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It is hard enough getting one of those damn keycard doors open when you can concentrate. It is much more of a feat when your attempting to do so facing away from the lock. Added to this particular trick was the twenty year old girl who was biting my neck. Which is a bit of an understatement. She was eating me alive and decided to start with my neck and shoulders. She seemed to get tired of sinking her teeth into my right shoulder blade when she couldn’t quite pierce the button down shirt.

So there I fumbled, in the hotel hallway, trying my damnedest to get the card to slide in and register. Well, perhaps not my damnest. The heat of her throat and sting of her teeth made it impossible to shove her away or ask her to stop. So I blindly continued to press the card into mid air as my back rested against the door. My right hand had somehow ended up on the small of her back where it was currently running up and down her spine through the conservative brown dress she wore. My mouth then carefully, toothlessly, took in her right earlobe and sucked on it. This caused a moan to be pressed into my shoulder before I moaned softly back in her ear.

I removed my lips and spoke gently. “I want you.”

Simple words that got a simplistic, if not bitchy, reply. “No,” she said with her teeth clamped onto my collarbone, “really? You do? Couldn’t tell.” And with that she rubbed her stomach up against my crotch and bit down harder. I just threw my head back, hit the door and whelped slightly. She just laughed and took her teeth off me before kissing me harshly on the lips. She had to lean up to do so, but I wasn’t about to complain.

She kept her eyes open as she kissed me. She had big, beautiful green eyes. A cliché, I know, but my god were they large. Typically they were round, but right now, they were sinisterly narrowed. Her entire upper body was pressed against me. Her legs were now encompassing my right leg. Oh, God, the heat that her body was emitting in that kiss before I lost sight of her just for a second. It seemed that I was looking at the ceiling, and in my lusty condition, which might as well be read as doped up, I didn’t ponder this. It wasn’t until I hit the floor that it occurred to me what had happened. Giggling madly she was soon atop me with a thud.

She then stuck out her hands on either side of my head and did a sultry little pushup before giving me a nice little kiss once more. “I think I got the door open,” I said with a meek smile.

“You must be Sherlock Homes to figure that out,” she said before pushing me back to the floor and giving me another hard kiss. She then turned around and looked back to the hallway, then back down to my body. “Lift up your legs.”


“Shut up and do it.” And I did. Lifted them straight up 90 degrees so she could stand up, get the card and fling it somewhere like a ninja star before shutting the door.

“Nice throw.”

“Thanks. I’m a Ninja you know.”

“I thought you were a pirate.”

“I am. Have to practice something on the high seas. I choose Ninjitsu.” She did a little horse stance and did a few karate chops before pushing my legs back to the ground. “You have really nice legs.”

“Thanks. Not even the best part of me.”

“If you think I’m so naive as to ask “what is” you have another thing coming mister.”

“I—” I started.

“No plays of “coming” either.”

“…well played.”

“Um-hum.” She said with a single nod before mounting me once more. Full body contact.

Her cute little feet, which she still thinks of as too large, batted mine around through the shoes as she played a sort of kissing game with me. She lean down and kiss me across my jaw, my lips, my cheeks. But as soon as I tried to kiss her back she’d lean away and push me down and get a gleam to her eye. It was a game I was willing to play for hours, but she got bored sometime around biting my chin. So I drew my legs up and began to untie my shoes while moaning in earnest. She rubbed her ass against my thighs as I did and gave me that “hungry kitty” look as she did. I peeled out Aydın Escort of my socks and slide them into the shoes before suggesting we move to the bed. “There’s a bed,” she said, “score!”

She helped me up and I groaned like an old man so she could elbow me in the ribs and make disparaging comments. She kicked off her shoes and flexed her toes. Her arms moved over her head and she gripped one wrist with the other to stretch. Her beautiful, full breasts seemed to double in size as she arched her back in this pose. Sexy as she was, she was so much more damn beautiful. Cute too, though I’d never admit it while in punching range. She then did a little dance that reminded me of a pixie. Then she spun around and put her back to me and suggested, with her arms in descent, that I unzip her.

I quickly made my way to her while undoing my suit jacket and tossing it onto a chair. I didn’t unzip her, though. I just wrapped my arms around her put them on her stomach so I could hug her. Hold her tightly. I then moved my nose into her hair and inhaled deeply. She smelled like cherry blossom in Autumn. I couldn’t resist her. I pressed my growing bulge into the small of her back before I kissed up and down her neck. Just light, gentle kisses. My hands slinked up her stomach before resting on a breast apiece. There they rubbed her in soft clockwise motions, careful not to touch her nipples. I wanted this to be perfect, I thought, as I sank my teeth into her to make her yelp quickly. She called me a goose and faux struggled before I stood up and unzipped her.

