Two in the Arse Pt. 02

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I got home late Saturday from my unexpected threesome with Jim and Alex. I noticed a missed call on my phone but decided to shower before returning the call. After my long refreshing shower, I threw on a pair of panties and headed out to the lounge. I looked at my phone and noticed the missed call was from Mandy. I gave her a call back and we chatted for about an hour. I told her about my unexpected day and how amazing it was. While we chatted, I remembered the guys saying they weren’t leaving until Monday. I asked Mandy what she was doing tomorrow and if she was interested in heading down to the beach, and maybe some Jim and Alex fun if they are home.

“I would love to. Hope they are home. I’m up for some fun.” Mandy said.

“How about we meet here around 10am, then head off.” I replied.

“Ok sounds great. See you in the morning.” Said Mandy with excitement.

The next morning, I started getting ready. I threw on my bikini with a short summer dress and packed a towel ready. I was no sooner finished packing when I heard a knock. I opened the door to find Mandy standing in a short see through dress over the top of her bikini.

“Hi beautiful. Are you ready?” Mandy said.

“Sure am.” I replied.

I grabbed my bag and we headed down stairs to my car.

After about twenty minutes we arrived at the beach. As it was early there weren’t many people around. We laid our towels down and sat. I pointed out to Mandy the house where Jim and Alex where staying which was not far from where we were sitting. Mandy and I decided to do a little sun baking before heading up to say high. I slid off my dress revealing my black bikini and lay down on the towel looking up at Mandy removing her dress. She stood wearing a skimpy blue bikini which did not cover much. I stared at her beautiful body and my heart started to race.

“Wow. You may as well wear nothing.” I said staring. “You look gorgeous.”

Mandy looked at me with a smile before lying down on her towel. We we’re no soon baking in the sun when I heard my name called out.

“Toni. How are you.”

I looked up and noticed Jim standing at the top of the stairs.

“Hi Jim.” I replied.

“Why don’t you ladies join us and sunbake up here.” Jim said.

Mandy and I without hesitation packed our things and headed up.

“Hi Jim. This is Mandy my girlfriend.”

“Well hello Mandy. I’m Jim. That’s Alex over there in the kitchen.

“Hi Toni, hi Mandy.” Alex said as he walked over.

“Ladies feel free to make yourselves at home. Head out and sunbake if you want.” Alex said while his eyes explored Mandy’s revealing bikini.

“Thanks honey, we will.” I replied.

We headed out and lay our towels down on the deck chairs, before laying them back. We both lay down in the hot sun and after a few minutes Jim and Alex came out and joined us. They pulled over a deck chair each before stripping their clothes off and laying down.

“So, Toni. Are we doing the full tan today?” Alex said with a laugh.

“You guys are naughty.” I replied.

I sat up and unclipped my bikini top dropping it on the floor. Mandy looked at me with a smile as she undid her bikini top. I lifted my butt off the chair and slid my bikini bottoms off, and it didn’t take long for Mandy to follow. We both lay back completely naked enjoying the sun, and I noticed Mandy’s eyes wondering over their naked body’s sizing up their cocks.

After about an hour Mandy asked Alex if she could use the bathroom.

“Sure honey, follow me.” He said as he took her hand helping her up.

Jim got up and sat down next to me staring at my naked body.

“So, did you have a good time yesterday.”

“I sure did.” I replied.

“So, you and your friend up for some fun.”

“We sure are, that’s why I brought her along today.” I said as I eyed off his cock.

Jim got up and stood next to me, and before he could say a word, I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him nice and slow getting him hard.

“Fuck yeah, you give the best blowjob. God that feels good.” He said as he started grabbing my tits.

A few minutes passed and Alex and Mandy hadn’t returned. Jim took my hand and pulled me up to my feet.

“We might have to go and see what these two are up to.” He said with a curious voice.

Jim, still holding my hand led me into the house. As soon as we entered, I noticed Mandy on the floor in the lounge with Alex between her legs licking her pussy. Mandy looked up at us both with a smile, and I could tell she was enjoying Alex between her legs. Jim pulled me over to the couch and sat me down. Still hard, he stood in front of me and I continued sucking his cock.

“Fuck yeah. That feels so good.” Jim said as he grabbed my hair pushing his cock deeper in my mouth.

I looked over at Mandy and she knelt up as Alex lay down stroking his hard cock. She mounted him taking him deep inside her pussy. Alex pulled her forward and started licking and sucking her nipples.

“That’s it honey, fuck my cock.” Alex said as Mandy started to ride him harder.

Watching Mandy was getting beşevler escort me so wet and I was ready to feel Jim’s cock inside me. I hopped off the couch and knelt behind Mandy. As she rode Alex’s cock I teased her arse with my tongue.

