Together Ssn 04 Ch. 11 – On My Mind

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***All sexually active characters are of age, 18 years old at least, and all sexual activities portrayed are consensual. Enjoy!***

In her prison cell, Samira Malcolm, 30, sits patiently, meditating, breathing in deep through her nose, and slowly expelling the air from her lungs back through her nose, feeling her breath clear and controlled as she focuses on those sensations. Quieting her mind in a state of peacefulness, she thinks only of her breathing, if anything at all, not allowing her mind to wander.

Samira’s attention is captured by the sounds of footsteps outside of her cell, drawing closer up the corridor, bringing her attention back to her breath to be with herself again. Her attention notices the footsteps outside stop and shuffle close to her cell, and the jangling of keys can be heard, and the clicking of her door’s lock, followed by the shrill shriek of the hinges as it opens.

Opening her eyes, curious to see who is responsible for the intrusion, Samira is surprised to see approaching her Detective Inspector Luke Bailey, 29, standing in front of her, extending a hand as he offers, “Care to stretch your legs for a while?”

Samira feels her heart tug with elation, and her eyes sparkle, gazing softly up at Luke as she replies, “I would love to,” taking Luke’s hand, helped up to her feet and led out of her cell, walking the corridors with Luke until they get to a quad, where they sit together on a bench, taking in the fresh air and the summer sun.

Reasonably alone now, and somewhat comfortable, Luke caringly enquires, “How have you been, Samira?”

Samira honestly tells him, “I… haven’t felt good at all. I have wrestled with regret, and attempted to clear my conscience, and wish things might have been different for me. I was sick for a long time… I mean, in my mind, perverted by my desires, and emboldened by my skills. I felt untouchable, irresistible, and, now, prevalently remorseful.”

Luke comments, “That is good, Samira. I don’t know how you feel, because I can’t imagine what you are going through, but, it really is good that you seem truly sorry.”

Samira openly explains, “I am sorry. I never believed what I was doing was wrong, thinking it was nice, even. It is sex, right, and it feels good? How can that possibly be bad?”

Luke interestedly asks, “Is that because of being married young? You were abused? How young?”

Samira smiles, almost bursting into tears with a burst of laughter, mixed with excitement at being understood by someone as she answers, “Far too young. You are right. I was married off young; not unusual where I came from, but it wasn’t for love. I was nothing more than a commodity, and the object of a man’s pathetic desire. When those feelings developed in me, that was all I knew, and my body craved that release. It wasn’t something I wanted, but I saw that sex isn’t all like that. Actually, I don’t think I ever really enjoyed it until we had our night together.”

Luke looks into Samira’s eyes, and she doesn’t seem as confident as she says that, looking instead nervous, and he probes, “You enjoyed our time together?”

Samira struggles to find her words as she says, “You… It’s just… I… What am I trying to say? It’s just that… like, I was introduced to sex as a formality in marriage I wasn’t ready for, and then I used it as a weapon to satisfy my urges with anyone I pleased, but, with you, for the first time, I actually felt something more than just the hormones and the orgasm. It was like I felt comforted by you, and felt so good unlike any other time. It was… Yeah… Do you know what I am saying?”

Luke admits, “Yeah, I know what you are saying. You’ve been on my mind a lot. I have thought about you everyday, which is why I am here.”

Samira inquisitively expresses, “Oh?,” and listens intently.

Luke tells her, “I wanted to come here to see you because it felt good for me too, and, I wanted to see if we could have a future together.”

Samira realistically says, “I’m in here for quite a while yet. Whatever future we have would be limited. I want you to be happy out there, and live your life.”

Luke remarks, “That sounds like a rejection?”

Samira laughs a little, and says, “I’m just thinking about your happiness. However I may seem, I do care about you. It’s just, as I said before, I don’t expect you to wait for me.”

Luke sees sincerity in Samira’s eyes; eyes he are familiar with, but not like this, and he asks, “You really do care?”

Samira smiles, holding back tears as she replies, “Of course, I do. It’s why I have felt so bad about what I’ve done. So, it’s my turn to ask you, how have you been, Luke?”

Luke recounts, “I managed to close a case that went cold for a while; a missing persons case of a young man disappearing without trace. It turns out he was imprisoned in a foreign country following him leading gangrapes on people he knew. He turned up at a friend’s wedding and threatened to kill them with a gun. I managed to subdue him before things went too far, Bursa Escort but a friend of Tina’s got shot before I could intervene. Everyone seems okay though, so it’s over.”

