Uncle Sugar Daddy: Eloise

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This is the third installment in the “Uncle Sugar Daddy” series. If you haven’t yet read the first two parts of this series, https://www..com/s/uncle-sugar-daddy-luna, and https://.com/s/uncle-sugar-daddy-terra, I encourage you to do so in order to have the complete backstory.

Uncle Sugar Daddy: Eloise

“Give it to me, Daddy! Fill me with your cum!”

“Make her beg for it, Daddy,” Luna said.

“Yeah, Daddy,” Terra agreed, “make her beg for your cum.”

This was unusual. Typically, the two sisters would be encouraging me to finish with their mother so that they each could get a turn milking my cock with their bodies individually.

Eloise heard them because she screamed, “Please, Daddy! I need your cum to help drive me over the edge again. Please let me feel your hot seed spurting inside my pussy!”

Eloise was lying on her back with her legs spread as far as they would go and she was holding them in that position with her arms behind her knees Her head and shoulders were supported by a couple of pillows because she loved nothing more than to watch as my cock pounded her pussy.

Luna and Terra sat, leaning against the headboard, playing with themselves as they watched me and their mother. Luna looked like a slightly younger version of her mother, while Terra matched them both in the features of her body, but her hair and eyes were lighter, which gave her a more unique, exotic appearance. They were all beautiful, and they were all my Sugar Babies.

Since Terra had initially rebuffed having the same exclusive relationship with me that Luna had, I altered the arrangement for all of us once Eloise moved in with me. My girls were now allowed to have sex with other partners only if they did so in front of me and Eloise. That was our assurance that they would be protected and not forced to do anything they didn’t want, and that no one outside of our little “family” took any photos or videos.

Luna and Terra had agreed, as long as they could still have sex with me as individuals, and if Eloise and I got to watch them have sex with other people, then they got to watch us when we had sex. Although neither Luna nor Terra had yet to take advantage of the opportunity to have sex with someone else, they had been watching their mother and me every chance that they had.

Never making her love for me a secret, Eloise hadn’t initially wanted to share me with anyone, but that was due to her claiming that my brother Jasper, her ex-husband had always been a dud in bed. She told her daughters that she had almost eight years of lousy sex to make up for. I wondered if my brother, Jasper, really was the dud in bed that Eloise claimed or if she was just belittling him on my account. I do know that she had been insatiable since the day she was served with divorce papers.

I had thought that Luna and Terra had inherited their mother’s hyperactive sex drive, but theirs were at least three notches below Eloise’s. After the first time that I had fucked Eloise into a nearly catatonic state, and then proceeded to do the same for Luna and Terra, she had accepted that I would be able to satisfy her needs as well as her daughters. She insisted that she would always go first, however, and the girls agreed.

Eloise was also the only one of the three who got to sleep in my bed with me. There, she would do anything to demonstrate her total and complete devotion to me, my pleasure, and her desire for me. Her actions transcended physical attraction or lust. She strived to prove that she was my possession and that there was nothing that she wouldn’t do for my happiness.

Hence, her willingness to share me with her daughters. She knew that my sexual activities with Luna and Terra also served to fulfill the needs of the other two people in the world that she loved; her daughters. Eloise viewed my relationship with Luna and Terra as “therapeutic”, or educational. It was protective and safe, while hers and mine, at least in her eyes, was passionate and fulfilling.

I felt a shifting on the bed right before Terra said, “Daddy, roll mom over on top of you. Let her ride you.”

Eloise must have liked this suggestion because she released the hold on her legs and started leaning to one side in anticipation of me swinging her on top of me. I followed her lead and rolled over, pulling her with me as we never lost a beat in my cock pounding her pussy. I bent my knees and grabbed her hips as Eloise placed her hands on my chest and began taking control of our rhythm and pace.

I felt hot breath on my balls an instant before one disappeared into Terra’s mouth. She sucked and licked on the one for a few minutes before switching to the other one. I was impressed that she was able to keep pace with the motion of me raising to pump into Eloise and avoid getting her head squashed when Eloise slammed down on me.

Eloise started cumming around my cock, with her juices flowing past my shaft and coating my balls as Terra did her best to catch every Girne Escort drop. She stopped sucking and focused her efforts on just licking around my balls and eventually lower, around my ass. It turns out that Eloise didn’t need me cumming inside of her pussy to push her over the edge after all. Not that I didn’t still intend to fill her pussy with my cum, but maybe now it would trigger her next orgasm.

