TNH – The Sexy Technician

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Paul, laying on a workout bench at the gym, pushed the weight bar away from his chest and toward the sky with all his might. His friend, James, stood over him to catch the bar in case he lost his grip. “Come on, Paul! You’ve got this!” James said as Paul struggled .

After a brief pause – with his arms two-thirds extended and frozen in place – Paul inhaled and then pushed his arms up until his elbows locked, completing the heaviest bench press he had ever done.

“Yes! You got it!” James yelled. “Two fifty! You killed it!”

“Thanks,” Paul strained to say as he continued to hold the weight bar high above his chest. “Now, could you get this damn thing so I don’t drop it and kill myself?”

“Oh yeah,” James said, grabbing the bar and easing it onto the weight stand.

Paul sat up and rested, allowing his breathing to calm. He then looked down at his body and smiled.

“Stop staring at your chest, man,” James said. “It’s not that big.”

Paul looked up at him and chuckled.

“Yeah,” An attractive female gym member said as she paused in front of Paul’s bench. “Let me stare at it for you.”

He looked up in awe at the shapely, spandex-clad young woman. After a few seconds she nodded toward the weights and asked Paul, “How much is that?”

“Umm… uh…”

“Two-fifty,” James said. “And what’s your name?”

“Sheila,” she said to James before looking back at Paul. “Not bad. I’m sure your girlfriend enjoys all the work you put in at the gym.”

“I… uh… don’t have a… girlfriend.”

“Too bad,” Sheila said, studying his body as she walked away. “I bet those muscles could use a nice massage after a hard workout.”

Paul and James stared at Sheila until she was out of sight. James then turned to Paul. “Two questions. First: how in the holy hell do you luck up on these super hot women like this?”

Paul shrugged. “I… uh… I… “

James stared at Paul for a few seconds before interrupting him. “Yeah, which leads me to my second question: How do you keep fucking away your chances with these women?”

“I don’t know. I mean, what was I supposed to do… say… to her?”

“Paul. She all but shoved her panties in your mouth. All you had to do was toss her your phone and she probably would have put her number in it without you asking.”

Paul stood up and began taking the plates off of the weight bar. “Yeah, well, that’s just not me.”

“OK, man,” James said as he helped Paul. “I know that if I looked like you… I’d be having a lot of fun.”

Paul yanked up his towel and notebook. Without looking at his friend, he said, “I’m going to take a shower.” He then rushed toward the locker room by himself, leaving James to put away the last of the weights.


Paul took off his clothes, walked into his shower stall, turned on the water, and let out a long sigh.

I just know that if I looked like you… I’d be having a lot of fun.

Paul thought of James’ words as he stepped under the shower head and allowed the hot water to cascade down his chiseled, well-proportioned body.

As he soaped himself he wondered why he had so much trouble translating all of the attention he routinely garnered from women into dates. He then pictured the spandex-clad young lady he had encountered in the gym.

He could see, from her athletic body, that it wasn’t her first time in the gym. Her thighs were muscular but smooth, which he noticed right away as he was a leg man. Her ass was thick and rounded, she had a flat stomach and nice-sized breasts, she had straight, jet black, shoulder length hair, and she had an adorable face.

Paul’s mental scan of the woman, along with soaping his dick, caused his cock to stiffen. He pictured the young woman bent over in front of him and easing off her tights. He stroked himself as he wondered how her ass would look without the fabric holding it in place.

His heart then dropped as he pictured her turning around, laughing at him, pulling up her tights and walking away. Paul’s utter lack of confidence disgusted him more than it did his friend, James. He couldn’t even get imaginary action from the young woman without doubting himself. He decided to put her out of his mind, finish his shower, and go home.


As Paul turned onto the street on which he lived he could see a truck parked in front of his home. It took him a couple of seconds to remember that he had ordered pest control service. Moving closer, he could see the person applying the pesticide. It was an attractive, shapely woman, at least from behind.

Paul slowed his driving enough to enjoy the technician’s tight jeans as she bent over to spray the base of his home behind his holly bushes. For the second time that day he enjoyed the close-up visual of a woman with nice thighs and an ample backside.

As she rose from spraying, Paul turned his attention back to the street. On a whim he pulled into the driveway of the vacant house across the street from his. He did not want to Antalya Escort stop looking at the woman, but he was also nervous about the prospect of meeting her. As creepy as it was, he decided it would be a lot less embarrassing for both of them if he simply spied on her.

