Twins Across the Road Ch. 02

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All characters in this story are fictional and any that engage in sexual activity are over the age of 18. I hope you enjoy reading it!

This is a continuation of Twins across the road. In part one, the twins and John get more involved than simply neighbors, and decided to take a trip to an island bed and breakfast. They had a great time on the first night, and Teri wore John out before they both fall asleep.

As always, thank you to my editor Guinahart, and thank you readers for putting up with me.


I slept like a baby, and woke up feeling like a million bucks. It didn’t hurt that Teri was working on my morning wood, with gusto. She was doing an excellent job too, going up and down with a lot of suction, and no teeth grinding or scraping. She was holding the base of it with one of her little hands, the other running up and down my chest, running her fingers through the hair I had. I vaguely heard the shower running in the background, her sister must be in there.

She had her eyes closed, moaning on my cock as she sucked. This was by far the BEST way to be woken up, ever. Someone should sell an alarm clock like this, it would make a fortune. My head flopped back on the pillow, and I just enjoyed the warm wetness around my aching cock. There was a moment of release, when she took her mouth off, but it was replaced by the hot wetness of her dripping pussy. The velvety softness enveloped me, and she worked her way down slowly.

I opened my eyes and she was facing away from me, reverse cowgirl. She was still slowly working down on my manhood, and when she got to the bottom we both let out an appreciative grunt. She rotated her hips back and forth, staying completely bottomed out on my hard member. I never had it so good. I ran my hands down her back, grabbing her hips and helping her move forward and back, rubbing her delicious ass cheeks, and spreading them wide so I could see her pussy lips literally trying to suck my cock off my body.

I had seen a lot of porno, what guy hasn’t, but this was one thousand times better. She slowed the rocking, and started bouncing her ass up and down in my lap. She was grunting pretty loudly now, but I could still hear a squishing sound as our juices mixed on every down stroke. I put my hands under her ass to help her bounce, as she thrashed her head from side to side. She was an animal in heat, and had completely tuned out the world around her. I had too, aside from this beautiful woman rocking my world.

Naturally, I heard someone clear their throat, and there, standing in the doorway wrapped in a towel was Teri. I saw her brown eyes and thought to myself, oh shit I am fucked. Her sister had snuck in and was now abusing herself using my dick. Mind you, at this point I really didn’t care that I was a human dildo, but I was worried a little that Teri might get mad. The last thing I wanted was to ruin the weekend by having these two sisters get mad at each other.

Katie, still riding my cock for all she was worth, finally slowed down and looked over her shoulder at me. “Hey stud, why you stopping?” She looked over at the doorway, saw her sister, and smiled wide.

HUH? What the fuck is going on?

“Katie, I think poor John here is worried that it’s you riding him instead of me,” Teri said. She walked over to the bedside, dropped her towel and put her hand on my cheek. “Don’t worry John, my sister and I have no problem sharing EVERYTHING.”

The way she stressed ‘everything’ had me understanding pretty quick. I reached out and immediately started tweaking one of Teri’s nipples, making it harder than it already was. She moaned, and her sister Katie began moving up and down on my now semi-soft cock again. It was rock hard again in record time, having never slipped out of her hot pussy. She moaned, and leaned back to lie on my chest, head tilted to the side.

I pulled her face to mine and started kissing her with all the desire and passion I could. I wanted her to feel like she was the only one in the room. When our kiss broke, she sat up and continued her vertical assault on my cock. Teri leaned in to my hand that was rubbing her nipple, so I brought it up and grabbed the back of her neck, pulling her down to give her the same fiery kiss that I had just given her sister.

Teri was much more physical, and grabbed the sides of my head to try to pull me tighter against her. It was as if she were trying to suck my tongue out of my mouth and into hers. She pulled back, and we were both panting pretty hard. She climbed over me, and stood up straddling me with both legs. She moved forward and got her pussy right in my face. I knew exactly what she wanted, and was happy to deliver. It also provided some distraction from blowing Katie right off me with a huge load.