“Rim him, Terra,” Luna encouraged. “Stick your tongue up Daddy’s ass as far as you can! Where’s your butt plug?”

“No one is sticking a plug in my ass,” I informed them.

“Not for you, Daddy,” Luna giggled. “Mom should try it with you inside of her pussy. She said that she wanted to, so now is a perfect time.”

Terra pulled her tongue out of my ass and said, “The satiny pouch in my purse. Will you get it for Mom, Luna?”

I felt the bed shifting once more as Luna jumped off and retrieved the butt plug from Terra’s purse, and then more shifting of the bed as she climbed back up and handed the butt plug to her mom.

Luna said, “Daddy, lick one of your fingers and start getting Mom’s butt ready. Here, Mom. Stick it in your mouth and get it nice and wet so it will slide right in.”

Terra interrupted her sister, “Get the lube. We want to make sure that Mom enjoys it and lube will be slicker than saliva. Here, hand it to me, Mom, while Luna gets the lube.”

It was strange taking directions from a couple of eighteen-year-old girls, but it was also as kinky as hell to have them involved in my and Eloise’s sexual activities. This was the first time that Luna and Terra had done anything beyond simply watching and I was curious to see how Eloise would feel about it. So far, she hadn’t voiced any objections.

That ended when Terra took the lube from Luna and squirted some onto Eloise’s anal rosebud, “Fuck! That’s cold!”

“Sorry, Mom,” Terra apologized with a giggle. “Now relax.”

I stopped thrusting into Eloise as I felt her cease her humping of my cock in anticipation of Terra inserting the butt plug. Eloise groaned softly, and an instant later, I started to feel pressure on my cock as the butt plug entered her ass.

“Oh, Jesus, I feel so full,” Eloise exclaimed.

There was more shifting of the bed as Luna joined Terra to watch their mother getting fucked while having her ass plugged. “I am going to have to try that next,” Luna said. “What other toys do you have, dear sister of mine?”

Eloise began tentatively moving up and down on my cock once more; like she was testing to see how things felt now versus before the butt plug. Somewhere in the experimentation with the butt plug, the three ladies appeared to have lost all interest or urgency in me achieving my orgasm. Well, I sure as hell hadn’t lost interest, and the tightness of Eloise’s pussy now only increased my building urgency. I was getting close. Very close.

I felt a tongue once more teasing my balls, and I wondered if it belonged to Terra, or if Luna had decided to get more involved herself. My question was answered when Terra said, “Geez, Luna, you really go to town when you lick Daddy’s balls.”

It wasn’t just my balls that Luna was going to town on. She would rim my asshole, run her tongue around both of my balls, and then time it perfectly to lick as much of my exposed cock each time that Eloise rose up and before I could thrust back into her. I sensed from Eloise’s jerking motions that Luna’s tongue might be wandering to her mother during some of her oral expeditions.

It usually takes me longer to achieve an orgasm when I am lying on my back, and they typically build slowly when they do occur. Not this time. I knew that I was getting close, but the suddenness and intensity of my orgasm was mind-blowing. I grunted and shoved my cock to the hilt inside Eloise’s pussy as I pulled her down and held her in place on my chest while I experienced the most powerful orgasm of my life.

Eloise screamed as her own orgasm caused her to shudder and shake even as I tried to keep hold of the pussy milking my cock. “Oh, fuck, I can’t stop coming!” Eloise cried.

Neither could I! I’m sure that at some point I stopped spurting cum into her, but the orgasmic contractions wracked my body for several minutes. Finally, when Eloise’s body started to calm and the stimulation it produced for me ebbed enough, I too began to settle down but my cock remained as rigid as it had ever been. I reached down on the bed to make certain that we were still on top of the disposable waterproof pad because I knew that as soon as my cock left her pussy, Eloise would release a torrent of her juices and my cum.

I felt Eloise reach back with one of her hands. She was feeling the head of the butt plug as if checking to make sure that it was still there. I could have told her that it was because I could still feel the pressure from it. At least I could until she slowly began to extract it. I heard a hiss of air as Eloise removed the butt plug completely from Magosa Escort her ass and studied it.

