Touch Me

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TOUCH ME. It’s been a long day. I’m tired. But never TOO tired. TOUCH ME. Let’s get amoral, immoral, and unmoral. Come with me Baby. Run your moist tongue up and down my body. Stopping occasionally to nibble, to lap, to tease. TOUCH ME. You excite me beyond words. You make me wet. You give me energy. Raw energy. Natural Energy. Astonishing sexual sinew. Let me feel you. Press against me. Rub me. Rub me where only you know.

GAWD YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY. Lick me. Lap up my juices. Savor me. Smell me. Sniff. Drink me in. See what you do to me? Soaking for you. A storm gathering for you. A storm of the North Sea. Hungry. Mean. Exciting. Vigorous. A wind. A roar. Bringing you to life. Electric. Bringing Antep Escort me to life. Drink my sea. My ocean. Now slide up here and let me taste. Let me taste myself on you. Let me lick my wetness from your tongue. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH Yes! Give me your hand. TOUCH ME. TOUCH ME here. Ah, that’s right baby. Right there. Squeeze me. Squeeze my nipples baby. Roll them between your fingers. Pull them. Twist them. Pinch them.

GAWD YES! Now move down again baby. Down. Down. Down. Yes that’s it. Right there. That’s the spot. That’s it. Nibble. Bite. Suck. AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! You know how to do it baby. You know so well. Now give it to me Baby. Give me your wet and shiney. Press it against Antep Escort Bayan me. Rub it up and down. Up and Down. Up and Down. TOUCH ME. Spread my juices. Spread the wetness. Mix the proof of our desires. Mix ’em Baby. My juices. Your juices. Our juices. So hot for you Baby. Don’t stop Baby. Quit teasing. Give it to me. Push it in me. I’ll meet you half way. I’ll reach for it. Strain for it. That’s it Baby. Give it to me. All to me. All of it. Deeper. Deeper.

YYYYEEESSSSS that’s the spot. There. Right there. RRIIIGGGHHHTTT THERE. Inside me. TOUCH ME deep. Feels so damn good. I’m so hot for you. Burning for you. Inferno for you. Go slow. S-L-O-W. So slow. Tease me with it. Escort Antep Make me beg. Make me arch for it. MMMMMMMmmmmmm. That’s it. Stroke me. The eye of the storm. So gentle. Two currents and one swell. Deliberately slow. The steady rhymthmic swim. My cunt sucking your cock like popsicle. Feel the storm Baby? Feel it? Come. Get caught up in it with me. Get sucked. Dragged under. Then spit out to sea. Move with me. Swim Faster. I’m hungry Baby. HUNGRY. Feed me. Feed your Wanton. Your Hellion. Your Faggot in a woman’s body. Your Bitch-Goddess. No turning back at this point.

No stopping. Just moving. Moving. Harder. Deeper. FASTER… FASTER… HARDER… HARDER… Bounce me. Move me. THRUST. POUND. RAM. FUCK ME BABY FUCK ME FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKFUCKFUCK Till the ocean damn breaks. Till the tidal wave gushes forth. Till that moment in our universe when it’s only You. Me. Sperm. Pussy. Cum. Ass. Sweat and my desires sated by the way you… TOUCH ME.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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