Veronica’s Submission Diary Pt. 01

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I’m not really sure how to start this so I guess I’ll just start with why I’m writing this. Well my Mistress told me to write this, to recount how I came to be her slave. I suppose I should describe me and my Mistress. I’m 5’6 feet tall, weigh about 120 pounds, I have small breasts at a b-cup something I’ve always been self conscious about. I am very fit from jogging most mornings, my skin is pale, lightly freckled, long naturally silky smooth red hair, and green eyes. As for my Mistress, well she is my identical twin. I know that is likely quite shocking and maybe even repulsive to some. But I wouldn’t give up my life with her for anything, regardless of what anyone else may think.

For those of you who might still be reading this, I thank you for your open mindedness. As you have likely deduced mine and Mistress Samantha’s personalities aren’t as identical as our looks. Growing up I was always quite meek and introverted. Mistress Samantha was my polar opposite always confident and extroverted. Anyway that’s enough for you to get the picture, so I guess I’ll start my story the day my submission began, our 18th birthday March 12th 2016.

As always on our birthday Samantha wakes me up by hopping into my bed with me and whispering “wakey wakey baby sis, it’s our birthday.”

I groan as sit up on my bed “you know you were born like minutes before me Sammy, I’m not your baby sis.” I said knowing that wouldn’t make her stop calling me that, secretly liking that she called me her baby sis.

“Oh you know you love it baby sis.” Sammy replies laughing.

I give her what I hope is a withering stare, but from the grin on her face I haven’t quite managed it. “Then why do I remind you, what like every day, ‘big sis’?” I add sarcastically while she just keeps grinning.

I sigh and look around our shared room. Sammy’s bed is on the right side of the room while mine is on the left, at the end of our beds are desks with our computers on them, all colored a shade of dark purple, our favorite color. Our shared closet is beside the door filled with our exclusively matching clothes. The walls are painted a dark violet color, covered in posters of beautiful models and actresses.

Looking at the walls I wonder aloud “how do our parents not realize we’re gay, I mean it’s not like we try to hide it, and just look at our room.”

Sammy chuckles, saying “either they’re willfully ignorant, or they do realize and are waiting for us to come out to them. Which we’re doing today remember?”

“Yeah I remember, it’s probably the second one. So what are we wearing today sis?” I ask Sammy, she’s always picked out our cloths since we were little.

She goes over to her bed and brings over a purple panty and bra set, with a pair of skinny jeans and an over the shoulder purple top.

“Today we’re wearing nothing special, but tonight we’re hanging out with Jen and the other girls at her place. And for that my dear baby sister, we’re going to dress to impress, just because we can.” Sammy tells me with a strange smile at the end.

“What are you planning ‘dear big sister of mine?’ I know when you’re up so to something, twin physic link remember.” I say trying to glower again, but as always her smile just widens at my sad attempts.

“You’ll just have to wait and see twin.” Sammy says as she goes over to her bed to get dressed.

I do the same trying to not let my gaze linger on her beautiful form, I know it’s wrong but I just can’t help it. Ignoring the dirty thoughts running through my head I focus on getting dressed. If we’re changing later it’s likely going to be into something our parents won’t like. Which is kind of a surprise if we’re just hanging out with the girls at Jens’s place.

Jen, or Jennifer to anyone outside our friend group, is the daughter of some big ceo who’s never around. But he does give Jen a more than generous bank balance, and he keeps his house stocked with booze even though he’s rarely there so must know his underage daughter is drinking it. So for those reasons her place is our groups default hangout. Our group is pretty much just a bunch of high school lesbians, we tend to be drawn to each other.

After we finish getting dressed, during which I swear I saw Sammy sneaking some looks at me. We head over to the kitchen, and are greeted by happy birthdays by surprisingly three people.

“Oh my god Angie!” Me and Sammy exclaimed running over to hug our big sister we haven’t seen in over a year.

“Happy birthday Tori, Sam.” Angie chuckles hugging us back, before stepping back to take a look at us with an exasperated expression. “Seriously guys, still dressing the exact same. Why can’t one of you like at least get, like a different hair cut or something so people can tell you apart?”

My twin and I chuckle as I say “well I’m obviously Sam.” At the same time Sammy says “well I’m obviously Tori.” My twin and I share a quick smile, having gotten very good at impersonating each other.

Angie sighs shaking her head and Silivri Escort says “well whichever one of you is which, it’s good to see you.”

