit” from behind me, followed a second later by a warm stream of cum splattering on my ass. The cushions shifted behind me, and the guy quickly left the room embarrassed by his premature cum shot.

I moaned in frustration. But before I really had time to think about it, the cock in my mouth twitched, pulsed a couple times, and went into spasms as a thick stream of cum was unloaded into my mouth. The guy held my head tight to his cock as he shot a couple smaller secondary loads before pulling out. He quickly tucked himself back into his pants and walked out of the room, leaving me dazed and somewhat unfulfilled on my hands and knees on the sofa with the third guy still playing with my tits.

He pulled away and sat back on the other sofa, pulling me up with him and spinning me around so that I sat down on his lap facing away from him. I moaned as he pressed his cock between my legs. Shuddering, my pussy slowly enveloped his rigid cock. Leaning back into him, I let him fuck me with long hard strokes. My jeans were trapped around my knees which restricted my ability to spread my legs wide, but I felt so hot and slutty that I didn’t mind.

Like the other guys, he didn’t last long. Without warning he shoved me off his lap, and I landed face first on the other couch. He was on his feet in a flash, and before I could say “What the fuck?”, he spun me around and unleashed a massive load onto my face and tits. My mouth was still hanging open in surprise when he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me to his cock. I took his cock into my mouth, sucking him clean while he groaned and twitched. Finally, he let go of my hair, whispered a thank you, and stepped back into the maze of rooms.

I just sat there for a few minutes dazed, before pulling my jeans back over my hips, slipping my tee shirt on over my cum streaked tits, and pulling on my jacket. Standing on wobbly feet, I headed toward the exit, keeping my head down and my eyes averted as I passed several guys who were hurrying toward the room I had left the minute before. I kept my head down as I emerged from the arcade.

I was breathless as I headed to the exit. As I reached the door, the guy behind the desk called to me. “Have a good day!”

I looked over at him and grinned. Before I stepped out in the late morning rain, I turned around and asked. “What are Friday nights like?”

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