“God that feels so good. Don’t stop.” Mandy said between her moans of pleasure.

As I continued to lick Mandy’s arse, I felt Jim’s hands grab me from behind. He knelt behind me sliding his hard cock inside my pussy. He grabbed my hair tight pulling my head back as he thrust his cock hard over and over inside me.

“Yes, yes, fuck me harder.” Mandy screamed as she continued to moan louder and louder. “I’m cumming I’m cumming.” She screamed.

Mandy collapsed on Alex as he continued fucking her pussy, and as his cock slid in and out of her I could see her pussy was so wet.

“I want to watch both of you fucking her. Fuck her arse Jim.” I said getting up off the floor and sitting on the chair. Mandy turned her head looking at Jim as he moved behind her. His hard cock spread her arse as it slowly slid inside of her.

“Oh my god.” Mandy screamed as she arched her back.

Watching both guys fuck Mandy was such a turn on. I slid my hand down rubbing and fingering my pussy while watching their hard cocks slide in and out of her. By the look of Mandy’s facial expressions, I could tell she was enjoying every inch of their cocks.

“Harder, harder. God yes I’m cumming.” Mandy screamed.

Jim thrust his cock harder as Mandy screamed louder with pleasure as her body shook. As she collapsed both guys removed their cocks. Jim got up and sat on the couch stroking his cock. I got up and took Mandy by the hand helping her up leading her over to Jim.

“Want to try something new?” I said to Mandy, as I knew she had never tried two cocks in the arse before.

“What have you got in mind.” She replied.

Jim pulled Mandy down on his lap sliding his cock in her arse. I pushed Mandy back laying her on Jim’s chest as I spread her legs. I knelt and started licking Mandy’s pussy as Jim’s cock was deep inside her. Her pussy was so wet, and she tasted so good. I stood up and looked over at Alex on the chair stroking his cock.

“You ready to fuck her.” I said looking at Alex.

He stood up and walked over to Mandy. As Alex pushed her legs up, I knelt beside Mandy taking hold of Jim’s cocks. I slid his cock inside Mandy’s pussy getting his cock nice and wet. I pulled him out and pressed it against Mandy’s arse.

“God Toni, Toni, oh my god.” Mandy screamed as she raised her head looking very unsure.

“Honey just relax.” I said pushing Alex cock slowly in her arse.

Jim pulled Mandy’s head back holding her tight while both cocks slowly penetrated her arse. I lay back on the floor watching Mandy, and seeing both cocks stretching her arse was so hot making me so wet. I rubbed my pussy sliding two fingers inside and I felt so close to cumming.

“Oh, my that feels so good.” Screamed Mandy

At that point I was ready to cum. I continued fingering my pussy as my body started to tense.

“Oh god I’m cumming I’m cumming.” I screamed, noticing all three watching me.

My body shook as I continued rubbing my wet pussy. As I started to relax Alex slid his cock out of Mandy’s arse before helping her up and laying her down on the floor. He knelt pushing her legs up before sliding his cock deep inside her pussy. Mandy reached over taking my hand pulling me close. I knelt over her sitting my wet pussy on her mouth letting her tongue explore. Jim got up off the chair and stood in front of me shoving his hard cock in my mouth. With every thrust of his cock I could feel him hitting the back of my throat. I could feel Mandy’s tongue teasing every part of my pussy getting me so wet and ready to come. I grabbed Jim’s cock and started stroking him as I was ready to cum. I pressed my pussy harder against Mandy’s lips feeling ready to explode.

“Don’t stop. Yeah yeah yeah. God I’m cumming.” I moaned as I came all over Mandy’s lips.

“You taste so good.” Mandy’s said as she started to moan.

“I think it’s Toni’s turn to be fucked in the arse. What do you think Jim?” Alex said.

Without a word both guys got up. Alex helped me up off the floor before sitting on the chair. I slowly mounted him sliding his hard cock in my arse. Jim pushed my legs up and guided his cock spreading my arse as he slowly slid inside me.

“Oh, fuck that feels good.” I screamed.

I looked over at Mandy sitting on the couch. Her eyes were glued on both cocks sliding in and out of my arse. She had two fingers in her arse while another two fingered her pussy. As I watched Mandy, Alex grabbed my nipples pinching them tight. The feeling was amazing as I felt a sensation run through my body as I was ready to cum again. With both cocks filling my arse I started fingering my pussy.

“Harder, harder. I’m going to cum. Fuck my arse.” I screamed.

Both guys fucked me harder and deeper as my body shook over and over. The feeling was so intense as I felt my arse tighten büyükesat escort around their hard cocks. The guys continued fucking me for a good few minutes, and I could tell Mandy was enjoying watching as much as I was enjoying my arse being penetrated.

