They Are A-OK Ch. 19

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Note: This story depicts a group sexual scene that includes male to male contact.


I returned home to many surprises. The first was being met on the tarmac by a uniformed man. Instead of a long walk through the terminal, he took me in a golf cart like vehicle to a private parking lot where he had a limo waiting. I was quickly learning that the world was a very different place for the wealthy. The second surprise was finding Brock in the back seat as I climbed into the limo.

“Greetings, brother, welcome home,” He said warmly while offering his hand.

“Greetings brother, thank you,” I replied while smiling broadly and shaking his hand.

I was genuinely glad to see a friendly face. However, there was also a nagging concern in my gut. The weekend had definitely changed my outlook on my future. I liked Brock, but suddenly wasn’t so sure pursuing our budding relationship was the best idea. I knew at the very least the two of us would be having a serious conversation in the near future. When the door shut and he gathered me into a bear hug my concerns took a back seat to the comfortable feeling of being enveloped in his arms.

He kissed my cheek and playfully nibbled my ear lobe as he asked, “Did you have fun? Did you miss me?”

The answer to the first question was easy. I told him that I had had an amazing time. The second question was more difficult for me. The truth was I hadn’t given him or anyone else back at school a single thought since I set foot on Adam’s yacht. But it seemed like it would be cruel to actually tell Brock the whole truth. If I hadn’t known before I could see in his eyes that he had feelings for me.

“Of course I did,” I lied, “But honestly, I was kept pretty busy. So I didn’t have a lot of time to dwell on things outside the island.”

“Yeah I know how it can be out there. Adam definitely treats his guests well.”

“Brock, I am curious about how things were when you visited the island,” I said hoping to learn if Adam was being genuine when he said certain things about my visit.

“I am not sure what you mean. Are you asking what I did when I was there?”

“Yeah, I wanted to maybe compare our experiences.”

“I am sure yours was different than mine considering Adam’s obvious affection for you. But I see no reason not to discuss my visits.”

“What do mean by his affection for me?”

“Nothing other than it is very clear he likes you and for more than just sex. With me I am pretty sure that it is my position and big cock that gets me invited back,” He answered with a wicked grin. “It is definitely benefitting me. He has already hooked me up with an associate for future employment. I got the impression that he was planning to hire you directly.”

“I don’t know if it is a secret or not, but he has already hired me. How many times have you been to the island?”

“Three, the first time was last year. Adam brought the whole council out. It was a sort of an induction ritual.”

“Another ceremony the pledges don’t learn about?” I asked curious about the occasion.

“Well it isn’t in any book I have ever seen. I think it was more Adam’s excuse to bring some young guys to his island for play time.”

“Wow, so what happened?”

Brock began telling me the story of his first visit to the island. The seven council members arrived on the yacht as I had. But unlike me they were met at the dock by Adam. He ordered them to strip naked right there with crew and other workers all around. After that they were marched about a half mile through the foliage. From the description I assumed Adam had taken them to one of the guest bungalows. They stood in a line while Adam did a very hands-on inspection. When he was done prodding and fondling them all of them were fully erect. Next he put them on their knees as he undressed. Each was made to kiss, lick and suck Adam’s balls and cock.

After that they were told to get on their hands and knees. Each of them was lubed and finger fucked by Adam. Once all were lubed up Adam moved behind the council president and mounted him. As he fucked him Adam told the president to select three members. The selected members were told to mount the other three. Since the council president did not know what he was selecting guys to do he had inadvertently picked Brock to be a top. The guy Brock was paired with protested as the huge cock was pushed into his tight ass.

“Give him every inch of that fat sausage, Brock!” Adam insisted as he rammed his own cock in and out of the council president’s more than willing ass.

Brock said that although he was as gentle as he could be he left his fellow rookie council member very sore. The rest of the four day visit was an almost endless orgy except for the two hours each council member spent alone with Adam. Since they were all instructed to keep that session secret from the others Brock did not know what the others had done. All he related was that Adam did not find having a huge cock in his ass painful.

“Damn, he really does like being fucked doesn’t he?” I exclaimed as Brock finished balgat escort the tale of his first visit to the island.

“I know he is one of the few guys that can take my dick with ease. I am pretty sure that is why I got invited for a second visit about two months after the council initiation.”

“Did you go alone the second time?”