She slinked out of the dress with the sex of a goddess. She then took my hands and gripped them gently, fingers interwoven as he lead me in a little waltz sans music. Her eyes wouldn’t leave mine for any reason. I never felt so small, or so happy. It is difficult to describe.

That moment was disposed of, though. She ran her fingers through my beard and said “Facial hair. Really?”


“No woman could ever love a man with facial hair.’

“You won’t be complaining in a moment.”

“Promises, promises.”

She then took of my glasses and clasped them shut, setting them on the nightstand. She return with lithe steps and a beam. Her hand ran over my bald head before wrapping around the back of my skull and pulling me in for another kiss. A softer kiss that was somehow much more needy than the others. Her eyes were large in this kiss. Large and tearing up. She just kept on kissing me, moving her lips against mine. Waiting.

I finally got the cue and move my hands down to her thighs. I moved my palms up her thighs and over her purple panties. Over them to her sides and her chest. Over the sides of her matching bra and to her neck. Then back down again until I reached her thighs once more. There I grabbed the back of them and lifted her up and pressed her body against mine. She seamlessly moved her arms around the back of my neck and closed her eyes. I moved her to the bed then and carefully laid her down.

Taking a step back and pulled off my shirt and folded it in half. I was stalling and waiting. Waiting for her to tell me to stop. Stalling because a part of me wanted to say “stop” myself. But the shirt was neatly folded and my slacks unbuttoned. Then they were off and neatly folded too before she opened her eyes and looked at me before laughing and shutting her eyes closed again. She squealed a bit before commenting “I forgot you didn’t wear under ware.”

“Live free or die.”

“Big talk.”

“Amongst other things.” Then a moment of silence.

“I’m cold. Get over here.” She commanded and I obeyed. She arched onto her ass before pulling the blanket down and snaking under. I moved to the other side of the bed and slid in with her. There we looked at each other a moment before locking lips once more, this time much more urgency in my kiss. My fears were eroding.

As seemed to be her custom, she broke the kiss to slide down my body and kiss my pecks gently. She switched from left to right before starting with the teasing bites once more. Then Aydın Escort Bayan she stopped that nonsense to start kissing down my stomach before I grabbed her underarms and pulled her back up. A quick kiss before I asked her to remove her bra and panties. She did so, albeit in a very slow and unsure manner.

She dropped the undergarments onto the floor with an amazingly muscular back. Six years swimming. She turned back to face me and smile nervously. I slid up to her once more and pressed my body against her, everything but my cock. We kissed some more, my hands playing through her hair, her hands playing up and down my arms. I then carefully pushed her onto her back and slid down to her stomach.

I used it as a pillow for a moment before kissing it a few times. Gentle, plucking kisses. I rubbed my freshly shaven head against her, then up between her breasts. There I would kiss the base of her left breast, then her right. I made my way up them like Kit Carson with a sadistic streak. Gentle, loving kissing on her breasts all too careful to avoid her nipples. Then I thought “to hell with it” and sucked the right nipple into my mouth suddenly and without mercy causing her to arch and moan again. My left hand came up to tweak her exposed nipple while my right hand moved up to caress her cheek. I looked her in the eyes, now playing the part of the hungry kitten.

I continued to feast for a moment before switching to the other nipple, now tweaking the one I just sucked harder. She continued to moan and her eyes became darker, her eyelids suddenly seemed heavy. Her pale skin was now getting a nice, healthy rose tint to it. Her green eyes were not so bright they could shine through the darkness. My cock was now resting between her thighs and a realization came that I underestimated her. Of course this revelation came only because she closed her thighs around me and began to caress me. It was wonderful. Moaning into her nipple and swatted at her thighs until she squealed and peeled them back.

Then I descended, curling up between her knees and raking my hands up and down her thighs. She smiled at me in the continuing lurid motif. I just wanted to enjoy the sight of her naked body for a while longer. Then I bent down to kiss her pussy once, good and hard, before moving my tongue out against her. First softly, with gentle, easy pulses. Then in circles inside her. Easy, counterclockwise circles that had her whimper. Then to pull out of her and lap carefully at her clit as I peeled her skin back with two fingers. My tongue pressed against her, then I blew against that sensitive region, then I licked some more. I cannot express what wondrous sound she was making. How much beautiful she was than any woman, alive or dead.