“All right girls sit down your dad and I made breakfast.” Mom says smiling at us.

We sit at the table, Sammy to my left and Angie to my right. “Thanks mom and dad.” the three of us say looking at the table filled with chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and sausage.

“So any plans for today girls?” Mom asks taking a seat beside dad.

“We’re gonna go hang over at Jen’s later and probably stay the night.” Sammy says taking a bite of chocolate chip pancake.

“Okay just remember to text or call if you do stay over.” Mom replies grabbing a price of bacon.

“Don’t worry mom we will.” Sammy says glancing over to me, signaling we’re about to come out. “Also there’s something we need to tell you.” Our family’s looks at us expectantly as Sammy tells them “we’re gay.”

None of them look very shocked or upset, not that we thought they react badly or anything but you never know.

Mom smiles and shrugs just saying “okay.” Dad and Angie do the same going back to their food.

“What that’s it just ‘okay’ no like ‘are you sure’ or ‘that’s disgusting get out of my house’ just ‘okay’.” I say kind of surprised at the complete lack of a reaction.

“Well yeah I mean it’s not like it’s that shocking, and I would never kick you out, especially not for your sexuality.” Mom replies with a smile as dad nods next to her.

“Well I didn’t really think you’d be mad or anything, but I thought it would be at least a little surprising. Is it really that obvious?” I ask gasping slightly as I feel Sammy’s hand rest high up on my thigh.

When I look over at her she has a little smirk at the edge of lips, like she knows how much this is effecting me. I struggle to hear moms reply as Sammy’s hand starts stroking my thigh sending tingles of forbidden pleasure all through my body. “Well it’s not that it’s super obvious but I have lived with you for eighteen years, so I know you pretty well.”

Breakfast continues on like that, idle chat about random things that don’t seem to matter to me any more as Sammy’s hand keeps stroking my thigh. Eventually we all finish breakfast and sadly Sammy takes her hand off my thigh as she gets up to put our dishes in the washer. As I unknowing let out a small gasp of discontent Sammy looks me in the eye and smirks.

After the dishes are in the washer we go to the living room, and before we can sit down mom holds up two silver keys. “Happy birthday girls, your present is in the driveway.” She says smiling widely.

“Oh my god thank you sooo much mom and dad!” My twin and I practically squeal hugging our parents as we each grab a key.

Laughing mom and dad say “your welcome girls.”

We run out the door realizing we haven’t even seen the car we’re so excited about. It’s nothing special but that doesn’t matter because it’s a car!

“Oh my god we love it!” Sammy exclaims when our smiling parents come out of the house at much more sedated pace.

“Hey you never got me a car.” Angie says frowning.

“That’s because you decided to go to collage in England sweetie.” Mom replies knowing Angie isn’t really upset.

“Can we take it for a ride.” I ask excitedly.

“Of course, it’s your car, as long as you don’t act like idiots, that means seatbelts on at all times, no texting and driving, and No. Drunk. Driving.” Mom say with a stern look on that last point.

We assure them we will be careful and run to get our purses. After making sure we have our licenses and some money I ask Sammy if she wants to drive first.

“No you drive it’ll be like your my personal chauffeur.” Sammy replies grinning at me.

Going back out to our new car I open the passenger side door for my twin “where would you like to go this morning ma’am?” I ask holding back a little giggle.

“Take me to the mall.” She says sliding into the seat with a smirk.

“Yes ma’am.” I reply getting in the drivers seat.

The drive to the mall is uneventful as is the shopping, until Sammy takes me into a changing room in the lingerie shop. She grabs two sheer purple baby dolls in our size and pulls me into a changing room. This is nothing new, we change and try on cloths together all the time. But today Sammy is very touchy feely, her touches linger slightly to long, she brushes against my breasts and ass far more than could be an accident. All the while she is driving me absolutely crazy with desire. I wish she would just kiss me and show me this attraction isn’t just one sided.

Sadly nothing else happens as we get dressed and buy the lingerie. Looking at my phone I notice we’ve been here for quite a while.

“Hey Sammy when are going over to Jen’s?” I ask seeing it’s already 4:00.

“Seven so we should go home and get ready.” She replies checking the time on her phone.

The drive home is much the same as the Şirinevler Escort drive to the mall. Sammy tells me to drive her back, something I secretly love, there is just something about her ordering me around that I just can’t get enough of. When we get back Sammy showers first as I watch some videos on my computer.

