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Liz and I have been married for 8 years. Our married life has been most fulfilling and satisfying. We have a very good social life and a large circle of friends. We invite people often and also get invited in turn.

I am by nature a voyeur, with time Liz also developed a liking to it. This went on to the extent that we disguised a close circuit camera in our guest room and a few time that we invited friends to come over to stay for the weekend, we never missed a chance to see it all.

Later we got another idea we hid a very sensitive child monitor in the table lamp. We also put a digital video camera with Super Night Shot on the shelf opposite the bed, It covered the view of the bed completely. Through the child monitor we could hear their private conversation and also as soon as they would have sex, we would switch the camera on with the remote control. Later we would enjoy the film.

Our sex life was very active. There would be a lot of love, foreplay and sex. Here I would like to particularly mention about one game that we often played in the bed, it consisted of light bondage, involving Liz lying on the bed on her back, with arms and legs wide open. The arms and the legs would be tied to the bedposts on all the four sides. Then I would blindfold her and the lights would be put off. Thereafter I would lick her at the right places. I would do it in such a way that Liz would not know where it was coming next, whether it was pussy, bellybutton, breasts or the inner thighs. The anticipation, where it was going to come was so great that Liz would moan in pleasure. We switched positions whenever needed. All this was also recorded in our home porn movie.

I have a job which takes me to Europe and some other countries frequently. I generally make short trips of about a week. There is not much of pressure of work during these trips. I have to make on an average one to two business calls every day.

There are times when Liz accompanies me on my business trips, at such tome I request my mother to come over to take care of kids. During these trips, we would see the city. And would have a lot of time in the evenings for a spicy gossip. One night I got the idea that we should make our own home porn movies. For this we would put the camera on tripod. Later, at home I would transfer the movie to our computer and later on CDs. So while we had the movies of sightseeing, we also had the clipping our sex in the bed.

It happened a year back that I realized that our sex life was becoming a bit monotonous. My mind started wondering to new ideas to spice up our sex lives. I read a lot of sex magazines. I felt that swinging is something that we needed to try. I brought some articles for Liz to read, while she esat escort read the articles, as if for academic reasons, she showed no interest in it. A few times I discussed this with her and found she was not open to it at all. She always told me that I am going to be the only one man in her life, she said she can not even think of anyone intruding in our relationship. I tried every trick in the book to convince her, but there was strong resistance every time. The time passed by and there was no progress, although, I very much wanted it.

We continued with our voyeuristic fetish. My friend Steve, who was my classmate was working in Florida. Somehow, we kept in contact with each other all the time. He and his wife Carla had come and stayed with us a year back, Steve is about 6 ft 2 and Carla 5ft7, a very lively and attractive couple. Carla had a well proportioned body and Steve slim and tall. Even Liz got on very well with Carla and liked her. While every evening we gossiped, drank beer, talked about any subject under the sun, both ladies would be busy in the kitchen. Incidentally during their last visit, we had secretly shot a movie of their love making and had seen it many times. They both made such passionate love, Steve was well hung and well endowed, with almost nine to ten inches cock, He performed like real porn star.

I received a call from Steve that the had some work and he would be visiting us for a day shortly. I told Steve that he and Carla should plan a visit of atleast one week to ten days. This will give them a little break and would be a good change for all of us. He agreed although very reluctantly.

They arrived soon thereafter. We all had a good time. In the evening, we would go around the city and hop from bar to bar. One day while gossiping Steve told me that he had never seen a swing club and he was very curious as to what goes on there. I too was keen to visit, so I found a club in town on the Internet. Steve was of the idea that only we two should go, as he was not sure how the ladies are going to take it. We checked with the club and were informed that it was a couples only club and entry to singles was barred. So again there was a lot of thinking as to how this subject should be brought up. So we decided on a strategy. Next evening. Next day we all had a lot of wine and made sure that the ladies were quite tipsy. Steve bluntly put across that he and I are visiting a swing club to see for curiosity what goes on there. Both Carla and Liz were not prepared for the visit and suggested that we drop this naughty idea right away. Steve said if you do not want to come then you will not know what all we did there and you cant blame us for any thing. Very reluctantly Carla suggested if it was going to be non-partcipative and no pressure event then they might consider it. We assured them that it will be just a visit and nothing etimesgut escort more.

The club was good and people very decent. We told them that we were first timers, they all treated us very well. We saw a lot of what was happening (writing about it all would be another chapter) we met a good many couples and left after about two hours. As we came out we all were sexually highly charged. Steve suggested that one does not have to come that far for a thing like this, All this could be done at home. We all laughed.

