Up In The Air Pt. 02

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An Erotic Series

I hung back a bit to get context on what the Hell these two were on about. By the sound of it, Mask guy was peeved from Hoodie guy ‘disrespecting’ some boyfriend code. Is that what younger guys call it? A code for how to treat your boyfriend? Seemed like a weird way to word a relationship based on mutual respect. I’m rather behind on all the new framework. When I thought to step in, Mask guy looked over at me and got wide eyed realizing I could touch the ceiling if I reached my arm up. I have that effect on people most times but this one felt bold enough to think I’d shake.

“Who the hell are you old man?”

“Old? I knew there were greys… Guess I need a bit of touching up.”

“No games. This is a private conversation. So sniff another ass or something old dog.”

“If I leave, you’re gonna deal with police. And not because I called them buddy.”

“Why aren’t you gone yet? If you’re gonna do something, do it already. Hit me.”

My head shook and I sighed again. Last thing I needed was a night in a police station, explaining what’s going on right now. That would be an awesome topper to this shit cake. Mask guy made his choice as he came to swing at me but I caught his arm when he missed. Being thick looking gave the impression I was sluggish and fat, but one of my hobbies happened to be martial arts. I was strong enough to lift this guy if I liked. Going with the least violent option, I led him out by the arm, his chest away from me and a hand gripping his jacket.

Getting him in the night street, letting him go was a shock for him, who expected a fight. I’ll never get that hair trigger temper that some people had. My uncle had one and my dad would… aww damn it. I was turning into my father. Though he was the type of guy I hoped to be. Putting myself back in the moment, I noticed this young guy was screaming to most of the city block.

“Who the fuck do you think you are? I wipe my ass with whatever you make freak show.”

“Money won’t bump you up any inches. Plenty of rich guys know that.”

“Stay out of my business before someone breaks those tall fucking knees.”

“No need for all that. Just cool off and come back another day.”

“I’ll get another guy Kai. Rot in piss.”

Raising an eyebrow, I saw that the Hoodie guy was standing by the store, his eyes shining from under the folds. Walking over to him, I managed a smile. Better to go with that than keep that mad face.

“You gonna be alright there?”

“Yes… yeah, I will. Feeling shook up though.”

“Happens to the best of us… Kai was it?”

“Yeah. Kai Soun. And what about you? My one time hero needs a name.”

He had a cute air about him. More timid than most people I’ve met.

“I’m Caleb.”

“I like that name. Fits a tall gentleman.”

“Well, glad I could help you out. One bad day shouldn’t mean two bad days.”

“You had a bad day?”

“Eh, can’t say it’s not part of my history. The joys of the job.”

“I agree.”

“So Kai, where to now?”

“Probably to my apartment to get Peyton’s stuff out. Could be a long night.”

“Hope I made it slightly better.”

“You helped a lot Caleb… Thank you.”

Giving a nod, we smiled at each other as Kai let the hood on his head slide off. Wavy black hair, grey blue eyes, and no short fella. Though I had his head up to my chest. Wishing him a good night, he stopped me, a soft grab at my arm and asked for my number. Thrown off, I stammered… No one asks me for my number usually, I also don’t remember it too well. Raising him one, I let him put his number in my phone and I sent him a text which he saved.

* * * * *

Once he caught a cab, I went back inside the food market for my food. Thanking the cashiers again, I walked back to my hotel. The way felt longer with hot food and a cold drink in either hand but it kept my head clear. Getting into my hotel room, I set the food on the table and got with my get in routine. Shoes off, jacket hung and tie slacked, everything out of my pockets, and phone in hand to go sit down. Taking a comfy spot, I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels.

So many channels and nothing great on. Hopefully something would… Bingo. Terminator 2 and it just started. Perfect for eating and relaxing to. Not long into eating, I decided to look through my phone during a commercial. There were probably 12 missed calls and 30 texts from Mark, ranging from some of the classics.

I can explain.

You’re never here and I was lonely.

My needs are important too.

You’re an asshole for leaving me like this.

I’m sorry please come back.

Fine, stay pitiful you old faggot.

And that was only from the texts. Being caught cheating brings up someone’s nature when life slaps them with a consequence. One thing Mark didn’t have was enough balls to admit he was wrong or feeling guilt for what he did. Clearing Bursa Escort those texts, a new one came in from Kai. But it was a voice message. How… different? Never figured out how to use it right. Muting the commercial, I listened to the message.

