Three Shots

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That last shot of Jameson’s was a mistake.

So were the two before that.

I was feeling pretty wobbly – so I went to the Ladies Room to splash some cold water on my face. The situation at the table was getting a bit intense. Barry and I had been kissing, our hands roaming over thighs under the table, when a beautiful, lithe young woman dragged a chair over, sat down and introduced herself.

She told us in a throaty, posh English accent that her name was Julianne and that we were a sexy couple. Then she called the waitress and ordered a round of whiskey shots.

Sliding her chair up next to mine, she started to play with my hair, saying that she loved the curls and the color. I told her I liked her long, silky straight dark brown hair. She sighed and said something about always wanting what we don’t have. Then I felt her hand roaming my right thigh. It wasn’t subtle. She pushed her palm up under my skirt and her fingers massaged my leg through the fishnet stockings I was wearing.

Leaning close to my ear, she breathed “I love fishnets – but doesn’t it feel great when you taken them off?”

Barry asked Julianne if she was alone. She replied that she’d been on a blind date that was a disaster, so she did a runner and wandered in to this place.

“What happened – what was wrong with him?” I asked.

She turned her wide, dark brown eyes toward me and stared for a long moment. So long I almost thought she didn’t hear me. The look she gave me was full of sensuality. Breaking eye contact with me for a moment, she looked at my lips, licking hers unconsciously then returned to my eyes.

Finally, she replied. “No chemistry — none at all. Don’t you hate that?” Without waiting for a reply, she continued, her eyes never leaving my face: “I have more chemistry with you, actually. A lot more.”

Barry moved his chair closer to me on the other side, and his hand slid up my other thigh. I turned to look at him, his eyes were heavy-lidded and he had an alert stillness that made me realize how seriously turned on he was.

“Who wouldn’t? She’s hot, isn’t she?” Barry asked.

Julianne smiled a rather dirty little smile and said to him: “Yes. Yes, she is. You, mate, are a lucky man.”

“That’s funny…” I said, “Because I’m feeling pretty lucky, myself, right about now.”

Just then, the shots arrived. We each took one and naturally waited for Julianne to make the toast. She hesitated for a moment, and then a naughty grin broke out across her generous mouth.

“To luck – and new experiences.” She said suggestively. Then she knocked the Jameson’s back in one swallow – gasping only a little as she slammed the empty glass upside down on the table.

Barry and Julianne both looked at me expectantly. I followed suit – slamming back the entire shot in one smooth motion, likewise jamming the empty glass down on the table. The burning liquid coursed down my throat, and I gasped aloud, feeling the heat flare briefly and then subside. This was going to be an eventful night.

“New experiences – I’ll definitely drink to that.” Barry said, as he did the same.

“What are your names?” Julianne asked. I did the honors, first introducing Barry and then placing a hand against my breastbone, I told her my name.

“You are gorgeous, darling. Simply stunning.” Then she leaned over and placed a lingering kiss on my cheek. Her hand squeezed my thigh. As she drew away, she looked first at me, and then Barry.

“You don’t mind, do you?” she asked him.

“Are you kidding? I could watch that all night.” Barry said, without the slightest hint of laughter in his voice.

I felt the heat rushing through my body, pooling between my thighs. The Jameson’s was like an accelerant — doing its work well, because I felt a rush of heady adrenaline coursing through me. It amplified my sexual energy and dampened my inhibitions.

I turned toward Barry and said: “You’d only watch? That seems like a waste.” I pursed my lips together in a deliberately provocative pout.

The look on Barry’s face as he registered my meaning was a study in barely contained excitement.

“Oh bravo!” Julianne replied. “I knew I liked you. This is really getting interesting now. Where’s that waitress…”

Twenty more minutes of playful conversation full of sexual innuendo and two more shots of whiskey followed. During that time, both Barry and Julianne seemed to be competing for who could turn me on more.

Julianne’s small but perky breasts were pressed into my arm, her left arm draped across the back of my chair, as she recounted the humorous stories of her bad date. We all laughed a bit too loud and long, because our bodies were tensed and eager for some kind of release. But laughter wasn’t the release we truly wanted, so it only served to increase our collective arousal.

Barry moved the hand that I had resting on his leg up and over slightly so that I could feel his growing erection. I felt a fresh flood of wetness in my panties, and a delicious shiver went down my spine. My face felt hot, and elvankent escort I knew that if I didn’t move, we’d end up engaging in some public display right there. So I abruptly excused myself and escaped to the Ladies Room.