Paul turned off his vehicle, scrunched down in his seat so she couldn’t see him behind his head rest, and tilted the rear view mirror down until his home was in view. He then waited to get a better look at his technician.

After a couple of minutes the woman moved toward her truck. Paul was mesmerized by her walk, which was accented by her curvy hips. He then took notice of her white blouse, which was stretched in the middle by her breasts. As she moved closer, she seemed to be a little older than her body suggested, though she was pretty. He guessed she was maybe in her mid-40’s; about 20 years or so older than him.

Paul began to feel pathetic as he watched her standing outside her truck and filling out paperwork. He was ready to end his ruse, but he was trapped. There was no way to explain pulling his car from across the street and into his driveway without it being awkward. So he sat, shaking his head and silently scolding himself.

He continued to watch the technician while she loaded her spray canister into the truck. As she bent to lift it, the back of her shirt rode up and her jeans came down just enough to see the top of what looked like white thong underwear. Paul’s eyes grew as he exhaled. He couldn’t believe how hot he was getting over a woman that might be old enough to be his mother.

As she drove from his house, Paul waited until he could no longer see her vehicle before pulling into his driveway. When he entered his home he remembered he had requested inside – as well as outside – pest control treatment. Mentally lamenting the fact that he would be charged extra for rescheduling the missed appointment, his thoughts switched to the enticing possibility of the same technician returning.

But, as nice as the idea was of such a hot woman being in his home, he began to hope the company would send someone to whom he was not so attracted. He assumed, if the same woman returned, he would do something goofy or embarrassing and ruin the entire experience. It depressed him to think that his near-encounter with her as he watched her from across the street was his most enjoyable interaction with a woman in quite some time.

Just as Paul placed his gym bag on his coffee table he heard his doorbell ring. He walked over and stood on his toes as he looked through the glass on the top of his front door. His eye’s bugged at the sight of the pest control lady.

He jerked back from the window and froze for a few seconds. He contemplated standing in place until she left. He then remembered that she had already seen his car in the driveway… and that his impulse was a bit childish. The doorbell rang a second time and he realized he needed to make a move. He took a long, deep breath and then forced himself to open the door.

“Yes?” he said, immediately regretting his awkward greeting.

“Hi, I’m Brenda from Moss Pest Control. I must have just missed you. I was here servicing your home a couple of minutes ago. I already took care of the outside and I had forgotten to leave a note for you to reschedule for the inside of your house. But, since you are here, I can go ahead and do that for you and you won’t be charged for the reschedule.”

Paul nodded the entire time Brenda was talking. He then stared at her. Try as he might, he couldn’t tell how old she was, even up close. She was not in her mid-twenties, as he was, but her soft beauty obscured her age.

“So… would you like for me to spray the inside of your house now?” Brenda asked with raised eyebrows.

It took a few more seconds before Paul snapped out of his trance. “Oh… um, sure. Yeah. Yeah.”

Wearing a perplexed expression, she said, “OK, let me go get my equipment.”

As Brenda walked back to her truck, Paul could feel his hands shaking. He also couldn’t help but stare at her hips and bottom as she moved down his walkway. His face was flush and his heart was racing as she returned and he ushered her inside.

“So, you said you have been seeing spiders?” Brenda asked as she glanced around the living room for potential problem areas.

Paul nodded, which he realized she couldn’t see. He then closed his eyes and took another deep breath before saying, “Yes. Mostly.”

“Where have you been seeing them?” she asked, turning toward him.

Trying not to be distracted by her almond-shaped eyes and long eyelashes, he said, “Mostly in here. And… in the k… kitchen.”

“OK. Well, I’ll get started in here.”

Paul nodded. As Brenda began her spraying, he debated whether to stay in the room as she worked or to leave.

“You work out at Fitness World?” Brenda asked, walking past Paul’s gym bag, which sat on his coffee table.

“Um… yeah. Yeah. I… just got back from the gym,” Antalya Escort Bayan Paul said, running his hand over his head and neck as he attempted to calm himself. The woman is just servicing your home for pests! He thought. He felt like he didn’t know how to be a normal human being.

“That’s a nice gym,” Brenda said as she tended to the baseboards and seams where insects might enter Paul’s home.