Samira congratulates Luke, “Wow, that sounds incredible. You are so heroic to do something like that.”

Humbly, Luke says, “I was just doing my duty to keep everyone safe, but I feel bad that someone still got shot.”

Impressed, Samira tells Luke, “You saved lives that day. Who knows what may have happened if you hadn’t have been there.” Samira feels herself getting aroused by the story, and suggests, “I feel so hot for you, right now.”

Luke leans in to Samira’s face, just shy of allowing their lips to touch, and Samira puckers her lips to touch his, feeling the flesh tingle as they press tighter, sucking in to a deep kiss. Their arms embrace each other, and their hands explore, tenderly, without rushing, allowing what happens to develop as it happens.

Samira’s eyes lock onto a security camera high in the corner of the quad, and she pulls away from Luke to say, “I wish we could be somewhere a little more private.” Then, she asks, “How are things with Tina?”

Luke scans Samira’s face with his eyes, taking in her beauty, and he replies, “She’s fine. It’s been… How do I say?… We’ve been sort of going through the motions, feeling some sort of obligation to stay with each other, but, I can’t say that I am happy. She seems to be trying to want to be with me, but, it is painfully obvious that her heart is still with Melissa. It’s all fake between us; no more real than one of your illusions.”

With a tinge of regret in her voice, Samira enquires, “Is it because of me that things are like this?”

Luke politely answers, “In truth, I think it was always like that. I think we’ve been lying to ourselves all this time. Things never felt more real than with you, Samira.”

Samira holds Luke’s hand, rubbing the backs of his fingers, and she sincerely says, “I’m sorry.”

Luke asks, “For what?”

Samira elaborates on her feelings, “I’m sorry that things are the way they are. I’m sorry that I came into your life and stopped you being happy. I’m sorry that I, a criminal, loves you.”

Luke places a hand on Samira’s, and tells her, “I was happy. It felt like everything was right, and how it should be, but, it isn’t. Don’t be sorry. You shouldn’t have to feel sorry about things. I’m not sorry,” and Luke has a thought flash into his mind, catching it with his mind’s eye, saying, “Actually, I have an idea.”

Samira looks in wonder, waiting for what Luke has to say about what he is thinking, but he pauses as he ponders hard on whatever it is that is on his mind, and she impatiently asks, “What? What is it?”

Luke nods, liking his inner thoughts, and his eyes lock on Samira’s, and he grins broadly, looking so excited as he reveals, “There are those who are ex-criminals who help the police by working with them with their insider knowledge to improve tactics to stop crime or prevent it from happening. We work with drug dealers, burglars, car thieves, even our digital forensics team is made up of former cyber-criminals. I could make a case that your skills could be used to help track down and subdue criminals, and even extract information and confessions through interrogation and cross-examination.”

Samira asks in disbelief, “We could work together?”

Luke seriously assures her, “Yes, we could. I’m hoping to do more than work with you though.”

Samira nervously asks, “What about Tina?”

Luke suggests, “It’s time I got real with her, and we settle things for good.”

Samira shakes with excitement, unable to sit still, and says, “I could finally go home, and begin the rest of my life with you. Is this a dream?”

Truthfully, Luke reminds her, “At the moment, yes, it is a dream. I have to ask about pleading your case to the court, and with my superiors, but, I can make a strong case about your reform, and recommend that you begin a probationary period as soon as is applicable, so you can come out of here and begin working with us. I will also make the case that you work under close-observation with me as my partner throughout your probation, citing that you will be under review by me as we work to assess your viability to work as a specialised consultant.”

Unbelieving of what she hears, Samira asks, “You can make this happen?”

Luke assures her, “I will do everything I can to make it happen, but, I must warn you, if, at any point until the end of your probation, it is found that things aren’t working with you, then you will be back here to serve the rest of your sentence.”

Samira says, “Incentive for me to be on my best behaviour then.” Luke goes to stand, and Samira stops him, saying, “Thank you for thinking to do this. If things don’t work out, then I will still be grateful that you went to such effort for me. I promise to do everything I can to honour you, however things go from here.”

