The Young Widow

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You need to understand events and the times. I was just riding through the area in Colorado in 1887 when I came upon the small ranch a few miles from the mountains on the Eastern sloop. It was pretty run down. Looking like someone was hanging on but about finished. I decided to see if the people who lived there were taking visitors.

When I rode up a young man of around ten greeted me.

“Lite and set Mister. Ma was about to put food on the table. We ain’t got much but you are welcome.”

Now I had looked around before I went down there and I could tell these folks didn’t have much. It looked like there was a lack of male help on the ranch. They were doing the best they could but just getting by almost. My pack horse was well stocked and I never went to sit down at someone’s table when I could add to the fixins.

I had killed a deer a few miles back and had the best cuts still packed away on the horse too. As I loosened the pack I grabbed a big part of that deer and a few other things I guessed they were very short of and lay them near the door. I unsaddled my horse and pulled the pack off the pack horse.

I walked them east of the house to a patch of good grass and picketed them there. As I walked back I was met by the young man and a couple year younger girl.

“Ma says you can wash up by the door mister she is fixing what we got and it will be ready soon.”

“There is a pile of fixins by the door young man if you would carry them in to your Mom I want to add to the meal.”

As I washed up by the door the kids carried the pile of stuff I had laid out for them inside. I was just finishing up when a young woman stuck her head out and invited me in. As I sat down at her table she, did look full on at me.

“Mister, you looked us over when you rode in just now and you can see we are hard put out. You know we don’t have much. Fact is my husband left us near two years ago and we are about done. You don’t need to share all this with us.”

“Mam I got plenty, and when I do, I share. You go on and use it and I will be great full of anything I didn’t cook myself.”

As she was finishing up the meal it gave me a chance to look her over good and for the life of me I could not understand why a man would leave a very good looking woman and two nice kids like these. I ate what she’d put on my plate and enjoyed the best meal I’d had in months.

When we had finished she sent the kids out to play and as she cleaned up she talked.

“Fact is Mister, we are about to give it up and move in town. I have a job and have found a place the kids can help out and stay.”

“You won’t be staying with the kids?”

“There isn’t room where they will be staying and I have sleeping room where I will work.”

“What about your ranch Mam?”

“We just planned to Burdur Escort let the livestock loose I guess. We only have six cows and a young bull the few chickens left will learn to make it or they won’t? We had to eat most of them and all the ducks.”

“If you are leaving Mam would you mind if I took over for you and see if we can make this pay for you?”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that Mister. If this job works out I doubt we will be coming back.”

“Name is Jacob mam, and you ain’t ask I am offering. I am looking for a place to settle for a spell.”

” I get to putting some back from my job I maybe could give you a bit of money to work with, but it will be some time.”

We talked for sometime about things that needed done that she just couldn’t have done. And we made a deal I would stay when she and the kids moved into town. Her name was Millie Young and Bobby was her boy, Billy Sue her girl. I then ask the big question.

“Your job in town?”

“You know where my job in town is Jacob.”

“Yes, Mam I figured. You been hired to become a full time Whore Mam?”

“I haven’t agreed to that yet.”

I saw her nipples harden under her thin dress.

“So you are to sing and dance for the customers?”

“And to sleep with the saloon owner too.”

“With your clothes on or off Mam?”

“On the first week and see how it goes? But he has said he wants me nude up there.”

“He has seen you naked?”

“Yes, twice so far. Mr. Brock has been very kind so far.”

“And you have slept with him?”

“That is part of my job, Jacob. I have agreed to his bed. And I have done so several times now. He wants me to work as a whore for him.”

“Gene Brock can be a mean man, Millie and I am sure he wants a beautiful woman like you to work for him and to sleep with him.”

“Yes Jacob the last time he was with me he told me what a beautiful whore I was going to make him in his Saloon. How he can not wait to see me on stage naked for all his customers to enjoy seeing me up there. He made it sound very exciting. I had never in my life ever thought of being naked in front of a group of men, but now I think I really want to.”

“So you are planning to dance naked for them?”

“Yes I Know once I am up there naked for them that it will lead my up the stairs with the first man and begin my journey to becoming a whore for him. Gene has helped us survive for sometime now. He rides out here every few days. He has talked for hours about how sexy I will be up there for all of the men in town. He says the cowboys will come for miles around to see me sing and dance. He has even said to me he wants them all to know how it feels to be with the woman he is in love with. He actually has told me he can’t wait to see me leading his friends up the stair Burdur Escort Bayan to let them be with me like I am with him.”

“Does it excite you Millie? Has Gene convinced you to do it for him?”