When I get out of the shower and come back to our room I see on my bed a purple thong and a shimmery purple dress that looks as wonderful as it does revealing, which is to say very. Looking over to my sister I see just how much it reveals.

“Sammy this dress is ridiculous, I can’t wear this. Besides why would we wear this when we’re just going over to Jen’s?” I ask having never had the confidence my twin does.

“You will wear the dress, and you will do it because I told you to, understand baby sis?” Sammy asks with steel in her voice that had I been wearing panties would have them absolutely soaked.

“Ummm okay.” I somehow manage to get out in a shaky breath.

My sister just smirks as I put the dress and panties on. Sammy has light makeup on, my eyes lingering on her painted purple lips. She’s done nothing special with her hair so I quickly copy her look, and check the time seeing we have about a half an hour.

“We should get going, we have about half an hour.” I say to Sammy after checking my hair and makeup one last time.

“Yeah let’s go, you know how to get there right?” She replies.

I nod as I grab my purse and overnight bag, and we head out to our car. I drive again really enjoying the role of her chauffeur, but also a little self conscious in the revealing dress and no bra. We arrive at Jen’s without incident at 7:00 on the dot. Walking to her door we just open it and walk in, this being basically a second house to us.

As we enter the living room to see our group of friends, all dressed casually we get eight happy birthdays all at once. “Thanks you guys.” My twin and I say receiving a hug from our wonderful host.

As I look around I see our whole friend group, basically all the lesbian seniors at our school. There is Jen obviously, a tall brunette with amazing tits. Diana a shy nerdy girl with wonderful midnight black hair and cute glasses. Vanessa a little on the short side but it suits her, beautiful blond hair though she couldn’t be any farther from the stereotypical blond bimbo.

Rachel who’s ever changing hair color is hot pink at the moment, with steel blue eyes you could lose yourself in. Alex a bit of a goth (though what lesbian doesn’t have at least a little goth in their soul) her natural black hair is dyed red halfway down, and her face has to be one the most beautiful I have ever seen. Jessica a busty blond who is a fair bit closer to the stereotype, that’s not to say she’s dumb or anything but she parties much more than she studies.

Evelyn is an Olympic champion to be if I ever saw one, though she always laughs it off when someone says so, trying to hide the blush that always come to cheeks. She has an amazingly toned body with silky black hair. And lastly there is Anna kind of a blend of Alex and Jessica she’s tall and busty but also a total goth with dyed white silvery hair that looks amazing on her, though I doubt anyone else could pull it off.

As I look at all my friends I see their surprise, surely directed at our dresses. Jen breaks the silence saying “damn you two look amazing in those dresses.” Our friends all agree as Jen points us over to our usual spot on the love seat saying “go sit down I’ll get you some birthday shots.”

Jen quickly returns with a try of three shots each, I look at her nervously knowing this is just the beginning of the night, testing my low alcohol tolerance. I shake my head and down the shots alongside my twin.

“Ooh god, you do know we have like zero tolerance right Jen?” I say as the alcohol burns my throat.

“I know that is why you’re staying here tonight, you do it often enough the spare room you use should just have your names on it.” Jen replies taking the tray to the kitchen and getting two hard lemonades for me and Sammy.

“So what’s on the agenda Jen” Sammy asks taking a drink.

“First we’re going to play never have I ever, until we’re all drunk enough to play truth or dare, After that we will either go to sleep or come up with something we probably won’t remember in the morning.” Jen replies.

“Seriously truth or dare what are we twelve.” I roll my eyes at Jen.

“No we’re all eighteen finally, and it always comes to truth or dare so let’s just embrace it.” Jessica chimes in, which most agree with.

“Alright fine let’s just play.” I say realizing she’s right, it does always come down to that.

“All right, so never have I ever for those of you who don’t know is played like this. We take turns saying never have I ever blank, and anyone who has done it takes a drink, including whoever’s turn it is if they for some reason say something they Şişli Escort have done.” Jen looks over to Jessica for that last bit.

“Okay I’ll start, never have I ever had a crush on a teacher.” Jen says as she takes her seat, while half of us take a drink.

It continues like this for a while as everyone gets more drunk. When surprisingly Diana is the one who says “never have I ever had sex.”