Turning her head to look over her shoulder at Terra, Eloise asked, “I heard the question but never heard your answer. What other toys do you have, dear daughter of mine?”

Terra blushed and said, “I have an assortment of dildos of varying sizes, a rabbit vibrator…”

Luna interrupted before Elise had a chance, “What’s a rabbit vibrator?”

“There are several types, but to be called a ‘rabbit’, the vibrator has to be shaped so that part of it gets inserted in a woman’s kitty while another part of it stimulates her clitoris,” Terra explained. “Mine needs to be recharged. I think the batteries are getting worn out since they don’t remain charged for as long as they used to.”

Luna grinned knowingly and said, “Okay, go on. What else do you have?”

“Only the butt plug that Mom just used and a wand vibrator,” Terra concluded. “I do have a wish list of other things that I want to try. Maybe we can all go shopping with Daddy?”

I mumbled, “As long as we can do it online.”

Luna grabbed the butt plug out of her mother’s hand and ran to the bathroom. We soon heard the water running in the sink as Luna washed the toy in preparation for her own experimentation with it. Eloise rolled off me and fortunately, her pussy leaked onto the pad. I didn’t have to worry about the mess on my cock because it was in Terra’s mouth as soon as it had cleared Eloise’s pussy.

Eloise lay on her stomach next to me with her arm across my chest as she played with the hair there and occasionally teased one of my nipples with a fingernail. “You know that we’re all madly in love with you,” she said, “and it’s not just because of the way you fuck us senseless or the way that you spoil us rotten…”

“Excuse me? Who happens to be getting a world-class blowjob right after making love to the woman of my dreams and who also has two beautiful nymphs waiting to pleasure him to his heart’s content? Don’t talk to me about getting spoiled.”

Eloise had always been willing to do anything sexual with me, but I knew that her earlier experiences in life brought her a great deal of shame, so I endeavored to always let her take the lead and never place any demands upon her. She seemed to enjoy the opportunity to explore new things, such as the butt plug with her daughters, but I wanted her to take things at a pace that was of her choosing, with no expectations from me to influence her.

Luna had slightly more experience than Terra, but only where sex with a partner was concerned. Luna was definitely the most submissive of my three girls, eager to explore anything that I suggested for us. She often derived more pleasure from simply pleasing me, frequently having orgasms without anything except the mental stimulation that whatever activity we were engaged in brought her.

Terra was every bit as independent as Eloise had warned me about. What she lacked in sexual experience, she made up for with her knowledge from watching porno films, online research, and a child-like curiosity about what felt good and what didn’t. Terra had provided the impetus for Luna and Eloise to freely and openly watch and be watched when any of them were with me. She also had captured many of our individual sessions in pictures and video, and she was becoming extremely adept at editing them to completely disguise or hide identifying features.

One interesting thing with Terra was that she had not only not had sex with anyone except me since our first time, but she had also stopped mentioning it as a desire of hers. There was no more talk about gangbangs, or pulling a train with multiple guys. Some of this may have been the refusal of her sister and mother to share her fantasies, but I believe most of it was her sensing that while I might accept her having multiple partners, it would lessen her in my eyes if she did so. She wanted me to be proud of her and didn’t want to jeopardize that. I was extremely proud of the attention that she was paying to my cock at the moment.

“My turn,” Luna said. “I want to try having Daddy’s dick inside me with my butt plugged too.”

Terra released my cock and sitting back on her haunches, said, “Mom, can you scoot up some on the bed? I want to let Daddy bathe my kitty while Luna rides him.”

Eloise reluctantly moved her arm off of my chest before kissing me on the lips and getting off the bed and heading for the bathroom. She looked back over her shoulder and advised Terra, “Just don’t drown him when you have an orgasm.”

Eloise and Luna had been surprised and impressed with how much Terra could squirt when she climaxed. Both of them always got extremely wet pussies when aroused, but Terra was the only one of the three that ejaculated when she orgasmed, and it seemed like she never ran dry.

Crawling towards my head, Terra assured me, “I’m going to sit facing Luna, Daddy. That way, if I do squirt, your chest will get most Kıbrıs Escort of it. Is that okay?”

This would be the first time two of my girls would be pleasuring me simultaneously; one riding my cock while the other allowed me to savor her sweet pussy. I hoped that I could do them justice and not get too distracted by one or the other.