I put my hands on the back of her ass and pulled her pussy into my face, rubbing my Artvin Escort nose up and down her slit. Every time it got to the top, I wiggled it back and forth across her sensitive nub, making her shake slightly. My nose was getting wet from her juices, and she moaned as she pushed her pelvis forward hard against my face.

The soft and pliable pussy lips in my face were helping distract me from my own release, but the constant motion that Katie was using on my lap was hard to ignore. I kept at the folds in my face, tonguing her as I held on tight to her ass cheeks. I was pulling her onto my mouth so hard that my jaw was getting sore.

Thankfully I heard a muffled groan from Katie, and then she slammed down hard on my cock and ground herself on it as she must have been rolling in the ecstasy of her orgasm. I had been right at the edge of my own orgasm, but she had stopped a bit too soon. Her pussy was gripping me tightly, then she relaxed and rolled off me to my side.

I was still holding onto Teri’s ass, and moved my hands to her hips. I flexed my arms together, and forcefully pulled her off my face and down onto my very rigid member. Once the head was at her entrance, I pushed her down hard, and she landed on my lap with a grunt. I have to give her credit. She barely missed a beat, and began humping up and down on me. I wanted to make her cum again, but there was no way I was going to last long at all now, having come so close with Katie already.

A few more rocking motions and miraculously she screamed out, and her pussy clamped onto my cock harder than I have ever felt. I leaned back and yelled out myself, grunting as I exploded into her waiting pussy.

“YEAH! GIVE ME THAT CUM! OH, Oh, oh…damn baby…HOLY…SHIT!” She rallied off a few more expletives as she came, and then fell forward onto my chest with her own. I felt her nipples press into me, and just wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight. I felt another set of arms wrap us both, as Katie hugged us from the side she had fallen on.

We all lay there for eternity, it seemed. No words, only panting as we tried to catch our collective breath. After a few minutes, Katie got up and walked into the bathroom, coming back to the bedroom with a towel. She tossed it on the bed next to her sister, who was still lying on my chest, half-awake. My dick was starting to soften, but was still in her lovely pussy, well for as long as I could keep it in, anyhow. It finally softened and slipped out on its own, and she groaned her disappointment. She lifted her head up just a little, moved towards mine and gave me a slow, loving kiss.

We broke the kiss, and she sat up on my lap. She took the towel, and wiped my cock off first, then held it down between her legs to clean her thighs off. She then held it there to stem the flow of cum leaking out of her well-fucked pussy.

Katie had left the room again, and I heard the shower start in the bathroom. Teri got up, holding the towel between her legs, and leaned over the bed to give me another kiss.

“That was so much better than I ever imagined. You know, we’ve both had a huge crush on you since you moved in, don’t you?”

I was stunned. When we had moved in, I had looked at them both and thought ‘These girls will be pretty hot when they get older’. I never really ever imagined anything like THIS happening, and told her so.

“Teri, you are both so amazing, and beautiful, there is no way that I ever thought this would happen. I still think I need a pinch to wake me up.”

She laughed, and reached over to pinch my nipple. She teased, “Still think you’re sleeping now?”

“OW, damn you!” I playfully yelled at her, with a smile on my face. “Keep that up and we will never get out of this room.”

She laughed, slapped me lightly on the arm, and turned to head for the bathroom herself. She let go of the towel and as she walked, some of my cum leaked down her leg as she left the room. DAMN that’s HOT! I got up to follow her, but my stomach picked that moment to grumble very loudly, reminding me that none of us had eaten yet.

I walked naked into the kitchen, and started a pot of coffee. As it brewed, I went back to the bedroom and put on a pair of silk boxers, before going back to the kitchen to make something to eat.

I got out the pans needed, and worked to make us a decent breakfast. When they came out of the bathroom, they both had on white terrycloth robes that, apparently, the lodge provided. The robes were wide open, hanging off their shoulders, showing off their totally shaven pussies and most of their ample cleavage. I looked from one twin to the other, with my mouth hanging open. Yup, they were STILL hot!

“Better close your mouth, John,” giggled one of them.

“Yeah, wouldn’t want you to step on your bottom lip,” laughed the other one.