At this Jessica, Jen, Alex, Rachel, and Anna, take a drink surprising no one, we are all very much in each other’s personal business so know who is a virgin and who isn’t. But surprising everyone, Vanessa timidly takes a drink as well.

“Whoa whoa whoa what, since when Vanessa, and who with?” Jen asks looking around the room seeing only surprise in everyone’s eyes.

Vanessa blushes as says “it doesn’t matter okay, can we just move on.”

“No we cannot just move on.” Jen says looking around the room again. “Well obviously it wasn’t any of us so she was either older or younger.”

“She is not younger eww.” Vanessa says indignantly.

“Ooo She is not was, so it’s a lasting thing with someone older, is it a teacher cause you know you can tell us it’s not like we would tell anyone or judge you.” I say

“No she’s not a teacher I just can’t tell you.” Vanessa says blushing harder.

“Oh c’mon Vanessa tell us, we swear not to judge no matter who it was with.” Sammy says and we all nod and look at Vanessa expectantly.

“Okay fine but you all swore, so no judging.” She says taking a deep breath “it was Kaylee.”

“Wait Kaylee as in your sister Kaylee?” Jen asks what we are all thinking.

Vanessa takes a drink before she replies blushing “yes okay I have sex with my sister.”

“Wow I’m jealous, your sister’s hot.” Jessica is the first to say anything.

Chuckling Alex says “yeah no kidding.”

Everyone else bursts into giggles improving Vanessa’s mood and I say “see no judging here, who cares if you fuck your sister, ooo no I bet she fucks you huh.”

Vanessa joins in laughing along with everyone but refuses to confirm or deny my theory. The game goes on a bit longer before everyone is well and truly drunk and Jen declares it’s time for truth or dare. Before we start we take a bathroom and snack break having ordered pizza a while ago. Me and Sammy make sure we text mom that we will definitely not be coming home tonight.

“Okay ladies I think one of the birthday girls should go first.” Jen says as we all find our seats again.

Sammy goes first, targeting Vanessa, who chooses truth. “Okay Vanessa answer the question I think we’ve all been dying to know, do you fuck your sister or does she fuck you.”

Everyone giggles a little and looks to a blushing Vanessa for her answer. “Oooh my god fine, she fucks me okay is that what you wanted to hear, she fucks me with her huge strap-on bringing me to glorious climax every night. Are you happy now everyone, are you glad to know that.” Vanessa blushes harder though her tirade as the room giggles and confirms that yes, we are happy to know that.

The game goes on for a bit when Vanessa decides to get her revenge when Sammy answers dare. “Okay Sam since you’re so interested in my sex life with my sister, I dare you to kiss your twin on the mouth for sixty seconds.” Vanessa smirks as everyone giggles and ooos.

My heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest as Sammy shrugs, then turns to me with a smirk. As I’m about to lean in Sammy basically jumps me, her mouth smashing into mine with an unbelievable amount of passion. Sammy takes the lead of the kiss holding my face in her hands and pushing her tongue into my mouth as it opens, eager to feel the invader plundering it’s depths. And plunder it does Sammy’s tongue easily bullying mine into submission, causing me to moan into her mouth. The world falls away as the kiss fills my being, I never want it to end.

After what feels like an eternity and a short second at the same time, I hear the chime of someone’s phone and my sister pulls back taking my bottom lip between her teeth and biting gently, her eyes filled with lust. As we separate i’m breathing heavily and I feel my panties are absolutely soaked.

My twin turns to the rest of the stunned room and smirks saying “and this is the point where we really must leave you, because we are both to drunk for whatever may come next, so thank you guys and goodnight.” As she says this she grabs my hand and pulls me along to the guest bedroom we always use when sleeping over.

The second the door closes Sammy pulls me into another mind shattering kiss. As her tongue yet again invades my mouth her hands, and mine roving over each other’s bodies. We feel every curve that is mirrored on our own bodies. We grope each other’s breasts and asses like teenage boys as Sammy mauls my tits with wonderful roughness.

Eventually Sammy hands go to the bottom of my dress pulling it up my body. With my dress raised her hand goes under my panties to feel my sopping wet sex making me moan into her mouth, my hands squeezing her amazing ass.

She pull back, sadly removing her tongue from my mouth, and brings her hand from my panties to my face and says with a smirk “god your wet baby sis, is this all from one little kiss.”

I moan and pant as I reply “fuck, yes it is you know just what to do to mmm-“

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