Jim slid his cock out of my arse then slid it into my pussy penetrating me hard.

“Oh fuck, harder, fuck my pussy harder.” I said looking at Jim.

He continued fucking my pussy harder as Alex continued fucking my arse. I could tell Mandy was enjoying herself and wanted more. I pulled myself up as Jim’s cock slid out of my pussy. I climbed up off Alex and walked over to Mandy. I lay her on the floor moving between her legs licking her wet pussy. As I looked up both guys were sitting on the couch stroking their cocks to the sight of Mandy and I. Mandy was so wet, and my three fingers slid deep inside her making her moan. I knelt up continuing to thrust her pussy while grabbing her nipples pinching them.

“Oh god that feels so good. I want to taste you.” Mandy said between her moans.

I moved around kneeling over her and positioning my pussy over her mouth. We lay in a 69 position with both our tongues tasting each other’s wet pussy. After a few minutes I noticed Jim get up off the couch before feeling his hard cock slide inside my pussy. With Mandy’s tongue and Jim penetrating me I was ready to cum all over his cock. As I started to moan Jim started to fuck me harder.

“Fuck yeah. I’m cumming. Fuck my pussy.” I screamed.

Jim continued to fuck my pussy nice and hard and as my body started to shake he pulled his cock out. I felt Mandy’s tongue nice and hard lathering in my cum. I moaned over and over before collapsing.

“Mmmm you taste real good.” Mandy said as she ran her tongue over my pussy.

As I caught my breath, I rolled off Mandy and lay beside her. Alex and Jim knelt around us stroking their cocks.

“How about we cover these sluts in cum Jim?” Alex said as he squeezed my tits hard.

“I want to taste your cum.” I said looking at Jim kneeling beside me.

Jim continued stroking and I lifted my head licking the head of his cock. I lay my head back down with my mouth open ready for his cum.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah.” He screamed before kneeling over my face.

“Taste my cum baby. I’m cumming.” He said as his cock exploded over my face and in my mouth.

After he covered me with cum, he slid his cock in my mouth. I sucked the last of his cum before I lay my head down. Jim got up and sat on the chair. Both exhausted, we watched as Mandy sucked Alex’s cock as he fingered her pussy. It didn’t take long before Alex was ready. He grabbed Mandy’s hair tight and stroked his cock ready to explode.

“Fuck yeah I’m cumming baby. “He moaned as he thrust his cock deep in her mouth.

Alex came, shooting his cum and filling Mandy’s mouth. She had cum running down her chin as she swallowed a mouth full before wrapping her lips around his cock sucking him clean. Alex got up and sat on the couch leaving Mandy and I lying on the floor.

After a few minutes Mandy and I headed to the bathroom. We both got in the shower washing each other clean.

“So how did two cocks in the arse feel” I said as I washed my pussy.

“God that felt good. It hurt at first but after that, it was amazing.” She replied.

We got out of the shower and dried ourselves down. Wrapped in a towel, we headed out and joined Alex and Jim outside.

“Are you guys in a hurry to head off?” Jim asked.

“I’m not.” I replied looking at Mandy.

“No, I’m fine. I’ve got tomorrow off work.” Mandy said looking keen to stay.

For the next few hours, we all lazed around naked outside in the sun. It was about 3 o’clock when Jim’s phone rang. He took the call and went inside. About twenty minutes later Jim returned.

“We have some company tonight Alex. Paul’s flown in a day early and his booking for the motel isn’t till tomorrow. He’s going to stay here tonight. When we check out tomorrow, he will head over to the motel.” Jim said.

“Yeah no problem.” Alex replied.

“Would you like us to head off.” Mandy said looking at Jim.

“No no. You will like Paul. He’s a great guy.” He replied.

After about an hour, there was a knock at the door. Jim got up and went inside to answer it. I looked at Mandy as she reached for her bikini.

“Are you seriously going to put your bikini on. It’s just another guy.” I said looking at Mandy with a smile.

Mandy, still a bit unsure lay back on the deck chair. We continued talking and after a few minutes Jim returned with Paul. Paul looked like he was in his late fifties, tall, average in looks but seemed like a nice guy.

“Jesus Jim. You guys got the life. Invite me on your trip next time.” Paul said staring at Mandy and I.

“Don’t just stand there, make yourself at home Paul.” Alex said with a laugh.

Paul, definitely not shy, stripped off revealing his naked body. My eyes looked straight at his big cock and I couldn’t help thinking how good his cock would çankaya escort feel to fuck, and I’m sure Mandy was thinking the same. Even though Jim and Alex cocks felt good to fuck, Paul’s cock was much bigger.