“I feel like such a slut Jacob. I know Gene has been grooming his little ranch whore to do his biding for months now. The last three times he has come out here he has brought Mary Ellen who works for him and has for a long time, she loves it out here. And he has brought friends with him too. The first time just one. Mary took the kids down to the creek. He got me to dance for them and I got naked for them. And they both fucked me. Gene said I was beautiful and he loved watching James with me. The last time Mary and five of the guys that work for him came. I let them all have me.”

A few days later Millie packed the buckboard of their personals and she and the kids got in. She looked at me for a long time.

“Jacob you say we are now partners and much more now. Take care of our ranch and yourself too. I will send money when I can.”

“The ranch is a good one Millie, it just needs hard work and it will make it. Don’t worry I will ride in to see you in a few weeks. And not for money, but because I will need to see you. I plan to make you my woman Millie.”

She smiled broadly.

“You have already made me your woman Jacob. Had you come a few weeks earlier I might not be going to Gene now.”

“Gene will provide a better life than I can for a while and I think you have made a choice you needed to.”

“But after I do this job for a few years Jacob, will I still interest you?”

“It takes a very strong person to do what needs to be done and I am very proud of you doing this.”

She smiled at me

“Come see us Jacob.”

And they drove away. I worked very hard for three months non stop. I lived in the old house and began a new on up on the ridge west of the old one. I framed in seven rooms and finished three. It has a beautiful view. I began turning the old house into a bunk house planning for room for a dozen hands. I bought cows from two families moving and picked up six more horses, and another bull. I finally cleaned up and saddled up, I headed to town.

I rode in and dismounted in front of the general store. I was looking for the kids. I found Bobby out behind. He was loading a wagon and a man was watching him.

“Come on Bobby hurry it up you have another wagon waiting.”

I found Billy Sue in the back doing laundry. She looked very tired. I didn’t talk to either and neither saw me. I walked the two blacks down the street to the Long Branch Saloon. And I entered. I saw Millie and another woman sitting at a table to the side of the door. I walked over and sat down. She leaned over and kissed me. “I am glad to see you Jacob. Escort Burdur It has been too long since I’ve seen you. This is Mary Ellen who had become a dear friend to me and the kids. She has worked here a long time and wants to go on to do something else.”

“That is perfect Millie as I need a cook house keeper out at the ranch.”

“She loves the ranch Jacob and she can still keep your bed warm too.”

“Millie, I am sorry Jacob it is hard to break the whore’s mind from the sex. But I will keep your bed warm if you want Millie tells me you are very nice in the bed.”

My turn to blush.

“Millie I am not happy with the way the kids are being treated and I would like to take them home. “

“We were just talking of that too Jacob. We are concerned too but I just don’t have another choice.”

“Now you do between the two of us we can take care of the kids. Bobby can help me as we finish the new house, Part of the time. Billy can help Mary in the new house and they can be kids and play like they should be.”

“Jacob I can’t ask you to do that for me?”

“You didn’t ask Millie I offered and they need to be home being kids part of the time at least. And with some help from Mary it will make it much better. We have 34 cows, 2 bulls and 8 horses now. I have written to my uncle and he is on his way out here and I want to hire a hand while I am here.”

“I may know just the man for you Jacob. He is one of my customers when he can find the money, and i give him a free one sometimes when he can’t. Sandy is a nice young man.”

Mary laughed.

“Yes, and a really good fuck if he is sober enough.”

“Hey Mister get away from my whores they don’t start work for another two hours and if you are that so called partner of my Millie’s you need to forget that shit she is going to marry me and we’ll be moving out there on that ranch soon.”

I stood up slowly and turned around. His hand was on his gun but it jumped right off it.

“Holy shit Knoke, she said you were Jacob not Knoke Jacob. Honey you could get a man killed not telling him the whole name of someone.”

“She didn’t know my full name Brock. You may have her in your bed every night but you don’t own her or any part of her ranch. Millie Gene Brock and I have some history and he doesn’t like me very much. Now if you ever miss treat this lady I will come back here and make you dig your own grave before I kill you. Now git.”

And he went.

The girls went to get ready for work that night and I walked back to talk with the kids. They were very excited about going home but sad their mother wasn’t coming with us. They liked Mary Ellen and were good with that. I went to the stable and bought a wagon and two good horses so we could all leave the next morning after I got supplies at the store that Bobby didn’t load by himself.

Before I went to bed I walked back to the Saloon and watched the woman I was sure I loved dance nude on stage and then strut her naked self upstairs with a guy to give out her first fuck of the night. She looked both prod and sexy.

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