As soon as I had applied the cold water to my overheated cheeks, I regretted leaving Barry and Julianne alone. She was drop-dead beautiful and exactly his type. I looked at my reflection in the mirror as I blotted my skin dry with paper towels.

What the hell was I thinking? She was younger than me, tall and slim as a reed, and very smart and sexy.

Just as I was thinking that I’d better get my ass back to the table, the Ladies Room door burst open and Julianne rushed in. I turned away from the mirror to look at her, the word “hi” had barely formed on my lips, when she walked straight up to me, took my face in both hands and kissed me full on the mouth.

I was too stunned for a moment to react. I felt her soft, full lips moving against mine. It was so sexy. With no conscious thought, I responded in kind, kissing her back with the same slow sensuality.

Kissing a woman is different than kissing a man. There is a soft equality to it – a highly eroticized tenderness. Our lips didn’t bruise, and there was no rough stubble to abrade my cheek or chin. Her kisses were probing, teasing – completely alluring rather than invasive. It was they height of sensuality. I understood why men felt their primal instincts awaken when kissing a woman. It made me almost wish that I had something to thrust inside her.

She must have felt the same way. Her mouth forced mine open and her tongue wasn’t teasing as it pushed into mine. She stepped even closer and pressed her lean hips against my lower body. One of her hands was suddenly cupping my breast, kneading gently as her fingertips danced across my hardening nipple.

“God…” she murmured against my mouth, “Your tits are so much bigger than mine. I can’t wait to put my mouth on them.”

Realizing suddenly that we were in a public rest room, I gently disengaged from her and took a couple of steps away.

“Wow.” I said, laughing. “I wasn’t expecting that.” I said.

“Weren’t you? I was. The moment I saw you and your sexy boyfriend I knew what I wanted. Have you two ever been with another girl before?” She reached for me again, her fingers toying with my hair. Her body was just inches from mine and it was impairing my ability to think clearly.

“Not yet –but we’ve discussed it.” I said. I couldn’t stop smiling, because all I could imagine is what was currently going through Barry’s head at that moment.

“Well, I think we should go to my hotel and see what happens. What do you think?”

“I think that’s an extraordinary idea…but…” I equivocated. Inside, though, I knew I wanted it. My eyes roamed over Julianne, noting her flat, tanned tummy and the gleam of a navel piercing where her camisole didn’t meet the top of her low-rise jeans. I noticed her long, lean legs and how her skin glowed with health. I looked again at her wide, well-shaped mouth and realized I wanted to kiss her again; that I wanted to feel that mouth roaming over my body… perhaps while Barry held me down.

“Is that a yes?” She asked, slowly leaning into me, a sexy grin breaking across her lips.

“Yes, that is a yes.” My voice sounded very deep and breathy, even to me. Her mouth swept down and claimed mine again. She was pressing me into the sink, her hands gripping the cool porcelain behind me. Our kisses were slow, but hard. She sucked my lower lip into her mouth, making me moan a little.

As I opened my eyes, I saw her watching my face. She smiled naughtily, shifting her stance a little as she took my face in her hands again. Her tongue shot out and traced the bow of my upper lip. Julianne made an “mmm” sound as her mouth again came down hard on mine. I kissed her back with equal fervor. She groaned a bit as she reluctantly raised her head. Still holding my face, she looked into my eyes and ground out through her teeth:

“I’m going to make you feel so good…” She then rained a trail of kisses down my chin and the front of my throat. I was breathless.

Finally, I whispered: “I can’t wait to see Barry’s expression when we tell him.” We both began to laugh.

“He’ll feel like he’s won the Lottery!” She quipped. She really was adorable.

We left the Ladies Room together. Julianne grabbed my hand and pulled my arm through hers and we giggled like schoolgirls as we walked back to the table where Barry was waiting. By our cozy posture, he already knew. His expression didn’t seem to change, but I noted that his eyes darkened perceptibly.

Standing up, he drew a handful of bills from his wallet and put them down on the table. He helped me with my coat, drawing me back against him and pressing his lips to my ear as he whispered: “If this is what I think it is, you are a fucking fantasy come true.”

Turning around to face him, I leaned up to kiss him softly. “Oh yeah, this is definitely what you emek escort think it is. Happy fucking birthday and merry fucking Christmas, baby doll.”

