Wanted: Personal Trainer

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Personal Trainer to whip me into shape


I did it. I finally posted the ad on the gym’s bulletin board. I can’t believe I’ve sunk to this level. If, I didn’t hate exercising so much, this wouldn’t even be necessary. Talk about pathetic desperation! Moving thru the gym equipment, I make my way towards my date; the treadmill. Everywhere I look is firm, toned, tanned bodies. Everywhere, except here. And, as I step onto and start the treadmill, I feel as if every eye in the room is on me. Well, on my jiggling fat anyway. Defensively, I look around the room at all the different fit women, and can’t help compare them to myself when I was younger and prettier than most of them. But, I’m not anymore and probably never will be again.

After forty-five minutes of humiliation and sweat, I step off and head to the stair stepper, where the humiliation just gets worse. Placing my feet upon the steps. I punch in my program and start climbing. Looking around, I catch people looking at me, different men staring at my huge boobs and I can’t even bring myself to glare back, after all, I did this to myself; thinking back to the fat people I crossed on the street; staring pityingly, and wondering what happened to them that they became that way and now the stares are aimed at me.

Oh, well. Let them look. I’ve got a great view too, of all the masculine muscle flexing and sweating before my eyes. Although, I’ll never get to touch, at least I can look. Ha! If they even had a glimpse into my perverted thoughts they’d probably run like hell.

One minute to go and I can get out of here. As the machine slows to a stop, I step down. Another day of dreaded exercise behind me, and Aydın Escort a lifetime to go!

I’ve been getting my daily dose of humiliation for the past three months and I still don’t see any difference!

I grab my purse out of the locker and head for the exit door.

“Excuse me, miss” a deep voice says before I could make my escape.

Looking over my shoulder, I see one hunk of a man, more than six feet of solid muscle with blue eyes and dark hair reaching to grasp my arm.

Stopping and half turning towards him, I hesitantly say, “yes, what can I help you with?”

“Perhaps, I can help you”, he says with a wide smile. He latches onto my arm, pulling me off to the side of the room, leans in towards me, lowers his voice, and says, “I saw you place the ad on the bulletin board, I would be happy to whip your ass into shape!”

Mortified speechless. I just stare blankly at him, my face turning ten shades of red before lowering my eyes.

Waiting patiently for my response; he puts his index finger under my chin lifting my face towards his, he looks into my eyes and says, “Well, would you like my help?”

“Yes.” I stutter.

Handing me his business card, he says, “Good.” I’ll call you this evening.

Stunned. I just stand there as he walks off. Staring at his retreating backside. Lord! What a backside it is.

Looking down at the business card, his name written in bold, black, block letters; Chase Chandler, Personal Trainer, with his phone number.

Pocketing the card, I exit the club, walking dazedly to my car. Replaying the encounter over and over in my head. I drive home on autopilot.

Entering through my front door, I drop my purse Aydın Escort Bayan on the coffee table and kick my shoes into a corner, I unbutton my shirt and stroll into the kitchen for a glass of water. Good grief girl, get a hold of yourself, he just answered you’re ad, not made love to you! Sipping my water as I head towards the shower I ponder my encounter with Mr. Chandler, I can’t help but think about his remark. “Whip my ass into shape!” Surely, he meant figuratively speaking. Of course it was figurative, get your mind out of the gutter!

Removing my clothes I step into the shower the hot water sluices over my head, the steam relaxing my body. Working creamy, thick, shampoo thru my hair, rampant thoughts of sexy Mr. Chandler run through my mind. My shampoo covered hands glide down my heavy breasts, circling my light brown areola’s and gently, but firmly squeeze and pull my rubbery distended nipples sending streaks of sensations shooting down my body to my groin and into the core of my being. A small shiver runs down my back to my crotch. I plunge my head under the water, rinsing my hair. Shampoo and hot water flowing down my body, between my legs and over my pink, puffy, pussy lips.

I reach for the soft washcloth and almond scented soap. Working up a rich, foamy, lather, I gently rub the cloth in small soothing circles, on and around my neck. Dragging it down thru the valley of my breasts, raking my nipples as it travels over and under my big globes. Spreading open my slit with my slippery fingers I trail the cloth down in slow sensuous circles and over my tingly slit.

I lift my foot and place it on the edge of the tub, close my eyes and imagine hunky Mr. Chandler Escort Aydın resting on the edge of the tub between my knees; looking into my eyes with a wickedly devilish smile. His hand firmly grasping my hip as the other holds the cloth and circles my hard swollen sensitive clit, sliding it thru my puffy pink petals, over my tight puckered rosebud, between my cheeks, over and around my hips; skating it smoothly along my legs and gently but firmly down my feet to my dainty red painted toes, cleaning and stroking each one in turn.

He grabs the showerhead, rinsing the soap from my body. His fingers pressing into my chest, pushing me against the shower stall, using his thumb and forefinger he exposes my clit, spraying it with the pulsing jet of water; causing my hips to jerk and thrust towards him.

Dropping the showerhead onto the floor of the tub. He leans in and latches his lips onto my throbbing clit, drawing it between his teeth, he flutters the tip of his tongue across it, quickly shoving his index and middle finger into my quivering pussy, pushing them in slowly, he tickles my cervix, draws them out, then presses in again, faster and faster he thrusts into my pussy. My mind and body overcome, lust whirls and churns through my entire being my pussy and thighs quiver and strain to hold me, are taut from the incredible tension. I gaze down upon him as he withdraws his mouth, stilling his thrusting fingers. He pinches my clit hard between his index finger and thumb. His fingers inside my pussy making a firm come-here motion, he looks into my eyes and intensely whispers, “Cum! Cum for me now.”

My body freezes, my head rolls back, my hips jerk as my pussy clamps down from the immense contractions it’s producing, trapping his fingers inside.

My mind fractures, floating on the waves of lust resonating through my body. I slide down the shower wall. Opening my eyes, I smile at the gently fading image of Mr. Chandler and wonder if he really will whip my ass…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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