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The morning sun pushes its way through the bamboo blinds, sending threads of light screaming into our vacation hideaway. The ocean breeze gently sways the blinds, and makes the beams dance around the room, playfully announcing another day. My husband and I seem so small, lying together in the middle of our giant wooden bed. Four huge posts rise grandly toward the ceiling, holding a sheer and flimsy canopy that gives the bed a sense of privacy, as if attempting to shield the angels from seeing our private play. My husband’s breathing rises and falls in time with the sounds from the rhythmic surf, making me feel incredibly in touch with him, and with the world. I want this moment to last forever, and wish I could stop the relentlessly advancing daybreak.

David is lying on his back, totally naked, as he floats between slumber and awareness. I lift up slightly and give his body a slow, long gaze, and break into a little smile as I see he is without his typical morning erection. Instead, it lays flat against him, only rising and falling as his stomach moves with his breathing. It’s gratifying to know that I must have completely satisfied him last night, and I flash back to the powerful orgasm he had just a few hours ago as he relentlessly pounded his body into my eager and receptive body. The huge bed shook and screamed its creaks of pending pleasure as it fought back against David’s thrusts. Even the canopy flapped with joy, waving in time to my building desires.. Being so far from any other vacationers, we let our voices loudly project our passions, and our screams of ecstasy filled the night air as his pleasure shot into me and became mine.

Even though his manhood now lies calm and dormant, I know it has an endless and unrelenting appetite for me. It is merely resting, gaining strength and replenishing its supply of milky venom. With only my slightest movement, my most gentle stroke, or my softest kiss, it will surge in size and strength as it maneuvers to penetrate me. But it also knows I am easy prey. I am addicted to it, and with each passing moment I crave it more and more, until my body writhes and aches under its control. Within minutes of entering me, it will empty its precious fluids into me, sending waves of pleasure through both its host and me. As it lies there, I can sense it longingly staring at me, silently begging to be aroused, and knowing it’s already arousing me. It’s one eye anxiously waiting and watching for the fast approaching opportunity to slide itself Artvin Escort back into me.

Now, as I lay here watching David, my desire for him builds. I feel the tingle building deep inside me, and sense my wetness grow as my need for him turns to an ache. I slide down his chest, and put my mouth around his nipple. As I gently suck, my tongue moves around his hardening nipple, and he begins to stir from his sleep. He lets out a soft moan as I roll over him, and put a knee on each side of him as I straddle his body. As I put my mouth around his other nipple, I press my pelvis against his. I can feel his member growing and pressing against my pussy. His cum from last night still lingers me, so his penis effortless starts to slip into me as it grows. With all my wetness and cum, it feels velvety and smooth as it slithers itself into me. With only the smallest of motions, and a little guidance from my hand, he fully enters me. I grab him tightly around the neck, pulling my boobs tightly against his chest. I lift my hips, and let his penis slide out until its head is just barely in me. I stop for a moment, letting the anticipation grow for the next stroke. With a small grunt, a slam my hips back into him, taking his entire length into me. I feel his head bottom into me, and he gives out a deep “ohhh.”

With each thrust my pussy makes a soft slurping sound, as if it were expressing its surprise in greeting his penis again so soon. My powerful thrusts grow faster and faster until his moans grow to a constant groan. With one final stroke I lift off him, and let his penis slap against his stomach. I roll to the side, and move my hand to grip his dick. It is incredibly slippery, and even though I grip it as hard as I can, my hand easily slips up and down his full length. His head feels like the bulb at the end of baseball bat, as it forces my hand to open, and it flicks between each finger. With each stroke I rotate my hand, like opening a door knob. David’s breathing is shallow and fast, and punctuate with staccato groans. His shoulders and head begin pushing down into the bed, and his hips move up to greet my hand. I feel his shaft grow even bigger, and I start to gently rub his balls with my other hand.

With a violent shudder his head comes up, and his hips drive into the bed. He yells a sharp “I’m cumming!”, and a long stream of thick white jizz jumps from his head. It seems to be propelled almost in slow motion, with the end forming a little loop as it files. Artvin Escort Bayan The loop lands at his nose, leaving a rope of cum draped over his mouth and chin, all the way down to his belly button. The next two spurts also make it all the way to his lips, leaving his mouth covered in his jizz. Several more spurts end up on his stomach and chest, until he falls limp from satisfaction. As he lays there motionless, I make large cum-circles in his chest with my hand. I roll back on top of him, and lean forward to give him a kiss. After a little prying, I finally get him to open his lips, and let my tongue draw in some of his cum. We spend a few seconds letting our tongues linger, as his taste dissolves away.