I finally closed my mouth, Artvin Escort Bayan and just stared at them. When my brain cells decided to start firing, I cleared my throat and spoke. “Um…ladies, I made us breakfast.” Wow John, real smooth. At least I couldn’t screw up making a first impression with these two. We were WAY past that.

They both giggled and sat at the table. I joined them after pouring myself a cup of coffee, and we ate our fill. Apparently they were just as hungry as I had been, because the food disappeared very quickly. I looked at them both, and felt that we needed to discuss our situation.

I cleared my throat, “So…I, um…OK. Let me just say that the last day and a half have been amazing. I wish we could stay here forever, but I know we can’t. When we get back home, I am not sure what will happen, but am very happy I came along for this trip.”

Teri spoke first. “John, you are amazing too. I can’t speak for my sister, but I will remember this weekend for a long time.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to be part of the…festivities,” Katie added, “but am glad I found out about that asshole cheating on me. You are so much better than he is in bed, anyhow.”

That compliment had me feeling on top of the world. We finished up breakfast, cleared the table and decided to just tool around the island during the day. We figured we would go up north to Deception Pass, and maybe go visit some of the old historical sites from the turn of the century. Just after lunch, I made a wrong turn on purpose and got us lost, well sort of. No REAL man is ever lost, just two turns away from where we MEANT to go. The positive side to us getting lost was we found a lavender farm, and stopped at the little gift shop that doubled as a tool shed apparently. The girls each got some scented candles, and I got some scented soap.

We got back to the main road, as I knew we would, and made our way back to the B some connecting to the large barn structure, and two that were next to it. The barn itself was the main attraction, to be sure, but the long narrow building to its right side was actually a small breakfast and lunch diner. On the left of the barn was the official gift shop, probably where you could buy all the wine and cheese.

The two smaller buildings, not connected to the main structure, looked to be work type buildings or sheds. The acreage around this property all looked like a vineyard, so it would stand to reason those supported the workers picking and growing those grapes.

We decided to go into the Barn first, and see what they had. Going inside the very light stained pine doors, we entered a huge vaulted ceiling room, that had a few tables made out of old wine barrels, placed every ten feet or so in the room. At the front of the room was a long lightly stained wooden bar, and there were a few people standing at it tasting some of the vino. The woman behind the bar looked like she lived on the island, and just fit with these surroundings. She waved us over, and handed each of us a menu of their selection for this month.

We scanned the wine list, as she asked what types we liked. The girls both answered before I could, which shocked the shit out of me. Who knew?

“I prefer the whites, usually anything with hints of fruit blends,” said a confident Teri.

“I usually drink beer, actually, but for wine I like a nice bold red. Something with a little bite to it,” added Katie.

I was a little taken aback, but after reviewing the list admitted, “I don’t normally drink much wine. I think I like the sweeter types, if you have any.”

She nodded at us, and said, “You guys are in luck. I think we can offer you all something special. This winery has been in my family for four generations, dating back to when this area was first settled by the expansion out west. We have been growing and bottling here with our native Northwest grape varieties for over a century, and in the last few decades have imported some grapes from Italy for our experiments.”

She proceeded to tell us all about each variety on the list for this season’s harvest. You could tell there was a fierce pride in her voice as she went over each one. If she was not the head vintner, she must be working with them on these wines. After a minute of deliberation, the girls and I picked out three each that we wanted to taste. The woman brought out our sample glasses and we tried them all, one at a time of course!

After trying all the varieties we selected, and offering each other tastes of the ones that we really liked, we decided to buy four bottles of the ones that we all liked. We left, thanking her and put the bottles in the truck. We went back to the breakfast/lunch place, and looked at the menu hanging on the wall outside the front door.

“OOOOh, they have a Sourdough Melt that sounds really good,” exclaimed Escort Artvin Teri.

Katie looked less than enthused, “Oh goodie… Well at least they serve a Bacon Cheeseburger. That might be eatable. The rest of the menu looks ‘foo-foo’.” She said the ‘foo-foo’ with finger air quotes.