Hello again. I wanted to say thank you for stepping in. Peyton can be indulgent when it comes to his pride and no one confronts him. But you swooped in to just not give a shit. Seeing him ‘on his ass’ and feeling beat was something I wished I could do. So if you don’t mind, I’d like to take you for dinner. I’d like to treat you and get to know a stranger. Have a safe night.

Hearing how sincere he was felt good. I hadn’t been in the market for new friends or a rebound but I guess life had a bit of give for me today. Bonus points for the give being adorable. Texting him that I’d accept his offer, I went back to my movie and broth soup. While it was light, I felt full from it at the same time. With beef and onion, who could hate it? The more into the movie it got, clothes started coming off to be ready for bed. Moving from my chair to the clean sheets, I found myself dozing but didn’t fight it.

Night may have gone differently. But you learn to live with it. Even when it stings.

* * * * *

Waking up, I looked at the time on my watch. So exhausted that I forgot to take it off.

It was 9… 9:03 a.m.. Definitely a record for sleeping in on days off. Thinking I should get moving, I made my morning movements, old guy sounds and all, and rubbed my face on the way to the bathroom. Taking a morning piss always feels nice, and lets you wake up a little. Still felt foggy as I shook, flushed and washed my face. Felt a bit more awake while brushing my teeth and hair, despite hitting my upper lip with toothpaste first. Rinsing my mouth, I took a look in the mirror again.

Always felt that I had to be some way, even in my underwear. Getting older makes you check yourself more often, never want to lose the hard edge you had when you were ‘in your prime’. I found that saying antagonistic, mostly due to there’s a different prime every year. Physically, mentally, emotionally and all, there was a potential to grow. Saying you’re past that learning point is a reason to be depressed you know? Good to never do that. Expectations to be your best man every day is a lot better to think about. Do it for yourself.

On that wholesome note, my body had other plans by making my boxers tight the whole routine. I adjusted myself, hand brushing over somewhat rough and tried to ignore it as I got ready for the gym. I went down to my rented car, small bag in the backseat, and went to get in to drive. Even after morning rush, New York was hard to drive in and I’d drove around in India… More cars driving at once than most places I’ve stayed on a layover.

Showing up, I waved to the front desk and made my way to the locker room to put my stuff down. My shorts were still a bit uncomfortable but I’d wait until after my workout for a shower. In the main room, I saw another regular I’d talked to a few times and thought to say hi.

“Hey hey. It’s the High Stone Pilot. How you been?”

Her tone was rather warm, which helped the hurt of yesterday. But I was still antsy.

“Could be better. But it’s how life goes. Once you get past 35, you kinda don’t give a shit.”

“I agree with you. I’m turning 39 in a few weeks and I wish anyone with time or opportunity stopped complaining. Hard work sucks but in any job, even what you love, and at home, we have to do it.”

Giving her a nod, I pointed to the machine then pat my gut with a stupid smile.

“You all set? I want to put in more work to not lose this thickness.”

“Oh Pilot man, I can promise that a lot of men 30 to 40 don’t always maintain physique. And you’re a moving statue.”

With a laugh, I told her to enjoy her workout and wiped down the machine before setting the weight. Stretching out a bit, I sat down, got comfortable, and started to push the machine. Whatever madness I had inside came out in the gym and in sparring. Boxing was always ‘the noble art’ to help men settle things. What they don’t say is that some men aren’t worth settling with, at least I thought so with exes on bad terms. I had no time to linger on it… A cloudy pilot made for rough skies. So the gym was a good idea on my days off.

After some machines, my heart was going and my hard on was more visible. Happens during a workout sometimes but didn’t let it bother me in sparring and just put some training flags to keep attention away from my dick. I got rusty in boxing from what the trainer told me, but that I had good bones for wanting to go back to basics and not just martial arts. Touching gloves, I went a couple more rounds before taking a break to cool down the bulk of my routine.

Getting a jump rope, I got into a pace when the front door of the gym opened and someone started screaming. Oh great, drama seems to catch me easily down here. Looking over, I noticed it was Bursa Escort Bayan the guy at the restaurant who told me about he and Mark in a few words. Joel. Wonder what he was here for. Stopping, I walked to the front as the owner tried to calm Joel but he seemed more and more unruly. As I got closer and he saw me, things escalated.