“No, Adam told me to bring Colin with me when he made the invitation. It seemed odd since I didn’t know he knew the council’s little playmate existed. But I wasn’t going to question Adam.”

“I don’t get the impression many people question him.”

“Me either. Anyway when we got there Adam had one other guest on the island, an AOK alum I hadn’t met. He is a British guy named Reggie.”

“I know brother Reggie,” I interrupted.

“Oh, good, then I don’t need to explain about him. So it turns out that Adam basically wanted his ass fucked really well by my big dick. I wasn’t there an hour before he took me to his shower. I am not sure where Reggie took Colin but it wasn’t a hard fucking that wild Brit was after I found out later.”

“So you put Adam up against the wall?”

“Yes, he all but ordered me to rape him, John. I guess you were in the shower this weekend then.”

We traded shower stories and then Brock told me about Colin’s time with Reggie. As I was already aware Reggie loves to suck cock. It seems he sucked Colin’s dick until he came three times and couldn’t get it up anymore. After that he sucked the kid’s flaccid dick for a time before fucking him. It seemed that Colin had been some sort of a present from Adam to Reggie.

Brock’s third visit to the island was less intense. It was right after he became president of the brotherhood. That visit was more like mine in that he met some of Adam’s business associates including one that offered him a great job. He did fuck Adam but he didn’t mention anything about a special cove or a romantic dinner. I hoped the omission meant that my weekend was as special to Adam as he said.

By the time the story of the third visit was told the long ride to campus was done. The limo pulled up to my apartment building and Brock asked if he could walk me up. I assumed he wanted sex and I was willing to accommodate him. I knew soon enough we would be having a conversation about the future of our relationship. I thought he deserved a nice homecoming fuck. But I had yet another surprise coming.

Brock and Kyle had setup a homecoming party for me. The apartment was buzzing with a bunch of AOK buddies as well as a number of women, only some of whom I knew. Some of my closest brothers were there: Dom, Jerry, Jason, Scott, Dante and Craig. Troy was there with Jenny on his lap. Karen was dancing with Scot so I assumed their on and off relationship was on. Randy Aber was there and was not hiding that he was Jason’s date. Frank Angelos was there also, but since he seemed mostly interested in a stunning Asian girl he was dancing with I assumed he was not there as Jerry’s date. Of the half a dozen other women in the room the only one I recognized was Brock’s fuck buddy and my supposed future foursome partner Trish McIntyre.

The first thing you noticed about the strawberry blonde was her tits. Even for a girl her size those double D cup orbs were massive. Interestingly they seemed to match her rather full ass. She was a tall girl with a nice figure. I guess that Brock needed a big girl to go with his frame. It wasn’t until I saw her up close that I discovered her emerald eyes were by far her most captivating physical feature. Trish was talking to a short, slender girl with long straight dark hair. Brock steered me directly to the pair.

“John, I am sure you remember my friend Trish and I told you about her friend, Abby Lawson.”

“Hi, ladies. Nice to finally meet you Abby,” I said and smiled broadly.

Trish winked as Abby said, “Nice to meet you stud muffin. I’ve wanted to get to know you ever since Trish and I saw your performance at the old lecture hall.”

I managed to hide the slight embarrassment I felt upon recalling the show I was made to give. The hottie giggled and surreptitiously squeezed my ass. Her overt sexuality packaged in such a small body made me want to throw her over my shoulder and carry her off to my room. She was maybe five-two, her pert little tits would have trouble filling a B cup if she ever wore a bra, which she clearly wasn’t under her tee shirt. Even though she wasn’t tall she got a lot mileage showing off her silky legs by wearing a very short skirt. I was tempted to return the blue eyed beauties ass squeeze, but opted to play it cool. I just smiled and told her that I hoped we would get to know each other better soon.

After that Brock walked me around the room making sure I greeted all the guests and introduced me to those I hadn’t met. The women all seemed overly flirtatious and at least two of them seemed ready to fuck on the spot. I flirted back but kept things on a casual basis. I was a bit leery of what the plan might be. After the weekend I had just had an orgy on my first batıkent escort night back seemed a bit much. But after a couple of drinks and a very nice surprising private kiss from my former nurse Karen I was feeling more relaxed. It was clear that no one at the party had any sexual hang ups. Various couples were dancing together; guy-girl, girl-girl and guy-guy. Some same sex kissing was also happening out in the open. After maybe and hour Abby managed to get me alone in the kitchen.

