Thursday Morning

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Thursday was a good day spent with our good friend Nancy. She has been a long time friend of ours for quite some time now. Having lived with Paula for a time as well as being my ex-fiancé in the early 80’s.

We have a lot of history together and have shared it with each other repeatedly. Thursday all day was one of those times. Enjoy.

As we awoke in the morning, Nancy has usually gone off to work leaving the both of us alone in the house. Free to do what we want, when we want. We usually start off the morning with some morning playtime followed by breakfast.

This time the morning was started off with Nancy walking into our room, opening up the curtains and letting the morning sunshine aim at us in the bed. Paula turned over and buried herself against me while I tried to shield the morning brightness with the sheets as I asked what the hell?

Nancy, raising her voice and telling us time to get up as she grabbed the sheets and pulled them off of us. Before we knew it, both Paula and I were huddled together naked and exposed to her.

Nancy walked around to Paula’s side of the bed and smacked her ass hard, which sent an echo of a resounding slap around the room. Paula yelped at the sudden shot to her backside as I started to laugh. Paula smacked me for laughing with a quick slap to my inner thigh.

Paula rolled off the bed first as I lay there on my back watching this naked beauty walk across the room. She told me I had better get up otherwise Nancy might slap me around. I smiled and watched her ass disappear into the bathroom.

Nancy walked in and was about to say something when she stopped dead in mid stride. She looked at me and stared. Knowing she was going to say something, I asked her ‘Well, are you going to say something or stand there and gawk?’

She moved towards the bed in a cat like crawl. Looking into my eyes she came closer. Not knowing what she was planning as I was in a very vulnerable position. She stopped and reached out her hand and slid her fingers under my cock and curled her fingers around the limp shaft.

She squeezed me and pulled on me. I told her if she kept that up that she would soon need to take care of it. She kept right on pulling and squeezing me. I could feel myself growing in her hand. She looked up into my gaziosmanpaşa escort eyes but said nothing. She then went back and studied the motion of her hand.

I lay back in the bed enjoying the feeling when Paula walked out of the bathroom. Seeing what Nancy was doing, Paula slid herself onto the bed and lay next to me. She watched what Nancy was doing and asked if she could stay and watch. Nancy replied, ‘I expected you too’.

Paula lay next to me watching and caressing my chest. She had her legs intertwined with mine as Nancy continued to squeeze, pull and pump my manhood. I could feel the blood rushing to it as I could feel myself growing.

Before long, Nancy had my hard cock sliding in and out of hand. She enjoyed the texture of it in her fist as I could only watch waiting to see what would follow. I do know the sensation of having another woman holding me was incredible.

Sex with Paula is awesome in itself; she has a sense of adventure and makes life interesting. Only this time Paula was a non-issue as Nancy had things well in hand this time.

Nancy kept stroking as I watched, Paula watching, caressing my body as I lay there. Nancy then moved up onto the bed more and leaned her face down and took my cock head onto her lips. Kissing the head and snaking her tongue along the underside.

She felt good as we all laid out, Nancy being the only one dressed in her leather pants, wondering what she had planned or if she would be taking them off. She kept pumping my shaft in her hand and kissing the head.

She smiled up at me and took the head into her mouth and began lowering her painted lips along my shaft. Seeing her red lipstick closing around my shaft made the sensation that much better.

Paula rubbed her shoulders as she started to bob up and down my shaft. Holding the base of my cock in a firm grip kept me from moving much. Nancy’s tongue licking along the edges of my shaft and drifting down to my balls.

Nancy has always taken her time when it comes to pleasures. She likes things slow and unrushed. This morning was no different. My cock was so hard in her hand as Paula repositioned herself so that she was now laying on her back with her legs bent at the knees.

I gölbaşı escort told Paula to play with herself as she started at her breasts, working the nipples to a hardness. She pulled them and touched them to her tongue and swiped them over a little bit. Making them glisten in the morning sunshine.

