Vision Under the Waterfall

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With clear visions of the casket being lowered into the dark moist soil, I held my head at a rather awkward angle trying to catch a glimpse out the puddle jumpers’ window. I was hoping for a possible sneak peak at the new land that was to be my new refuge. Being employed, as a housekeeper on a private Caribbean island, was never a goal of mine until life screeched, then slammed into its current state. Losing the love of my life was enough to send me reeling, but then miscarrying our, never to be, first born …sent me plummeting. So, here I am, readying myself for landing. New soil, new beginnings.

Never being one to carry a small frame, I easily slung all my belongings over my shoulder and descended the steps into the moist, warm air.

A Tall, mocha colored Island man was greeting all the guests, as I nonchalantly walked passed him, making my way toward the large estate in the distance. I figured I could find the “Senora. Esperanza” who had so graciously hired me for exchange of room and board. There was enough in my savings that I would never want for much, I just needed a place to attempt to heal, refocus, and be.

Lost in thought I nearly slipped out of my skin when a hand landed on my shoulder.

“May I help you find something, someone?”

I turned slightly, and was faced with the smoothest; lightly shimmering from sweat, naturally tanned chest of a man. Tall I thought since I could see no face. I lifted my eyes to meet his and there I stood. Did those eyes even have a color? I thought I could see directly through them. Perfectly placed below a set of thick, arched ,sandy colored brows, now practically touching as he looked at me with forehead wrinkled, and confusion on his face,

” I said. Is there anything I can help you find?”

I turned to him suddenly extended my hand and said, ” My name is Tiana, and I have been hired By Senora Esperanza to look after the Main house.” Not that I was embarrassed about being a housekeeper, but it just came off that way. I can’t believe I managed to form any words, actually. Not a hair on his head, it was a perfect start to the incredible silhouette that was this man. I followed the natural curve of his head down until it slowly rounded upwards to form 2 massive shoulders that just bled down into his 2 impressive arms. Arms that he had neatly folded across his broad chest, resting directly above his taut, powerful looking abdomen…never before had I thought about an abdomen looking powerful. This man just oozed strength, not in the body builder clad in a bikini type way, but in a damn look at those faultless thighs and calves holding this…

Just then, I again realized he was waiting for an answer. To what I have no idea. I hadn’t heard him say a word.

So, all the while smirking, he apparently repeated, ” I f I have Bostancı Escort your attention, my name is Travis, and I am in charge of security on this island, would you like me to take you to meet her?”

As I was slightly still in awe, I nodded my head and proceeded to follow him back in the direction of the estate. Catching myself this time, I watched his broad back rock back and forth as his forward gait was more like deliberate strides. Damn I hadn’t been this mesmerized since…

Senora Esperanza insisted I call her Carmen as she gave me a quick tour of the estate, rambled about it being such a waste that it was only used a few times a year, showed me my quarters (more like a suite I thought to myself), told me how she could be reached and then in an instant was out the door, shutting it behind her. Just then, the exhaustion hit me. I dropped my bag on the chair by the bed, took my toiletry bag with me, and was on my way into the shower when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My waist length, normally silky black hair looked disheveled, my honey colored eyes looked rather sunk in. Never one to be model thin, I was thinner than my usual voluptuous self, which in turn made my 36DDD chest look massive in the tank I had on. I was still rather shapely in my cargo shorts, but was in desperate need of a tan. A few weeks and that should be better, my Spanish/Italian heritage would see to that. I was naturally caramel colored, but a tan gave me that healthy, bronze look I preferred. In the reflection I could see the pain in my face was definitely affecting my look. I needed to be here.

A scalding shower and generous application of body lotion helped me relax enough to crawl into the queen size, down covered bed. I snuggled in and with the Patio doors open and sun setting in the distance, I was instantly in dreamland.

Startled, I sat up crying. I no longer remembered the dreams, but after 6 months, they were still haunting me. It was sometime in the morning now, so, disoriented; I got up and threw water on my face. Being it was Tuesday and I didn’t have to start my official duties until Friday, I figured I would go out and get acquainted with my new home. I slipped on my favorite bikini. It was a custom made flesh colored one that was held together by crystals (regular suits never even covered my nipples). I threw a white sundress over it and off I was exploring. Maybe I would even bump into Travis again. Yeah right, the demi-god and pathetic widow. I chuckle to myself as I walk out the door.

I know the island is only 4 miles wide by 2 deep, so how lost can I get? Apparently very.

Having walked for quite awhile, I looked around and realized all the tress looked alike and familiar. I had no clue where I was. Currently I am bikini clad, sitting Bostancı Escort Bayan on the edge of one of those seemingly bottomless pools that is being eternally fed by a moderately sized waterfall. Besides the roar of the water, it is eerily still and quiet. The sun is still pretty far up in the sky, so I don’t need to fear the darkness any time soon. I just need to rest and contemplate which direction to try next.