As Terra settled over my face, I felt Luna straddling me and positioning my cock at the opening of her pussy. As she began lowering herself onto my shaft, I knew by the tightness I was feeling that she already had the butt plug inserted in her ass. She gasped as the head of my cock entered her, but then mewed loudly as she plunged herself down onto my entire cock in one swift motion.

I allowed Luna to move herself up and down on my cock as I turned my focus to the inviting young pussy settling over my lips. All my girls had similar sweet-tasting pussies, and I think that if I was blindfolded, I would be hard-pressed to tell them apart with my mouth and nose alone.

Terra’s might be distinguished by her motions on my face, since she always wanted her anal rosebud attended to almost as much as her pussy and clit. She would lean forward or back so that my tongue would be in a position to savor whichever spot she wanted to be stimulated at the time.

“What are you doing?”

Terra’s legs were bent beside my head, so my hearing wasn’t perfect, but I recognized Luna’s voice. I listened while continuing to feast on my young niece’s treasures.

Terra moaned before answering her sister, “I’m playing with your boobs, silly. Don’t you like it?”

“I fucking love it,” Luna replied as ground her pussy around my cock that was buried completely inside her. “Can I play with yours?”

Terra shifted position to get her clit more attention from my tongue and answered, “Any time, any place dear sister. Now would be an especially good time though. Pinch my nipples just right and I will be exploding on Daddy. I’m getting really close…”

Luna must have done exactly as Terra had suggested because only a few more swipes of my tongue against her clit lit her fuse. I felt her juices flowing down my neck, over my chest, and finally down my sides to soak into the waterproof pad while Terra cried out her pleasure to Luna.

“Oh, fuck, is sharing Daddy as much of a turn-on for you as it is for me?”

Luna’s answered with her own cries of pleasure when she too climaxed, squirming and writhing on my cock. Her juices didn’t spurt like her sister’s, but they flowed in abundance down the shaft of my cock, soaking my balls and creating their own wet spot beneath us.

Luna caught her breath first and said, “Let’s trade places. Would you want the butt plug?”

Terra climbed off my face and said, “I don’t need it, but I know that Daddy will want to be able to lick your butt hole so you would need to take it out anyway. I might as well hold it for us.”

I lay on my back, my legs flat against the bed, patiently awaiting “the changing of the guard”. Luna was first as she gently lowered her still-dripping pussy to my mouth. A felt Terra getting into position when I heard Eloise whispering to her. Terra grabbed my slick cock and lowered herself slowly onto it. Savoring the gradual filling of her pussy. As soon as she had bottomed out on my cock, I felt her lean forward as someone – it had to be Eloise – took hold of both of my ankles and used them to bend my legs at the knee. My feet were pushed back and apart so that my legs spread. Soon, warm lips were nibbling on my balls.

Well, Eloise was answering my question about her feelings on her two daughters participating in our sexual activities. It appears that she was now willing to participate in their sexual activities as well. I had never been with more than one woman at a time before today, and now I had three of the most beautiful, sexy, and passionate women I had ever known doing their best to please me. And dear God, were they ever succeeding!

Eloise removed her mouth from my balls and I soon felt her tongue exploring my ass. I lifted Luna off my face enough to allow me to speak, and said, “Eloise, you better heed your own warning about Terra and drowning.” I eased Luna back down.

“You can lick my butt hole, Mom,” Terra offered. “I’ll return the favor the next time.”

I felt Eloise’s finger probing my ass and tried to relax enough for her to slide it in me if that was her intention. It was. Terra’s juices, combined with Eloise’s saliva from her tongue probing were more than adequate to lubricate my ass and allow her finger to easily slip inside. Eloise wasn’t satisfied with merely teasing my ass hole, she kept pushing until her fingertip was pressing against my prostate. Oh, fuck! What a feeling that was.

Eloise wasn’t done, though. I heard Terra moaning, “Oh, Mom, your tongue is so hot and wet in my butt! You’re going to make me cum all over Daddy!”

And she did, in her typical “take flight while spewing juices” orgasmic fashion. She was launched off my cock and into Luna, who had the presence of mind to wrap her arms around her sister and keep them both from falling off the bed. They fell together onto the bed where Luna was suddenly sharing her own orgasm with her sister as they held each other tightly and simply shook for several seconds.

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