Visitor on a Rainy Night

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Please take some time to let me know what you think of the story. If you liked it, tell me why! If you didn’t, please leave some constructive criticism.

Hope it turns you on,

Xoxo theshywriter


It was a dark blue rainy night. Alison Farthing was in her kitchen, trying to clean up in the few hours she had to herself in the evenings. She was a schoolteacher, a job which seemed to get more demanding every year. Between that and her two young children, it seemed she didn’t have much time left at the end of the day. Nevermind the fact that her damn husband had up and left her two months ago. Bastard. She sighed. She enjoyed her work and she loved her kids, but she was tired. She was giving a lot of herself to people who could give nothing back. She had nothing but these few evenings that was just for her.

The heavy rain outside set her mind at ease for the time being. She finished her chores and poured herself a glass of wine. She could forget her husband and forget her job, at least for tonight. The street was quiet but for the sound of the rain. Alison was about to grab a book to read when a sudden knock at the door shocked her out of her reverie. Who would be knocking at this hour? It was nearly midnight.

She walked down the stairs to the small landing, trying to peer through the window to catch a glimpse of her visitor.

Cautiously she opened the door.

“Hey Farthing, your husband home?”

She stared at the man.


He stepped in, dripping wet, his dark hair plastered to his face. Billy had been a student of hers when she first began to teach. He had failed and failed again then finally dropped out. She hadn’t seen him for close to a year.

“Would you like to come in?” she stammered. Billy had this presence, he always made her feel… a certain way. Flustered. She couldn’t help but to blush around him, like a young girl again.

“I’m already in, aren’t I?” he grinned at her, stepping closer.

Alison suddenly realized they were already uncomfortably close in the small porch.

She tore her gaze from his.

“Let’s go upstairs.” she suggested. Ascending the steps in front of him made her suddenly conscious of her appearance. She was still wearing the thin doe brown skirt she had worn to work, but had removed her blazer Aydın Escort and blouse and was just wearing a white undershirt. She had also taken off her stockings and was barefoot. She could feel his gaze on her and thought that she may as well have been wearing a kleenex.

“Are you okay?” she paused at the top of the stairs, turning to look at him again, “Why are you here?”

Billy just looked at her, right into her eyes until she had to look away.

“Thinking of you, is all. Thought I would come by… see how you were.”

Gaining some composure, she raised her eyebrows. “At midnight?”

He finally lowered his eyes and shrugged.

They stood in silence for a few moments. Finally, he spoke.

“You know why I’m here.”


“No!” he exclaimed, frustrated, “I’m not your student anymore… your husband’s gone! Don’t put me off. Don’t act like you don’t know why I’m here… Alison.”

She felt heat spread across her chest and cheeks, joining the heat already building between her thighs. She glared up at him.

Billy stepped closer to her again, and she backed up until she felt her ass press up against the counter. He just looked at her, his eyes running over her body, from her bare feet to her hips wrapped in that threadbare skirt. The soft white fabric of her shirt, so thin the lace texture of her bra was visible through it. The rise and fall of her breasts as her breathing got heavier. She was turned on just by him looking at her. She knew she wouldn’t be able to put him off this time.

“Billy, ” she began, her voice softer now, but as she thought of all the rebukes she could give, she knew she’d be lying. She wanted him. Badly. Why the fuck shouldn’t she? She looked up, meeting his eyes. He was looking at her expectantly, waiting for her to speak. She sighed, her soft lips parting, and relaxed her body, yielding to him. Billy couldn’t help but smile. He grabbed her waist and kissed her, grinding his hips into hers. He pulled her shirt loose from her waistband and caressed her stomach, her back, her ribs… He kissed her neck and her chest. The feel of his hands, hot on her body drove Alison crazy. Her skin felt hypersensitive, every touch sent waves of pleasure through her body. Billy hoisted her up onto the counter. He pulled her shirt Aydın Escort Bayan and bra up over her breasts and took them in his hands. He sucked on her nipples and squeezed her breasts, kissing her ribs and stomach until he was on his knees before her. She looked down at him, her eyes glazed with lust. He stroked her and squeezed and kissed his way up her legs. He bit her inner thighs, making her gasp. He pushed her skirt up around her waist, revealing her plain, white panties. He slid her them down to her ankles. She had her hands back on the counter, her hips thrust to the front to better reveal herself to him. He let out a soft groan. Finally. He’d wanted her since he’d first set eyes on her in school. He always knew she felt the same way. She looked down at him expectantly, her hair falling loose over her face. He kissed her inner thighs again, eliciting soft gasps from her lips. He brought his hand up to her thigh and slid his thumb over her slit, spreading the outer labia. He looked up at her as he brought his tongue to her pussy, licking up then softly sucking her clit.