He nodded. “Yeah. It’s nice. Uh… you work out there?”

“No. I’m a member at Ultimate Fitness over on Union Avenue.”

“Oh. I… I’ve never been there.”

“It’s nice. Not as nice as your gym. But not as expensive either.”

After more than a few seconds of silence – and watching Brenda’s ass as she worked her way around the room – Paul said, “I… I didn’t expect a woman technician.”

“Most people don’t. My ex-husband and I started the business. We divorced. I took one of the two trucks. He sold his and I continued the business.”

Brenda rose from spraying and turned toward Paul. “OK, I’m done in here. The kitchen is this way?” she said as she pointed.

“Uh… Yeah. I’ll just…” Paul muttered as Brenda stared at him before walking past him.

Paul, repulsed by his behavior, grabbed his gym bag and stormed toward his bedroom in the back of the house.

He threw his bag onto his dresser and covered his face with his hands. “What is wrong with me?” he whispered. He took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself. He then tried to come up with a good reason to go into the kitchen.

Paul figured if he couldn’t be comfortable with a random – albeit smoking hot – woman in his home for business purposes then he would never be comfortable around the opposite sex. So he steeled his nerves as best he could and left his bedroom. He was on a mission: he would bravely offer Brenda a beverage.

As Paul reached the kitchen, Brenda was spraying pesticides underneath the sink. Bent at the waist, her jeans, once again, moved down and exposed her thong.

Paul’s eyes grew at the sight. He froze while admiring Brenda’s curves and hopeful that he wouldn’t get caught.

Her hips shifted as she attempted to reach further into the cabinet with her sprayer. Paul was hypnotized by her movements coupled with her form-fitting jeans accentuating her legs and bottom.

He was startled at how aroused he had become. His erection formed a tent in front of his gym pants to the point of potential embarrassment. He decided that might not be the best time to offer his guest a drink.

Before Paul had a chance to retreat, Brenda rose from underneath the cabinet. She then turned the gun nozzle toward herself to study it.

Paul watched as she shook and picked at the gun tip before attempting to spray pesticide from it into the cabinet, to no avail. She then, staring into the nozzle, eased her thumb onto the trigger. Paul was concerned she might spray herself.

“Uh… be careful” he said. “You don’t want to…”

Brenda’s body tensed at the sound of his voice. Her thumb pressed the trigger, the blockage in her nozzle cleared, and she received a full blast of her caustic pesticide spray. She screamed out as her hair, face, and t-shirt were wet with the chemicals.

“Shit! Motherfuck!” Brenda said as Paul stood staring at her with his mouth agape. After a few seconds of her stumbling with her eyes closed it occurred to him she may need his help.

“Oh, I’ll go get you a towel,” he said before rushing to the bathroom.

He wet one end of a large bath towel in the sink before bringing it to her. “Here you go,” he said as she ripped the towel from his hands and dabbed her eyes with the wet end.

Once she removed enough of the pesticide to return most of her vision, she glared at Paul. “Where is your bathroom?’

“Oh. Umm… I’ll… it’s,” Paul stammered as he pointed. He then led Brenda through his living room and to the bathroom, which she entered and slammed the door.

He then heard the water running in the sink. “I am really sorry,” he said through the door. “I didn’t mean to startle you like that.”

“Where are your towels?” She called out.

“Oh. Right behind you. In the cupboard across from the sink.”

Paul heard the cupboard door open and, a few seconds later, slam shut. After a few seconds, Paul asked, “Is everything OK?”

Brenda opened the bathroom door just enough that Paul could see her face. Her hair was disheveled and her red eyes peered at him. He also noticed that she was holding a bath towel in front of her up to her neck as she stood mostly behind the door.

“No, everything isn’t OK. I need to get these fucking chemicals off my skin and my clothes as quickly as possible. Do you have a washer?”

Paul nodded. “Uh… yeah. I have a… “

Brenda rolled her eyes. “I need you to wash my clothes. Put them on the gentle cycle. OK?”

Paul nodded. “Gentle cycle. I can… OK. Umm…”

Brenda slammed the door closed. Paul heard her turn off the sink faucet. He then Escort Antalya heard her turn on the shower.

He stood at the door until Brenda cracked it open just enough to toss out her shirt and bra. She then slammed it shut.

“Gentle cycle!” she yelled.

