This Can’t Be Happening Ch. 02

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For Women

This is a continuation of my story. As before all names and locations have been changed to maintain anonymity.

Now I was facing Phillip still in my shirt, with my trousers and underpants around my ankles. My erection was on full display. As I looked down I swear I was so hard it was bigger than my usual 6 inches. There was also a long string of precum hanging down, threatening to break free and drip onto the carpet.

I was so embarrassed, I could feel my face must have been a deep crimson red. I couldn’t look up. My cock seemed to have a life of its own. Throbbing uncontrollably. I stared at it in disbelief, twitching and straining. My exposed glans was so swollen it looked tight and shiny. Not its usual soft pink but an angry red.

“This can’t be happening” I thought to myself.

The whole situation had taken on a surreal quality. Gone was the fear of getting arrested and sacked. Now replaced with a mix of lust, embarrassment and the burning pain in my buttocks. I could literally feel the welts left by Phillips thick brown leather belt swelling on my cheeks.

The feeling that took me by surprise most of all though, was that of wanting to be on display to this man. Hoping he was excited too. Hoping I was turning him on.

Don’t get me wrong, whilst I was still a virgin, I had fooled around with girls my age. Heavy petting, fingering and being wanked off. I’d experienced licking a pussy too, which I really enjoyed. This, however, was something totally new to me.

I couldn’t recall being this hard before. This turned on. This excited.

And it was in front of a man.

It should have felt wrong, but it didn’t.

My head was in a spin. So many mixed up emotions going on. I’d let a fully grown man see parts of me nobody else had ever seen and now I was showing him my erection too. Allowing him to ogle the precum stringing from my cock. Allowing him to see the sexual excitement that he’d induced.

I knew that I would have to look up and see Phillips face at some point, but right now I was in some kind of Burdur Escort trance. I was also a little fearful. What if he was disgusted? What if he was shocked? What if he didn’t like what he saw?

I couldn’t understand that last thought. I’d never thought about anything sexual happening with a guy before, so why would I want him to like what he saw. Why was I hoping he was turned on?

All I knew right then was that this was the most erotically charged thing I’d ever experienced.


The word snapped me back to reality. I looked up and Phillip told me to pull my trousers and underpants up. There was no sign of anything in his facial expression.

No sign of excitement. No sign of disgust. Just his usual expression.

Then he told me to call my mother to let her know I’d be home later than normal. I still had to sweep the shop floor and tidy up. I explained that I didn’t have to call her but he insisted and told me to let her know he’d be dropping me home afterwards.

So I called my mother as he’d told me to then went down to the shop to finish cleaning up. It was after 9.30pm by the time I’d finished. When I went back upstairs to tell Phillip I was done he told me to take a seat on the sofa. He thought it was appropriate that we discuss what had happened. I sat down and immediately felt my embarrassment growing again.

He sat next to me and told me the “stealing incident” was behind us. That I shouldn’t worry any more about it, as long as I didn’t do it again. I thanked him and insisted it wouldn’t.

He then asked me if I’d ever been disciplined like that before. I hadn’t and told him so. He explained that it was a very intimate thing to experience and wasn’t surprised by my “reaction”. Then asked me if I was gay.

I told him that I didn’t think so. That until that night I’d never even thought about a man like that, but now I was confused. I told him I couldn’t understand why I had become so aroused. I explained that even when he’d used his belt on me I had an overwhelming feeling of Burdur Escort Bayan both pain and excitement. I told him how the humiliation of what he’d done and my exposure to him had excited me more than anything else I’d felt sexually before.

I just blurted it all out to him. The words were jumbled because of the emotions I was feeling. As I told him all of this I began to get excited again. That feeling of wanting to turn him on started. That feeling of wanting him to see me was almost too much and my cock was so stiff that it was tenting my trousers.

I looked at my crotch and then I saw he was also looking. God, I even let my legs spread wider so he had no doubt about my excitement.

He asked me how my cheeks felt. I told him they were still very sore but somehow I liked the feeling. He told me he had some lotion in his bedroom and thought it wise that he get it and left me sitting there for a few minutes.

When he came back he was carrying a towel and a bottle of lotion. My excitement rose even more when he told me I should get undressed so he could apply it, telling me it would sooth the welts.

I stood up and began to undo my trousers but he suggested I strip completely. My heart was pounding so hard as I took my shirt off, followed by my trousers, socks then underpants. Now I stood in his living room totally naked.

Once again, my cock was utterly bone hard and my precum began to dribble.

Phillip smiled at me then and told me that I had a lovely cock. I was so happy to hear that. I wanted him to touch it but he told me to kneel on sofa facing the seat back. He said it was probably the best position for applying the lotion.

Once in that position I had felt the same feeling as when I was bent over his desk. My cheeks parted and I knew he could see my anus. God it felt so good. I couldn’t see him but I hoped he liked what he saw. I hoped the sight of me like that turned him on.

I lay my head down on the seat back and felt the first drops of lotion hit my cheeks. They were cold. Escort Burdur Then a few more drops hit my cheeks before I felt his hand begin to massage the lotion into my skin. He told me my buttocks looked very sore. The welts were raised but he assured me the lotion would help. He placed the towel between my legs telling me he didn’t want the sofa ruined by the amount of precum I was leaking.

He spent what seemed like an age gently massaging my cheeks. By now I was so turned on I couldn’t help myself pushing my arse outwards, spreading my cheeks even wider. It was such an erotic feeling. I was completely naked while he was still fully clothed. My swollen and sore cheeks feeling the cool soothing touch of the lotion and his hand. He would be able to see my anus fully along with my balls and bottle hard erection.

My head spinning. My thoughts racing. No words spoken

Then I felt more lotion hit me directly on my anus and begin to drip onto my balls. Oh fuck! Oh fuck!!

His fingers very gently stroked along the crack of my cheeks and around my star. Then down to my balls.

My cock spasmed so hard I thought I was cumming but it was just a huge stream of precum.

I’d never felt anything like this before.

His fingers moved back up to my anus and massaged the lotion around my entrance.

Fuck. Oh fuck!

My cock was now bucking and twitching. I had no control.

Then he stopped and suggested I sit down.

I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted more but I did what he asked.

When I stood up to sit down he had taken his cock and balls out of his trousers, poking out from his flies. It was the first time I had seen a man fully erect.

I was transfixed. It was bigger than mine in length, but only slightly. It was quite a bit thicker though and his balls were bigger. They were much hairier too. Thick dark black hair covered them. He was uncut but his foreskin hadn’t rolled back. I could just see the tip of his glans. It was wet with precum. The skin was dark. Much darker than the rest of his skin and there were thick bulging veins that ran the length of it.

I found it wonderful to look at. I was truly shocked by the feeling that I wanted to touch it.

I shall end this part here. I have enjoyed writing this so far and hope you might want to read more.

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