Vannika Ch. 04: Seth Learns His Place

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VANNIKA — Chapter Four — “Seth learns his place”

They proceed through a series of rooms, SHE strutting, he stumbling and into a small sitting area with several velvet chairs and a large, prominent oak door. SHE relinquishes the grip on his erect member to swing open the entryway. Seth views a drastically different area beyond. An obviously remodeled space which is sleek and contemporary and brightly lit.

“Follow ME,” SHE commands, stepping into the brilliant titanium and diffused glass room. Proceeding through the gleaming foyer HER spiked heels echo loudly as they strike the black marble floor. VANNIKA’s sense of elegance is reflected everywhere here. This is most definitely HER lair. Seth gawks and walks in amazement till he reaches HER side.

SHE chuckles softly, then says, “Open.” In response an elevator door silently slides away. They enter and are swiftly whisked upward, the aroma of HER fragrance permeating the small enclosure. Upon coming to a stop the entire front of the cab disappears revealing a large sky-domed lounge. VANNIKA turns slightly and Seth’s eyes behold the side view of a perfectly sculpted figure with Artvin Escort enormous projecting tits. His cock bobs wantonly poking through his fly. SHE gazes in amusement at HER new plaything.

A fingernail glides up its stiff shaft causing him to shudder and whimper pathetically.

“Uhh, babe, get out of those ugly shorts before you enter MY suite.” SHE strides forward leaving Seth struggling to strip.

He sees VANNIKA pivot and slither down into a cream leather club chair. Quickly surveying the surroundings he sees a bar area, a small dance floor and most enticing a series of erotic, nearly life-sized photos of HER with various nude, well endowed males in a myriad of poses. A gallery certainly provided by his father to glorify his Mistress.

Now fully naked Seth exits the elevator and shuffles before the waiting goddess. SHE casually points to the floor and without a word he drops to his knees. Smiling at his willing submission VANNIKA crosses HER exquisite legs, fluffs HER flowing hair and begins speaking with assured authority.

“I am not in Mr. David Evan’s will. I do not need to be. Davie-boy’s Artvin Escort Bayan monetary generosity already resides in MY off-shore accounts.” SHE hesitates to let the enormity of this wash over him. “You see, preceding his passing he liquidated all his stocks and bonds for ME.” A suspended high heel makes slow circles in front of his face as SHE continues, “The mansion equity is nearly zero because he borrowed extensively against it for MY penthouse, wardrobe, toys, cars, shopping trips and lavish vacations.”

“I am worth it, don’t you think?” HER boot lightly brushes the side of his face and HER micro-mini dress wriggles up offering a tantalizing tease that re-ignites Seth’s lust yet again.

“Too bad for you, MY pet,” SHE feigns sympathy, letting the boot descend to his abs.

“Umm, and the Rolls,” SHE hesitates, tracing a line down along his throbbing member, “the eight million dollar little Rolls was a present for MY last birthday.” Seth closes his eyes and grits his teeth trying to will his ejaculation to hold back, absorbing the bitter disappointment of his father’s callous decisions.

“Davie Escort Artvin also re-wrote the investment company bylaws so upon his demise I take over his position as the president, President VANNIKA.” Seth groans at this shocking news as well as the pressure being applied to his aching balls.

“Therefore, sweetie, you remain in the VP position. Uhhh, how exciting. That means you work for ME, hun.” SHE leans forward and grabs a handful of his hair. He is pulled close to HER insanely gorgeous face, HER eyes blazing with passion. HER frosted metallic pink lips pucker and graze his mouth before SHE suddenly and forcefully tosses him backwards. Seth loses his balance and falls sideways to the floor. Before he can manage to right himself VANNIKA abruptly stands and steps over his prone body, placing one of HER boots such that the platform sole is on one side of his dangling erection and the stiletto on the other. He freezes, daring not to move.

“I order, you obey. I command, you comply,” he hears from above, sharp and terse. “You will, won’t you, MY pet,” SHE snaps in a softer, yet unquestioning tone. Seth looks up the towering height of HER widely spread legs and into the semi-darkness of VANNIKA’s womanhood. His mouth waters remembering the deliciousness of HER juices. At this moment he feels incredibly weak, small and completely subservient to this cunning vixen. Can he possible survive this night?

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