“Uh… OK! “Paul said. “Got it! Gentle… cycle.”

He stood at the door for a few more moments before he realized he should get moving on Brenda’s laundry.


Once Paul put Brenda’s clothes in the washer he decided to sit in the living room and wait for either the clothes cycle to finish or for her to emerge from the bathroom. After about 15 minutes he heard the shower shut off. A few minutes later the bathroom door eased open and she emerged.

She was wearing her jeans, socks, and a bath towel wrapped around her and covering her torso almost to her neck. She was also wearing an irritated – if not as angry as before – expression.

Paul popped up from the couch. He looked at her and noticed that – with her hair wet – she was even sexier than before. He was then startled as he noticed that she was wearing his towel in lieu of a shirt.

“Oh, um…” Paul said, trying to divert his eyes but having nothing to divert them toward. He looked at the floor as he continued. “I’m…so sorry about all of this.”

Brenda grinned as her bashful house guest attempted to make amends. She then asked him, “Do you have any milk?”

Paul nodded, “Yes. Yes. I… come this… way.”

She silently chuckled at Paul’s awkward uneasiness at the situation as he led her into the kitchen.

Paul, still not looking Brenda in the face, poured and offered her the milk she requested. Brenda waited to take the milk, staring at him as he diverted his gaze anywhere but on her.

She then accepted the drink, consuming half of the glass as she looked around Paul’s kitchen and back into the living room. “This is a very nice house.”

“Oh… uh… thanks.”

“This neighborhood is very nice. I can’t imagine there are a lot of young, single guys around here.”

Paul shook his head.

Brenda looked at him. “You are single, right?”

Paul nodded. “Oh… yes. I am.”

Brenda smiled as she took another sip of her milk. “So what do you do that someone your age can afford a place like this?”

“I’m an SEO consultant.”


“Oh… Search Engine Optimization. I help optimize businesses’ websites to attract more traffic.”

Brenda nodded. “More website traffic, more business.”

“Right,” he said.

“I have a website. I could probably use a service like that.”

Paul nodded. After a few seconds, he said, “Oh. Yeah. Let me give you…”

He pulled out – and fumbled with – his wallet until he was able to acquire one of his business cards. He then handed it to her, still not quite sure where to rest his eyes.

Brenda accepted his card, being careful to hold her towel in place. Paul noticed and turned his head away from her as she slid the card into her back pocket.

She then paused for several seconds – wondering how long he was going to divert his eyes – before asking, “How old are you…what’s your name, again?”

Paul eased his head back in her direction as he said, “Paul. I’m 26.”

“Brenda,” she said, extending one hand, while securing the towel with the other.

She then said, “Well, you’re doing well for someone your age. For someone that’s any age, actually. Much better than I was at 26.”

Paul – glancing at Brenda – smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Brenda stared at him for a few seconds before an alarm on his phone sounded.

“Oh. Your clothes,” he said, retrieving his phone from his pocket. “They need to… Let me put them in the dryer.”

Paul moved toward the kitchen doorway and then paused. He looked back at Brenda and asked, “Low heat?”

Brenda smiled and nodded. Paul then left to tend to her damp shirt and bra.


When he returned from the back of the house Brenda was walking around his living room and studying his belongings.

She glanced over her shoulder and saw that Paul had returned. “What did you say you did for a living?”

“Um… SEO Consulting. Search engine optimization… consulting.”

“Seems like you can make good money doing that,” Brenda said as she stared at the wall-mounted shelving below Paul’s large flat screen television. The shelves held several video game systems.

“Yeah. It’s not bad… money,” he said.

Brenda nodded, continuing to the next wall in Paul’s apartment. It wore a large, vertically hung rectangular mirror. Beneath the mirror was a half-bookshelf, on top of which sat several miniature gargoyle figures. Brenda picked up and examined one of the pieces. “This is definitely a man’s home,” She said, almost to herself.

Paul chuckled. “Yeah.”

He then looked at Brenda’s ass as her towel sat high enough for Paul to see almost all of it. She watched him through the living room mirror as he gazed at her longer than he intended. A sly smile then came onto her face.

Brenda sighed, which caused Paul to look up from her behind and at the reflection of her face in the mirror. “My hair is still wet,” she said, running her fingers through it and looking at her reflection, as she pretended to not see Paul staring at her.

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