Tribute to David

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I met David on Fetlife about 30 days ago. With countless messages daily… he was different… less plebeian, interested more in the mindset of a slut, what makes her tick… the motivation, the lust… he understood that sexuality starts in the mind… I liked him… we chatted daily…

He enjoyed hearing about the night before, the day after, and the weekend ahead. He voiced his desires, and his love of sluts. He was accepting, non judgmental. He understood the life of a slut was not demeaning, and that I was not trash to be used and thrown away… I think he knew that there was more to me that just a random hole that regularly takes the cocks and sperm of countless men… At least I hope so.

Out of the blue he offered to tribute me… I just love that! But it was unusual for my friend to be so open and candid… secretly I hoped my actions of the past few days… taking 9 men, getting an awesome double anal, sucking the cock of a quick pickup, had made his cock hard, his balls full.

He asked for a face photo… I am always cautious of that request… while a dedicated Slut… open and proud… I do like to control my own public relations… but of course I could not Antep Escort deny David… and thus the unknown Slut suddenly was known, suddenly there was a face, eyes… and maybe a persona… I hoped that was so.

In short order, the photo was returned… covered in his thick semen, his load was large and ran the length of my picture… his still hard Cock inches from my mouth… it turned me on… I felt the tingle, and broke out in a light sweat… perhaps it was how it evolved, or his beautiful thick cock, or just knowing he drained his full balls with me as his focus.

So I decided I must return the favor… and I told him my plan… he requested a thick white cock to remind him of his… I agreed . So at 11:30, dressed as the slut I am, and as David would expect… I started my hunt… at 1:30 AM my efforts had proved unproductive… Frustrated I pulled in WAWA service station to fill my rental car.

And then I saw him… a dark man… Latin… late 30s, tall trim… and I did what I have done hundreds of times before… made eye contact… and locked in on his eyes… and after what seemed like hours… he blinked first… a shallow conversation ensued… Antep Escort Bayan and I asked if he would like to spend some time together…

I followed him to his room at Motel Six… and learned his name was Carlos, on business from Miami… an area I know well. As we entered the small and modest room… the pleasantries ended… I was on my knees unzipping him almost immediately… he was hard already, thick and perhaps 8.5… just what David wanted. My desires were off the charts… and wasted no time in taking him to the back of my throat… holding… holding until my breath was gone, then choking and smothering his cock with my thick throat juices… strands of spit hung from my chin to his Dick… I took his balls in my mouth until they too dripped from my saliva… as I sucked his balls… I jacked his cock… which echoed the erotic sounds of a sloppy lubed dick… in my mind I was performing for David… his own private Slut…

Soon, I was on my back, my open cunt… still dilated and gapped from an earlier strangers cock… I guided his dripping cock to my engorged cunt lips… and we matched thrusts as buried into me. His cock was wonderfully Escort Antep thick and I could feel the first of many orgasm… building in the small of my back… he fucked beautifully, passionately… I wrapped my legs and arms around his back and buried my tongue deep in his throat… his deep thrusts never stopped… I began a series of shuddering orgasms… one after another as I bucked, moaned, spit and squirted and abandoned my self totally to my new lover…

Soon his paced quickened, his motions became sporadic, jerky, uncontrolled pounding… then halting, faster, and then a series of rapid plunges as he unloaded deep into my insatiable cunt… his pulses continued as streams of his cum fired into me…

As he withdrew… hi semen drained from me… and I handed him my phone… “take a picture” “spread my cunt so you can see your cum deep in me” take a picture… of course he knew nothing of David and my tribute fuck…

Soon… I sucked his cock again and enjoyed the delicious blend of his sperm, and my discharge… I greedily swallowed as I lapped the residue from around his balls… we fucked twice more… each time filling me with more of his cum and capturing it for David… at 4:30am… I left Carlos knowing our time together would never be repeated. He was a wonderful lover… and I left wet, sweaty, and overflowing with his cum… i posted a couple of pictures… I hope David will be pleased… my tribute to you babe. Jj

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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