Her hands moved down to her shaven pussy, pulling apart the swollen lips and entering herself slowly. She rubbed her clit then slid her finger inside herself. Her own moans were edgy and raw. She loves watching another woman sucking on me.

Nancy had me fully in her throat by now. Paula had her fingers deep inside herself as she raised her legs into the air. This tightens up her abs as she forces her fingers into her slit.

Nancy then pulled off my cock and told Paula to mount me facing her though. Paula got up on her knees and crawled slowly over to me. As she placed her legs on either side of mine, Nancy took my cock in her hand guided me into Paula’s warm pussy.

Paula began pumping on me as I laid on my back. Nancy began sucking on Paula’s nipples as she worked the belt on her pants. As Nancy’s tongue caressed her nipples she had her leather pants unbuttoned and ready to be pulled off.

Nancy laid back and pulled off her pants exposing her thong-covered ass. Paula kept riding as I enjoyed her tightness as her sweet folds engulfed me deep. Nancy went back to sucking Paula’s nipples while moving her finger down between us.

I could feel Nancy’s fingertips rubbing against Paula’s clit as her nail skimmed across the underside of my cock. It felt great as Paula was moving all about on me.

Nancy told Paula to stop pumping and to move off me. As Paula moved aside, Nancy went back to sucking my cock. Cleaning off my cock of Paula’s juices. Tonguing the underside and head as well as my ball sac.

Paula remained on her knees rubbing her clit watching Nancy. I could have easily exploded in Nancy’s mouth and she sensed this as she took hold of the base of my cock and squeezed cutting off the sensation.

Nancy then told me to lay across the bed and had Paula once again crawl up my body lowering herself onto my cock. Nancy guided the head of my cock into Paula’s pussy. Only difference this time keçiören escort was that Paula was facing me.

Nancy then pulled off her thong and moved to the side of the bed. She climbed onto the bed and settled her warm pussy onto my tongue as she and Paula exchanged licks and sucks to each other breasts and nipples. Kissing between them as well.

Both women rocking on me now. Paula squeezing her muscles together gripping my shaft tighter. Nancy’s shaven smooth mound moving up and down my lips and tongue. Nancy told me to tell her when I was about to come though.

As Paula increased the sensation of her ride, Nancy’s fingers would caress my jaw and the side of my face as she continued to ride my tongue. Imagining the beauty as she slipped over my mouth, the facial sensations she was feeling.

With the frame of mind and the sensation Paula riding my cock, under muffled moans I groaned out that I close to coming. Nancy slid off my face as she pushed Paula off my cock causing her fall backwards. She grabbed Paula and told me to get on my knees.

As I scrambled to my knees, both Nancy and Paula moved onto the bed so that both their faces were side by side and they began kissing. Nancy’s body off to the right side of the bed while Paula’s was to the left. Both rubbing themselves as they kissed.

Knowing what this was leading to, I placed my cock between their kissing lips and had them both sucking me while taking turns. It didn’t long after that started to feel the familiar sensation of the impending blast emanating from my balls.

I moaned out one time and Nancy told me to come on them, Nancy reached up and took hold of my shaft and began pumping me, unleashing ribbon after ribbon of come onto their faces. Splashing their mouths, as they opened their mouths for me to aim at. I coated the sides of their faces.

Pumping my shaft in my hand I directed another blast at their tongues. I gave each abit of me as they once again took turns sucking the head. As Paula took me into her mouth fully and I pushed more of myself into her throat. Nancy began to come from her own rubbing.

Her moans were soft yet loud as her legs lifted off the floor; toe’s pointing to the sky her orgasm was as intense as mine was. Paula followed shortly with her own orgasm as Nancy took my cock into her mouth.

When all had come, I slowly moved back onto the bed to enjoy the beauties before me. Paula and Nancy licked my come off their faces and were loving every minute of this time.

It was so erotic to watch these friends and lovers, kissing while soaked in come. Wonder what else we can expect in the oncoming days!!

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