“Oh, fuck.” she sighed, she tangled her hand into his hair, pulling him as close as she could.

He took his time warming her up, gently and slowly licking her and sucking on her folds. As her breathing sped up he focused more on her clit, applying more speed and pressure with his tongue. He slid one finger inside her, then two. Fuck. She felt so hot and wet. He began to slowly fuck her with his hand as he licked her. She looked down at him, her eyes wide, her moist lips panting and open. He could tell she would come soon. Alison could feel her orgasm coming. It had been a long time since her husband had serviced her like this. Her body and face were hot with anticipation.

“Oh, fuck!” she moaned again. A wave of pleasure washed over her and stars filled her eyes. Her body was tensed and her eyes squeezed shut as her orgasm washed over her. Her hand gripped Billy’s hair tightly enough to sting. He held her thighs and finally brought his face away from her pussy as he felt her breathing slow and the last few shudders run through her body. He stood up and faced her again. She sat there on the counter, glazed with sweat, her shirt and bra up to her collarbone and skirt up around her waist. Billy just Escort Aydın enjoyed the sight of her for a moment. She grabbed him and kissed his lips, kissed his face, enjoying the taste of herself on his skin. He buried his face in her neck again, kissing and sucking on her. She looked at him as he began to kiss her breasts again. She’d always loved watching men suck on her nipples, taking as much of her breast as they could into their mouths. He pulled her shirt and bra off over her head and pulled her off the counter, turning her around, so her hips were pushed up against it. She could feel his hard cock through his jeans between her butt cheeks as he pressed himself against her, kissing her back. She pushed her ass back into him.

“Fuck me.” she demanded.

Billy wasted no time in getting his cock out.

“I think I’ve waited my whole life to hear you say that.”

He pressed the head of his cock to her pussy lips and she pushed back against him eagerly. He enjoyed the sight of her, glistening wet against his hard cock and then he slowly pushed himself into her. She gasped and pushed back, taking as much of him in as she could… there’s no feeling better than getting fucked right after an orgasm. He teased her with long slow strokes, knowing she wanted to get fucked hard. Bent over the counter, Alison was lost to her own pleasure and desire. She had really fucking needed this. As she revelled in the feeling of having Billy’s cock inside of her, she admitted to herself how long she had wanted him too. An animal attraction, just raw chemistry. And fuck, it felt good to finally consummate those years of forbidden lust.

“Billy, ” she moaned, “fuck, you feel so good… fuck me hard. Harder!”

Spurred on by her words, he began to fuck her in earnest. He fucked her hard and deep, slamming her hips hard into the counter with each thrust.

She was gasping, “Yeah, like that. Oh… fuck me just like that…”

Billy was going to come soon. He grabbed her waist with one hand, hard. The other hand he wrapped around her throat and squeezed. Her breath came out hard and ragged.

“This okay?” he asked. She moaned. He fucked her hard like that until he came, his cock pressed as deep into her as he could get it, filling her pussy with his cum.

“Oh, fuck… Billy.” she panted as he slid his cock out of her, both of them slick with juices and cum.

Bent over her kitchen counter, with her panties at her ankles and cum dripping down her thighs, Alison felt more relaxed than she had in months. Finally, something that was just for her.

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