As Julianne had done, Barry took my face in both hands and kissed me hard, right there.

She gave us both a little shove, saying: “Hey, save some for later, yeah?!”

In the taxi, I found myself again in the middle. I laughed inwardly at how that seemed to be the natural assumption in many ways. In deference to the driver, we all contained ourselves during the short ride to the hotel. Our hands were the only perpetrators of naughtiness; we took advantage of the darkness to let them silently wander over one another – but no one spoke.

Barry paid the taxi as Julianne and I stepped out. She whispered in my ear that she couldn’t wait to taste me, her tongue darting quickly into the sensitive folds. My panties were drenched.

Passing through the hotel entrance, she gave the doorman a bright smile and wished him goodnight as she whisked us to the elevators. Since we weren’t alone in the car, we remained quiet during the rapid ascent, but the very air between us crackled with electricity.

As the bell chimed on the 20th floor, Julianne said brightly “This is us, guys.” And fairly shoved me out in front of her, looking back to ensure that Barry was following.

“Have no fear…” He said humorously. “There’s no way you’re going to lose me tonight.”

Julianne and I were giggling nervously by the time we reached her door. She fumbled with the cardkey and then triumphantly pushed the door open, her arm sweeping wide in a gesture of welcome.

Barry whistled, looking around appreciatively and said: “Nice room!” She carelessly threw her slouchy handbag on the sofa as we took in the scale and elegance of the large suite she occupied. She shrugged.

“Yeah, whatever. Family business. What can I get you?”

“No more whiskey for me – that’s for sure. Could I just have some water, if it’s not too much trouble?” I asked.

Spinning around, Julianne pulled me into her arms. “You can have anything and everything you want, gorgeous.” Then she kissed me, her teeth sinking into my lower lip as her hands roamed down to grip my ass.

Pausing for a moment, she looked over at Barry, who was staring at us from across the room.

“You’re not really just going to watch, are you? Get your cute ass over here and help me to properly fuck your girlfriend.”

I looked over my shoulder as Barry approached. He looked at me for a moment and then caught my mouth in a smoldering kiss, his hands wrapping around Julianne’s back to pull her against me as he crushed his body into mine from behind. He was already getting very hard; his erection pressed into my ass.

She began to kiss my ear and the side of my neck exposed to her, her tongue darting out as her soft lips trailed along my skin. Occasionally I could feel her teeth nipping my flesh. Julianne’s hands were on the sides of my swelling breasts, pressing them together. She lifted her head to look at the exaggerated cleavage she’d created this way, uttering a low “ooh”, and then began to unbutton my cardigan, exposing the black bra underneath.

Barry released my mouth to look at what Julianne was doing to my breasts. She smiled wickedly at us and then quickly leaned in to kiss my mouth.

Barry began to tease and kiss my right ear and the sensitive area of my neck below it. I let out a little groan – the fact that I was being seduced by both of them at the same time was unspeakably thrilling. I returned Julianne’s kisses with increasing passion. Truth was, I thought her to be beautiful and found her supple, lean body very exciting. I was eager to see her naked. I was eager to try things I’d never experienced before. My hands found their way under her camisole; her skin was like satin under my fingers as I teased her firm young breasts. Her nipples became hard little points as I lightly pinched them. She moaned into my mouth and pressed herself against me even harder.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” Barry suggested softly.

Julianne stepped away from me with some effort. Taking our hands, she drew us through the French doors that connected the living area to the bedroom. A massive king-sized bed dominated the well-appointed room. The fluffy duvet and top sheet had already been turned down for the night; the curtains were closed and the room was lit dimly by one bedside lamp.

As we approached the bed, suddenly both of them sprang into action to undress me. Julianne knelt before me to unzip my boots and help me step out of them. She ran her hands along my legs over the fishnet tights, pressing soft kisses to my inner thighs while she reached up my skirt for the waistband. Tugging the tights downward, she gently pulled the hose off of me, which caused goose bumps to rise on my exposed skin. As she ran her cheek along my skin I felt her silky hair caressing me. She lifted first one leg, and then the other as she pulled the tights completely off.

“There – see what I mean? eryaman escort Doesn’t that feel wonderful?” She ran her lips along my naked calf, pressing a kiss to the arch of my foot. I agreed rather inarticulately that it was indeed wonderful.

