Two in One

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Double Penetration

I enjoy writing short, erotic one-shots as much as longer stories. The following two stories were too short to submit individually, so I have combined them here, for your reading pleasure. All persons represented within are over 18.

1. Father, I Have Sinned

Holy Spirit, come into my heart and show me my sins. Give me a proper spirit of repentance and the grace to make a good confession. Give me your peace that I might not be anxious but rather trust in your abundant mercies.”

I am sitting in my confessional, awaiting the arrival of a lost sheep.

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned.”

“My Child.”

She settles to her knees between my thighs, lifts up my cassock and reaches up to open my trousers.

My willing lamb starts by licking the tip, tasting my precum. It is like silk. She then takes the head into her mouth and sucks it, darting her tongue into the slit. By now, I am rock hard, but still silent. She then takes my entire shaft into her mouth and keeps it there, running her tongue along the bottom. My cock shivers in her mouth; my only reaction.

My cock is average, but that seems to suit my lamb just fine. She can’t quite get all of it in her mouth at first, but her persistence pays off. Her speed and motion varies as she works me in and out of her warm mouth, but she is in no hurry to make me release. I can feel her soft tongue on the underside of my cock, licking back and forth across the shaft. While she is doing this, I feel her massaging my full balls slowly, knowing that her reward is inside.

I gently place my hand on her head, and utter another prayer. My eyes are closed. I am about to come. I can’t explain how glorious a moment this is. My lamb is so skilled, and now her sins shall be absolved.

For what she is about to receive, I know she is truly thankful.

She knows I am ready and expects me to moan or yell, but all I do is tense slightly, for there are still other members of the congregation in the church. Then she feels my load in her mouth. She swallows everything, letting the last bit rest on her tongue so she can savour it.

She continues to suck my cock, a soft and gentle motion, caressing me with her lips and tongue – the feeling of this is indescribable. When she removes her mouth, she Bursa Escort kisses the tip of my cock, and I moan; the only noise I have made throughout this entire session. I am well versed at orgasming quietly. One never knows whom might be listening.

Her work complete, my dear lamb smiles at me.

“Thank you so much, Father. I feel so much better now that I’ve unburdened myself of my sins.”

It is time for her to depart.

“God, I thank you for your abundant mercies. No sin of mine is beyond your power to forgive, and your forgiveness has restored my soul to friendship with you. Thank you for never ceasing to love me even when my actions show that I do not love you fully. Thank you for seeking me out as the shepherd seeks the lost sheep.”

I look forward to her unburdening herself at the same time next week.

2. Pleasing the Master

Diary entry, May 1760

My name is Robert Harrington-Smythe and I’m an English merchant and plantation owner. I am known as a fair and humane man, if one whom trades in slaves can ever be described in such a manner. Opposition to this practice is growing in England, and I find myself starting to question my morality. I have another complication to deal with. For the past few weeks, I have been engaging in carnal relations with one of my slaves.

She’s a beautiful Negro. Skin as black as ebony. As is the custom in that part of Africa, she was sold into slavery by her own people. She speaks a language I don’t understand, but it doesn’t matter. She refers to me as Master. She came to me willingly last night, and I was waiting for her. It was glorious. My tongue darted into her mouth, fondling hers. Her left arm stretched across my back with her hand resting between my broad shoulders. With her right hand, she reached down the front of my straining breeches, slowly tracing up and down the length of my engorged cock with her palm.

My slave was willing to give me what I needed and I couldn’t wait much longer. The size and hardness of my member increased my excitement beyond endurance. I wondered if her pussy was getting increasingly wet in anticipation of receiving this bountiful gift of mine.

Without preamble, I suddenly broke off their kiss and grabbed my slave’s hand and, Bursa Escort Bayan once again, made her my captive. I led her the short distance to one side of the bed, and made her sit on it. I stood in front of her, the massive bulge in my breeches conveniently at her eye level. I quickly unbuttoned the front flap that strained to contain my cock. Liberated from its constraints, the python uncoiled and lunged toward her. Quickly, she grasped my throbbing member with both hands and put her lips to its head.

At first, due to its girth, the slave could only accommodate the tip of my erection. She rolled her tongue around its circumference and sucked on it as she would an orange slice, trying to get every drop of pre-ejaculate. Not content with just a portion, she began to slowly venture down the shaft. With every thrust forward, she took more of it down her throat; thus I moaned in pleasure and bestowed every compliment I could think of on her.

With every bobbing of her head, my slave made progress toward the base. Above the slurping sounds she made as she wetted the shaft with her saliva, she could hear me gently moaning with approval at her technique. She began to vary her speed; one moment erupting with a robust attack, then at an instant slowing her pace to relish the feast. Now, I went on the offensive. I took a step back, extracting my cock from her mouth as if it were a sword being removed from its scabbard. My slave looked up at me with wide, dark eyes in bewilderment, saliva flowing from the corners of her semi-opened mouth. Had she done something wrong? Was she not sufficiently pleasuring me?

“Master…is not pleased?”

I was quick to reassure her. “Master is very pleased. He just wants to give you even more of his love.”

Any doubts regarding her performance faded when I took her shoulders and stood her up to face me. I then quickly spun her around and pushed her torso forward to form a ninety-degree angle with her legs. Her feet remained firmly on the floor while her upper body now rested on the bed. I motioned for her to remove her clothing, which she did and I admired the view for a moment.

I held my cock–still glistening with spittle–with my right hand and aimed it towards my property’s wet, welcoming Escort Bursa cunt. The initial entry caused my slave to wince momentarily. Sensing her discomfort, I penetrated her slowly and not with my full length. At first, I did not move, allowing her to grow accustomed to the weapon now inside her. After a respectable delay – one that seemed an eternity to me, in my overly aroused state, I carefully eased my hips forward, moving deeper into that tight warm pleasure hole.

Thus, I filled her, colonised her, as she had never experienced before. In addition, the woman was perfectly angled so that her clit was rubbed with every back and forth motion of my thrusts. Those thrusts became more rapid and forceful, increasing her ecstasy with every lunge. She braced herself against the bed with her forearms in order to provide a firm backstop for the pounding she was getting from behind.

I have lain with many women, but none have thrilled me as much as this one.

My slave reached between her legs to find my balls, which she cupped firmly in her right hand. By this time, I had renounced all restraint. I steadied her plump, dark brown arse in place with a hand on each of her hips. Every forceful drive forward ended in a load slapping sound, which echoed throughout the bedchamber. Feeling the end would arrive soon, I quickened my speed. She too, felt the rising heat from her loins swelling to an orgasmic crescendo. Then, at the apex of pleasure, there erupted from deep within her pussy a spasm, which rapidly spread a pleasing warmth all over her body.

My body stiffened as I released my full load into the slave’s convulsing pussy with a mighty groan. When every drop had been expelled, I slowly withdrew my rod from between my conquest’s quivering slit. A stream of essence followed the exit, splattering on the wooden floor between her feet in a large puddle. I muttered a prayer, before collapsing on the bed.

My slave appeared to have fainted. I gently stroked her damp forehead and lay her on the bed to rest.

“Rose.” I whispered to her. “That’s what I’ll call you.” She truly is as beautiful as a rose. And she has earned her freedom. When I return to England, I shall bring Rose with me, to begin a new life. She will have proper employment at my country estate. A slave no longer, for any slave whom sets foot upon English soil immediately becomes a free man or woman.

I will not be able to marry her. English society would never permit such a thing. It matters not. I don’t need to marry. My heart has already been enslaved.

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