Therapist Gets Sexual Release

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After I first got divorced I really didn’t want a relationship, so I didn’t really go looking for anyone, but sometimes they found me. This is the story of one of those times. Sure you properly are thinking “yea sure” or “no way” and I would agree with you if in fact I didn’t experience it myself.

It was a warm Florida Spring Morning when I stepped out of my apartment to go to the pool, which was just down the downstairs the apartment. As I descended the stairs, I saw a some one dive into the water. When she came up for air, it was someone I had not seen before. She was blonde and was wearing an American Flag bikini. She was a pretty good swimmer as I watched her swim from end to end several times.

By now I had gotten to the pool and really wanted to see what she looked like. No one else was at the pool, seeing that it was a weekday – lucky me gets to work weekends. I found a chaise that was near hers and set it up to face the sun properly. As I was setting my things down, she got out of the pool and walked over towards to her chase.

She looked to be at least 6 ft tall but in great shape. Her breasts bounced just a little as she walk – so the odds of her having work done on them look small. As she got closer, I asked her how the water was. At first she just smiled at me, but when she sat down, she commented that water still had some coolness to it – just enough to make you tingle when you first jump in. I said thanks and walked towards the edge of the pool to dive in.

As I walked over there, I thought ‘man did she have a nice tight butt and a pretty smile’. It was a good thing that I dove into the water when I did since I was starting to get a hard on. The water was actually fairly mild, but it helped to cool me down. I swam a few laps and then got out to enjoy the sun.

When I got out of the pool, Alanya Escort I noticed that she was checking me out. While I am not the biggest built person, my 6 foot frame is pretty solid. My stomach muscles don’t ripple, but I do work out in the gym three to four times a week as well as ride my bicycle to work on the weekends (about 6 miles each way).

I sat down and asked her when she had moved in. She replied that she was down visiting friends for a week during spring break. I asked her were her friends where, to which she replied that they where at work so she figured she would enjoy the quietness of the pool. I commented that generally the pool was quite in the mornings since most people where working. She asked me what I did, to which I told her I helped people plan their vacations. She told me she was a physical therapist up north and this was her first vacation in several years.

We exchanged names (hers being Julie) and as we continued to talk, the sun started warming up our skin and I was getting hungry. I asked her if she wanted to go get some lunch. She did, but first she wanted to take a quick shower to freshen up. I watched her walk down the path away from the pool before I climbed the stairs to get to my apartment.

Just as I was about to step into the shower, there was a knock on the door. I quickly threw on a robe and went to the door. I looked out the peep hole and there stood Julie. When I opened the door, she told me she had left her keys inside her friends apartment so she couldn’t get in and seeing that she didn’t live there, the office wasn’t going to let her in.

I told her to come in and she could use my phone to contact her friends. She ended up leaving a voice message on their cell phones. I was getting a little embarrassed since all I had on was my robe and my Alanya Escort Bayan friend down below was starting to poke up. I told her she was welcome to take a shower if she still wanted and that I had some clean cloths she could wear.

She told me it looked like I needed a cold shower as she looked at the tent my dick was creating. I told her that with her around a cold shower won’t help much. She smiled and suggested that we shower together as she raced to the shower.

By the time I got there, she was already inside and I noticed her bathing suit was laying on the floor. I removed my robe and stepped into the shower. Now one of the reasons I picked this apartment, was that it came with an actual shower area instead of a tub with a shower head. The shower is big enough for two people to use and still have room to maneuver.

When I got into the shower she was standing under the water so that it ran off her chest like a water fall. I stepped towards her and took one of her breasts into my mouth while my hand played with the other one. Did she ever taste good. After a few seconds she pushed me back and kneeled down on the shower title. She took my member into her mouth and started giving me a wonderful blow job.

Since as I had an adjustable shower head, I changed the setting to be a small pulsating stream and maneuvered it so that the water was hitting her butt. She must have like it since she really starting going down on me. As good as she was, I wanted to enjoy some of that golden blonde pussy of hers, so I stood her up. Then I grabbed her by the thighs and as I picked her up and I told her to wrap her legs around me. As we kissed, she slowly lowered her self onto my dick.

She reached up and adjusted the shower head so that it was just a gentle stream of water coming out. Then Escort Alanya as I was pumping inside her, she leaned backwards so that the water hit just between her breasts and ran down her stomach to where we were joined together. I could feel her tighten up as we both got closer to climaxing. She had good timing since before I starting spurting inside her, she changed the temperature of the water. When the coldness of the water touched me, I jerked forward so hard that I thought my balls where going to go inside her. The water must have caused her to climax, since she tighten her pussy muscles and legs against me to the point where I could only stand there. I was not able to move in or out of her. The feeling was intense as I spurted inside her. I have had sex in the cold and in the snow, but never before have I had cold water hit me just as I started to cum.

She reached up and circled her arms around my neck, which stopped the water from hitting us. I was glad since the cold water was starting to make my legs cold. She smiled, kissed me and then unwrapped her legs from around me and stood up. I told her that was terrific and I wanted more. She didn’t have a problem with that. I then picked up the liquid wash and emptied some of it on to her breasts.

I started rubbing her breasts and then slowly worked my way down her stomach to her golden pussy. I worked my fingers around her lips and then one of them entered her. Even though we had just fucked a few minutes ago, she was still tight. I got down on my knees since I wanted to taste her juices. I reached around her and grabbed her tight buns as I pulled her to my mouth. The taste of my cum with her juices was wonderful. I worked my tongue on her clit and inside her pussy. She braced herself on my shoulders as I felt her squeeze my tongue. She collapsed onto me as she climaxed.

After a few seconds she was able to stand and we decided to get out of the shower. We had just gotten to the bed when there was a knock at the door. One of her friends had gotten off work as soon as they got her message. She left and I never did she her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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