I continued to lick her clit in fluid, practiced motions as I moved my middle finger inside her. I made sure to manicure it first. Nothing was going to ruin this experience. Not on my end. So I penetrated her and moved my finger all the way in slowly making sure her muscles had time to react, accept and embrace. I continued to apply pressed to her clit as I did. If she was in any sort of discomfort I could not perceive it. So my finger moved in those soft circles, moved up and tried to find the ridges on the top of her vagina. Those soft series of ridges that, when stroked just right, cause a woman to turn into a ball of pleasure. It wasn’t until she gasped I was sure I had found them right, however nice the texture is. I rubbed against the ridges and now sucked in her clit. This continued until I was quite certain she was in a pleasant physical state.

I pulled gently out of her before she ejaculated. I moved my lips from her and, to my surprise, she kissed me hungrily. I whispered “are you sure” into the kiss. She just moaned a yes. I felt like I had just inherent the world.

I moved out from under the bed and made my way into the bathroom to grab a towel. I jogged back to the bed and folded it neatly in two, asking her to lean up. When she did I rapidly slid the towel beneath her waist and the pounced Escort Aydın her. Pounced her with reckless abandon. She giggled for half a second before kissing me and wrapping her arms around me shoulders once more. “Guide me into you.”


“Guide me into you. Please.” She just looked at me like I was from outer space for a moment. Then she nodded and moved one hand down to cock. She grasped it and I made a “woo” sound. It was cold. We both giggled before she pulled me down and to the hem of her womanhood. Nothing, nothing-nothing-nothing, could have pried my eyes away from her then. And just a second later I was pushing my head into her. Then the rest of my shaft in a slow, methodical push.

She made a few noises of discomfort before moving her arm around my shoulder once more. Then her eyes shut and her teeth locked together. A light growl. I felt horrible, but I just kept pushing until I was finally all the way inside her. Nothing. So I carefully pulled back out. She opened her eyes and looked panic and uttered “no, no, no.” I just continued until I was all the way out of her. Then I pushed in again, this time with less sensitivity. She moaned once more and closed her eyes, he muscles wrapping too tightly around me causing me to wince. Then I pulled out once more and pushed in again, and again and again. Each time harder. Finally she grunted out in raw pain. I felt the warm liquid moving around me and saw tears welling up through her eyelids, sleeping out and down her face.

I then kissed her gently as I began to push into her once more, this time gently again. Fluidly. I pushed all the way inside her and pulled out. After a few repetitions she smiled softly and opened her eyes to look at me. Her legs came up and wrapped around my ankles and her grip on my shoulders lessened. “That’s it, huh.” She said it so sadly.

“That’s it, dear.” I kissed her once more and then moved my thumb down to her clit as I demanded an orgasm from her to counteract the pain she just felt. I rubbed her clit gently and I continued to push in and out of her.

After a few moments of solid thrust and rubbing she closed her eyes once more with a strained look on her face. The muscles inside her continued to grip and release me without rhyme or reason. As I continued to push, she moaned gently before taking my thumb and pushing it away. I rested my hand in the mattress then and began to stop making love to this woman whom I so adored. I began to fuck her.

Hard, straight thrusts from my hips as I pushed into her, deeper than I had previously been. The light red tint of her face turned into a deep red hue that rushed mainly into her lips and eyelids. My cock shot in and out of her as I began to feel that primal welling up. I demanded my body obey my mind and let out a growl. She moaned loudly in response and continued on. As my balls slapped against her opening she made another cry, and another. Each thrust brought forth a new cry, each louder than the last. Finally she sang a high note that was broken into many smaller ones. But I did not stop, I continued to thrust in and out of her until she put her hands against my chest and said “stop” over and over again. I did so, with only a great deal of discomfort.

I pulled out of her and rested on my side, my elbow crooked into the mattress and my eyes on her. I watched her breasts rise and fall, my eyes on her nipples, her thighs, her flushing face. Even those cute little toes that seemed to wiggle when she had an orgasm. I didn’t get a good enough look. I made a note to watch next time, especially if I could convince her to bend over.

I do not know how many minutes passed like that before her eyes finally fluttered open. She looked to me with incredibly sad eyes and tried to mouth something. If she said anything, I didn’t hear a sound. I just kissed her sticky forehead and cooed about how it was alright. She nodded childishly before I asked her if I could get her something to drink. She nodded again and I sat up to pour her a small glass of merlot. I moved to her side of the bed and offered it. She drank it voraciously and it was instantly gone, replaced with a satiated gasp. She looked me in the eyes once more. “You didn’t cum.”

“Don’t worry about it. We have all weekend.”

“Yeah,” she said as he put the cup aside. “Come here. I’m cold.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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