At home while Carla and Liz were just changing over, Steve and I moved to the bar. Suddenly Steve suggested, It may be good idea to give swinging a try. I told him that we had discussed swinging often and Liz was not open to it while I very much wanted to try it. Little knowing, what I was saying I told Steve Liz really liked the way he serviced Carla. Steve looked a little surprised and asked how is that, how does she know it. I had to confess to him that last year when they were staying with us, we watched them having sex. He looked a little surprised and just smiled. Seeing things moving in the right direction, I told him that I will not be unfair to him and he can also see our home movie. Before we left for our rooms, I gave him the CD, wherein we had recorded clippings of love making. Since there was a CD player in our guest room, Steve carried the CD with him and left. The CD also contained the game of our light bondage, which I described above.

Back in our room, I told Liz about what Steve had suggested and what all had tranpired between in the bar. She was a little upset about my giving him the CD. She immediately said that she can not even think of being with another man, she said she was strictly a one man’s woman. I did not want to force this issue on her and left it at that..

While in the bed we switched the child monitor on and we could make out that Steve and Carla were watching our home movie and passing lurid comments. As soon as they switched off the CD. Carla said it would be good fun to involve them. She asked Steve whether he proposed what we had decided. Steve said yes and also told her that Liz was not prepared for it, as this subject had been already discussed with her in the past and that she was not open to swinging. I was surprised that both of them had already discussed it and it had Carla’s consent. After that both of them had sex and went to sleep. I was not getting any sleep at all, as I was in a situation where every thing was ready but Liz’s reluctance was spoiling the show. Since the situation was ripe for my fantasy to come true, something needed to be done. I kept thinking about it the whole night and finally drew up a plan of action in my mind.

Next day, Liz looked a bit shy and withdrawn. Her knowing of the whole situation made her a little uncomfortable. Anyway etlik escort in the morning she and Carla went together for their purchases from the Mall. In the evening back in our bar, I told Steve that if they were prepared for a swing, I had a plan to involve Liz into it. I told him that he and Carla be ready in the night, when I call them. Steve understood the whole plan and told me that it was a wonderful idea.

In the night when we hit the bed, I told Liz that let us play our little game of light bondage. She agreed and I started with tying her arms and legs with the bed post, (incidentally my little camera with Super Night shot was on) I blindfolded her and switched off the lights, only a dim night light was on. As per the plan Steve and Carla immediately moved in, they had already undressed before they came in. I and Carla got on a side and as per the plan, Steve started licking her in the right places. He started with her breast, inner thighs and the pussy. He was eating her pussy very tastefully, Liz all the time thought that it was me and was almost moaning with pleasure. After some time Steve put his huge cock in her pussy and started thrusting it vigorously. This was the time when Carla also started licking her breast and I put my cock in her mouth simultaneously, she was startled at finding the extras and asked me to remove her blindfold, which I did. At this time Steve’s cock was already in her pussy and servicing her so well. It took her no time to understand the whole game that we had planed. She asked me to free her from the bondage and I showed my reluctance. She said every thing was OK and I should remove the bondage. After freeing her hands and legs, she said so you all tricked me into it.. She said put the light on and as soon as I did that she took Steve’s cock in her hand, kissed it and said it is really marvelous. Steve moved it and put in her pussy and she kept on screaming loudly faster, harder, harder. The whole night we were up and all four of us fucked in every possible way. The whole night Liz would not leave Steve and after he came twice, she was sucking him again to work out another erection.

For the rest of the time Steve and Carla stayed with us it was such fun that we had sessions even in the day. Carla was so excited with our little bondage game that she asked for it the next night, she said that with three persons servicing and not knowing who was doing what it would be a greater fun. Liz grew so fond of Steve’s cock that whenever the session started she would just go next to Steve and work out the things for her. O’ god it is really difficult to understand women. Liz who showed such a reluctance all the time fell for the game in no time and was a better player than anyone of us.

A night before Steve and Carla were to leave. Liz suggested that we four of us make a movie of our love session. Carla volunteered to do the direction. Finally a good home movie was made and a copy of the CD was given to Steve and Carla as a souvenir.

Now Liz is as much of a swinger as any one of us. She has told me many times to propose couples, whom she liked. Our life is full of fun and sex has never been so good.

Please feel free to let us know on our email address, how you liked our first swing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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