“John, this party is so hot. Seeing your studly guy friends dance together and kiss is making me really horny,” She said in an amazingly husky voice.

Playing along I replied, “Hmmmmmm, now what should we do about that? Want me to ask them to stop?”

“Hell no, but I was hoping you would give me a tour of the rest of your apartment.”

“Only thing left to see is the bedroom.”

“That is what I was hoping.”

She gave my semi-erect cock a squeeze through my pants. At that point I decided to go for it and led her down the hall. As if actually conducting a tour I pointed out Kyle’s bedroom on the way to my room. From the sounds coming from behind the closed door it was already occupied by more than one couple. It was Abby that closed and locked the door to my room. I had to lift her into my arms to kiss her. I easily cradled her ass in my hands and held her up as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“So what do you think of the room?” I asked after a few minutes of tongue dancing.

“Hmmmm, I think I should try the bed before offering an opinion.”

I sat her down, but she did not immediately dive onto my bed. Instead she started dancing around the room. She did a quick seductive striptease as I stood enthralled. It was quick because all she was wearing was a tee-shirt, skirt and a thong so small I couldn’t have made an eye patch out of it. I was glad she didn’t shave her cunt because that might have made her look like a little girl and I definitely wanted her to be a woman.

“Damn!” Was all I managed to say as she continued to dance around naked for my pleasure.

“You like, baby?” She asked as she lay down on my bed and spread her legs to show me her pink pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm, very much sexy lady.”

“It’s your turn stud. I want to see what you’re hiding in those pants.”

My striptease was far less seductive than hers had been but probably just as fast. She clapped playfully when I freed my hard cock from my underwear. Then she used her finger to motion me over to the bed. As soon as I was close enough she took hold of my hips and guided me to a position right in front of her.

“Damn that looks tasty,” She purred.

She ran the tip of her elfin-like pink tongue around the rim of my cockhead sending an electric charge along the length of my erection. Following that she playfully traced the course of a large vein down my shaft. When she reached the base she kissed my ball sack and then began to tongue bathe my scrotum. There was no question that the cooing pixie enjoyed giving head. I began to caress her long silky hair as she worked her tongue and lips back up my shaft. When she reached the tip she nearly drove me crazy wiggling her tongue in my pee hole.

“Jesus, if Brock had told us how hot your cock was I would have been on you weeks ago, stud,” She moaned before engulfing my throbbing cock in her mouth.

She used her tongue and lips to stimulate my tingling flesh as she slowly swallowed my entire cock. I hadn’t expected such a tiny chick to be able to take my dick deep. Discovering what a fantastic cock sucker she was I began to fantasize about seeing her eat pussy. This of course made me want to eat hers. I have no idea what produced the wild idea I had next.

“Time I got to taste that sweet pussy!” I said confidently.

Without waiting for permission I stepped back pulling my cock from her lips and reached out for her. She squealed ecstatically as I lifted her into the air. As small as she was I had no problem turning her upside down. Fortunately she quickly got the idea and pressed her palms onto the bed while slipping her legs around my head. I didn’t know at the time she was on the gymnastic team. I buried my face in her crotch and tasted her dripping pussy. As I lapped up her nectar she gripped my head with her surprisingly strong thighs.

“Hold onto me, stud,” She squealed.

I grabbed her sides as I continued to run my tongue the length of her slit. She pushed off the bed and managed to bring her suspended body next to mine. I held her tightly while pressing my tongue into her pussy. She put one arm around me and grabbed onto my ass while using her free hand to stroke my cock. I kept one arm around her while bringing the other back up to her pussy. I replaced my tongue with two fingers as I moved to lick her engorged clit. While fucking her cunt with two fingers I pressed my thumb to her tight little rosebud.

“Fuck, yes!” She screamed loud enough that I was certain they could hear her out in the living room.

The slickness of her beşevler escort flowing juices provided lubricant to allow me to push my thumb past her anal rim as my finger apparently found her g spot. She was bucking around as I held her suspended in the air. Her moaning cries of passion rang in my ears as she pressed her crotch hard to my face.