“YOU! You’re the one who fucked this up! Mark and I were good together and you came back!” He fired off.

“If you want Mark, take him. I wouldn’t take him back if he paid me.” I shrugged, telling him the truth.

“He left me to get YOU back!”

Dragging a hand over my face, I groaned and shook my head. “Joel, if Mark cheated on me, he’d do it to you eventually with the long hours you worked. Set a better standard for yourself. Wish you well.”

* * * * *

Though the owner said he’d handle it, I didn’t give a choice as I put Joel outside and shut the door. Picking up the jump rope again, I got back to my cool down. Finishing on my terms, I hung the rope back up and got to the locker room. By the sound of it, no one was there and left me privacy to deal with my persistent hard on. Under the hot water, I lathered my hair, beard, chest, and any other place that smelled. The suds of the soap were thick as I worked my way down to my cock, staring up at me to touch myself. Rinsing off, I got a bit of soap, gentle aloe to not sting anything, and moved my hand slowly…

Standing upright, warmth ached down my back and had to keep the volume down as I stroked more and massaged my sore balls. I emptied them last night into a cheating bastard… and alone. But I ached anyhow… God… I’d let someone shower with me and watch. Groaning, I closed my hand, still holding my balls as I thrust into my grip. Moving to lean on my arm, I grunted and shook, wanting release but keeping quiet. I could only bite my tongue as I let cum drip down the wall, a thick cream slipping down the drain.

I didn’t know why I felt guilty… Or ashamed of myself for wanting to fill a need most men had. But just did for some reason I couldn’t figure out. I loved Mark… but… why take him back? He cheated because ‘I was gone and he was lonely’. With a deep breath, I relaxed and reached for my towel to dry off, squeezing the detergent smell against my face. Hopefully food would clear my head.

I don’t know why I brought a polo and nice pants but I tend to forget I have normal clothes. Most of them are at my house in Ireland unfortunately… Whenever I end up back home, I’ll remember to pack my t-shirts, jeans, and a hoodie or jacket. Saying goodbye to my friend and the owner, I got back into the rental and tried to think on what to eat. I craved a good burger but they were ruined for me at the moment. Pizza would fuck up the point of working out but it’s rough to avoid it in the epicenter of pizza.

Deciding on Southern comfort, I went off an hour to the best diner for comfort food. Diner greasy food worked against me, but my stomach wouldn’t deal with a light meal. It’d be an insult to my gut. Pulling in, I took a book and headed inside to see if there were any free booths. Waiting to be seated, I looked over and saw a familiar face. Kai? A sixth sense must’ve hit him to turn and greet me. Waving me over, I shrugged and thought it’d be rude to say no.

Sliding into the booth, he wore a kind smile and I finally noticed his eyes… They were more blue than grey, but had hints of green I hadn’t noticed the other night. Taking his hand, I politely shook it and he shyly did the same.

“Think we should stop meeting like this.”

Kai giggled, something a lot of men don’t do… But guys, please do it. I find that to be a subtle thing that turns others on. Be the strongest man, bald or bearded, and giggle yourself silly. It. is. a turn on.

“Might be a sign we’ll see each other more often. Even before dinner.”

“I can learn to hope so. You do tend to show up at the best time.”

“Something else happen?”

“No. Just a schedule change. I’d need to have our dinner tomorrow instead of day after.”

“There’s a good question to start off on. What do you do?”

Kai instantly turned nervous, twisting his face and picking his nail. Hoped I didn’t scare him off already… Biting his lip, he started talking again.

“Promise not to scream. I like privacy.”

“Hey, if you don’t want to talk about it, we don’t have to.”

“It’s not that… People just freak out and tell the world when they know.”

“I’m a bit of a vagabond Kai. Don’t meet a lot of people TO tell. Your job is safe with me.”

“Okay… so… I’m… I’m a foreign model. I’m better known at home… But I do get recognized here…”

“A model? Kai Soun… wait… Dior Kai Soun?”

Blushing red, he nodded slowly.

“Mostly Dior. But I’ve done a lot of other brands too. I’m big for McDonald’s where I’m from.”

“And where’s that?”

“South Korea… I’m just glad to not be lumped in with K Pop groups…”

“Hard to do Escort Bursa that with those eyes.”

I think that’s when we both noticed how hard I was staring at him… I closed my eyes and tried to ask myself why I did but knew the answer wasn’t there. His eyes were pretty… And his voice too. Should have more control over all my emotions being where I am… But I know both of us just want to be kind to each other and not weird. Please say I’m not weird…

“Uh… sorry for being… awkward.”