Meanwhile, Barry was unbuttoning the rest of my cardigan from behind, as I rested against him. He slipped it from my shoulders and tossed it on the floor nearby. Then his hands moved between us to unhook my bra. Once it had sprung free, his hands moved inside the bra cups to my now-hyper sensitive tits. They were too big for his hands to fully engulf, but he crushed them with his large hands as he played with my large pink nipples.

Julianne stood and pulled the loose bra from my body, exchanging a sexy look with Barry as she moved one of his hands aside. She leaned down and took my left nipple into her hot, moist mouth. He still held the underside of this breast for her as her tongue flicked over the almost painfully extended tip. I moaned loudly for just a moment before Barry recaptured my mouth in an increasingly passionate kiss.

Julianne now turned her attention to my other breast, as Barry reached down to my left hip to unzip my skirt.

It slid down in a tiny flutter to pool at my feet. I was now clad only in my black panties, while Julianne and Barry were still fully dressed. I gathered up the hem of Julianne’s top and encouraged her to help me pull it up and over her head.

As I dropped her camisole on the floor, Barry and I both looked at her small, but perfectly shaped breasts. She had high rosy-pink nipples that pointed upward on her firm B-cup breasts. Going with the impulse, I cradled them in my hands and leaned forward to run my tongue over the erect tip of her left breast. Barry groaned as he watched. Julianne murmured “oh yes – fuck!” as I then sucked the taut little nipple into my mouth. I liked the feel of it and knew exactly what to do to make her moan, since what my lips and tongue were doing would have turned me on as well.

Barry’s hands moved down to my hips to hold me in place as he ground his now-raging erection against my ass. As I lifted my head to look back at him, he turned me to face him and pushed me hard so I that fell backwards onto the luxurious bed.

Julianne flung herself down next to me, lying on her side. She propped herself up on one elbow, her hand serving as a headrest. She ran her fingers lightly over my naked tummy and ribcage, finally swirling around my breasts. Barry was still standing, watching the two of us. I reached out my left hand and he took it, allowing me to pull him down on the bed to my other side.

“Right… ” Julianne began: “Let’s agree on the ground rules.”

I laughed a little and said incredulously: “There are ground rules?”

“Well, only if you want there to be, of course. I’m up for anything…” she looked pointedly at Barry. “With anyone. But I don’t want to cause any issues for you guys – so you need to tell me if some things are not okay — if anything is out of bounds.”

“Like what, exactly?” I asked softly. I was turned on that she was being so sensitive. She looked back at me, gently moving one stray curl away from my face.

“Well… Some girls don’t want their men to kiss other girls, for instance. And some absolutely won’t allow the man to fuck the other girl. So all the attention is on her – girl on girl – and he gets to participate with you but doesn’t get intimate with me, you see?”

I glanced over at Barry, and he was looking at me with a sexy, indulgent expression. He leaned down and pressed his lips to my forehead.

“Whatever you want, baby. This is already one of the best times I’ve ever had. You can decide.”

I could see that he meant it. I pulled his head down and kissed him. He instantly responded, getting increasingly passionate. His left hand moved down to cup my right breast. Julianne rested the side of her head on her bent arm and let out a soft sigh.

“God – you two are so fucking hot.” she whispered.

I broke the kiss and made Barry move back slightly so we could look at each other. I’d made a decision, and it was much easier than I thought. There would be no rules tonight.

“We’re going to skip the ground rules, except for the standard “no pain” rule. I want to see Barry fuck you, actually. Preferably while we are doing… something else…” Julianne purred approvingly as she snuggled closer.

Then I continued: “And as far as kissing is concerned – I’d like to see you two kiss right now.”

Barry wordlessly kissed me again, hard. The raised his head and looked at Julianne. She was looking at me, smiling. Then her eyes met his and they leaned across my body to kiss just a few inches from me. I ran a hand down each of their faces. It truly was hot to watch them, particularly as they were hovering over me. I could see their tongues moving against each other.

As they slowly broke their kiss, Julianne swooped down and kissed me. There was a greater level of urgency to the way her mouth devoured mine. She moved to my right cheek and jawline, leaving a fiery trail of kisses as she found my right ear, gently teasing the inside with the tip of her tongue. Barry moved back in, kissing me so deeply that I moaned. His body pressed into me and I ran the back of my hand across his raging hard on.

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