Town Skank

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I hadn’t been home in almost ten years. My family had moved away a long time ago and I didn’t see the need to revisit the town I grew up in. My high school friend John had been bugging me to come and visit him. I finally broke down and drove the three hours to see John. I got into town Friday in the early evening. I checked into the only motel in town and then I decided to head out and get a beer.

The nearest place is this redneck tavern. I never really liked this place but I figured the beer would be cold and cheap. I walked in and got a draft. I found a table and sat down to check out the view. I hadn’t been there two minutes when this woman walked up to my table.

“It’s Greg, isn’t it?” She said to me.

I recognized who she was. Her name was Vicky, she was the town skank from when I grew up. Every town has one. Some woman who is easy and likes to put out. Here she was making idle talk with me.

“What are you doing back in town?”

I told her I was here to visit an old friend. She persisted in asking me my life’s story. I just wanted to drink my beer and relax. She just wouldn’t leave me be. I finally got pissed.

“Please, I’m just trying to have a drink. No more questions.” I said.

I guess I must have raised my voice. The barkeep heard me and walked over.

“Is he giving you a hard time Vicky?”

I pretty much had enough. I got up and threw a ten dollar bill on the table.

“Thanks for your hospitality,” I said and I walked out.

Wouldn’t you know it, Vicky followed me out of the bar.

“I want to apologize, I wasn’t trying to upset you,” she said.

I told her it was alright. I just wanted a little peace. She told me her place was just a few blocks away. Would I like to stop by. She said she had cold beer back home. My mind was spinning right then. I had been without sex for months. Here was the town whore making Şerifali Escort me an offer. My urges must have gotten the better of me. I told her I would follow her in my car. We did drive just a few blocks to an apartment complex. Vicky opened the door and we walked in.

I wish I could tell you we talked and had some beer. Once inside, Vicky wrapped her arms around my neck and she started to suck my face. It wasn’t even passionate. She forced her tongue into my mouth. It went downhill from there. I was soon pulling her top up over her head. We left a pile of clothes on the living room floor. Vicky led me to her bedroom. The bed was rather small. She got onto her back and motioned me to join her.

I should tell you that Vicky was on the thin side. Her breasts were small and she was shaved down completely around her pussy. She told me to climb up above her face. Vicky reached out and took hold of my cock. She brought it to her mouth and then she inhaled me. She wasn’t like most women I have been with. She was taking me right down to the root. There wasn’t any of this sucking the head of my cock stuff.

I can say I got into it. I was pushing my hips forward and I was feeding Vicky every inch of my dick. She soon got me hard and she pulled away from my stiff bone. I soon realized I didn’t have a rubber with me. I was a little worried. How many men had been with Vicky? Was she even on the pill? It was too late to worry about those things now. I slid in between her thighs and I fed her my cock. One thing was for sure, Vicky had a tight pussy. It wasn’t all stretched out.

Vicky wrapped her thin legs around me and we got into an intense fucking. She wanted cock in the worst way and I gave her what she needed. I was circling my dick inside her warm hole. I would pull out and then thrust deep into Vicky’s tight quim. Vicky was vocal as well. She Şerifali Escort Bayan told me to give it to her as hard as I could. Our pubic bones were slamming together there on her bed. I hate to admit it but Vicky was one hell of a fuck. No wonder men flocked to her pussy.

We must have gone at it for twenty minutes or so. Vicky told me to pull out. She had me get on my back and then she mounted me. I soon felt her wet pussy gripping me with her muscles. I reached up and took her nipples between my fingers. I started to pinch those small nubs. That really set Vicky off. Her pussy felt like a vise holding onto my prick. All I could think of doing was to bring my ass up and feed her my dick.

Vicky came first. Her body began to shake and she slid down my pole and held her pussy there. It was like a small fist was holding me and then letting go. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pushed my cock in the whole way and I exploded inside Vicky. Vicky threw her head back and then screamed. We didn’t stop. We kept going at it. I fed her my cock as I spurted my seed into her belly. Vicky took it all. Maybe ten minutes passed when Vicky pulled away. I got to see my white spunk leaking from her slit.

Vicky rose and went to clean up. She came back with a cloth and she wiped my spent dick. I did end up spending the night with Vicky. In the morning I took her again. This time I pushed her legs up onto my shoulders. I didn’t have much left in the tank but I fucked her as hard as I could. I actually made Vicky squirt that morning. She spewed her warm juices all over my cock. I gave her the last remains of my cum and she had a large orgasm as well.

After we finished I told her I had to go. I had to see an old friend. She gave me a look like I was going to see another woman. I told her it was an old high school friend. She told me to stop by later Escort Şerifali than night if I was free. I drove out to John’s place. He lived out in the country. We caught up on old times and we had a few beers. I spent most of the day with my old friend. I eventually told him I had to get back into town.He gave me that sly look.

“You dirty old dog, you found someone already!”

I couldn’t tell him it was Vicky. I did get back to her apartment and I rang the bell. All Vicky had on was a tight shirt and some panties. It looked like she was wet down below.

“I knew you would stop by,” she told me.

It was more of the same that evening. I ended up taking Vicky on all fours. She raised her ass up and pushed her face down into a pillow. I placed my hands on her hips and I thrust deep into her waiting pussy. I love to control the action. I leaned over her back and I gave it to her hard. My balls were swaying as I fed her all eight inches of my prick. If I thought Vicky was loud the previous night, I was wrong. She begged me to feed her cock. She said she wanted to feel me give her more of my seed.

I did just as she asked. Her pussy was gobbling up my cock. I’m not sure how but I managed to give her another load of my sticky cum. Vicky milked my bone dry that night. My rod was so raw after we finished. No wonder men loved fucking Vicky, I thought. I woke up the next morning in Vicky’s bed. I told her I was leaving soon and I had to get back to the motel to clean up and gather up my belongings.

“Are you coming back anytime soon?” She asked.

I told her I didn’t know. I drove back to the motel, showered and then checked out. The whole drive back I had Vicky on my mind. I barely remembered that I made the trip to see John. We did exchange phone numbers before I left. Late Sunday night I got a text message.

“You may not believe me Greg but you were fantastic in bed. I want to see you again if possible. I still feel your cum inside my pussy and your cock was so big. Contact me when you can… Vicky”

I wasn’t planning to return to my hometown anytime soon. Now I am going to have to think things over and maybe get back to Vicky’s bed.

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