“Don’t be. We… haven’t talked to other men in a while I feel. You’re just trying to be nice. And I’m happy with that.”

“I like giving compliments. So there might be more to come.”

Kai blushed as he heard that. Everything new about flirting… well… came out right now. I feel suckish, seeing as Mark brushed off most of them. A vain trait I ignored since he was better in other ways. Mark Jack Fredrickson… I’ll have to scratch all three of those names on my hate list… Especially now that I have two exes named Jack… Shaking off those thoughts, Kai’s voice brought me back.

“You’re gonna order right?”

“Oh yeah. Slipped my mind since I didn’t expect to see you.”

“Hehe I neglected my plate too so I get it. Anything you’re up for?”

“This place makes a mad Southern plate. Thought I’d try it.”

* * * * *

Waving down a waitress, I ordered and Kai stood around for the ‘first talk’ in getting to know someone. I fumbled hard, seeing as I didn’t make friends easy or tell much about myself. With some quiet moments, I opened myself for questions.

“So, what do you wanna know about me?”

“Hmm. What exactly do you do?”

“Guess that’s fair. I’m a pilot. Means I’m away a lot sometimes.”

“I know what that’s like. No need to tell me twice.”

“Question for you Kai. How tall are you?”

“Would you like the imperial measurement or the metric one?”

“Both are fine.”

“185 cm. Short compared to you.”

“Means only one of us has to duck inside of anywhere.”

He held a hand over his mouth to not bust out laughing. I even chuckled a bit since it was kinda funny.

“Doesn’t matter. Some doors are still a bit too small to fit through. Surprising how you fit anywhere.”

“It’s a talent. My parents wondered what the hell they did to get an expensive kid.”

We laughed again, his fingers wiggling and touching. I wasn’t the only one nervous at least… but it was the first time in a while I liked talking and… maybe liked having someone there to listen.

“My father thought the same thing when I’d stare at him so… intensely as he put it. When I started out, I wanted to get into acting on a stage. But when an agent said I’d be a good fit in ads, my father made me throw acting out the window for modeling.”

“Do you miss it?”

“What? My father or acting?”

“Well, whichever is gone I guess.”

He picked at his nails to where I heard them and the sound made me reach to adjust my polo. Never thought I’d be this direct with questions that might make people uncomfortable. With a sigh, Kai twisted his lip a bit.

“I do miss it. The acting that is. My father, haven’t talked to him in maybe ten years. As I gained attention, he forced me to go for every chance of money. He went from a manager, to an evil overlord, to hating my guts when he found out I was gay. By that point, I was 20 and essentially said to fuck off. So… here I am.”

“Sorry if I brought up bad feelings Kai.”

“It’s fine to be curious. Just never feels easier.”

“Alright. I’ll shut my mouth with all the questions. Feel free to ask me anything. I’ll give you an honest answer.”

“This should be fun.”

Aw damn it. What did I get into? Because I don’t remember my social security number by heart.

“So… where are you from originally? You seem different than most New York types.”

“Everyone’s favorite question for me. I’m formerly Canadian. Lived in the area of Quebec and Ottawa before moving. I live in Galway, Ireland these days.”

“You probably know more than one language.”

“I know four. English, French, Spanish, and German. One of the hobbies easiest to keep is learning a language. Especially on the internet.”

Kai smiled and bit his lip. My stomach relaxed when he did, though I didn’t notice I had clenched it as hard as I did until then.

“Since family is important to you… How’s your relationship with your parents?”

“Uh, I’d say normal. I don’t get to talk to them much since I have conflicting time issues. Or they don’t always pick up. They talk more to my brothers and older sisters before me. But they’re just glad I didn’t end up in jail.”

“Sounds… awful.”

Did it give that impression? Fucking hell. Sorry dad. Sorry mom.

“I wouldn’t say awful. Just far if that makes sense. The move bothered them a lot. Especially not to Ireland.”

“My mom was like that. But she’s my best friend now. Not with my dad anymore so I don’t worry about her as much as when I was there and they were together.”

“Moms are great like that. Feels like they’re hugging you from far away.”

Kai hugged himself with a smile, eyes with stars as he thought about his mom. It’s nice that he had the same look of his mom like I had with mine.

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