Luke stands, offering a hand to Samira, asking, Bursa Escort Bayan “Let me escort you back to your cell, and I will get on it right away.” Samira takes his hand, pulling herself up to stand, and she threads her fingers between his as they walk together back to her cell. Luke leaves Samira with a kiss, gentle, with promise.

Sitting in meditation on her bed, Samira breathes steadily, allowing the minutes, and the hours to drift away from her, centring on her breath, pulling her attention away from any thoughts. She attempts to alleviate any pooling of excitement and adrenaline in certain areas of her body, trying not to be distracted by their feeling, hoping to keep any expectations outside of her mind. With each breath in, and each breath out, Samira focuses only on the present moment.

The days that follow for Samira are routine, between time meditating in her cell alone, to meal times in the canteen alone, to time in the quad alone, keeping herself to herself. Everyone around, be it the other prisoners or the guards, are wary of her presence, knowing what she can do. She has thoughts about using her talents of manipulation and suggestion, and wonders if any good can come from it, and, even if any good does come, could she become as she was, and end up back here, alone.

“Luke believes in me,” Samira thinks to herself, “I want to have faith in that trust, and not betray it, and, as long as I can do that, I can live with myself.”

Samira’s attention is captured by the sounds of footsteps outside of her cell, drawing closer up the corridor, bringing her attention back to her breath to be with herself again. Her attention notices the footsteps outside stop and shuffle close to her cell, and the jangling of keys can be heard, and the clicking of her door’s lock, followed by the shrill shriek of the hinges as it opens.

Opening her eyes, Samira is met by the presence of the one person she has been waiting for, Luke, and he smiles upon her as he informs her, “You got the position as my partner.”

Samira dreamily asks, “Is this real?”

Luke offers her a hand, compelling her to, “Take it, and find out.”

Reaching for Luke’s hand, Samira seems to reach far, and slow like pushing through treacle, despite him not being that far away at all. The moment her fingertips touch his palm, a cascade of emotion bursts from her eyes, contorting her cheeks, sobbing as she says, “I have dreamed for so long. I can’t believe it.”

Luke’s hand wraps around Samira’s, hoisting her to her feet. She stumbles slightly, unready to stand, but Luke holds her waist to support her until she finds her balance. He strokes her hair, and wipes through a streak of tears on her cheek, telling her, “Believe it.”

Samira smiles uglily to try to seem thankful through her tears, and she sobs, “I owe you so much for this. This is my second chance. I’m so happy. Thank you, Luke.”

Luke escorts Samira out of her cell, down the corridors, and signs her out of the prison officially, taking her to his car. She sits in the passenger seat, composed now after her crying, and as Luke sits in the driver’s seat, getting ready to set off, he asks her, “You are a free woman now. Where do you want to go?”

Samira asks in return, “When do I begin working with you?”

Luke informs her, “We begin in the morning. Until then, we have the night to ourselves.”

The possibilities rush through Samira’s mind, of eating lots of food, and enjoying the nightlife in a club with loud music, dancing with the man who is always on her mind, and thinking about being with him intimately until they fall asleep in each other’s arms, and she gives her answer, “I don’t need to live like it’s my last day on Earth. I want to savour my time with you. Take me home, to where you live, and let’s eat greasy takeaway food, and enjoy each other’s company.”

Arriving at Luke’s apartment, Samira is met by a dingy, grubby space, with a worn-out sofa, and an old mattress on the floor with a blanket that barely covers it; a kitchen area is in the corner of the apartment, and a room to the side has a walk-in shower and toilet.

Luke plainly states, “It’s a bit shit, I know; probably not much better than that cell of yours. I’m not going to excuse it much, but, I’m never really here. The station is my home more than anything.”

Samira looks around the apartment, and responds frankly, “I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all. All I really need here is you.”

The couple find each other in the centre of the room, their hands finding each other’s bodies, peeling away at their layers of clothes until they are completely naked for each other. Following a few glances passing up and down their bodies, the couple’s lips fall against each other, pressing firm to lock together, and the couple collapse onto the mattress.

Samira’s nerves get the better of her, and Luke notices, concernedly asking, “Something wrong?”

With a hard gulp, Samira replies, “I’ve just never looked forward to doing Escort Bursa this as much as I have been now. It’s just weird to me that I have deceived so many people into sex, now, I don’t have that pretence, and I feel exposed.”