“Eat me you hot bastard!” She demanded loudly. “Oh god fuck, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss”

I continued licking her clit and fingering both her holes while struggling to hold onto her writhing body. At one point during her long series of orgasms I was afraid she was going to wrench my neck with her strong legs and eased up on her clit.

“Oh god..oh shit fuck, put oh oh me fuck put me on the bed and fuck me!” She cried as another powerful peak subsided.

She relaxed her legs and I lifted her off my body. I tossed her gently onto the bed face down. She drew her legs up under her presenting her pussy to be taken doggie style. I pulled her to the edge of the bed, bent over her and rammed my cock into her hot juicy cunt. She cried out her joy as I began to ram my aching cock in and out of her willing pussy.

“Yes baby, ride my cunt hard like you ride those studs you fuck!”

I gripped her hips hard and drove my cock deep into her cunt. She screamed and started cumming again. I ground into her as her pussy massaged my cock. The wet walls of her tunnel gripped and squeezed my rigid pole sending me over the edge. I felt as if my cock was pressed into her cervix as my seed erupted into her body. After another few minutes I slipped onto the bed and gathered her in my arms. We held each other panting like wounded animals unable to speak.

“Damn, tiger, where the fuck did you learn that trick?” She asked excitedly after a few minutes.

“Just came to me in the moment,” I answered honestly.

“Fuck, we should have gotten together a long time ago,” She added. “God you drive me fucking wild. Never thought I would find a bi guy could make me so high without another guy in the room. I can’t fucking wait to see you suck cock.”

“Go get me one and you can see me suck one right now!” I retorted rather flippantly even though I knew I would do most anything to get in her cunt again.

She surprised me by jumping out of bed and slipping into one of my tee-shirts.

“Be right back, stud. Don’t go anywhere.”

As I watched her walk toward the door I figured she would be like the pied piper walking out there with my shirt barely covering her pussy and ass. I was pretty sure she would be getting her fill of watching guys suck cock. However, she didn’t have to go far. Brock and Craig were in the hall with two chicks. Trish was joined at the lips with Brock. Her shirt was open and he had his hand up her skirt. I didn’t know the sexy well built curly haired brunette that was stroking Craig’s tool.

“About time you invited us in,” Craig said as Brock and Trish broke their kiss.

Abby turned back toward me and said, “Looks like we are got a couple of nice cocks here for you to suck, stud.”

As soon as the foursome was in the room Abby took charge.

“You ladies up for watching a hot show? Johnny promised to show me what a hot cock sucking stud he is,” She cooed.

Trish and the unknown hottie immediately expressed their delight at the idea of the guys doing a show. Abby told Craig and Brock to strip.

“Um I think an introduction is in order,” I suggested as my friends started to comply with Abby’s order.

“Oh shit, sorry, I didn’t know you hadn’t met Serena. Serena this is John Campanelli one of the hottest bi studs I have ever fucked,” Abby said with a wicked look in her eye. “John this is my roommate, Serena Clarkson. She is as talented as she is well built.”

Serena winked at me and pulled her shirt over her head exposing a stunning pair of breasts. They were round and luscious looking with small brown areolas encircling nice sized clearly erect nipples. She pinched her nipples playfully and giggled as she watched my eyes drink in her alluring tits. Her giggling caused both her pert tits and short curls to bounce. She was slutty and baby doll cute at the same time. When she slipped her shorts and thong down her smooth silky legs I was treated to a nice view of her hairless crotch. Even as my two naked buddies moved toward the bed I was hoping to get my lips on her cunt.

Surprisingly, I was so fixated on Serena that I hadn’t even noticed that Trish was stripping also. Her strawberry blond bush was neatly trimmed. When she plopped down in my recliner and opened her legs I could see she had unusually large labia. The other girls joined Trish in the recliner and cozied up. It was a very erotic scene having the three chicks with their contrasting bodies all together naked in that chair. I wish I had been able to take a picture.

As Craig stood next to the bed stroking his already hard cock Abby purred, “Showtime boys!”

I sat on the edge of the bed and moved Craig’s hand away from his crotch. Brock moved to the other side of me being sure to leave room for the girl’s to see the action. The three girl’s whistled and hooted appreciatively when I leaned forward and slid my tongue along the length of Craig’s cock. I teasingly kissed his bald pubic area when I reached the base as I moved my fingers to his balls.

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