Hand on my shoulder this time I not only jumped completely out of my skin, I toppled sideways and fell right into the water! I was forcefully, but safely pulled from the depths by no other than Travis. Dumbfounded once again, he said, ” you really need to relax Tiana.”

I fumbled for words and then spilled out my entire story. I told him all about being married to my first love, finding out I was pregnant, us going to the jewelers to pick out an anniversary gift, then being robbed at gunpoint…leading to the part when one of the guys touched me wrong and my man ended up shot trying to protect me. I know I was blubbering, but I felt he needed to know why I was so damn jittery, not to mention pathetic. The entire time he just listened with those unreal eyes looking ever so sympathetic.

“So you are here to find peace? Sanctuary?” he finally interrupts me with.

” I am here to hopefully heal, I am not one to hide or be afraid, I am just in need of time.”

” Come with me let me show you something” and with that he dove into the water. I instantly followed. I felt safe with him, not for any particular reason, just a feeling.

We swam toward the waterfall and then he dove as if to go under it, and that is exactly what we did. As I surfaced, he pulled me up onto a smooth, stone platform. At that moment he stepped back. Half in shadow, half in light, he was a vision. I suddenly felt weak. My nipples were erect; the water dripping off my body sent erotic sensations down my spine, my breath shallow from the swim, and the intense desire that overcame me almost made my knees buckle. He stepped toward me, into my space, putting his arms around my waist and achingly slow, he lowered his lips to mine. Blinded by the intense pleasure that was being generated by this amazing kiss, I knew then that whatever he had in store for me was where I wanted to be. He placed one hand on my now warm to the touch ass, and the other one between my shoulder blades. He pulled my bottom towards him and gently began to lower my upper body toward the ground. His erection was embedded in my slit and I felt the warm flow of my juices begin. The cool damp rock gave me a shiver, but then he once again leaned into my face. He grazed his tongue along my teeth, nibbled on my lips, caressed my tongue, and ever so passionately grinded his ever-dominant body into Escort Bostancı mine. When he simultaneously nuzzled his face in my neck while rubbing his glistening head on my cheek, I muttered, “Travis…”


He began his descent, undoing the crystal clasp on the front of my top with his teeth. My full breasts jiggled loose and danced on my body as a result of the rise and fall of my chest. Travis buried his nose between them, lightly lapping at my skin, slightly turning his head from side to side as he lovingly tasted my breasts. He brought himself to a nipple and managed to get the entire thing in his mouth as he licked, nipped and pulled on it, driving me into oblivion. Only after giving the other one the same attention, did he firmly place his hands under my shoulder blades and begin his attack on my navel. I had never known that to be such an erotic thing, but his tongue knew just what to do. He lowered his hands under my ass, and the sudden warmth made me relax into his palms. I have no recollection of him unclasping my bottoms, but I could now feel his warm breath encircling my clit, sending currents running up from my toes, all the way to the follicles at the base of my soaked mane. First contact of his tongue, and I couldn’t remember my name, the water next to me was a blur, and despite the roar, there was silence.

“Please, Oh please” with tears rolling down my face I begged. He darted up my body, put his face in mine, and with those sparkling things that I still couldn’t believe were his eyes, he looked at me and smiled. He leaned in first kissing my tears away, and then my nose, cheeks, forehead, all the time holding me off the ground by several inches. I felt suspended. Hovering in a state of bliss.

Travis then slid back a bit, realigning his manhood with my wetness, and plunged forward, sliding us both back with force. He lifted my back toward him, and I was now straddling him. I swear I could feel his spongy, mushroom head buried deep in me. The veins of his cock pulsing with his desire filled blood. Impaled as I was, I only felt a fullness I had been missing. We began to slowly rock back and forth, his huge arms supporting me, my ass raising up and down to meet his thunderous thighs, my head thrown back, feeling him massage my inner walls, And at that moment the beginnings of a rumble was felt.

It started deep within my bowels, creeping up through my insides, causing my thighs to tighten, my abdomen to quiver, and my inner womanhood to spasm. I went from a moan to a growl to a shriek. Had he not been so massive, I would have possibly crushed him under my bucking as my orgasm hit me full force. Shudders up and down my spine, my muscles in my pussy constricting, holding in his cock with such a force that I swear He shot so far into me I could taste it.

All my tension floated around me dissipating into the air, leaving me a spent pile of mush. He leaned back onto the ground; I lowered my head to his chest, and lay there entwined with the man who had finally enabled me to at least remove the bandage…

I knew then I would indeed be able to begin to heal.

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