We sat around for a bit chatting when Alex decided to order a few pizzas. It didn’t take long before there was a knock at the door. Alex got up and wrapped a towel around himself before heading inside to answer it. After a few minutes Alex returned with the pizzas.

“Who’s hungry. Dig in.” Alex said as he put the pizzas down on the table outside.

We all got up and stood around helping ourselves to the pizzas. After a little while we were all full, and headed into the lounge where we all sat around chatting.

“So Alex. What’s for desert?” Paul said with a laugh.

“Honey with a cock like that, I’ll be your desert.” Mandy said with a big grin on her face.

I looked at Mandy and laughed, and at the same time shocked with the words that just came out of her mouth. Before anybody could say a word, Paul got up and sat down beside Mandy. She didn’t hold back grabbing Paul’s cock in her hand. It didn’t take long before Paul’s cock was hard. Mandy moved her head down licking the head of his cock before taking him in her mouth sucking him nice and slow. I got up and headed over to Jim and Alex sitting between them both. I sat back in the couch as both ran their hands all over my body groping my tits and fingering my pussy. I looked over at Mandy satisfying Paul. Now stroking his cock, her tongue licked his balls.

“Fuck that feels good honey.” Paul said taking a deep breath.

“Come up here and ride my cock.”

Mandy got up and mounted Paul’s cock sliding him deep inside her pussy. As she rode him, he grabbed her breasts pinching her nipples. We could hear Mandy moaning with pleasure as his cock penetrated her deep and hard.

“Fuck baby, hop on and fuck my cock.” Alex said sliding his fingers out of my pussy.

I hopped up and mounted his cock. I moved my hips hard and fast taking him deep as Jim sat stroking his cock, watching both Mandy and I being fucked. After a few minutes Jim got up and moved behind Mandy. Suddenly Mandy let out a loud moan as Jim slid his cock in her arse. With both guys fucking her hard, Mandy moaned over and over.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop. Oh my god I’m cumming” She screamed.

No sooner cumming, Jim pulled his cock out of Mandy’s arse and helped her up. He then laid her down on the floor spreading her legs wide. He laid on top of her sliding his cock in her pussy as Paul got up and walked behind me.

“Ready for my cock baby?” Paul said ready to fuck me.

“God yes. Fuck my arse.” I said anxious to be double fucked.

Paul pressed his cock against my arse, and I could feel the head of his cock spreading me apart as he slowly slid inside me.

“Fuck yeah, that feels so good.” I screamed.

Both guys fucked me hard and I knew it wasn’t going to take long for me to cum. Both cocks felt so good especially Pauls big cock in my arse. Paul grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as he rammed his cock harder and deeper.

“Oh fuck. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Harder, yeah I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I screamed as I looked at Alex.

I moaned over and over and my body shook as I came while both guys continued fucking me hard. As my body collapsed on Alex, he grabbed my arse spreading me apart and allowing Pauls cock to fuck me deeper. I lay motionless feeling every inch of both cocks.

After a few minutes, Paul pulled his cock out of my arse then slid it inside my pussy. I let out a loud moan as I turned and looked at Mandy. Jim had her on her knees fucking her from behind. With one hand holding herself up, the other was between her legs rubbing her pussy.

“Come here and suck my cock baby.” Jim said sliding his cock out before sitting on the couch.

Mandy moved over to the couch kneeling between Jim’s legs taking his cock deep in her mouth. Paul pulled his cock out of my pussy and sat on the couch beside Jim. I climbed up off Alex’s cock and with the three guys all sitting together, I knelt between Alex’s legs. With Paul sitting in the middle, I took hold of his cock and stroked him while I sucked Alex.

“Fuck yeah suck it harder.” Jim said as he held Mandy’s head guiding her mouth up and down on his cock.

All of a sudden, I felt Alex cock getting harder, and I could tell he was ready to cum. He grabbed my hair holding my head still.

“Oh, fuck yeah, I’m going to cum all over your face.” Alex said as he stroked his cock.

“Yeah, yeah, Yeah. Oh fuck.” He screamed as he shot his cum all over my face.

I sucked Alex’s cock swallowing the last of his cum. I moved over to Paul kneeling between his legs and started sucking his cock.

“That’s it baby, suck it.” Paul’s said as I took his cock deep in my mouth.

As I sucked his cock I looked at Mandy sucking Jim’s cock. She took him deep in her mouth and I could tell he was enjoying it.

“Fuck Mandy suck it baby, I’m ready to cum.” Jim said as he grabbed his cock.

He started stroking and all of a sudden, he let out a loud moan. His cock exploded shooting cum all over Mandy’s face and in her mouth. Mandy took one last suck of his cock before laying down on the floor rubbing his cum over her body. I continued sucking Paul deep throating his cock and by his breathing I knew he was almost ready to cum. I held his cock and started stroking him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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