Tropical Dream Ch. 01

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We were on the a little island called St Croix in the Seychelles. We had the whole of the little island to ourselves; it only takes four hours to walk around the island. The beach extends right around the island, the middle of the island is covered in ferns and palm trees, there is a small fresh water pool hidden under the trees.

We were walking along the beach watch the small tropical waves wash into the lagoon. You were wearing a dark pink bikini bottom; I am wearing a ka-koi.

I had staff set up a blanket in the shade with lunch and champagne, before they left. There are fresh fruits, different snacks and various cold dishes.

I lead you to the shady blanket and holding your hand slowly let you sit down. I walk over and pour two tall, thin glass of champagne, holding one out towards you, I pull it back towards me and say, “A sip for a kiss!” You look at me and ever so slightly shake your head as if to say “No”. But then I lean forward and take the kiss anyway, before I pass the glass to you…

You look up at me through your long eyelashes, as if you are scolding me, but I know you are not. I take a sip from my glass and walk around to stand behind you. Bending my knees I drop down. Placing my hands on your soft shoulders, my hand starts to massage your long delicious neck. You arch you head back into my probing hands and then forward as my finger drive into your muscles. My thumbs slide over your skin and let the muscles in your neck and shoulder ripple slightly. A soft Artvin Escort moan escapes your lips as my fingers slowly release the tension.

Sipping my champagne, I lean forward and kiss your lips, letting the taste pass between us. Your tongue snakes between my lips seeking the source of the taste.

Your actions almost course me to stop what I am doing. I breathe slowly; lightly let my lips touch yours as I pull away and continue to let my fingers glide across your neck muscles. I feel a shiver run through you! Putting my glass down, both my hands are now free, to caress you from your shoulders upward. Sliding my palms down your arm, then slowly, tenderly, I start raking my fingers back upward across your arms, shoulders and into your hair line at the base of your neck. You push backward closer to me. The softest of whimpers escapes your lips, spurring me on. Smiling to myself I lean forward to brush my lips across the side of your neck, just under your ear. There is that little whimper again…

I so badly want to allow myself to let go, but we have the whole island to ourselves and no one to disturb us, we have all the time enjoy each other.

I ask you what you would like to eat, I don’t hear you answer. Looking down, yours eyes are closed and you seem to be in a world of your own. Once again let my lips brush your delicate earlobe, I repeat my question. This stirs you out of your ethereal bliss. You softly answer, “Whatever you want”

I lower myself from Artvin Escort Bayan kneeling behind you to be able recline next to you, my legs stretched out behind you. As I do so you lean sideways and gently fold into my chest. I touch your glass to remind you of your drink. As you take small sip, I choose a piece of fruit and offer it to your sweet lips. I love to watch as you deliciously accept my offering. My eyes follow the fall of a single drop of juice of the fruit, run down your chin and then impossibly slowly drip onto your golden chest.

I want to feed you another piece of soft fruit, but my eyes are transfixed as the little liquid diamond runs down your exquisitely formed breast. I want to use my tongue to follow path that tiny jewel is taking! I track its path, across the gentle curve of the breast, the teasing close to darkening nipple, before following underside of your perfect angelic feature.

Stealing myself, I choose another piece of fruit and offer to you, this time you purse your lips, then look straight at me, saying “That is not what I want to eat…” “What is it, you are wanting then?” I ask in return. Lifting your hand to pull my face closer to you, you start to slow and softly kiss me. I can no longer be asked to exercise restraint and return your kiss. The fingers of my right hand raking up your arm, my other hand start to caress the small of your back.

With each passing moment our combined need grows stronger… My breathing grows Escort Artvin heavy, with each pass of my finger up your arm; your moans become more urgent. I want to cup you small, perfectly formed, naked breasts. I resist, drawing more from you, my lips follow a slow gentle path to your ear. Using you breathing and little moans as a guide, I kiss and nibble on your earlobe.

At some point you must have put your glass down, as now you push yourself up to sit facing me. You start your hand raking my thigh; duplicating the action of my fingers on your arm. I let my tongue play with your ear, as I would on other more intimate parts of your body. You breathing almost become’s a low rasping sound, between the urgent moans.

Just holding you makes excites me, but this is course my cock to bounce under my ka-koi. Your hand massages my upper thigh, as my lips and tongue play with your ear. “I want…?”, “I…?”, is all I can make out between the moans escaping your lips. “What do you want?” I barely whisper into your ear. “…want…?” is all I can make out. “Then take what you want, do what want!” I hoarsely whisper.

With the barest of movements, I feel you shake your head, under my chin. “Why not?”, I quarry. Followed by another; soft pass along your jaw bone with my lips. This just elicits anther almost primal moan. To hear your moans just makes me want to take, us to the edge and back. I let my fingers on you back slide lower to the base of your back and just lightly massage the top of your butt cheeks. My right hand travels up your arm and across your collar bone. “Aaargh…mmmmm” escapes you. Your hand now kneading my thigh, almost searching… Teasingly, I ask “What do you want?” You do not answer, your hand starts to massage the head of my hard cock.

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