I lift up from him, his cum dripping from my chest. “Time for me!! Let’s get in the shower.” We stand up, and I give him a full body hug. His chest slips sensually across mine, as his cum rolls down my chest to my legs, and I feel it drip onto my feet. We walk outside to the shower, and turn on the warm water. The shower is at the edge of the pool, and has a clear view of the ocean and beach, which are a few hundred yards away.

His knees are still weak and wobbly, and he sits on the shower bench as I adjust the water. The water is warm and silky, and I move to let it wash David’s cum from me. It flows down my body and legs, forming little white balls and strings as it flows to the drain. Considering all the joy it brought us, it seems I should find a more respectful way to clean his cum away. But my cum-thoughts are interrupted as I feel David’s hand press against my groin. He stands, while keeping his hand on me, and stands close as his other hand begins rubbing my breasts. While holding me this way, he moves me to the bench, and pulls me down so that I sit at its edge. He moves to get a plastic lounge chair, and sets it just in front of my knees. He grabs my shoulders and has me lay flat on the bench, and he sits in the chair. I feel his hands on the inside of my knees, and he opens them wide. He pulls his chair closer to me, and I see his eyes intently focused on my pleasure slit.

He licks his lips, and makes a quick glance up to my eyes. His eyes drop down again, and he lowers his head to me. I can feel his warm breath teasing me, and I feel my hips rise toward him as I ache for his mouth. He uses his fingers to spread my outer folds apart, and his mouth moves in to fully draw-in my inner lips. The pleasure is indescribable as he sucks Escort Artvin and pulls on my lips, and I let out a desperate “ohhhh” as his tongue works itself between them. His face presses against me, and I feel his tongue move deep into me. Soon, his fingers join with his tongue, as his tongue moves up to my clit. His tongue works under it, beside it, on top of it, and his mouth and lips fully engulf it. My clit swells and exposes itself to the licking, making every tongue-lash send tension-waves through me.

He changes to a steady licking rhythm, and I feel my consciousness fading away as I become consumed with my approaching orgasm. His finger finds my g-spot, and he rubs across it as he continues to lick. Having my g-spot massaged is so incredibly diabolical. It puts the brakes on my rise to ecstasy, but at the same time lets his tongue fill me with more desire and intensifies my ache for release. Soon, my body can accept no more. “Please, let me cum,” I beg. “Please.” I feel his finger pull out of me, and almost immediately I feel my body tensing and my legs instinctively spreading. The first vibrations start deep in my pussy, and rise quickly to the surface. My entire body starts to shake, and I make uncontrolled sounds of passion as I writhe in the final moments before release. The first spasm explodes around my pussy, sending a shock wave of pleasure through my entire body. Spasm after spasm continue, as the waves of ecstasy consume me. I cum for what seems like an eternity, and the fog of satisfaction slowly rolls over me.

As I come back to reality, I see David looking at me, smiling. He looks so proud of himself and the way he just satisfied me. I smile back, but my smile goes away as I notice his full erection. It is so hard that it bounced side to side with every heartbeat. Its tip glistens with pre-cum, so I know I’m going to get fucked.

“Let’s take care of that thing,” I say as seductively as my over-sexed body can muster. He stands, kicking the chair back. He reaches his arms under my legs, and moves them to his shoulder. As he lifts me, I’m pulled further to the edge of the bench, and I feel his penis poised at my opening. By adjusting my body, he changes my position, and impales me with a quick thrust. This session is just about getting him to cum. His pure animal lust fascinates and excites me. Its only about his penis using my pussy for sexual relief. And I willfully let him. It doesn’t take long, and I see his head tilt back and his thrusts deepen. With one final lunge, he lets out a yell and I feel a strong splash of warmth deep within me. Spurt after spurt fill me, and I feel the excess cum running out of me. He pulls out with a deep sigh, and leans forward to give me a light kiss. “Time for sailing,” is all he says.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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