“I am game for whatever, ladies. All I know is that I am going to be making you dinner tonight, back at the Lodge. We are going to have some Lamb Shanks and roasted potatoes. Obviously we are going to be pairing it with some of that great wine we just got,” I said with a snicker.

So we went in, ordered our simple lunch, and ate. We talked about the morning adventures, about anything and everything that came to mind. At one point we discussed going to some gardens that Teri had seen a sign for off the road a bit. I found out later it was called the Meerkerk Gardens. They talked me into going, so after we finished our lunch, we drove to the gardens

Let me tell you, they were WAY back from the main road. After making a few turns into the middle of nowhere, I jokingly asked the girls, “So is this where you guys kill me and dump the body, so no one can find it?”

The look they both gave me was mischievous and flirty at the same time. I wasn’t sure if I should be worried or turned on. We made it to the gravel lot, parked and walked to the entrance. There was an older lady sitting behind the gazebo counter, reading a book. At seeing us, she put it down and asked if we could make a donation to the park. Apparently, there was no established ‘fee’, just friendly donations to keep the place going. I gave her a ten dollar bill, and she told us to enjoy the gardens.

It is very hard to describe the beauty that we saw that day. This garden was actually several plots, all managed by different groups of people. At least that is what the little signs posted in front of some of the sections.

Overall, the entire place was organized to be several winding paths, but not setup to confuse like a garden maze. The plots closest to the entrance were filled with a lot of tall, multi-color flowering plants. They were bright colors, and stood in stark contrast to the darkness of the woods surrounding the property. We walked through another area with flowers that seemed to have shorter, more Easter or pastel type colors.

Katie stopped for a second, turned around and walked off saying, “I am going to walk alone for a bit. Let’s meet back at the truck in about half an hour, OK?”

“Sure sis, take your time,” Teri answered.

She gave me a look, like she was suddenly a very hungry tigress, and I was a piece of raw steak. I didn’t question it, but just went with it. We walked around the outer edge of the gardens, and came upon a small white gazebo, no more than ten feet in diameter. It had a white finish, with a dark black roof on top, and a single wooden bench in the middle.

Teri directed me towards the structure, and pushed me down onto the bench. She pushed so hard, I thought I was going to fall over the back of it. I was about to start complaining when she stalked up to me, straddling her legs on the outside of my knees, and leaned forward. She got right in my face, grabbed the back of my head and mashed her lips to mine.

She wasted no time at all, and while making out with me, reached down and unsnapped and unzipped my pants. She tugged and I lifted my ass off the bench to help her pull them down to my ankles. She undid her button and zipper, and didn’t even give me a chance to help pull hers down, before she had hers on the floor joining mine. She grabbed my rapidly hardening cock, and lowered herself down to engulf it in her hot mouth. Her lips were tight around it, and she sucked to the point of caving her cheeks inward.

“UUUGHHHH…” I let out a guttural groan, and slid down a bit on the bench to make it easier for her.

She sucked up and down on my rod, pulling at the skin in both directions. I had never felt anything as tight as she was suctioning right then, and DAMN did it feel good. She pulled off my cock with a loud ‘POP’, and moved up to kiss me again. She moved forward and sat in my lap, and reached behind herself to grab the base of my dick, to line it up with her hot pussy. She got it where she wanted it, and plunged down hard onto my lap. It was her turn to groan, that same primitive sound, that I had made moments ago.

I had no idea where this level of need was coming from, but I was not about to stop her to ask. She was a driven woman, and wasn’t going to be stopped until she got what she wanted. Teri moved her ass up and down, rapidly fucking herself with my dick. I couldn’t do much to help, other than sit and hold on to her, helping lift her up and down. She had her arms over my shoulders, hands on the back of the bench, fucking me for all she was worth.

A few short minutes later, she slammed down, and screamed out loudly, “OOOH MYYY GODDDD AAAUUGHH!”

She threw her head back, and would have fallen completely off my lap, had I not held her up with my arms wrapped around her. As she started coming down from that epic orgasm, she was moving her hips on my lap again.

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