Being considerate, Luke suggests, “We don’t have to do this if it makes you uncomfortable. Actually, I’d rather I didn’t make you uncomfortable. I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to.”

Samira sweetly smiles, “That’s exactly why I want to do this with you. You make me feel special. You make it feel special. Everything I have done has been to satisfy a hunger. Now, I feel… I seem to lack the words to describe how you make me feel, but, I know it is good. You make me want to be better.”

Rolling Luke onto his back, Samira straddles him, gently kissing him as she lays on top. She reaches a hand to his cock, and firmly squeezes it, feeling how it grows in her grasp. Slowly, she impales herself down onto it, and slides up and down over Luke’s body. Her eyes close, and her head tilts, stretching her neck to a soft strain as she feels the flow of energy stream through her, noticing how good it feels, focusing her attention wherever it goes.

Luke relaxes beneath Samira. Any doubt he has about her intentions melt away in these moments, feeling a warmth and sincerity that he can trust. He feels aroused by her in a way that he never did with Tina, but, also doesn’t feel like it is perverted, seeming natural to him, like this is meant to be.

Samira feels herself coming to an orgasm, and that incites reciprocation from Luke as the contents of his balls drain inside of her, welcomingly accepted. She doesn’t dismount though, instead just laying on top of Luke, with his cock still inside, softening until it falls free from her opening. Purring with contentment, Samira breathes, “Does this feel as good to you as it does to me?”

Luke rubs Samira’s hips attentively as he whispers into her ear, “It really does feel good.”

Sitting up enough to look into Luke’s eyes, Samira suggests, “You really make me so happy. Shall we order some food in?”

Luke cheekily jokes, “I think we should pig out and get really fat.”

Samira laughs, and agrees, “Yes, we definitely should do that.”

Luke and Samira spend most of their time together as the days blur into weeks, whether it’s catching sleep together at home, working from Luke’s office at the station, or riding out to examine crime scenes and bringing people to the station for questioning. Tina is bitter about Luke ending things, but was understanding about it until she sees him with Samira, sitting across from them, seeing how close they are.

After sitting in on an interview for a client when Luke and Samira were questioning them, Tina calls out, “Miss Malcolm? Can I speak with you for a moment?”

Luke asks, “Something wrong, Tina?”

Tina calmly says, not looking at Luke, “I want a word with Miss Malcolm on her own.”

Luke accedes to Tina’s request, and says to Samira as he leaves, “I will see you in my office when you are done here.”

Tina bluntly enquires, “You two are together?”

Samira calmly responds, “I understand you must be angry, but, you didn’t know what you wanted, and, you didn’t know what you had.”

Scoffing, Tina sheds a tear as she angrily growls, “Who do you think you are, telling me about my life as if you know me? I don’t know you. Don’t pretend to know me.”

Samira realises that Tina wouldn’t remember who she was on Valentine’s Day, and remains collected as she tells Tina, “I know you more than you realise. I know you were harbouring strong feelings for your ex-girlfriend, Melissa, who is a therapist. I know Luke loves you, admires you, and always talks about you. He still loves you greatly, and, the way he talks about you makes me want to love you too. I just know he makes me feel like life is worth living, and, I couldn’t imagine living without him.”

Tina stares at Samira, almost blankly, and her scorn turns to sorrow, sobbing, “It’s like you see right through me.”

Samira carefully reaches out a hand, wiping away Tina’s tears with her thumb, and she softly says, “I would rather you be happy. Stop lying to yourself. Have you reached out to see if Melissa wants to start things again? She might like that. If not, then, I would love to find someone who can truly make you happy. I’m sure Luke wants that for you too.”

Surprised, Tina composes herself, and says, “Wow. I must seem pathetic to you. You are so smart, and beautiful, and, you are right. I was trying to desperately hold on to Luke because it was easy, and he was there, and, I couldn’t take it when he left. You were the better person just now, and, I thank you. I am happy for you. I need some time to figure out what I want.”

Samira holds Tina’s face firmly in her hands, and sincerely says, “I will help you; I mean that, and Luke will too, I’m sure. If you will accept my help. I will understand if you want nothing to do with me, though.”

Tina smiles, and rubs Samira’s wrist, replying, “I would love to accept your help. You are so kind,” and she admits, “I have been so angry, I was looking to start a fight, and vent my frustrations and feelings out on you, but, that would have been wrong of me. I’m sorry.”

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